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People are talking more about North Indian being harassed at mumbai. But has anyone ever talked about harassment of non Kannadigas at Bangalore ?

Ask the people who are living there. I am going to present the series of few short stories here and inviting discussion / comments.

This is in reference to Driving license.

One of my known person has went for driving license in Bangalore. Just check incidences -

1. When he was in front of licensing authority, officer denied to speak in English and asked to speak him in Kannada only. When he said about not knowing Kannada and ask to speak in Hindi, officer shown him bitter face.
2. Officer asked him to show PUC certificate for new car - new car doesn't require PUC certificate.
3. During driving test, officer asked him where he belongs to, is he a software guy and for how much time he is in Bangalore - to probably inquire about his background.
4. He was declared failed in driving test reason
* He did not wear helmet for 2 wheeler test - he has asked officer whether he should wear or not before test and officer said, its ok not to wear
* He did not put L sign board on bike as it was on his car. He asked officer whether he should transfer it from his car as it was on his car.
* He has not shown sign of stop while taking turn on hike - how many Indian knows sign of stop ?
5. At the end when he asked officer not to be unfair to him, officer replied to him only in Kannada ?

Now tell me

* Is it not a prejudice driven ?
* Are North Indians being harassed at Bangalore?
* Where a person should raise his voice against ?
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Aug 14, 2020
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give me a application form for driving lycense
I regret to inform you that when i upgraded my driving lincense to MCAB WES, the officer responsible had deleted my other Heavy passanger vehicle lincense. When i questioned about this to them, they are instead asking me to pay more money to have these included. Needless to say its their negligence. I fail to understand as why should i pay them more for their mistakes. I humbly request to who so ever concern to take some action against such officers who creats these kinds of inconvinience to the public.

Name: Bhavan Thapa
DL no : 4159/93-94
upgradation done on 14/11/08 however was handed over to me on 27/11/08 as they said there was some technical issue with the system.
RTO is good here.. i never had any issues..
he is one MF of his own class...
Ok, accepted. But me, as a person from West Bengal ( I was brought up here and i know kannada though) am trying to tell you that most of what you said is mandatory for everyone- A learner must have a L board on both his vehicles, else he cant drive. Ok about the helmet part. The hand signal is a system which is needed by anyone- you may say that it is not known by indians- may be- but everyone in karnataka needs to learn all this even before he gets his Learners licence. So, I dont think there was anything wrong. The PUC or any other marks card is one way of confirming a person's age( A person who finishes 12th is usually 18- so he might have asked for it).And, by the way, one has to finish 10th standard now to get his licence- its a rule placed recently. The officer was not trying to go to the background. He was deoing what he needs to do- confirm what is in the documents.
What sort of person would ask the officer if he should wear helmet??. Such people would fail driving test no matter which state they go to.

Kancheepurm RTO — Required bribe to obtain License

The RTO office on nation highway is the worst place I ever seen bribe at its pinnacle. They have fixed rates for License, Registration even though you have all required documents, they will make you do multiple trips and make you bribe them through the driving class agents. The quality of service is very very poor and the head ( I guess registrar) comes to office at noon and only stays for couple hours to sign the registrations and license and his attire is like a politician. I hope concern person will punish them and make them do their duty.

well i completely agree with this and i wanna take some steps abt the same fact, today when i had been to change my address in the DL, i had almost done with all the procedures by 2 pm i had to take my computerised photo ID as well after which i came to room 3 to submit but by then the person says that office is closed, when i questioned were in the hell it is written that ur section closes by 2pm whe the Govt office hrs are from 9-5 they did not bother to answer me by quietly one by one left the place, if any body knws how to lodge a complaint on this and get the issue ifxed i would really appreciate as i dont want other citizens to go through the same thing
Dear Sir,

I am very disappointed to let you know that, there are people who are collecting bribe in public. Recently my friend go their license without tets etc.. by paying 2000 rs to an RTO Official.. He does side business and earns about 40, 000 in these kind of liscense. He and his group of people sits in the first floor, next to NTSC 4th Block.. He collects the forms from people there and then forwards it to the Officer, there by collecting a huge amount of money from people.. It is very sad, that no one is investigating on this.. I hope you will...

Please Be Ware. of this.. You dont need to bribe them..

I completely aggree for the rudeness and money part. But this is happening all over the India. This is also happening people are forcing them to take money for faster work. There is nothing to blame kannadigas.

The first person should have not asked about Helmet and L symbol. Bcoz, this is basic information he should have know it. If you ask, you fail there it self.

You are blaming the kannadigas, I have many friends from different states from North India. When they apply for Passport, it took 6 months to get it. Here it will not take more than 2 months
Mr Pallu the complaints what u made is totally has no sense not only in karnataka all over in india A learner must have a L board on both his vehicles, else he cant drive. And i think u dont know about the Rules made that rider should compulsary wear the helmet while driving... just tel me i[censored] was in the officer place and somebody would asked u that he should wear the helmet while driving what u would have did... while u got the DL did u ask the same stupid question to the officer... Before blamimg somebody make assure that u r right...
To all North Indians in Bangalore or karnataka 1st Learn Kannada to get all ur valid Govt works to be done.
How to check Provident fund (GPF) in net please advise me
I lost my driving licence in city market one year back .I have given the complaint in city market .but till now i havent apply for the DL .Pls give me the details for applying for duplicate DL& how much it will charge.
The driving test inspectors these days have become very clever in Bangalore. They tell the person who has come to give the test that they must buy Kannada Theatre tickets from them for a few hundred rupees, it is a implied threat basically that buy it or i fail you.
Kannadigas are a hostile lot.
I want go for change off address in my driving licence please advise me and what will be charge for that.
Well.. first, let me know who that fool is who asked the cop if he had to wear a helmet during the test.. n what you hav described out here is valid.. i too being a kannadiga hav 2 do that.. if someone says.. he wants a puc certificate for car, that means tht he has seen around 500 papers in a day n is confused.. i[censored] show attitude towards him n say that his car doesnt hav a puc certificate, hez gonna rip your heart off.. I had been for 3 years in Delhi.. i was forced to learn hindi as ppl out ther asked me to speak.. not english. I dint hav any problem ther.. bcz I wanted to learn different languages.. (i know its our national language.. n all..

DL — DL of motorcycle

I did apply my permanent licence of motorcycle on dated 19.03.10 from Janakpuri Authority. Neither i have received nor returned in authority. My receipt no is PV-3409 and postal address is given below.

RZ, D-169
Jai Vihar, Najafgarh
New Delhi-11043

Contact No- [protected]
Local Kannadigas have abused and assaulted outsiders often on one pretext or another. There are many excuses they may use, like a road accident, or a dispute over something or just because they can. This is really ugly.

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