Airtel — disconnect the landline no.

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DLF Phase-2, Haryana, India
VVV..........Most Respected sir/madam,
with due respect and in a very polite manner i want to request you that as i have made many-2 requests to shift my land line no.[protected] from 6, Sukh Chain Marg, DLF Phase-1, to K-9/44 DLF Phase-2, but my all the requests are in vain.

Now again i request to you plz just disconnect this no. just now and on the same day.
i will be very-2 v...e....r...y........ thank full to you for this.
As i don't want to pay any amount in with using this no.
Mayank Pratap Singh Thakur
E-salad infoserve (P) Ltd.
6, Sukh chain Marg
DLF Phase-1
# [protected]
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Airtel / Bharti Cellular — Services failure, poor quality of response

Here is a copy of letter sent ot airtel ( Mr. Jadwani ) , Indore. Still company has taken no action.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice the worst quality of service experience that I have received as a consumer of your company in last few months. Please note my complaints as follows:-
1. I requested Airtel call center to activate “Airtel to airtel” roaming on 1st Oct 2006. I confirmed after 5 hours from your call center, and I was informed that the same has been activated. Both of the above calls were from Indore. After reaching Mumbai, I realized that the roaming service was not activated. I tried calling your Mumbai call center but my call was hung up even before I could explain the situation. This was again repeated. Finally, I was able to talk to some one and explain my situation in third attempt. This person tried to understand the problem and then log the compliant. But he asked my at least 10 questions to verify that the right person is on the line. I believe that was just double of what a bank would ask me before money transfer. But still after all this the roaming facility was not activated for the whole day. Next day I went to Airtel office at Tardeo, Mumbai and requested the lady on the counter to help me. She asked me to contact Airtel Indore. This was just unbelievable. I left my number with her as she half heartedly assured “She will try, if it is possible”. Hence my roaming facility was activated only late in night on 3rd Oct’06. I could use the phone only on 4th Morning. This lead to a loss of important information and client calls for me. Therefore , I request you to pay :-
a. Loss of Business (based on my salary) - Rs. 6,000
b. Personal agony/ mental harassment - Rs. 10,000
c. Taxi charges – Rs. 200
d. Call charges – Rs. 20
e. Total – Rs 16,220 only
Please ensure the payment is done in next 10 working days.
2. Following this, I called your call center on 9th Oct 2006 in morning. The Customer care executive did not know how long he was going to take so he had put me on hold. Then the call was forwarded to the senior executive who promised to get back to me with complaint no. and has not done the same. Please ensure that such complaints are redressed properly, and also inform about the action taken against both the executives (from Mumbai and Indore call centers).
3. The signal from airtel is quite poor in our office area i.e. MPSEB, Polo ground, Please take immediate action.
4. The poor service from Airtel is not a new thing. In July, on 6th and 7th i.e. my marriage day, Airtel disconnected my no. without intimation. The reason quoted was “Customer verification not done”. In reality your agent/ employee took an appointment with me three times and did not turn up at right time (even near to that). I think it is right time to include the same incident in the grievance list. Please provide a proper compensation for the same too (harassment and agony).
Please inform about your intended action on all the items. In case I do not receive any correspondence in next 12 days, I will be free to exercise any legal action (including but not limited to Consumer forum).
Looking forward to your response.

Yours truly,
Anshul Khandelwal
Ph. +[protected]
i have paid for usb datacard from airtel, tardeo and was promised delivery in 2 days. its been 2 weeks and still nothing has been done. i go there 3 times a day everyday and am told will be done in 3 hrs , 4 hrs. worst service and [censored]all mentality. a disgrace to india. ( see the no of complaints against airtel, tardeo and these chakkas are still doing these business happily)

Airtel Mobile — Violation of the offer given by airtel mobile prepaid


I have recharged my mobile in Aug with 196(approx).In that offer it was mentioned that they will charge only half rupee for local calls but now they are charging 1 rupee.I lost money because of the vilation of that offer by airtel prepaid services.when i called customer care they answered recklessly that they dont have any information of my number.My mobile no is :[protected].As telling Airtel services are good its not fair to do like that.Please get my offer back to me.

Thanks & Regards,
Gowri Y Manohar.
i purchure the airtell prepaid life time connection the problem is that in 70m i have got but preblem is that in 6 month i have to reachre the phone up 200 rs ??why??

Airtel — voilation of the offer given

I purchased the airtel prepaid(no [protected]) in december2008 and recharged for rs 398 with 50paise local cal rate and 1rupee std valid for one year.but after six months with out my notice call rates incresed to 1 rs lacal and 1.50rs per std cal. so I contacted costomer care and also registred complant with nodal officer Bangalore circle. customer care dont have any answer and no reply from nodal officer.
I think airtel cheated me. intially to attrct costomers they given the offer later withdrawn themselves. So please look in to the matter and take suitable action on the culprits.

thank you

Bharti Airtel Limited — V.V.V. Poor Airtel prepaid service

Bharti Airtel Limited Complaints - Prepaid Airtel service
Bharti Airtel Limited
Posted:[protected] by Ravikumar P

Prepaid Airtel service
I purchased a Airtel Prepaid mobile connection(SIM Card) in the month of February, 2010 from the Airtel dealer – R. Naresh & Co, Chepauk, Chennai -600 005. Airtel Prepaid mobile number is [protected]. I was using the number without any issue till 9th of March 2010.

On March 09th, 2010 I got a address verification call from the Airtel customer service representative and he told that the address verification is done and the number will be activated in 30 minutes. But it was not activated till next day morning and I’m unable to contact the Customer care from my Airtel number.

Then I contacted from a landline telephone booth spending my own money on March 10th, 2010. The representative promised me that the number will be activated in next 1 hour. But it was not worked. So I called twice the customer care, but the problem was not resolved and I’m redirected to a manager, Mrs. Shanthi. She told that the address verification process is completed successfully and there is no issue with the verification. Then she promised me that the problem will be resolved instantly but it was not. Again I called Shanthi and she asked me to contact the dealer. I met the dealer in person by spending my own money for transport and explained my issue to him. But he is not ready to listen about my complaint and he ignored and insulted me.

Again I called the customer care and asked for the Manager Shanthi but she was not available, so I explained my problem from the beginning to another manager Mrs.Sudha. She was also not able to resolve the problem. So she asked me to wait for next 24 hours and promised that she will resolve this issue within 24 Hrs.

So I waited and After 24 hrs I called the customer care and talked to a manager Mr. J Dinesh. I explained problem once again from the beginning and He is also not able to resolve the problem. I asked for explanation about the problem and he was unable to explain the exact problem and answered like “May be this or that”. Again he asked me to wait for another 24 Hrs

I’m frustrated and mentally dippresssed. I have the following complaint against Airtel:

1. On March 09th, 2010 they are not verified whether the activation was successful. WITHOUT NOTIFICATION THEY DEACTIVATED MY NUMBER and when they activated the number, they IGNORED TO VERIFY MY ACTIVATION STATUS.
2. Whenever I used to call the customer care they asked me to explain the problem from the beginning and they are not able to retrieve about my complaint history. So they not able to respond effectively. It displays about THE POOR QUALITY OF AIRTEL’S CUSTOMER COMPLAINT TRACKING SYSTEM.
3. The Airtel Dealer (R. NARESH & CO, CHEPAUK, CHENNAI -600 005) ill-treated me and not responded appropriately to the customer. So He does not know or capable to hold the dealership for mobile connections. Action against the dealer must be taken after the enquiry. He should be banned to run the mobile communication dealership from all the mobile communication service providers. AIRTEL DOES NOT HAVE APPROPRIATE SYSTEM TO TRACK THE DEALERSHIP QUALITY.
4. I have missed a very important business call which caused me a huge loss because of this problem. So AIRTEL NEED TO EXPLAIN ABOUT MY COMPLAINT AND THEY SHOULD COMPENSATE ME FOR MY LOSS.

They should update me about the actions that they have taken on the above to me through mail.
20 hours 8 minutes ago by Airtel_presence [send email]
Dear Customer,

This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

Rakesh Kumar
Airtel Customer Service Team


0 minutes ago by Ravikumar P [send email]
Dear Rakesh,

complaint number:[protected]

Its not my concern, I have raised a complaint against your service. I have asked so many question in this forum and also to your customer care representatives, nobody can able to give me the exact cause for this problem. the information I got from your side is redundent which worries me and I'm frustrated calling your customer care due to the false commitment given by your representative so far.

And still the issue continues as follows.

As told by Mr. J Dinesh, I have waited for 24 hrs. but he never called me to my alternative number as he promised (why are you people giving false commitments this causes really?) they never kept their word.

Then I called the customer care and talked to a manager Mr. Gopi, He asked me to contact the same dealer who ill treated me and ignored to help me. So I wonder that Dinesh and Gopi's replies are contradictory. And after a long conversation Gopi redirected the call to another manager Mr. Anand Kumar

Mr. Anand kumar asked me to wait for another 4 Hrs. and I wonder that If he has confident to resolve this issue within 4 hrs. then what thery did from 9th to 12th march on this issue? This raises a question that they are not giving much important and it displays the ignorance about my complaint.

I waited for 4 Hrs as per Anand kumar request, but the problem not resolved, so I called him again. He redirected me to another manager Mr Vinoth.

Mr. Vinoth asked me to wait for another 48 Hrs. i.e. till monday and promised that he will give the solution to the problem. (As per previous history on this complaint they never kept their word, so I'm waiting for monday)
1. Mr. Rakesh will you answer me the above questions, and Don't you understand the importance of the communication device to a person?
2. If you are taking 5 days to resolve a issue then who will compensate my loss?
3. I have given my numbers to my clients, friends and other important persons. If they contact me during this period, then it'll give a wrong display about my responsibility. Do Airtel understand these kind of customer's communication importance as a service provider?
4. Airtel don't have any alternative solution if the card is blocked for this many days? Isn't questions about your quality of service?

Please answer to the all the above questions (including the questions on my previous comments)?
i got post paid connection before 3 days and i never got the sim card they told me that they will give the sim card via curior bt i didnt recived yet, , , and even in airtel bharti they r not giving proper answer to me in ahmedabad...
So now i recommend you people not to use airtel service

not even broad band or not dish tv

i[censored] want any more information regarding airtel third class service than u can contact me on [protected] this is Ruchir Sanghavi...

and if this mesg is reaching to airtel people than give me reply

I M WAITING>>>>>>>>>>
And i dont need any apolization from ur side i just need service

and i[censored] cant than plz plz plz plz plz plz shut down the company

b'coz of bad service of airtel i loos my many business calls...

and only airtel is answerable for this, , ,

i need ur call back on [protected]

Bharti Airtel - Prepaid Mobile Connection — Poor Quality of Service

It has been 4 years since me and my wife are using the Airtel Prepaid Connection.
Considering the better offers on Airtek to Airtel calling we recommended the same to our other family member as well.

However past 4 years is a journey of Pathetic Service, Clueless Customer Care Executives, levying of charges for services not subscribed, etc.

It has happened atleast 10 times with us, that a particular VAS is activated like Spicy Jokes, Cricket Alerts, Daily Internet Plan, etc. It is atleast manageable for someone like me to speak to the customer care (who responds in a manner that default activation from Airtel is not their lookout and we need to understand them) and get it reversed. Think of someone who is 60 years old and handles mobile since it is conveneint to speak to his son / daughter. Older member fail to even notice the deducation in balance and it is highly impossible for them to speak to customer care and get the things reversed, resulting in loosing out on hard earned penny. Also imagine the pain I need to undergo to get reversed Rs. 5 - 10 deducation after holding for long time and making the customer care executives understand who are in their own world. The question isnt about Rs.5 - 10 but why do we suffer for Airtel's technical difficulties?

In between there came a SMS pack which offered free SMS'es. We recharged with specified denomination and started using it. When I got to know that despite activating the pack my balance is getting deducted per sms, I called up the customer care. I got all possible answers - Switch off the phone and switch on after sometime, It will be activated by Evening, It will be activated in 2 / 4 / 24 Hours. At one point of time it was activated after 8 - 10 days. Reasons best known to Airtel itself.

Last week I recharged in the Morning and evening when I saw the service reply my entire balance was eaten up. To check out on the same I called customer care. Now customer care were able to view a different Number instead of mine. When I gave the correct number he told me to switch off and switch on after sometime. Imagine my SIM Card being activated with a Different Number inspite of mine. I called up few others to check what that number was and indeed my SIM was automatically Displaying Another Mobile Number. The same problem occurred next day. Reasons when enquired, were in general and no constructive answer given.

Last week all of a sudden Me and my Wife's outgoing was blocked stating that it was a Government of India Directive and that we needed to submit the Documents. Being a Banker I can undestand the importance of KYC in the current scenario.
However I would like to know what happened to our Documents submitted earlier ?
Whats the assurance that they are in safe hands, since now we are asked to resubmit the documents again?
Still if its a government decision to resubmit the documents, why can't Airtel before blocking the outgoing call the customer and inform about the same?
Even if wee do resubmit the documents is Airtel going to give acknowledgement of documents accepted so that in future we have a record with us?
My wife called up Customer care and made a fair attempt to tell that we had submitted documents at the time of purchasing the SIM. But she was told to resubmit the same again with plain reply that its a Govt order.
Strangely the next day our outgoing started (we didn't even provide any documebnts) and again after 3 days my Wife's outgoing was blocked for same reasons.
Since we both are working and Sunday is the only weekly off, we decided to go on Sunday. To our surprise all Airtel Relationship Centre's were closed on Sunday.
I know this issue happening to my friends having a Vodafone Connection. At that time, Vodafone kept the stores open till 12 midnight. Atleast they are lending a helping hand to customers painful agony.
Here look at the Approach from Airtel.
When we passed on the form throgh our family member the same was returned stating the photo was too small pasted on the form.
Let me tell you that the space provided for Photograph is small only and we pasted what was manageable in that photo space.
However the same was denied by Relationship Centre and now we again need to resubmit the same.
Lets see what we have more in store.

I feel writing about call drops, Network issues will be a waste of ink as Company feels it is the basic right since they provide the service to us.
The DND aspect has been violated by Airtel Callers only who call and offer better Post paid plans.

I am sure that there are many like us who suffer but aren't able to write / complain as we hardly get time in our daily routine and this is exactly what works in favour of such companies.

Since I do not wish to change the Mobile Number, I am holding on. With Number portability perhaps we can look ahead and subscribe to other service providers, but even then am not sure if others will be able to better this as everyone is in the rat race to acquire customers and increase profitability with little or no attention paid to areas listed above.

We together look forward to some kind of assistance from your side so as to make our pain reach the right person and it benefits to everyone in the society availing the services.

Thanks and Regards,
Abhishek Vaidya

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