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TVS Scooty pep+ — Petrol leakage when the tank is full

 Siran Jeevi on Feb 16, 2016
I purchsed a scooty pep+ on 16 december 2015 since i brought the vehicle i nhav petrol leakage complaint. Since I bought the product is in the mechanic workshop due to petrol leakage. There is no proper response from the distributer Sukra tvs bangalore. Very worst product Lost all the hopes that i will get it ready....
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TVS Scooty pep+ — TVS Scooty Pept plus

 tariqrashid007 on Mar 26, 2013

Pathetic, Disgusting product i have ever come across.

i was looking for a small scooty kind of and i finalise on SCOOTY PEPT.
It was my bad day i did a selection of this bike.

Extremely disgusting service station at Grant road next to novelty the IDIOTS out there call themselves as MEchanical Engineer, they have over filled the Engine Oil witout noticing the exact requirement of the Engine the correct requirement is 750ML and NOT 900ML, they do not have knowledge of tuning up.
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TVS Scooty pep+ — new vehicle giving trouble

 dr.ilhamjaleel on Jul 20, 2012
I bought a new vehicle Scooty Pep + hardly two months back. I had to take it to the service center the next since it stopped in the middle of the road. they said there was some problem in the corporator. but the problem continued to occur. Again they said they have replaced the corporator. but till date i have been taking it to ASR MOTORS authorised dealers of TVS in Pallavaram but the problem in not rectified. they dont even say what the problem is. THe vehicle stops in the middle of the road. i really regret for buying this bike....
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TVS Scooty pep+ — TVS Scooty pep+ service poor response in SVS motors, Ambattur

 marcusmani on Jun 30, 2012
I bought TVS Scooty Pep+ from M/s. SVS Motors, Redhills Road, Ambattur. I have given my scooter for 2nd Free Service to the Showroom on 30.06.2012.
The showroom and service station is located at First floor and no dealership was located in first floor and all the bikes/scooters are taken to service station through ramps and due to rough handling of riding scooters, many complaints like scratches in the body has taken place. In my scooter also, scratches happened in my rear view mirror part (left side).
When i asked them to rectify, they are denying and blaming on us.
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TVS Scooty pep+ — Bad Quality of Parts and service

 ashu2922 on Jun 7, 2012
I gave my scooty pep+ to service center just as the left brake cable was broken. I asked them for servicing also. in the afternoon i received a call saying.. the brake liners are jam and we need to cut the housing to remove it and it will charge 5000 with servicing etc.. . I said use some chemicals and try rather than cutting as it may damage something.. they said its regular process.. so i had no choice said yes.. 2 days later they called and said when we opened we found the crankcase is broken and it will cost another 6000 rs.... i said house that is possible.. my vehicle was in good...
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TVS Scooty pep+ — Multiple problems with brand new vehicle

 Vivekaguy on Feb 28, 2012
I purchased a new TVS Scooty pep + YESTERDAY ie 27/02/2012 and it has been problematic since then.
1. The vehicle gives out a churning noise when it is accelerated at a speed above 20 km/hr
2. The vehicle stops all of a sudden when slowed down!
3. The petrol indicator doesn't work- I filled out petrol for Rs.200 and it shows up in RED (empty still).
4. The dickie portion of the vehicle is abnormally heated up, after a drive.

The dealer- Sri.Vignesh Motors, Ellis road, triplicane, Chennai has been almost lending a deaf ear to these and pushing me to...
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TVS Scooty pep+ — service centre

 nayanika on Feb 19, 2012
I sent one TVS SCOOTY PEPT+ for replacing its block to Joyshree India Pvt Ltd,Ghy on 18.02.2011 as per their diagnosis on 11.02.2011.The scooty had run only for 2100 KM.After repairing, the service centre had delivered the scooty on 19.02.20011.One discount coupon was issued by the above service centre @5%,10% & 20% on spares,lubricant and Labour Charge with validity upto 25.02.2011.But,on 19.02.2011 no discount was allowed on labour charge for the above job.They billed for Rs 500 and very surprisingly charged additional Rs 350 towards lathe job.When insisted to make entry of this amount also...
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 s_shrimangle on Feb 4, 2012
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TVS Scooty pep+ — service is very poor

 manpreeth on Feb 2, 2012
Sir ,
I live in guduvanchery I had purchased scooty pep+ in NANDDESH MOTORS on 2010 after purchase I followed all the free services & maintained as per procedure the total running kilometer is 8000 . last sunday I started my vehicle and gone to church ,afternoon I start my vehicle but its not started auto starts also not working . Monday I gone to NANDDESH MOTORS I GIVE MY VECHILE TO SERVICE they can’t check my vehicle more then one days next day I gone to met the service supervisor he said before the check my vehicle " I THINK ENGINE BORE IS OVER SIZE WE WILL DO REBORE...
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TVS Scooty pep+ — poor service

 c.albertxavier on Jan 10, 2012
on 31-12-11,I gave my wife's tvs scooty pep+ Reg. No.TN 75 B 6383 to Derik Auto Agency,Nagercoil for a thorough overhauling(a complete service) with a specific problem in the back wheel where the back wheel not
revolving in a straight line and the wheel was shaking laterally. I further requested to replace the tube of the back wheel.

on 9-1-2012,I took delivery of the vehicle. The crankshaft assembly had been replaced as per Derik Auto Agency,Nagercoil Service Invoice No. 10197 dated 9-1-2012 for Rs.4106.50(total cost of the bill)

The shaking of the back...
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