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[Resolved]  Airtel — Recovery Agents Obscene & Indecent Talks



I have had an Airtel cell number ([protected]), Broadband & Landline[protected] since the past 7 years and had always been a prompt payer without issues. In December last year (2012) I relocated to Mumbai and hence I closed down my landline and broadband connection after clearing all the dues. I made the last call at 15th December and later travelled out for vacation. I came back in February 2013 and on 18th Feb had gone to an Airtel collections center (Kharghar branch) to pay the dues and request for closing the account; however I was informed that they did not have a facility to collect the payments through credit cards. I was asked to make the payments in cash, which I wasn't carrying at that time. I went home deciding to make online payment. Incidentally, out of sheer coincidence, the very same day I got a call from a recovery agent. He immediately started abusing me the moment I answered and asked me to make the payments. He made lewd remarks at me and disgraced my character. I was shocked and I didn't understand why he directly started abusing me without even asking for my intentions to pay the dues. Not bearing his rude and disgusting remarks, I told him that I will make a direct police complaint and will ensure that he pays for dishonoring my dignity. He realized what he had done and profusely apologised for his indecent behaviour. He pleaded me not to make any complaints against him. To make up for his behaviour, he told me that although my actual usage bill till December 2012 was Rs. 7,516/-, he will settle the account for Rs. 6,000/-. I told him clearly that I never asked for a settlement and I always had the intention to pay the entire amount, to which he insisted citing my long loyalty with Airtel and prompt payment customer. I agreed to make a payment of Rs. 6,000/- as he assured me that with this payment my account will be fully closed and that he will personally take care of the request. I promptly made an online payment of the same (believing my account will be closed).

Everything was calm and quiet for a month and I had the least hint that my account was still open. I again got a call somewhere in the mid of March by some other recovery agent this time and she mentioned that we have to clear the dues of over Rs. 4,000/- that are still pending with them. I refused as I told her clearly that I had made the requested payment just last month and they promised to close my account then. I was surprised hearing the amount as just last month I had made the payment of Rs. 6,000/- and knew for a fact that I never used the phone since 15th December 2013. I refused to talk that lady as she was talking no sense about the dues (that was supposed to not exist anymore). I checked my bill and was surprised to see that even if I consider the waived off amount by the first agent, the balance would not amount to Rs. 4,000/-. By this time, I lost complete trust of recovery agents as they quoted any figure they liked. I felt cheated and dejected that a service provider like Airtel practiced such wrong methods to just extract money from their customers.

The harassment doesn't end here. This week (13th April) I again got a call from a recovery agent and he started talking abusively and threatened me to make the payments. I refused to make the payments because I lost my trust on recovery agents. The first agent had quoted a different figure and promised to settle the account and the next one was talking about an absurd balance amount pending to be paid. He repeatedly threatened to make my life miserable and also threatened to harass each of my relatives/friends. After his call I called up Airtel customer care and narrated the entire incident to them. The customer care executive (Deepak) readily made notes of the complaint (Reference No. [protected]) and he also placed a request to disconnect the number[protected]. There was no request to disconnect my number as promised by the recovery agent. He also promised a callback from someone to take care of my issue.

The next day on 14th April, I got a call from a lady saying that she cannot do much on this case and she told me that she will get her supervisor to call me back. I never got a call back from anyone after that. The recovery agents now started harassing each of my relatives and friends and every time they made a different story and threatened them to make the payments on my behalf.

Today (17th April) has been the worst day in the history of my life. Since I didn't get a call from the so called supervisor since the last 2 days, I called customer care. The representative requested to transfer the call to his supervisor but disconnected the call while I was on hold. I made more than 15 calls to customer care but each time they offered to transfer my call to a supervisor and each time they disconnected the call while I was on hold.

Then someone by the name of Mr. Rajkr Parmar (Raj Bisht - [protected]) called me today and he (as has always been with all the previous calls) directly started abusing me and threatened me to make the payments. I told him clearly that I am sorting this issue out with the help of customer care as I didn't trust recovery guys anymore. He kept insisting that we will have to make payments only with him. Out of frustration and sheer disgust of hearing all the abusive words I put his phone down. Instead of calling me back he immediately started calling all my relatives and friends and started harrassing them. He even went to the extent of calling my relative and cooking up a story that she was using my number secretively and now she will have to clear the entire dues herself. They also called my 65 year old father-in-law and used abusive language and in fact went to the extent of telling him that they got the worst daughter-in-law who steals money.

MY QUESTIONS TO SENIOR MANAGEMENT ARE – Why was I made false promises by the first recovery agent? Why did the second recovery agent NOT take any responsibility of what was committed by the first recovery agent and just quoted a random balance amount which is false? When I lost the trust on recovery agents and called customer care executive they didn’t give me any resolution and kept disconnecting the calls by promising to transfer the call over to a supervisor each time. THE BIGGEST QUESTION IS – If I can make prompt payments for 7 continuous years and recovery agents knowing which number I am available on, why are they continuously harassing my relatives and friends with false stories?????

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Airtel — getting obscene calls

From airtel no [protected], for the past two days I am getting threatening and obscene calls. My mobile no is [protected].
Pl. do the needful action.

Airtel — ruge talking

i have got a call these numbers and talking abad words and behaviours rugeways [protected], [protected]plz immediately send me these address from where they called me i have to give a complaint to police according to sc/st abuse case plz help me sir argent

Airtel — dishonoring of credit card

Today I paid Rs.441/- to Airtel broadband being the amount of monthly charges and after complete process i received sms that your transaction of Rs.441/- on credit card no. [protected] is declined due to security reasons.please contact our customer care. I am staying in Ahmedabad and local customer care people do not lift the phone now how to contact is a problem. i hav e got no. is [protected]. please inform me immediately why the payment is declined and what r the security reasons due to which u declined.

Thanking you,

pushpesh pandya

Airtel — Harassment against recovery for someone unknown


I'm not sure of someone else has experienced this kind of harrasment before but three weeks back someone from Airtel calls on my Mobile (Vodafone) and asked me if I know someone called S. Kapoor, when I responded negative, he again called up for the same reason. When it happened for the third time, I asked him not to bother me and waste my valuable time in the middle of the day while I've been busy with work and do not wan to entertain such calls. For the same cooperation, he told me that I've been enquire about the person because one of the number which belonged to S. Kapoor has been discontinued and has some outstanding and they want to know the whereabout of the person to recover the amount. When I again told him that I cannot recall any such person, he again insisted me to cooperate else face dire consequences for no reason since some calls were made on my mobile from person's cell phone sometime back and I've to find out who that person was for them to recover the money. This sounds funny but it was a total case of losing one's temper specially when you're in moddle of some serious work. I did closed the call by telling him not to bother me again on the issue and it is their responsibility to find out the details of the person haing their connection discontinued with some outstanding assumiong the matter is closed.

To my surprise after three weeks back another person again calls back for the same reason and threatning me of dire consequences and harassment if I do not cooperate with him and answer all his questions even when I've no clue about the person who has defaulted them. When I tld him not to dare call me again on the issue, he tells me that the call is being recorded and I've to face the music. I'm still clueless on the reason for this harrasment and would like to bring it to public's notice besides registering the same complaint with TRAI and other authorities to look into the matter.

Does Telecom companies have any right to disturb someone's Privacy specially a subscriber of a competitor at the cost of someone else's fault. This has really not only wasted my valuable time which is difficult to calculate in terms of monetary losses but if it happens again, someone will surely have to pay for them.

For everyone's knowledge, number which called up on 04/06/09 were[protected] &[protected].

I will wait for this complaint's reply from not only Airtel but also TRAI and request them to investigate the matter further.


i have got a call these numbers and talking abad words and behaviours rugeways[protected], [protected] plz immediately send me these address from where they called me i have to give a complaint to police according to sc/st abuse case plz help me sir argent

Airtel — Harassment by recovery Agents

I had a very bad experience with Airtel. I was using Airtel services for over 4 years and making all my payments within due date. Last time when there was a dispute over the bill, I took the matter with the customer care through phone and emails. However there was no one who could understand the issue and kept on replying (mostly call center people) the same prototype text. I did not make the payment as the matter was not resolved to my satisfaction. But the outgoing facility was withdrawn and there after incoming calls were also stopped. I requested the matter to be escalated to the Airtel Staff so that it can be resolved immediately. I even went to their HO to meet somebody and explain. All failed and without any choice, I was forced to take connection from some other provider.

After one month, I started receiving threatening calls in my landline from some rowdies using very filthy language to make the payment immediately or else face the consequences. They said that they are ready for anything. I made a formal complaint to Airtel (Again through call center only) and I did not get any reply till now.

I was put into lot of inconvenience for informing all my contacts the changed number and I am not sure how many contacts I missed.

Please be careful.

Shares — payment recovery

I have purchased 3 units of RS.3600 each on 30.09.09 worth Rs. 10800/- maturing after 60 days i.e. on 01.12.09 as i have not received my money till date so you are requested to give the details of my payment status as early as possible.

Airtel Mobile Services — unsolicited, indecent messages

I have AIRTEL mobile conncection (most of my relatives too have) and very much satisfied with their coverage and services. What is bothering me the most is the service messages "Sunday spicy- Pamela Anderson - too BIG to handle", "Want beach beauties in bikinis"..... and several. These are unsolicited by me. Is it not outrageous for a telecommunication industry to indulge in such things. This happens despite several complaints from me. If you complaint to the call centre they are advising us to make setting in our mobile phones to block such messages. Is it not unethical to sell publicly these things. WHy airtel needs to be party to this? This may tomorrow lead to selling of pornography to public through airtel? Who is regulating this?
AIRTEL please concentrate on telecommunication business please. You have a social responsibility. If someone wants beauties, bikinis, hot stuff, they are so many places they can visit, let airtel need not be the conduit.
My mobile no. is [protected]. Post paid connection.

Two month back I requested M/s. Airtel to send me my monthly bills through my email address mentioned above. However, now I am neither receiving any bill in my mail nor any paper bill. I am finding it difficult to pay my dues in absence of detailed information regarding the charges.

Pl. look in to the matter and do the needful at the earliest.

Manik Bordoloi
I have been getting similar smses for the last one month. Govt should blacklist airtel mob services for unethical practices. They have already deducted more than Rs.100 from my mob balance. Mob No.[protected] (HP) Col DK Chandhok
email id [protected]

Airtel — calling relative and friends

i would like to make complaints against airtel as i was having their broadband with landline no. i was not satisfied with their broadband services and hence i discontinued their serives.for a mere rental of rs.700 they are make unnecessary calls to my freinds and relatives to recover their dues.i would like all minded people to condemm this act of harrrasment from telecom companies.

AirTel — Recovery


i was customer of Airtel. I was using the Airtel postpaid no. for more than 2 years. i have always paid my bills ontime. but in month of Apr 2011, when i paid my bill through net banking, it hasnt reflected in there system. i have given all the details to customer care person.Since the month of may 2011 i am not paying the bills.I have told them, that i ready to pay the bill, just deduct my Apr month bills amount. but they are not ready for this...

so now for recovary one conctracted company "RMS Super Services" is in touch with me, and they are using very bad way for this.
1) they call me on my manager cell. (i dont know from where they got that no).
2)yesterday they called on my landline and used very bad language with my parents...

i dont think they are using right way for this, as i am ready to pay bills, and i am asking to deduct the amount which i have paid.

can you please help me in this....

and now t
Namaste Pragya,

This is to inform you that your concern listed on 18 April 2013 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [protected]

Sandeep Kumar
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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Hi voice this on their facebook to let everyone know about this
Namaste Pragya,

We were waiting to hear back from you. Since you haven’t written in yet, we trust your issue has been resolved. If you still need assistance, we request you to Please share the required details with us at [protected]

We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

Deepak Mohod
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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