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I bought an AIR CONDITION and a NOKIA cell phone from VIJAY SALES( Ghatkopar) one month back. The sales man there convinved me that the vijay sales offer the best service so I decided to purchase both from them. Now I really regret my decision of purchasin goods from Vijay Sales. First they told me that the installation of Onida A/C would cost me around 1500 RS and said that the service engineer would be there at my place for demonstration within a week . Its been a month now I have no engineer at my place and the installation guys charged me 2300 RS and they said that Vijay Sales is aware of this. This statment totally broke my trust on what Vijay sales. Also last week I personally visited Vijay sales as my cell phone stoped working in 15 days the strange part I found was instead of looking at cell phone they just directed to nokia web world I was pissed of with the way the manager on the floor spoke to me showing the documents that we dont bother. Then too I didnot loose my temper and told him about the A/C engineer didnot visit my place he told me that he would make sure that I have him at my place within a week still I dont have him.



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I Want Detail Location of VIJAY SALE in MUMBAI - FORT

NO service from Vijay Sales - Vijay Sales/ Microwave

I had bought an Electrolux microwave on 19th May' 2008 from Vijay Sales, Palm Beach Road, Vashi. After noting down my address and contact number, they had promised me that their executive would be coming to my house and giving the demo of the microwave within 2 days.

However it's 23rd today and inspite of repetitive followups no executive has turned up to show us the demo and we are in a dilemma on how to use the equipment.

No response from Vijay sales. - Vijay Sales, Andheri Branch

We purchased a LG microwave (Model no. MH3948W) from Vijay Sales, Andheri Branch. The date of delivery was 15-10-2008, Order number : 03-AN10-08S0581.
At the time of delivery we were assured that the their technician would come and set up the microwave at our residence. We were also assured that this would be done within 3 days of delivery.
It is more than 7 days now, and yet there is no sign of the technician at our residence. We filed a complaint with Vijay Sales complaints department, complaint number, 0810-D150231, on Sunday 19-10-2008. Again we were assured of service the next day.
Every time we call up the Andheri branch of Vijay sales, we get a standard response, that the technician would be coming the next day.
The installation which should have been done in 3 days is still pending after 7 days.
Srinivas Institute of Management Studies, Mangalore & Srinivas Engneering College, Mangalore have nearly thousand computers & all the students are also compelled to by laptops from the College at higher price. All of them run on piorated softwares of Microsoft. Is it fair on the Management?

Bad Service and Liars - Vijay Sales /Samsung AC

I purchased a Samsung AC and paid through my debit card up front with a written advice that the AC would be delivered the next day.
After calling them and visiting them a waiting they told me that it would be delivered the next day.
Till now i have not recieved the AC.
I was a regular customer of Sumaria but this time i had decided to go with Vijay Sales; but i found that it was a very wrong move.
Known devil is better than the unknown.

I would say Vijay Sales lacks in all respects.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I Have taken one Laptop Compaq Presarion Model No F733AU Serial No CNF7484ZRN from Vijay Sales ( Vashi Branch)on April 10, 2008 and on the Laptop it is written that it has one Year Warranty.

I realised that when i press the Caps On button the LAD light was not coming on so i thought to visit the service centre as the Laptop was under the warranty period ( Within year )

On April 07, 2009 i went to HP Computers Service Centre ( Simtech Computronics (P) LTD. Sagar Tech Plaza, Andheri Kurla Road Sakinaka Mumbai
telephone no

And on April 07, 2009 at 06.35pm I met an Engineer Mr Prem Sohal and told him about the complain that when i press the Caps On button the LAD light was not coming on and Mr Prem Sohal he started the Laptop ( Put ON ), and advised me not to use Windows XP as this model works well with Windows Vista. Mr Prem Sohal he removed the Battery, Ram, CD-Rom Drive, Hard Disk and noted down the serial no of each part which he removed, And noted down on the Service Call Report under Token no 85 of which i havw a copy, And i was informed that this Laptop is out of warranty and the warranty period was expired on February 26, 2009 and there is something wrong with the MOTHER BOARD as to why the Caps on light is not coming on. And they could not do free servicing for the laptop as it was out of the warranty period.

I showed them the receipt of the Laptop which i purchased it from Vijay Sales on April 10, 2008 Invoice No 78377 and still the HP service centre people said that as per their records the Laptop is out of the warranty period and they cannot do free servicing for this machine.

I took an acknowledgement ( signature and stamp )from the HP service centre that the laptop is out of warranty period.

That evening i reached home at around 9.00 pm and didnt even clicked to check the Laptop whether if it is working properly or not. But the next day when i try to put it on it was not getting on the screen is totally blank ( Black Screen )( I believe that the Service Centre Engineer Mr Prem Sohal did not fix the parts properly which he removed while he was checking as to why the laptop is not getting ON.

I am mentally disturbed by such attitude expressed by one of the reputed company. As per the guidelines, I being a customer is entitled for a year warranty from the date of purchase and not from the date when the laptop was delivered at vijay sales for sale.

Also I couldn’t access my mails & other activities were delayed due to improper fixation of the parts by the HP service engineer.

I now have to consult them again for proper fixation, which has delayed my activities. I have been harassed to visit them and this involves cost (travelling & restoration) which the company stated that I (Customer) have to bear.

I am writing to seek justice & want the laptop to be serviced as the same is within the one year warranty period ending on April 10, 2009.

And also I need compensation from HP i.e. an increase in warranty period by six months & free servicing during this period.

Expecting a favourable response at the earliest

Thx & Rgds
Nitin Gaikwad
CELL NO. 9320551981 & 9322129896 & 9323012244
i bought a washing machine of lg 6.5kg automatic on 11th April 2009 but the piece was damaged n not in working condition though the piece is replaced after 10 long days after calling 10 times still they have not send a person for demonstration . we have lost our faith with vijay sales. its a worst thing we have experienced that this big name have no communication with the compay of which we bought the product.whenever we call vijay sales will say let me check, or u have to talk with service centre or with lg toll free no.once u sale the product your duty is not over u should call n check out whether that product is working or demo done or not, etc., our whole society have lost faith with vijay sales. whenever we call they answer person will come after 3days or 10days or after a week. very weak communiation is there, no one is bother once the produt is sold u r not concerned with it .
Expecting a favourable response at earliest. no thx no regards. send demonstrater at earliest otherwise take ur product back refund our money back with exchanged washing machine.

Cdrom not working - TATA

Dear Sir

I have Given A CDROM FOR SERVICE BUT I HAVE not Recieved My CDROM Back Can You Please Solve My problem
Hi all,

I dont have any complient on Vijay sales. But i had good trust on Vijay sales. I read all above complients. Actually i had a plan to Buy new laptop from vijay it seems that i lost my faith on vijay sales...i dont understand what should i do in this case.

Nelson Mathias,
Vijay sales regular customer
My father (aged 68yrs) had purchased a LG Refrigerator in Oct 2008 from Mahim (sitladevi branch) which was defective (light problem) he has gone personally to the store many a times to complaint but in vain. I have complained several times to the Vijay Sales Customer Care services - the customer care officers are only good telecommunicators but no further action has been taken till date. I had a great liking for Vijay Sales services and products, and I have all my electronics from Vijay Sales. Henceforth, this type of behavior has left me to say a big NO NO NO to any of the Vijay Sales products. Now since the business has expanded tremendously this letter of mine will go in the bin for sure with no action, but the news will spread that Vijay Sales products and services are absolutely horrible. It is next to the ICICI Bank services.

My tel no. : 022 24444071 Cell No. 9833946008
I agree. When I compared prices, VSP is bogus. Sumaria quoted a much lower price and the delivery and commissioning was very quick. Croma is another reliable place, but much more expensive.

Pathetic Service Experience...!!!!! - Samsung / Hard Disk Drive

Dear Sir,

This is with refrence to the following work orders,

1. 40GB IDE HDD (W/O:1009-1458)

2. 80GB IDE HDD (W/O:1010-1455)

Same has been given to Samsung Service Centre, i.e Express Digital Systems, Mumbai. on 10th Oct 2009 for replacement.

Till now i haven't recived any update for the same, infact i am keep tracking Express Digital people for immediate replacement.

They are really hopeless people, i am wondering after repeated complaints why you people are not taking any action on them, its been very unpleasent & irretating experience with them while submitting the HDD.

Person at the counter was not aware of the product, refused for replacement, saying the HDD model doesn't belong to samsung.

After a big fight, agreed the HDD belong to samsung & is under warranty. Now its been more than a months i haven't recieved my replacement.

Kindly Help & resolve the issue at the earliest.

Shifa Siddiqui
agree with this 100%.
i brought voltas a/c 2 ton. not working.
brand new a/c which has gas leakage issue. they say they will the gas and give to me.
Do I need a repairing on a brand new stuff to make it work?
Any way I kept it a box and will be sending very soon to voltas // vijay sales.
Any change in the status i will update here.
dont purchase anything from vijay sales maine ek fridge lia tha mahim branch se lg 278vt jiska prise mujhe 19500 bataya tha diwali offer aur exchange me 2500 less kiya tha 16700 somthing me parchage kiya in nov 10 jiska prise list 17020 somthing hai yijay sales thag hai i am going to consumer coat.

Dell Be aware while purchasing DELL LAPTOP POOR response to customer - Student

I've purchased Dell Inspiron 1464 laptop on 13-JUNE-2010. It works properly 8 days only. After that it does not working still now.
For that i've submit complaint to dell and they have given commitment to replace my laptop and it will take 1 month. But now I am writing this complaint after 3 months. Every time when I call customer care I have to wait for 1 hour for their executive and then they give me new date by extending the previous given date.
Even they don't affraid of consumer forum or police complaint. Many time I have sent mail to dell executive that i'll complaint in consumer forum but they never reply for such mail.
If any one able to help me then call me on 8149589678.
And I suggest you to never buy dell.
I bought a Samsung 40 inch LCD TV worth 50, 000/- from Vijay Sales on 14/11/2010. In a week's time I bought Tata Sky DTH Services for the said TV. It was then realised that the TV set is faulty as their was no picture displayed on the screen. Earlier we thought that the problem would be with the Tata Sky Setup box but after testing the same with the another TV set it was perfectly working fine. We logded a complaint about the same in vijay sales as well as with samsung. After 2 days the service engineer came & tested the TV set. He said that some part of the screen display is damaged and need to replace that part. I instructed him not to replace any part but to replace the whole TV set as it was not even 1 month old. I was told that within 8 days I would get the replacement but till date I have not recd any calls from anyone. In fact I am been made to call up at Samsung & Vijay Sales Customer Service Centres to know the status.


I am sick and tired of doing any more follow ups with anyone now.

If any senior authority reads this mail, I request them to take these complaints very seriously as it is impacting the trust and belief of th customer in the brand name which might spread negative feelings among the prospective customers.

hard disk drive - Samsung

i have taken a samsung HDD 320 gb. from the shop but that disk is not workinkg.but my HDD is having a warranty period,& i have given the disk for repairing before three monts. now what should i do actually i am annoying.
no is SCH -S2FZJ90Z815119
MY CONTACT NO:-09926416876
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have bought a LG Refrigerator Model Code LG (GL 274VTG5 Pink Tango) from Vijay Sales ( Charni rd Branch)on May09, 2011
I work for TCS. Due to some reason I was unable to answer any calls during office hour. That time delivery van guy called up from no #9987474148 which went unanswered by me.

Let Me tell you that Vijay sales do have my home contact no for followup.#23718667

When I was free I called up the same no at 5.30PM on 11th May 2011. However the driver was searching the Landmark J.J Hospital for my address. Let me tell you the address which I have provided to Vijaysales.

161/44, 46 Princess Bldg,
2nd Floor R.No 44-46
Opp J.J hospital, Mumbai 400 003

My address is prety much simple to understand and deliver the product. Landmark is J.J hospital which is Asia's largest hospital. What else you want as a landmark.

I left from my office from Goregoan and reach Vijay Sales at 7.10 PM on 11th May, 2011. The Manager Mr. Sharma was not at all helpful and said delivery could not be possible by today and it will be done by next day thats 12th May, 2011.

Due to the Kind of helpless response I have cancelled my Order.

The reason why I want the same on 11th May is that I have some family function the next day.

Thanks to Vijay sales for not delivering the said details on time and distroyed my day.

Very much dissappointed by the way Vijays sales took 2 days for delivery and not delivered what is promissed.
LG such a nice brand has association with its partner Vijay sales is an abousule shame. VijaySales is contributing towards the negative publicity of your brand believe me for that.
This is a complaint to your good office with respect to the service I have receive when purchase your product from Vijaysales (charni Road)

My Ref Code is GL274VTG5PT App Code 2854003 DP -2940
For your information due to this I have already cancel the same order and for sure not going to visit Vijay Sales for next time.

Vijay Sales reciept no 05-ON05-11SO 739
Date : 09-05-2011
M # 4556804

Partly financed by Bajaj Auto Finance form # 1523975

Thanks for your support and help in distroying my dreams.

Sohail Cutchi
Tata Consultancy Services
Ph:- +912261329514
Cell:- +919820019025
Experience certainty. IT Services
Business Solutions

Defective microwave - LG AND VIjay sales

I brought LG microwave on 14 mar 2011 vijay sales. Turntable stop rotating after 5 min. I complained to lg and vijay sales but noone responding. I want to complain against vijay sales for giving me defective piece.

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