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I was approached by few persons from country vacations india . They said its very good club and they said they r giving me offer discount in their membership fees. So i thought its good in the begining but later i found this club to only act as bogus . They cheat people like anything . People please reject such offer from country vacations or country club....
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Aug 13, 2020
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they are the biggest cheaters
They are so rude most arrogant when they respond and so insensitive.The attitude of the country vacation managers is like you have paid the money now and we will not service you ... do whatever you can.
Absolutely I agree towards complaints on Country vacations/club.It was run by political mofia people and it meant only for cheating the innocent/rural people.I am one of them, lost 1, 35000=00. They never respond once they get money.Recently they cheated 50lacs at kakinada(Andhra Pradesh).As a tactis they recruit only young ladies to attract in any way to get out their business.
We have received more than 100 complaints against Country Club of India Ltd.
Following is the list of few consumers who have been recently cheated by false promises through advertisements in your publication.

Mr. Sujeev Gokuldas of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Ms. Ranjeeta Basra Korgaonkar of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Subroto Ghosh of Bangalore (Tel:[protected]
Mr. B. V. Mohan of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Harsh Vardhan of Bangalore (Tel. No.[protected] / [protected])
Mr. Pranav Kumar Singh of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Mr. B. Venkatesh of Bangalore (Tel. No.[protected]
Mr. Vivek Butyani of Bangalore (Tel. No. [protected])
Mr. Arun of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Vivek of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Ravi of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Somanath Hawargi (Cell.:[protected]
Mr. Rajendra Singh (Cell.: [protected] / [protected])
Mr. Rami of Hyderabad (Cell.:[protected])
Mr. B. Venkatesh (Cell:[protected]
Mr. Begur V Mohan (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Gopal (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Ashok Sud (Cell:[protected]
Mr. P S Nandakumar (Cell:[protected]
Mr. Nazeer Ahmed (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Mohammed Abid Aqlaq abid.aqlaq.[protected]
Mr. Begur V Mohan Mob : [protected].
Mr. Balaji balaji.[protected]
Mr. Pranav Singh [protected]
Mr. Vijayanand Poreddy Mobile: +[protected]
Mr. C Moorthy ( [protected])
Mr. Deepesh [protected]
Mr. Anish kumar 6657 5377
Mr. Sujeev G [protected]
Mr. Alok Singh [protected]
Mr. Jitendra [protected]
Ms. Rajyashree Rao [protected]
Mr. R.S.Ravindranathsingh ravi.[protected]
Mr. Robin [protected]
Mr. Yogesh kondawar [protected]

The COUNTRY CLUB OF INDIA LTD. IS A CHEATER AND FRAUD COMPANY. The internet is flooded with bad experiences of consumers with this company.
All the complaints regarding Country Vacations and Country Club is 100% true and agreeable. They are biggest cheaters.
I agree that the promises made during the time of registration or taking money is very different from the treatment meated out later. their properties are limited and its not by your choice that yoy go for holiday. they also have schemes for land etc which is a bigger fraud. i had taken a limited number of years membership and that too is not being utilised, whenever i plan they do not have the vacancy. the entire concept of vacations with country cvacations is crap.

I am very lucky that i got my money back.

Actually i was approached by one of the country club member. Infact somehow they convienced me to go for membership. same day we paid some amout of money. Later i enquired with my friends and internet then i found that it is very bad service provide and also it cheats people easily by showing adds and other activities. Next day morning we went there we requested for cancilation. But they were not agree for that, insted they told that once you paid will not be returne. So we got tenced for 2 days, later i approched my uncle who is working in IPS. Then took my cancilation later, then about a month we got our money back.
But i feel it was really god grease.

He guys, My suggest is that Please do any such kind of payments with out approaching your wellwishers.

Hi Guys

I have been approached by the Country Vacations people and they say that I have won a vacation and all that jazz.. Is it authentic and do i go ahead with it?

Somebody please let me know!!!

Thank God! I was approched by a well furnished, hi-fy office at Trichy. Ihad an element of doubt regarding their terms and conditions.They urged me to join that day itself.But now i am pleased with my decesion of not joining that time by searching through internet. Thanks a lot to those who comment C.V with their bad experience.
My brother-in-law invested about 2.5 lacs in country club. Signatures for document registration was taken in Feb.2008. we have not yet received any reply or assured document.
Yesterday we were called by Country Vacation because we were Lucky Winners to get one offer at a discount rate.We were brain washed for about 5 hrs but luckily we escaped without signing or paying any advance.My son timely advice and God grace saved us.
I am one of the victims of country club
They don’t have proper Norms.
Don’t believe their promises.
Member ship cost varies person to person.
Don’t go for country vacation membership.
The country club people are big cheaters.They brain wash you till you take the membership.They tell that you have free EMI on your credit card from HDFC and Abn Amro.But, you need to shell out 5 month EMI in advance, to prevent yourself from being a defaulter. The facilities in the club involve nominal payment(as per what they quote) which is huge payment on our side. Their booking fees is also high... The CV membership is absolute CRAP...
I also cheated by country vacations in pune. Please contact on this email id. We will have meeting and try to take action...
I am cheated badly...
We all customer should collectively take effort to rectify the situation.
Today i received a call from Countrty vacations, Bangalore offering me some three prizes without any terms and conditions.How is that?.Should we go with them?
There are some few words for country club.

1. Fraudulent method of making members
2. rogue company
3. Unprofessional service
4. Irresponsible managment
5. Harassment by telemarketer
6. Irresponsible

today i got a call from country vacations, bangalore offering me 2 gifts with out any investment but only couple should attend ..
she told me i won the gift then y need of couple? is it beliveable?
Yes I agree to this, Country club is a frudualent company in India. And we should also appreciate for their ideas..!! bcoz they are rotating our money into the huge investments for themselves by taking new properties. Of course Country club do have a good properties but it is only reserved for non-members ( bcoz Money will generate more compare with members) so that's why we members won't get accomodation when ever they asked for, its a logic..! I lost 125000/- in hyderabad branch and my collegue lost rs. 90000/-. I have asked to book accomodation in goa for 3 times in a last 2 years but they said with very sweet and cute voice" Sorry sir.., accomodation is filled on that particular dates" then myself and my collegues went to goa and asked for an accomodation like a non-member, then he charged around 8000/- per day. At that time 90% of resort were vaccant. Pls understand this and be carefull
Country Club is the most stupid people i have found in the whole earth, they cheat and cheat and cheat...i came across this stupid gentleman samson - [protected]. Anyone wants to talk to this guy...u will understand...this particular guy is a cheat
I just received a call from Country Vacation telling me I had won 6 nights accommodation at a 5 star hotel. I also had to be accompanied by a married couple in order to pick up the prize. What a rediculous rule which was enough to put me off and make me suspicious. Thank God I found this site before making the one hour+ journey to the city plus the search for a willing couple to accompany me.
Hi folks,

Thank god, I came across this website luckely. Other wise I would have been cheated by Country vacations company.

Even I received a call from them telling that I won 2 gifts. For that I need to go to their office. Only couples are eligible it seems.

I still have one doubt, whether will they give our gifts if we didn't agree for their membership or not. Can some one answer my question please?

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