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ADVERTISEMENT — mastercard & visa (lifetime blocks)

Visa has life-time blocked from any business matters with me, this is after falling victim to a 419 tax fees scam in which both the state & federal government's money was victim to multiple wire transfers out of the country (To ghana & california). I called the credit card company (Visa) to life-time block, & the life-time block is successful with a 2 week cancellation of credit card for visa. We are using proof from visa to file a case against all 3- mastercard, money gram, & bmo bank. has ripped me off $55, 000 rupees, plus $55, 000 dollars rip off to the 419 west africans. Western union is processing a $5699 dollars refund for me in which placed a spanish woman as a sikh with full muslim name 'alima mohammed' on student visa in california as a nurse with mother tongue from bangladesh (Sikhs mother tongue is always punjabi b/c it's a religious language for them plus a script, however, these ignorant south indians working for are unaware about punjabi being the only language for sikhs). The founder is completely useless (He hires a puppet junior employee to read over emails sent to '[protected]', however, again these emails are only read over by useless employment. The founder is someone to pull the trigger against in terms of saying good bye forever to business & website engagement wise, not physical harm wise. Money gram refunded me 3 times over ($15, 000 dollars) during the scam, however, the same refunded money went back to the west africans again, b/c communicated they don't want to talk about the government's money being shipped over-seas. Their is no point of sending any emails to '[protected]', b/c it's also an employment email address on behalf, representing someone else. Even after life-time blocking from visa in which any consumer can now officially life-time block on visa credit card if they transacted on it, i still haven't requested a refund, even though again accepted an expired driving license from 2009 ripped in half. This can be used for disputes for small amounts. Plus the west africans again sent me requests from surrey, bc, pretending to be a mixed race with white (I never reported b/c got angry with me for reporting anything to them). We can legally force money gram to pay back again for the same during anytime during the lifetime of the victim. Due to the dismissal of my authentic presence on, the west africans are now free to use my pictures for scams b/c they got all the pictures, plus they got my passport & driving license & birth certificate (Whether expired or not is irrelevant b/c they photoshop like pros). The website is extremely poorly designed that the west africans can produce much more authentic looking websites in their 4 hour sleep daily. The west africans call me daily on private or non-private local numbers just to further annoy me by stalking me on whatsapp or to beg for videos on 'imo app' to use for further scams. put a photo of a green-eyes (No contacts) girl to accept my interest, then they demand the credit card payment, then after the payment, the green-eyes girl rejects me or deletes "her" profile (In this regard the west africans will take full control of like breakfast before 6am)! The scammers will scam like no tomorrow, for their life-time, & all the employment can do is sit on their rear and pretend like it's a call center operating for tax fees scams in relation to but not limited to sagar thakkar aka "shaggy" who was arrested shortly after getting off a flight from dubai at mumbai airport, in which he was also scammed out of a very expensive vehicle for a romance partner. itself is only associated with indian family arranged marriages in which intercourse occurs in front of relatives or parents or siblings, & girls only demand the guys for selfish citizenship, selfish employer statement, selfish bank statements, & these girls deserve to be dumped before any more losses occur. At the end of the day, the west africans deserved the money, because indian females deserved to be dumped for them to rot in villages behind mud walls for life. The founder is a servant of his in-laws & spouse for life, & he deserves to be dumped by users for his phony business (Are you serious that he can't earn money like everyone else the real way). There's only 1 person in the world who's making money from non-sense called & that's the founder plus his associates - whom he throws them loose change for sitting on their rears behind a screen pretending it's an authentic call center, but not a part of sagar thakkar aka "shaggy" fraud operations. I stopped reporting anything to even though i'm being stalked daily, only so i could save the time of his associates for placing more pop-ups or flashes for advertisements on screens of innocent users taking a break from daily labor. Half the complaints on india complaints are fake complaints from to divert the attention away from authentic complaints with real issues. These fake complaints are proven by the lack of correct english grammer in them or broken up words or from 5 years ago. Plus the authentic complaints on india complaints forum can be used as proof anytime in front of credit card disputes or fraud. is a complete joke that has no phone number outside of india, plus no real authentic office for foreign or domestic visitors within india. The computers or laptops uses from their side to provide their internet website for family arranged marriages are all in a stage studio which was originally used for bollywood re-makes or flops! The south indian who originally invented caller id in the early 90's was previously a beggar on the state streets of south india below mumbai, before he migrated to the states. is no different with the originality of the invention of caller id, because they came out after the caller id invention in the mid-90's. We can never get serious with in terms of any involvement away from west africa or their links outside. Since early 2016, i've literally read thousands of reports of successful scams that were all linked to the original scam which was mine, before it burst out of control, & we have to always remember that only 5% of these scams are ever reported to police, let alone making a scene of themselves on online news. With the skills developed through original communications with canada in early 2016 for valentine's day, these scam artists now possess the capability to life-long scam the whole world out of their life savings! (Again it's only b/c of, for 1 guy on top of it to make money w/o laboring himself or herself). These scam artists every year since early 2016 now are finally capable of making more money then itself! Go home or get out of that phony flop stage studio! Even the representatives i spoke with over the phone from visa, they were also south indian descent honest folks originally near by to mumbai, & even they told me that they have literally had it up to here with in terms of the amounts of complaints they hear towards regarding its conduct. They told me it's very dangerous or harmful in any type of way for 'nris' to sign into for any type of purpose, let alone a cultural or linguistic purpose. India complaints forum is the only source of evidence regarding the above mentioned concerns or issues. Take care folks (Wish you all a long life)! Bye forever

Complaint Status

[Mar 06, 2018] People-Group / People Interactive India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by 419 tax fees victim Mar 22, 2018 Feedback, ID 47106950
22.03.2018 08:19 you wrote:

Badoo website enforces policies regarding the opinions of your internal management and/or ownership regarding finding certain pictures "inappropriate" which don't feature nudity. I wanted to let your team know that photo guidelines from your side are only your opinions, and do not reflect the opinions of the rest of society world wide. Badoo website deletes authentic pictures of real users after they impose taking a nasty 'mug shot' with a certain non-sense pose in the picture which the user does not even want to take. I understand that fakes have to be taken offline, but other websites request Government ID or any type of ID to verify the reality of the user, because online dating scams originating from Africa in which money is demanded for emergencies or 419 inheritance tax fees or any type of money scam have changed the reality of all websites in this field including but not limited to badoo. If more was done to verify those fakes cat-fishing real users, then less harm will result..
4, 027, 699 bytes
251, 562 bytes
63, 613 bytes
22.03.2018 09:23 you wrote:

Once the fraudulent users usually of west African descent pretending to be non-African descent hiding behind a screen are fully engaged in an online relationship that was taken off badoo (or any relationship or social-network website) then the financial mishaps lead to a sad story of betrayal. Government websites have already mentioned that websites in this field including but not limited to badoo are not doing enough to prevent these fraudulent users from gaining contact with 'authentic users (regardless of pictures)'. The issue I'm conversing about is not about the badoo issue of the way pictures are posed or presented in a certain manner, but the issue is regarding fraud or scams (customers have already placed life-time blocks on competitors of badoo on their credit card accounts) due to negligence from the website involved and/or the government's money being sent to Ghana (this is just 1 sad story of fraud out of a possible million sad stories of fraud mishaps from these sites)!?..
Updated by 419 tax fees victim Mar 23, 2018 ('bad'oo) degrades the users with the 'woo of bad'-ness associated with their useless checks (the west africans can do a better job in their sleep), provide 'bad'oo b/c of how severely bad it is a life-time block of insecurity. the bad in badoo for extra inferior (oo) on top of the bad makes us all sad drenched in shame.
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please if you believe in reality then do Not expose yourself to multiple desperate phony individuals that are not even in your league by signing into shady-

This is an example of what a 'hindu-punjabi' user has put live on her profile for the public to view:
Hindu, Christian, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, Jewish, Spiritual

She is basically discriminating against the (4)- 'sikhs, muslims, atheists, agnostics' (discriminating against these (4) by any citizen of india is someone who promotes domestic terrorism)

only because of her- I changed mine to: Religion/Community: Sikh, Muslim, No religion (Atheist or Agnostic)
so that female user gets it in her head (the public does not need to know about her or anyone's opinions)-
the citizens of india are always encouraged not to promote separatism in any way, shape, or form!

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