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Aquafina — overcharged for water bottle more than mrp by bhimas restaurant putalapattu

 Vini Shar on Jan 17, 2018
I have been to Tirupati and while returning back the bus stopped at a restaurant named Bhimas at Putalapattu, Chitoor. I bought a water bottle and they charged me inr 30, but mrp was 20. I asked them about this then they said they charge like that only. I told them it is against the rules, but still they charged inr 30. I request you to take strict action against them.
I have bill also with me and their GST registration is 37AAPFB2628C1ZL.

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Aquafina — bottle is too flimsy

 Bobbie Jackson on Jan 14, 2018
Can’t open bottle without spilling water everywhere. Everyone i know is complaining about it. Some say the are not going to buy the products because it’s a waste of water. Aquafina has a good product but with the cheap packaging you can’t enjoy it. It’s a waste of good water and if the don’t change the bottle a lot people are going to stop buying the product....
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Aquafina — water bottles

 jwlzbyciano on Oct 8, 2017
Aquafina water bottles have become so thin you cant open them without water gushing everywhere. Bottle doesn't sit without toppling over and spilling out. What is the sense of buying bottled water. I would rather pay a few cents more and have a sturdy bottle. Hint hint!!! This is not just aquafina but, most bottled water companies. I like to have my bottle of water with me at most times, and sometimes that is when i'm on my computer. Yes, i had an accident and the bottle fell over and got my computer wet. Fortunately i was able to get it dried off with no damage. People are so tired of things being...
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Aquafina — The weird smell

 Donna Walston
To Whom it may concern. My name is Donna Walston. I always stand by a product 100% when I believe in it. I have been enjoying your water product for many years. I am diabetic, and have to drink water in my diet to help me maintain my disease. Every week I purchase two 32 bottles ( cases) a week. This week I purchased the 2 cases as I always do and was surprised when one of the cases was ruined by a weird smell on the bottle its self and the water. The water was not clean, and truly smelled of swamp, or something like oil. Needless to say I did not drink most of the case because of this. Twenty...
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Aquafina — duplicate brand sold all over

Sir, Duplicate packaged drinking water (20 Lts) brands like aqua fena and many more are sold all over. The original brand ie., aqua fina, bisleri, are not available in stores. Only 2 lts are available in malls and shops. These water quality of these duplicate brands are not good. Sometimes, some suspended particles are found in the water. Kindly take some steps to stop sale of duplicate brands and make available, the original brands for all public....
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Aquafina — bottled water

the new caps on your bottles are NOT old age friendly - when a woman lives alone can't even get them off !!!!!!!!!! have been buying your water for years & now done with you - I know one person doesn't matter but had to vent anyway.................
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Aquafina — leakage of bottles

I purchased a case of aquafina bottled water, with the new 50% less plastic and found that the bottles are so thin that they leak. Every bottle I take out of the case is wet and the cardboard on the bottom of the case is all wet. You may be thinking that you are being eco-smart but it is costing your customers to spend more money for less product. I like aquafina water but because of this I will not purchase it anymore. Why should I pay for less of a product, I will now purchase poland spring.

Yours truly,

Unsatisfied customer,
Katherine Liguori
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Aquafina — Misbehavior of Distributor

 Raman Singh

I have serious complaint against Pepsi (Aquafina) distributor for DLF PHase IV, Gurgaon - Col Kaul.

First, the deliveries of drinking water are very irregular and everytime we have to call the helpline no[protected] to remind them to supply water.

Today, Col Kaul, the distributor for our region was very abusive to my wife and banged the phone on being reminded about to supply the water.

I have high regards for defence persons and have lot of senior in my relations. The attitude and behavior of Col Kaul was depressing and unacceptable.
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