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Andhra Pradesh, India
Hi Sir/Madam,

My Airtel landline number is[protected]. Around 4 yrs i used this connection. My billing cycle is 4th to 4th of every months.
I applied for a cancelation of my connection on 20th Feb. Ref No: 29008678.
Scene 1 :
Your excutive insisted on
---> not to disconnect,
---> Give this connection to friends and family,
---> Shift to a lower plan.
Scene 2:
I told them the reson that i tried to change the ownership of[protected] connection 3 times, as it didnt happen, i took a new airtel connection and want to disconnect this one. To which they did a cross verification on my new number. (which is uncalled for)

After 2-3 calls and n numbers of reason from my side and 2-3 calls from their side, it was settled that they will do the disconnection.
Scene 3:
I kept on tracking about this almost everyday after 20th Feb. They told me story about SLA of 2 months, will be done in one day, will be done in next 2 days.

My outgoing/incomming stopped on 27th Feb.( 7 days after my request, what they promissed so its good. ) So i removed my modem and phone.

Scene 4:
On 8th march , i thought to pay the bill of February which was generated 3 days ago. Before doing so i just want to confirm that everything was settled between me and airtel. So i called the customer care.

They told me that "AS PER MY REQUEST" they again reactivate my connection on 28th, and shifted to a low rental plan. Why on earth i want to retain that connection , that i want to disconnect.

i asked them, what happend to ref no:29008678. They told me its closed. How could you close it with out informing me?

So again they took a disconnection req. ref no.42783145 on 8th of march, which again will take 7 more days.

So i am 15 days inside a new billing cycle, just because of Airtel's mistake. (This is cheating on your customer)

[B]Even if you gave me a bill of march, i am not going to pay anything for the mistake from your side.[B]

Please settle this quickly.
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Airtel Customer Care's response Mar 09, 2013
Namaste (su_acharya),

This is to inform you that your concern listed on 09 March 2013 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

Rakesh Kumar
airtelpresence (airtel customer service team)
bharti airtel ltd
[email protected]

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Airtel Customer Care's response Mar 10, 2013
Namaste Mr. Acharya,

Further to our discussion dated 09 Mar. 2013, your concern is being worked upon. We would require some more time to resolve it and shall keep you updated of the progress.

We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

Sandeep Kumar
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd
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AirTel — Cheated in New Bill

I've bought new nokia 6233 in 15th July 2007, However I inserted my Airtel sim card in Cell, it was asked me to save the settings for Airtel Live!, about which i was aware and saved the settings. After some days i have used Nokia Product Catalog Application which connects to nokia sight in background and as per my knowledge about airtel live it will charge me if i downlad anything from airtel live and no accecss to other site will be available. i was wondered when i got accessess to other free wap site like tagtag.com, geocities.com, etc.
i started access to those sites, after some days when bill got generated, i didn't found any charge for any access to wap sites.
But now for my October's Bill when used this service they have charged me about 2800/- for using Googlesearch. when i asked to customer center they replied me that I have used googlesearch from airtellive wap site. for which browsing and downliding charges are applicable.
I told them that i didn't ever used that wap site from airtel live, it was in my bookmarks which i've made from tagtag.com. and i didn't got any intimation about googlesearch charges prior to the services are allotted. so how could i pay the bill for googlesearch charge. if it could know prior to use then any common man will avoid to use it. because there is option to go for NOP service for which it will charge only 5 Rs. for whole day.
I have requested customer service that please start my outgoing facility which you have barred since 20 days. and explained all the things happened with me. even though they are telling me that I have to pay the bill.
This is really reduculous.
I am making this complaints in hope i'll get the justice of fare.

Thanks & Regards,
Bala Reddy,
23.9.2009 TO 22.10.2009 BILL COPY

Airtel Broadband — cheating

sir ,

my self nishant aanand i apply for airtel broadband through one of agent of airtel Mr. khan. He promise me that the connection will fix within 7 days.and take advance money. but after 30 days there is nothing is done.
I ask him every time but every time he postpone it for some days
please solve my problem.

Nitish aanand
Mob. [protected]

Airtel Broadband Connection — AIRTEL IS CHEAT WITH ME.....


Dear Sir /Madam

i am using airtel company broadband connection account id 15213101 telephone no 4670044
sir i pay my bill date 31 jan. 10 and i sent you recipt in attachment but sir my bill is not deposit and my connection is disconnect your site please check it urgent

MOBILE No : +[protected]


We cannot activate your connection as your account shows in the default list.

Please apply for new connection.


Keshav Bhagaddar
Consumer Complaints Forum

Airtel Broadband — airtel broadband cheat

I have taken AIRTEL broadband connection A/C no[protected] PLAN – Rs799 for 256kbps speed. I have paid advance rental for 5 months

Well problem started from the day i have taken the connection. The speed i was promised is 256 kbps, for which i have paid Rs 799 which is exhorbitantly high if compared. I have a speed very less, 8-10kbps/sec, which is worst like a dial up.

I decided to log a complaint and in series now 5 complaints lie with AIRTEL not one of them resolved.In return i am told that problem with my system and I formatted ,compromising my data . No improvement. Then they say I need to download from official sites like Microsoft or so. If they check the speed without downloading from the speed with show definitely higher. But whats the use if i dont download. I have taken broadband connection with unlimited plan to mak use of it. Now I checked with AIRTEL to change the plan to 4MBPS which costs 899RS and I would pay the additional amount. But they refuse. Also, now AIRTEL has introduced plan with 2MBPS speed, which is same rental 799 RS but i am told i cant change the plan.

Why should i suffer with Slow speed, just becuase i paid money in advance.Please intervene and make sure AIRTEL doesnt cheat ppl. I want to change my plan else cancel the connection with my money refunded back.

Airtel Broadband — cheat

hello, my name is chetan i have 4 airtel connections one of the number is 41223380, i requested airtel for a new connection.
they messaged me and updated me that i will get the internet connection in 2 days, but no executives came for the installation. after a week the executives called me and told me to keep the documents ready and they will come and collect it. i was waiting since 5o'clock but the executives made me wait till 10 and then they came. the executives told us to give the documents which i gave them and then asked me to pay the amount of 350rs. i then paid the amount and when i demanded the receipt, they told me that they forgot the receipt and the application form and they will come the next morning to give the receipt and we can fill the application the next day morning. but the executives didn't turned up till date, but when i call customer care they give me a complaint number and tell me that they will get back to me, but i never get any call. when i called the nodal officer he told me that he will get back to me but yet i didn't get any call from him. i just got a call by name daisy from escalation team, she promised me that she will solve all my problems and she will get back to me soon. but its been ten days she called me back. at last i didn't get the connection and lost my money too, the executives took my documents with photograph and are not ready to give me back.
i then called the appelete officer, mr.arvind but he told the same that he will get back to me but then i didn't get any call from his side. i called him again he told me the same thing that he will cross check and get back to me. but still i dont get any call. and when i call the nodal officer of appelete officer they do not respond.
nor the customer care gives any response.
when i mailed the the airtel team they also didn't give me any response.
i am now helpless and no one to help me. now i want a strong reply from airtel about the forgery done and to delay my complaint.
and want a solution for this matter,airtel is loosing its image by fault promises and forgery done in filling the application.
i hope my problem is solved or then i have to approach the court for justice.
i am providing the detail of all the persons involved in this and all the complaint numbers.
thank you.

executive 1: haris:[protected]
executive 2: imtiaz: [protected]
nodal officer: santosh: [protected]
appellete officer: arvind: [protected]
escalation dept: daisy: [protected]
channel manager: 41405505

application no :pblr0137023
complaint no 1:35615376
complaint no 2:10515082
complaint no 3:34973750
complaint no 4:34975798
complaint no 5:35028524

this are the details and i want airtel to give me the answer for this

name of connection :zara pall
name of connection request : chetan
ph no: [protected]

Airtel / Broadband — Cheating

I was using Airtel Broadband connection for the past two years without any problem, the connection is in my name VIMAL, phone#[protected]. I was one of the valued customer in most of the Airtel products since I liked their customer service.

Initially I started my broadband plan from 256 kbps in 2009, in the month of February 2010 I changed my plan to 512 Kbps for 899 Rs. In the month of May 2010 I received a letter from Airtel stating they are upgrading my speed to 1 Mbps without any additional charges but this speed will be with limited data transfer of 20 GB per month. So as per their letter they upgraded my speed to 1 Mbps from the month of June and until August their was no problem.

In the first week of September I shifted my home so the Airtel connection was also shifted to my new premises. When they shifted they given 512 kbps as per my plan 899 Rs, but when I called customer service and gave a complaint (Req#[protected]. When I explained the scenario they increased my speed back to 1 Mbps confirming the data transfer limit of 20 GB.

Again in 2010 October first week they reduced my speed to 512 Kbps without any information, so I gave a complaint again (Req#[protected]. One of the customer care person called me and requested me to send the letter which they sent me in the month of May for the speed up-gradation. I sent the letter to their e-mail Id [protected]@airtel.in. After verifying my mail they called me and said this was an offer given only for 3 months now they have retrieved it.

> My question is when they sent a letter they never informed this is only a limited period offer, they mentioned my speed will be increased without any additional charges, no time period was mentioned.
> Second when they are taking back some privileges from the customer without confirmation how come they can take it back.
> Do they think the customers are mad, or we have to shake our heads for what ever they tell or plan.

I need a proper solution for this issue, kindly suggest for a better solution. Airtel has to give me the speed back or have to pay me my charges which I paid to them. For the past two years I never made any default payments, I was so genuine.

Airtel treated me so bad for my honesty. They put on their own faces by making these kind of mistakes.

Hi after posting my complaints here my problem got resolved by Airtel. One of the person named Raghunath from Airtel Bangalore worked perfectly and solved this issue. Finally they gave back the speed as they promised. Happy to continue with Airtel BB, many thanks to their customer service.

Airtel Broadband — Airtel Broadband - A bunch of cheats

We applied for a Airtel broadband connection on 16July11. Within an hour the airtel sales representative was at our door for signing the papers and collecting the 500 bucks (cash) installation charge. Even then we should have been understood their unprofessional ism as they didn't even give us a receipt and on insisting on providing us with some proof, He reluctantly provided us with the copy of the application. The sales person and the point of contact ( Mr. Santosh ) both assured us that the installation would be done within 3 working days. Its now been almost 3 weeks and we have not even received a call from airtel regarding our broadband application. Each time we call up Mr. Santosh to give an eta, he assures us the installation would be done in another 2 days - giving up a gamut of excuses ranging from application was not uploaded as the server was down for more than a week, then the work order was generated without code etc.

On insisting that he refund us the installation money, he started to procrastinate.

If such is the experience with airtel pre installation, i shudder to think what should be post that.
Hi Rakesh,

I mailed my contact details to [protected]@in.airtel.com. Currently awaiting response from your end.
Dear Mr. Rakesh,

Even after mailing the details of the complaint more than two weeks back, i find no response from your/Airtel's part. As such can you please refund the amount of rs. 500 within the week, failing which we will be forced to initiate legal action against Airtel for wrongful and mental harassment. Thank you for wasting a month of our time !! In the future do ask your sales team not to fool people and waste their valuable time. Also in the future please refrain from copy-pasting these messages when you are "unwilling" to "resolve".

After so much of trouble i got the disconnection. But i Have 1 more issue.

As i already mention my billing cycle (4th to 4th), i am now in a billing cycle because of your mistake.

So Airtel sent me a new bill (Final bill - bill no:[protected] adding the charges of March 5th to 13th(till the disconnection)

Why so ? As per my 1st request it was cancelled on 27th Feb. and after your mistake it was reactivated and that is the reason i am in the new billing cycle. Then why should i pay for it.

Please send me a rectified bill or else i am not going to pay the final bill at all.

As usual no response from Airtel ... so its clear you cheat like this to make money..

You people are pathetic.
As usual no response from your side.


This is how you guys cheat with customer and making money...

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