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[Resolved]  Bmtc — Misbehaviour and Negligence of Conductor and Drivers of BMTC


I boarded the Bus KA-01-FA-2321 on 27.06.2009 @ 2.25 pm in RajaRajeshwari nagar ( ticket no.[protected], the bus was not fully halted at bus stop. When I enquired why the bus was not come to full halt.The bus driver and conducter started misbehaviour. Most of the passengers resisted this even though they were reluctant . They told me to go and complain to the BMTC or minimster, we are not bothered.

Both conductor and driver refused to give their name and badge numbers.

This type of attitued is not correct and such things are happening daily in Bangalore.

Department should take immidaite action on such employees.


Basu T
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Aug 25, 2015
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation [BMTC] Customer Care's response
Dear Sir, We are getting updating pop-up message from this site from last few months back, so delay in reply. Sure action will be taken on your complaint. BMTC
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I boarded the Bus 356C in Madiwala, from Electronic city to Majestic.

The bus number is KA01FA 1636. Time 10.00PM Date 26.03.09

The issue is I had booked tickets with KSRTC, Chennai to Bangalore thru Internet and in their ticket it is clearly declared that free travel in local city buses is allowed prior to two hours of travel.

My KSRTC bus time is 10.51PM from shantinagar bus stand and I boarded this city bus volvo aroun 10.00PM. I was forced to exit the bus stating the reason, I should buy the ticket for travel. My explanation to the conductor and driver was all in vain as they had are not intrested to understand of what is written on the ticket.

I tried boarding two other city buses and the answer is very similar as I produce my ticket as a Pass to travel free in Local Bus. Finally I purchased ticket and reached shantinagar bus stand.

Beyond money, its pain and angony and it would be great If I can register a complaint against BMTC, for not keeping their staffs on the agreement between KSRTC and BMTC and free travel.

I really dont find any helpline numbers or email ID to lodge a complaint.

Thought me sharing this will be atleast read by BMTC or KSRTC officials.


Please educate your staffs some of them are like criminals. They talk very bad words in local language its very irritating. Once a conductor took more price than the actual ticket price when questioned he ask me to get down from the bus. He is really a uncultured dog. I was travelled same distance with other bus for the actual amount. And some of your conductors are acting like bus owners. They will start fight with poor passangers. Being a local person it is my duty to inform all these things to the department. You people are giving public service by taking the money from the public not free. If you put 1000 new buses and thinking that your providing good service to the public it is aboulutely wrong. Unless you will get good staffs in the bus you will never get succed in your project.

Please take some action and make the public happy with your service.
you were wrong...u cannot travel in volvo with ksrtc pass.. only local BMTC.
I am writing this letter on behalf of hundreds of common people those who depends on a particular BMTC service which conducts it service without any punctuality.
I am staying in Anathapura near, TC PALAYA, KR PURAM . We have only two bus which conducts it service through from TC Palaya, Anathapura, to MAJESTIC through indian Express circle . 301F.
Morning time we passenger face lot of trouble because of irregularity in bus timing . most of the office going and labors are suffers due to this irresponsibility.
There is two service in morning time one starts by 7:30am(suvarnna 301F) which maintain its timing properly morning as well as evening.
Another bus it timing was 8:10am (at Anathpura before ) now it is unpredictable, sometime it come by 8:20, or 8:30 or 9:00 or 9: 30, which we can not relay, because of these irregularity it adversely affect our office in timings. There is no other mode of transport which we can rely. We doubt this Bus Employees purposefully delaying or making irregular to support illegal commutting srvices like Private Vans and AUTOs.
Please take needful action against thes irresposbility and save our valuable time.
I boarded the Bus KA-01-FA-107 on 30.11.2009 @ 8.25 pm under marathalli bridge. i am on the way to Ring rd mahadevpura. the driver behavior is very rude manner. when i ask about the ticket rate. he replied in non-scene manner

I am writing this letter on behalf of hundreds of common people those who depends on a particular BMTC service which conducts it service without any punctuality.

This type of attitude is not correct and such things are happening daily in Bangalore.

Department should take immediate action on such employees.

I got into the no 360 B, KA 01 FA 1789 on 06.02.2010 at 7.25 am from ATTEBELE. There was a man sitting in LADIES seat. I arequested him to give the seat .But he did not do it.I requested the condunctor to tell him, he did not do anything even after I requested 2 to 3 times. He said he does not mind even if I give any complaint. But he refused to give me his ID number.

I hope the officials will take the necessary steps,

Dear Sir,

I used to travels maximum times through bmtc bus from Inchara hotels(puttenhalli) to Jayanagar 4th block by paying Rs.7/-(Seven Rupees) one way & same travels charge paying for return.On 16th March 2010 at 7:30PM, I cached the bus No.KA01F[protected]c) at 4th Block, Jayanager and paid money for purchasing ticket with Rs.10(Ten Rupees), The bus conductor has give Rs.9(Nine) ticket(ticket no.A[protected] and retain back side Re.1 forcefully.When I argued that only the Rs.7/-(seven) ticket charge, The bus conductor shouting at me in Kannada language with rough talk.If this type of misbehave will be done by the bus conductor then to whom we will report.

I too faced similar incident today ( 7-Jun-2010 ) with BMTC Volvo bus 360B to Majestic from Attibele...

BUS NO: KA 01 F-4412
CONDUCTOR NAME: Mallika ( as per him ).

I boarded the bus from Hebbagodi and took day pass. Forgot to sign the pass today.

TC came in between and said that he is seizing the ticket for not signing... I asked him to pay me back my ticket charge, but he refused. I was not traveling without ticket. Traveling with valid fresh ticket and still harassing and causing nuisance to passengers who stopped using their car supporting government's attempts to reduce traffic issues in the city.

If this is the case, I will start driving my full size sedan everyday to office. No other option. AND REMEMBER, slowly rest of the converted people also will follow. AND ALL THE AMOUNT BMTC SPENT ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS AND SETTING UP SERVICE ETC WILL GO INTO MAJOR LOSS !!!

First of all, it is not mentioned that ticket will be seized if not signed. They can stop passengers from entering another bus if not signed. But they should not have seized the ticket itself. Or even if they seize, they should given a receipt so that passenger can continue the travel to their destination.


First of all, it is illegal. BMTC is not a statutory body like RBI or SEBI or a Court of Law to create their own laws which govern public places. BMTC is just another company which provide services to customers for money. They are bound to all the laws of the land.

Legal Point:

When I paid Rs 80 and got the day pass, I entered into a contract with BMTC which allows me to travel in their buses any time for the day. They have to keep their copy of the contract and I have to keep mine. When you enter into a contract, both have to sign. It cannot be just one sided.
Again, if they are interested in my signature, they should collect it and keep it for their record. They cannot ask the consumer to sign and keep with the contract with them !!! If consumer wants to board another bus, he will have to sign obviously.


Today i.e 22 july 2010 at 8:20am I took the bus (KA 01 F 8896 C-4) from Marathahalli (Kalamandir stop) to Doddanakundi.The ticket costs Rs 4/- I did not have change so I gave the conductor Rs 10/- . He started shouting at me that he does not have change and even asked me to get down of the bus.
Luckily I had one of my pg mate who was travelling in the same bus and she agreed to give the ticket money. The conductor kept on scolding me till I reached my stop and the driver was also supporting him.

Please do take action on these people.

Dear Sir,

I got into Bus on the 3rd Aug (Hope it is 145), Registration no is KA50 F197. I have a complaint on both Driver and the conductor. Conductor took 4 rs from Johnson Market to Philominas Hospital stop wherein the driver stopped only in the signal and he is arguing that he is never give a stop in the bus stop. And the lady conductor didnt even give me ticket even though I am asking her.and when cheking comes you people blame the public. Few times public might be wrong but not always. The conductor is a hindu lady and driver in a muslim guy with beard. They never stop in bus stops and rather stop half a kilometer from the bus stop either in the signal. Then what is the necessity for me to pay for ticket wherein i am getting down in signal and walking around. I am very clear to you people that until you people take action with this driver and conductor I will never pay for ticket in this bus. and Moreover I will have this printout with me so that you people cannot blame me. If the same continues then I will go to the senior officials. I need to get a revert in this below specified mail Id neither I should get a call.


timings — Drivers negligence

Dear Sir,

I Venugopal M Travel from Sarjapur to ITPL daily for work in shift basis and i found the BMTC busses are not visiting Sajapura Bus Stop in the early 5 am morning Trip they stop at Police station and they go from their only please set them to visit Sarjapur Bus stop and also the Attibele busses also they wont visit sarjapur bus stop please rectify the same. Also evening from 7pm to 8pm no busses available from sarjapura to Hoskota they all come at 8pm and from 8pm to 8:30 pm all 3 to 4 busses will start the 1st crossing bus at 8pm wil be having heavy crowd and later busses will be no seating capacity also please set the busses starting from 7 pm to 9 pm at 15 to 20 min gap so that wel accommodate the public.

BMTC & KSRTC buses — Arrogant Conductors

Hi !

Im Glad to say i've been a Resident on B'lore since my birth for nearly 25-26 yrs . Its so amazing to see there has been lot of changes which has taken place in just 8-9 yrs ! Public transport Like BMTC buses have increased a lot to the help of commuters & Traffic aswell . Today I'm sharing few incidents which took place while I had travelled in Bus !

Atleast twice or thrice in a week I travell by KSRTC bus to HOSUR from B'lore & the problem we face is while returning back that is Conductors say they wont go to ATTIBELE as they will go over the Fly-over 1. They rarely use the fly-over !
2 . The reason why they want people from Attiibele not to come in the bus is its just a low fare of rs.5 per ticket .So they underestimate .

I here-by request the Authority to look into this matter as this causes lot of Inconvinience & Frustration !
Hi we need a volvo buses from navarang/shankarmat/basaveshwanagr to Electronic city Wipro gate though passangenrs are more so we need direct buses please do the needful:)

Today 26 November 2011 i was standing (Babusapalya) bus stop waiting for bus, but no bus where came around off on hour. Around 5:00pm bus where was coming but he did stop in the bus stop he stop over 5' to 6' feet the people where ruining to Catches the bus so soon he took the bus not a signal person catches that bus. In the bus few people where there, i dont the bus number but i know the boarded no of Bus
Boarded Number of Bus : 502
Distance from : Ramamurthy nagar To hebbal

Pl z take care that bus to stop in bus stop

Dear Team,

Firstly would like to congratulate the BMTC Team on doing a commendable job, for the services have improved a lot. And there are couple of friendly and helpful bus conductors and drivers, while there still a huge number of them who are very arrogant and rude in handling commuters.

I would like to bring to your notice an incident about Over speeding of Volvo bus during my travel today. I boarded into the Vajra (Volvo) bus, via Route number 335E-Bus No, KA 01 F-8793, plying from Market to Kadugodi, where in I travelled from Corporation to Domlur Flyover, having a ticket number 049123, dated 08.12.11 @ 9.43 am. The bus driver seemed to be having a pleasure drive at the cost of commuters, over speeding and applying sudden breaks which was causing a lot of inconvenience to commuters.

BMTC employees are responsible for the safety of the public, as understandably they have their share of stress, but not at the cost of the public. Would kindly request the BMTC officials to take necessary action and also provide the necessary training and guidance to their bus drivers so that we can avoid any mishaps on roads occuring due to overspeeding bus driving.

Best Regards,
Yes its an issue with the conductors i feel... even they dont respect women..
yesterday i was travelling from Kormangala to Kalyanagar and a man had occupied a ladies seat on which the label wasnt there but still its a ladies seat then why a man should occupy when I told this to conductor he is supporting man instead o[censored]s .
They say equal rights to men and women were is it in bus only 7 seats to ladies and more than 10 seats to mens? why this injustice?
I was travelling in bus no:KA-01 F-3229 I boarded the bus between 5.15 to 5.30 from Canara bank kormangala I dont understand why conductors act like this
If we get such response from Govt employee then forget about others... But I feel private atleast they give respect since without customers they dont get money.. but here govt sector conductors get full forced salary hence they act like this.

Could you please let me know, why BC-1A service - morning 7:40 and evening 5:40, have been cancelled?
We want that bus.please do the needful as early as possible.
kindly provide the update on [protected]

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