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[Resolved]  Airtel Prepaid — Money getting deducted periodically even without usage.

I recharged my prepaid card on 02 Oct 10 for Rs.100 for which there was a talktime of about Rs.85/- (I don't remember the figure exactly). I was taken by shock to note that my amount had reduced to Rs.20/- despite the fact that I had made hardly 4 to 5 calls for only few minutes over a period of 5 days. When I contacted the customer care center, one fellow said that some message service pertaining to actor Vijay was found activated and therefore the reduction in tariff was effected. He said that everything was sorted out at the other end and there wouldn't be any problem in the future. But I found that was getting a standard indication in my mobile 'unable to access server' and 'DNS service not available', which I'm not aware of the terminology even now. The first fellow's name was Balaji.

I was again taken aback to find that the deduction was continuing and nearing to Rs.10/-. I contacted the Customer care once more and started narrating the same problem to some other fellow, the reply which was not convincing. I asked him to connect me to his senior officer and he connected me to one Mr.Mariya Doss. He told me that an internet connection was found activated in my mobile and hence the charges were deducted at 30 paise per usage. He instructed me to make some changes in my mobile which I did at his behest. Even then the problem wouldn't solve.I thought I'll speak with somebody and exhaust the amount as anyway the money would be looted my airtel. I nullified the amount after speaking to one of my known acquaintances. I requested for the number of Mariadoss, which he gave as [protected] as I cannot be repeating the same episode to everybody. The best point is that I never browse over internet in my mobile. And in-spite-of that I double checked everything is inactive as far as internet operations are concerned. Even then I would get the same messages like ' DNS Service not available' and 'Unable to access server'. How could it be when I'm not using any internet service and everything has been supposedly deactivated at their end? Alas! Mariadoss wouldn't lift his mobile even after making scores of calls. Is it the way Airtel operates? Shame on Airtel.

I later went to Airtel customer care center near Trichy bus stand only to find that nobody knows the technicality of the subject and I had to speak over the hotline from there to the same fools, who pose themselves as customer care representatives over phone. Wah Airtel ! Now a lady by name Pushpa comes in and asks me about the problem and I go wild. How many times I have to explain the problem to several people? She was sportive enough to hear all my tempered words and finally guarantees that everything is OK now and I can rest assured go ahead with my recharge. I asked her what happens if again my amount gets deducted automatically. She said that she is pretty sure that the problem has been resolved and she would give me a credit if the problem persisted. Taking her words for granted, I purchased a Rs.10/- card and gave a try. The devil is back. Within 2 hrs of charging, I found that the amount has reduced to Rs. 4.20 out of talktime of Rs.6/-. Pl.note that I haven't made any external calls by then. Again everytime I find the message 'unable to access server', I find 30 paise being deducted from my account.

Again I give a try to the mobile number [protected] supposedly belonging to some Cynthia, who is the nodal officer in Airtel. This number was given by Pushpa after my repeated questioning. I tried to check out the status of the cast iron guarantee given my 'Pushpa the great' . And now comes another female 'Vinitha' asking me to explain the same history once more. I shout at her and say that she better rings me up at the earliest.I ask her about Pushpa and she says she sits somewhere else at some other place. Howzzatt? Vinitha apologizes and says she will get back to me immediately after settling the problem and there is no mention about 'Cynthia'. I wait for her call and as usual typical of shameless bunch of Airtel group, she never rings me up. I thought I'll try from my side. Alas! I find the same music ringing but people to no avail. Shame on you Airtel, living like a parasite on others money without providing any service. My money out of the balance Rs. 4.20 is rapidly decreasing. What do I do Mr. Sunil Mittal? Should I say shame on you too because of the inefficiency of your staff?

Is there any reprieve at all from Airtel?

Do you hear me Mr. Sunil Mittal?

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Airtel — money deducted without usage

i got airtel sim and i got GPRS conection, from 1 of february 2008 i asked to deactivate my GPRS and airtel people did it but the problem is the rental is getting deducted every day (Rs.15 per day). i complained to customer care regarding this for around 6 times but nothing happened. on 7th they refunded me but from next day again started deducting. i again complained on 10th but i was promised to stop and nothing was done.whenever i call them, they promise me as if they will solve my problem in a moment but next day same story.

AirTel — Charges without usage

I got a message from number:582433 at my mobile number; [protected] that my monthly subscription for yahoo! zone is due on 17. March, 2008 and I will be charged rs. 30 for the same. I never activated this service on my mobile and connection. Few months back I was charged rs. 99 for WAp service by giving wrong information to me by Mr. Inderjeet, who called me from airtel service centre. I requested your GPRS cell to deactivate yahoo zone scheme as I have no subscription to it. If Airtel charges rs. 30 on 17 march 2008, then i would be left with no option except to go to court in this regard.
Prof. Rajneesh
Jalandhar city, Pb.

Airtel Prepaid — they deducted my money without making a call

i have prepaid connection .last two month i have faced a problem of deducting my balance.i aware from this month and lodge my complaint but they didnt back my money

air tel priped — star casting

my[protected] date of 11/08/08 to 13/08/08 pl send diteals
my number i [protected] in panjab (LDH) ihave rechare of mb 30RS to time.has been not show the balance.his numberis life time.but not htis urgent tly open my account..60 Rs alrdy
30+30 =60 Ihave paid of this number[protected]

Airtel — Problem in WEB ACCESS in my handset

I can' be able to access internet connection in my handset. My handset was activated.But since from 15 days I can't be able to access web.I have been complained and ur customer care has given me the complain no[protected]. Kindly go through this complain no and activate it as soon as possible.Thanks

AirTel — without connecting to recipient cost get deducted

whenever i try to connect to my sister staying in nepal, i hear the beep sound then it shows me CALL END DISCONNECT. when i check my balance NINE rupees gets automatically deduct. some time they DEDUCT FIVE rupees, sometimes NINE rupees.
i donot understand why it happens only to ISD calls not to local calls.

i m fed up of this bluddy airtel. i donot know why donot they fix the bugs in thier software or is it made that way.
i have decided to throw the airtel card and go for other card.

when i have only TWO to THREE rupees then i can't even connect to any phone (LANDLINE, MOBILE). when i recharge my account then i m able to connect.

now i suggest my friends and my relatives not to go for airtel. try for some other card.

Airtel Prepaid — Rs. 10 gets deducted periodically

My cell phone no. is [protected](UP East). I have the above mentioned problem and they are charging Rs.10 and they send the message "Thanks for using (Cricket Day Pass, Alert) subscription service on Airtel WAP. You've been charged Rs.10", though I've not.
I've already lost a lot, it keeps happening periodically
my no. is [protected] date of 28/11/2008 pi send me diteals

Airtel - prepaid — Cheating the public

I really ashamed to say that airtel has doing such a service to the public. I never subscribed for hello tunes, but the last 2 months i have been noticing reduction of 30 rs. per month from my prepaid amount. Please take action against these people. I request public not to go for this service - airtel.
sir muje airtel 10 pise wale plan ke bareme jankari de

dhanywad (thanks)

Airtel Mobile — Getting Rs 10 deducted

Without subscribe to any of the services my Rs. 10 is daily getting deducted. I am getting the messeges as follows " Thanks for using (subscription, TextBasedServices) subscription serviceon Airtel WAP. You've been charged Rs. 10. Enjoy http://m/ " Kindly do the needful and stop deducting this money from my account . this start from 18th of Dec.

Hi Nelesh

I also started geetingthis msg, but later found out thay u need to visit site mentioned and send a sms to the number given to unsubscribe.

plz deactivate or send me link to deactivate from my mobile no-+[protected]

Ashish rai
dear sir
plz help me to deactivate the airtel based service from my moble number
my mobile number is [protected]
Ashish Rai
Without subscribe to any of the services my Rs. 10 is daily getting deducted. I am getting the messeges as follows " Thanks for using (subscription, TextBasedServices) subscription serviceon Airtel WAP. You've been charged Rs. 10. Enjoy http://m/ " Kindly do the needful and stop deducting this money from my account . this start from 20th of Dec. my mobile no. is [protected]
Why you had not updat Nokia 3120 c NOP settings & etc. in your softwere after atleast 3-4 months of lonching thin modle by nokia?????????

Airtel — Automatically deducting Rs 10. every day.

I am going through this horror called Air Tel . I am using this air tel set for past 3 years. couple of days back while i was surfing internet i got this pop- up message from a airtel sponsered site to enter moblie no as i could win few exciting download for free since the site bore the name of Air tel i trusted but within two days they started deducting Rs 10 everday massage bore 64611010 number when i informed customer care i got this massage on 28-jan-2008 at 10:36:34 from[protected] that my problem has been resolved but even after this they kept on draining my prepaid balance and when i contacted airtel customer care it failed to connect on repeated occassion. belive me i would drain this sim of airtel and the only thing that stop me is that my number is in circulation and my contacts would loose me

Please help me how to deal with these white coller criminal
the same problem i m bearing.
my NOP SERVICE i have disactivate but they still deducting my money.
when i did call in customer care they said that the they didnt get the any information plz call later.
one execucative told ur nop service is disactivate so another exec. said u have type wrong code.

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