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Rto India — Auto Driver & Traffice Police Problem

 Aakash Kahar on Jan 14, 2017
सर पुरे मुम्बई में तो प्रॉब्लम हे पर कांदिवली में भी ज्यादा हे एक तो रोड छोटे हे ट्रैफिक के लिए भीड़ भाड़ एरिया उसमे ऑटो रिक्षा वाले परमिट बिगर ऑटो चलाते हे और पहले से हप्ता लेते हे क्या आप इस में कुछ एक्शन लेंगे और तो और जहा ३ पैसेंजर को...
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Rto India — Ll To Dl

 Rahman Brc on Jan 14, 2017
Dear Team,

This is to keep you informed that i had done with the LL and i am applying for a DL were in which the RTO person told me to apply through online, which i tried en number of time doing in that, and all the times it says your LLR number is invalid, please help me out to resolve this issue, and we are unable to apply for a DL


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Rto India — Bus service

 Ashish Dhuriya on Jan 13, 2017
I am Ashish from indore, RTO person are checking indore dewas private buses for over loading at near krishi collage but after that point bus Owner again making buses overload, so being a indian citizen, I am requesting to check properly at all respective places. Also they are using abusing words with daily up downer and new customers
We all want to see RTO power.
For ex. 1 bus service
Shree Balaji Travels 9009359994
And many more.....
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Rto India — Registration number

 Ravindra Turaga on Jan 12, 2017
My car dealer has paid all new vehicle registration charges to RTO office central Mumbai office on 14th December, 2016. But even after 29 days RTO office has not allotted registration number. I don't understand these days of online transactions why so much delay to allot registration number after all payments are made? My dealer has been told software has changed hence the delay, but I find people who got the cars in January 2017 who have registered cars after December numbers were allotted .Then why people who paid all road tax in December 2016 under old software were kept pending?...
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Rto India — Recent change in Driving License charges causing issues

 Padmavathi B K on Jan 9, 2017

I am Padmavathi B K from South Bangalore, Karnataka. I hold a learners license which will expire on the 11th of Jan 2017. I gave my Drivers Test today in order to get my LL changed to DL. I cleared the test and I was asked to visit the Jayanagar RTO office - Bangalore to complete further formalities.

To my surprise after having waited for 4 hours the staff comes up with a vague reason (without much explanation ofcourse) that the License issue is on hold atleast till Friday (13th Jan) due to server problems or system problems where the recent rate card for license...
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Rto India — Should i pay Road Tax for Bike.

 suman.b1111@gmail.com on Jan 6, 2017
I work in IT company, work will be in between metro cities and every year i will be moving to new city.
So should i pay Road Tax in all the states to use my bike and how can i pay lifetime Road tax when i leave for few months in particular city.
In case if its compulsory then open a online portal to pay road tax and also with months or years package.

Please take this concern seriously....
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Rto India — No provision to check the status of DL & RC on any RTO websites.

 bbncr on Jan 6, 2017
To the concerned Authoritie's. RTO mumbai.

Very sorry to say that there is "NO any" website providing with the proper information to track DL or RC status.when we say that the DL or RC are the vital doc. that the a person has to carry all the time during driving.

Where as there is always a delay of reaching these doc. to the Owner's, which shall result in lacking to the working system & collection of Govt. Revenue. Thus reflecting the poor working System to the entire nation & globally as well, Organized by our INDIAN Govt.

In the matter one can assume...
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Rto India — The address on the post covers

 Bhupeshkumar Lad on Jan 5, 2017
THE ADDRESS WRITTEN ON THE COVER IS PURPOSEFULLY WRITTEN WRONG, SPECIALLY THE Pin no. Of the address, so it's delivered to wrong post office and therefor it's retuned back to the sender, RTO .
MY ADDRESS WITH PIN NO IS 392011 for Zadeshwar, WHICH YOU CAN TRACK BY THE TRACK COSIGN MENT., BUT ON THE COVER of the post IT'S THE PIN NO. 392012 which is For Muktampur.
This has happened second time that, when I was expecting my Driving lisenc from Bharch Rto the pin no. Which was on cover was 392015 and that consignment went back to Rto and did not had for 4 months.
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Rto India — Server problem

 Milan Bhavsar on Jan 5, 2017
Frequently server problem found in Jamnagar, Gujarat R.T.O office, I am waiting here for last 2 hrs and now Conti to wait for server start. So.do needful for this.i have take leave for my R.t.o office related work.but still waiting for starting the server at R.t.o case office at Jamnagar, Gujarat. No reply by the any r.t.o employee, they are also just wait wait and wait for starting the server....
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Rto India — Towing of my activa scooter.

 SanikaKul on Dec 30, 2016
Few days back my Activa scooter was towed near Saraswat Bank Goregaon East bylane of Aarey Road which is not a main road. There was no sign board showing that that particular area is " No Parking Zone ". I used to park my two wheeler since so many years & now suddenly how rules has changed dont know. The reason mentioned in the receipt that - parking near electric box. The boy who towed my scooter told me that some days ago the small short circuit happened in the Electric Box ( DP box ) so this rule has created.
How we get to know about this New Rule ?
It is RTO's duty to mention or...
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Rto India — Driving licence making

 Aj008 on Dec 28, 2016
Dear sir/madam,

My name is Ajay kumar bharti from basti up .I was apply for learning licence for 4 wheeler in month of 8 july 2016 which is going to expire on 7 january 2017.But when i am going to make permanent licence they told to me that u can not permitted for permanent licence unless update information of previous licence of 2 wheeler which is hold by me in 2011 .

But i was submitted all tha information regarding my previous licence of 2 wheeler and submitted my photocopy of 2 wheeler lecence .After that when i was gone to make learning licence for 4 wheeler...
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Rto India — Mandatory accidental sensors in every vehicle

 Gaurav Makkar on Dec 25, 2016
Why don't we mandate the installation of accident sensing devices(airbags etc.)in every vehicle? As soon as the device detects a collision it will notify local ambulance, police station and hospital system giving its current condition, location or accident(using GPS) to seek the assistance.

Pros: It will decrease the chances of loss because of reaching late to the destination

Cons: It will cost 5000-10000 sensing device that will be connected to the server in Internet of Things manner.

PS. The benefits will be the benefits of everyone....
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Rto India — No arrangements for common people at rto DURG chhattisgarh

 abhishek chandrakar on Dec 23, 2016
After filling online form for conversion of my driving license to smart card driving license, I went to rto office DURG, but there's no one to tell what to do where to do, only agents are working there,

That's why again I have to hire a agent to do my work and giving them 400 Rs extra.

That's so poor facility that government provide for common people who are using online facility....
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Rto India — Rude behavior of the vehicle driver

 Mrunal Nerpawar on Dec 21, 2016
The driver of the bus i was riding was driving quite well. Even after giving indicator and honking while overtaking a Scorpio driver got of angry. He stopped the Bus and used very harsh language. The Scorpio driver also beat the bus driver. Despite being not wrong, bus driver and riders apologized, but he didn't stop. The Scorpio registration number is MH12 DY 9839. The owner of this vehicle is Babasaheb Shinde. The both the riders of Scorpio were drunk.

Anticipating action....
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Rto India — Having proper document refuse me today to give exam.

 Pramod Vish on Dec 20, 2016
Dear Sir,

Pls take any action about andheri RTO office.
Having subbmited proper document to RTO officer refuesed me to exam i have reached at morning 10:00am RTO office carried 1)pan card-copy as well as orignal. 2)Ration card- copy as well as orignal. 3) Addhaar card - (Before few week i had lost my addhaar card) i have subbmited him E-addhaar. RTO office who is checking document he says it will not valid.
Every where it is working ex;-Bank, loan department and credit card it is woking no one told me it will not accepable.
kindly request you sir pls look in...
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Rto India — Not approving driving license

 Kavali Guruvishnu on Dec 19, 2016
I had taken the ride test twice the officee will be rejecting the license for unnecessary reasons like hand signals are not used i have a doubt we are in 21 st century all vehicles are equipped with signal lights.so what is the purpose of hand signal I think he is issuing license on lottery basis for the rest people he rejected the license with same reson.Second time when i went he is rejecting the license that helmet is not weared properly. How the hell a person doesnt approaching driver can judge about person helmet isnt weared properly....
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Rto India — Fraud by sai prasad driving school

 Ganeshaa Mishra on Dec 17, 2016
Sai prasad driving school located at ekant society 90 feet thakurli road khambalpada dombivali east
1.This school can be registered in RTO or not?
2.This school using private vehicle for driving school (for commercial purpose) vehicle no MH.05.AB.1027
3.it charges rs 4000 for driving and making licence for four whwhear...
2000 for driving and 2000 for 4 wheeler licence including all charges
4.after that at the time of testing he demand 340 rs extra says rto charges...why we can gives extra money if I pay rs 4000 for driving and licence ...
Plz submit my...
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Rto Pune — Rc book not received

 rajkm.481990@gmail.com on Dec 17, 2016

I have applied for registration for two wheeler in january and received the registration number mh14fr 6658 in june but not yet received the rc book.
I went to rto and they always says it is not yet printed.
They always says it will be available by next month but it is not.
They also not answer whenever we call and just say that we will check it and let you know.
Also the status for the registration number is also not visible on checking the status recommended websites.
Kindly provide the status for the registration as its almost a year for...
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Rto India — Registration related

 Maheshwari Lodhi on Dec 17, 2016
Hi sir
I am Maheshwari Lodhi
From Indore
Actually I was purchased a new tvs Jupiter on finance on 10 October 2016 from muchhal auto sale Mhow naka (kala ghoda) indore, but till date original or coloured registration card copy not given by him, according to him complaint is not a way of solution but I think without my action he is not working and also not replying for the same. Plz do the needful action.
Maheshwari Lodhi
Mobile no. 9424413398
Mp-09, UD-1572

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Rto India — Wrongly fined challan forcefully

 sanjayyadav435 on Dec 14, 2016
Dear Sir,

My name is Sanjay Kumar from Haryana mobile no. +918955858699

I want to know that according to center motor vehicle rule 1989 is it right that new purchased 1st registration vehicle did not require PUC in 1st year?

i fined challan by traffic police because i don't have PUC then i told them about this act but they refuse it and generate challan against me 13-12-2016 and My bike registration date 26-07-2016...
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