[Resolved]  Dd City Faridabad — not allocated yet plots

I have booked 200 square yard plot in upcoming project of dd city faridbad in 2006 and deposit rs 2, 95000.00 as initial deposit, four year has already passed and company is not bother to allot plots. There is a market roumer that company is trying to allot flats instead of plots and they are trying to sell the plots in very high rates as everyone know that due to metro and flyover there is huge jump in faridabad real estate company is trying to beefol the investors / persons who applied for plots and invest their hard earned money in search of house. I request all the depositiers to join hands and take legal action aganst this type of culprit companies
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Aug 13, 2020
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To, All dd cheated persons,
Nothing has been lost. Court of law is open for us. We can file case against DD group in civil court, criminal court and consumar court. No worry about expences. Every thing DD group will have to pay. We are surely going to win the case, as dd group can not sell the property without our approval after getting licence and LOI.
We all should meet and decide how to file a case in group, as this will reduce burden of expence on individual. If yes, contact me at my mail [protected] for meeting.
What is the current status on this issue? Is there any association fighting against DD? We wish to be part of same.
When is next group meeting? We 3 wish to join. Can someone call at [protected].
Can somebody update what is the latest news on DD city and what is our legal standing. We should stay united and take common action against the company immediately. If majority o[censored]s agree somebody can take legal opinion from some lawyer and if opinion is favourable than we can contribute and hire some good lawyer and file a suit against DD Group in appropriate court.

We should not delay thing now. It needs immediate attention of all the persons who have booked plots with DD.
This is for all persons who have got registration in DD city.
DC Faridabad has asked senior town planner faridabad to look in to the matters related with neherpar faridabad developers. This has happened due to pressure from united peoples of faridabad. We should also meet DC or senior town planner with all the facts related with DD group fraud. Dc faridabad is taking great interest in this matter.
This is a clear case of cheating and the builder is making the people fool. Either we need plot or money at present market rate. Can some one update me proceedings happening against this builder. We all need to join campaign against this builder.
What is our legal stand against the builder???...Pls update...
some people trying to convince the investors of dd city, that we should accept refund order/ our invested money with 9% interst . they simply ask that we are negotating it with the company that company give us demand draft instead of post dated cheques . all investors please not accept this type of purposal . we want our plots nothing else . these people working as agents of company . please be carefull . do not accept it .
Aspirants who had invested money to own their dream houses in Neharpar area of Faridabad took to the streets and protested on Tuesday. The daylong protest was against the alleged cheating at the hands of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and some developers. The Faridabad deputy commissione r ordered an inquiry into the complaints of the investors
The protest was held under the banner of `Greater Faridabad Welfare Association' in Sector 12. The protest started at 10am outside the office of HUDA in the mini secretariat. we ashould approach this asscociation
kuch log company ko ya dikha kar ki hamara pas itna log hai apna faisla krva raha hai aur investors ko kya raha ha paisa wapsi la lo . these people shows that are fighting for rights of ivsetors on dd group, but they are actually agents of the compant . the did not want to take harsh action against the company . as they only want to settle their case with company on the basis that we have so many people against dd city .
Yes we should approach GFWA and request them to help us. Also if our DDGEPA delegation could meet the, Mr. Praveen Kumar, DC, Faridabad, and apprise them about the fraudulent activities of DD Group, and request him to atleast stop the transfer of Land/Licence, by DD Group to any other builder.

We can only achieve our goals only if we remain united. As mentioned by aastha, we should not fall under the trap of few agents of the company who are telling/convincing people to take refund with 9% interest by Draft.
Please we need more and more, in fact all people who invested money in DD project to come forward and Lodge a complaint against DD city. A collective action must be taken.
Process is very simple:

The process of filing the complaint is fairly simple and we need more members to come forward and submit complaints. The complaint letter is already drafted, members only need to send the consent letter through email, and someone needs to volunteer to collect and print the consent letters along with the letter and submit them at the EOW office. The more number of complaints pile up against dd city, the better for us as it will force EOW to take up the case on priority. please contact DD EFECTED PEOPLE WELFARE ASSOCIATION[protected] [protected]
I just spoke to one of my friend, he told me about the GREENCITY developer some Chaudhary.
He also fooled people by collecting money from poor investors and was absconding.
But due to timely action and awareness of the people he got caught and is behind bars.
His wife Sunita chaudhary who was the director of the company is also behind bars.
Court has sealed all his properties and getting info about his assets to pay to investors.
So please lodge a complaint in EOW against DD city and this m******ucker Sanjay gambhir, so he does not vanish with our hard earned money.
I already did filed complaint against them in EOW, it is very simple.
In this case in 2007 Sanjay and Reena Gambhir Cheated the other people for several crores.
See below.

two other Directors namely Sanjay Gambhir and Reena
Gambhir arrayed as accused Nos. 2 & 3 in the complaints. The case of
the complainant company is that two persons namely Mr. Harvinder
Singh & Smt. Kuldeep Kaur (both promoters and only shareholders of
5, 000 shares each) had incorporated a company named and styled as M/s
HKK Buildwell Private Limited (hereinafter to be referred as 'accused No.
1 company'). The said company had purchased eight acres and three
marlas of land in Sonepat for a sale consideration of approximately
Rs.6.85 crores. In pursuance thereof, accused No.1 company had
borrowed a sum of Rs.7, 43, 57, 000/- from various persons including the
complainant company. As per the case of the complainant company, out
of the said amount of Rs.7, 43, 57, 000/- borrowed by accused No. 1
company, a sum of Rs.2, 26, 85, 000/- was borrowed by the said company
from the complainant company. After borrowing the said amount of
money, accused No. 1 company had completed the sale transaction of
the aforestated land and executed a sale deed for the said land on
11.10.2006. It is further the complainant company's case that in the year
2007, the aforesaid shareholders of accused No. 1 company (i.e. Mr.
Harvinder Singh & Smt. Kuldeep Kaur) entered into an agreement with
one company M/s D.D. Townships Limited and by virtue of the said
agreement, the entire shareholdings of accused No. 1 company was
brought over by the said M/s D.D. Townships Limited. In terms of the said
arrangement between the said shareholders of accused No. 1 company
and M/s D.D. Townships Limited, the accused Nos. 2 & 3 namely Sanjay
Gambhir and Reena Gambhir were appointed as Directors of accused No.
1 company on 20.04.2007.
About Us
Established in 1951, is one of the leading manufacturers of Propeller Shafts; U.J.Crosses and Components The D.D. products are known for its quality and reliability.

The Company is headed by a Technocrat Mr. Surinder Kumar Gambhir, who has a vast experience of more than 40 years in Automotive field. He is assisted by his two sons Mr. Rajiv Gambhir and Mr. Sanjay Gambhir who look after the various activities of the plants.

D.D. is manufacturing Automotive components in 6 sophisticated plants in and around Delhi. It has a total work force of 800 highly skilled personnel. D.D. also supplies its products to Chassis manufacturers, TELCO being one of our most valued customer using our products for original fitment (OEM) on Trucks and Buses. Our products are used by state and Central Govt. Undertakings. We are registered with DGS & D & and are on Rate Contract with the Association of State Road Transport Undertaking (ASRTU).

D.D. Industries Limited is Flagship Company of the group and is into manufacturing of Auto Components. The Company is ISO[protected] accredited and is engaged in the manufacturing of Propeller Shafts, Drive Shafts and its Components. It covers the wide range of components for the vehicles plying on the Indian Roads. It is today the largest manufacturer and seller of Propeller Shaft Components in India and are acknowledged as an undisputed market leader in manufacturing, Sale of Components like Sleeve Yoke, UJ Crosses, Cross Holders, UJ Flanges, Propeller Shafts, Drive Shafts etc.

The Company has built a strong relationship with the dealers over a period of 50 years in service to the trade and has gained edge over other competitors by following consistent Sales Policy. We have network of 900 dealers across the country and 10 Branch Office located in all the major business centers of the country. This part of the DD Group looks after the After Sales market for self manufactured products through Agents, Prime Dealers and General Dealers. We keep constant touch and keep pulse of the market by taking the feed back from our Sales Force and our accredited dealers.
Dear All, So, have we made any assocoation and what is our next Step? Please let me know.

I understand BPTP have launched 1000 Floors on DD City Land now in sector 77 from property Dealers..Even Dealres have started collecting cheues for the same

We really need to have STAY from Honourable COURT else we all will be fooled by DD.

Please unite all and let us formalize a committe for this. just chatting on internet won't work. We have to take some ACTION. As this is already very HIGH Time and BPTP and DD will GRAB our Land.

Here is another news of FIR filed against DD but I dont know if any action is happening and owner is behind bars now !!!

प्लाट के लिए खा रहे चार साल से धक्केMar 23, 07:58 pmबताएं
Twitter Delicious Facebook फरीदाबाद, मुख्य संवाददाता : नहर पार ग्रेटर फरीदाबाद में एक बिल्डर कंपनी की मनमानी के चलते लोग प्लाट के लिए पिछले चार वर्ष से धक्के खा रहे हैं। बिल्डर कंपनी ने 2006 व 2007 में प्री-लांच के नाम पर सेक्टर-77 में प्लाटों की बुकिंग की थी। पहले तो कंपनी बुकिंग कराने वालों को यह कहकर टालती रही कि उन्हें अभी राज्य नगर आयोजन विभाग से लाइसेंस नहीं मिला है, मगर 2010 में लाइसेंस मिलने के बाद भी वह प्लाट देने में आनाकानी कर रही है। डी.डी. इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर प्राइवेट लिमिटेड (डीडी) ग्रुप नामक बिल्डर कंपनी के रवैये के खिलाफ बुकिंगकर्ताओं ने पुलिस में शिकायत की और फिर अपना हक लेने के लिए अदालत की शरण ली। अदालत के आदेश पर पुलिस ने बिल्डर कंपनी के निदेशकों के खिलाफ मामला दर्ज कर कार्रवाई शुरू कर दी है। बिल्डर कंपनी के खिलाफ सेक्टर-सात सी निवासी पी. एस. गर्ग की एक शिकायत पर पुलिस आर्थिक शाखा ने भी जांच की। गर्ग ने अपनी पत्‍‌नी शकुंतला देवी के नाम पर डी.डी. इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर प्राइवेट लिमिटेड से फरीदाबाद नहर पार सेक्टर-77 में 200 वर्ग गज का एक प्लाट 2 लाख 94 हजार रुपये देकर बुक कराया था। कंपनी ने 2006 में प्लाट की बुकिंग 7350 रुपये प्रति वर्ग गज के हिसाब से की थी। कंपनी के निदेशक तरुण कुमार सहित संबंधित डीलर ने बुकिंग करते समय यह वादा किया था कि कंपनी 90 दिन के अंदर प्लाट आवंटित कर देगी और दो साल में प्लाट का कब्जा कालोनी विकसित करके दे देगी। मगर शिकायतकर्ता को न तो 90 दिन में प्लाट आवंटित किया और न ही तय समयावधि में कब्जा दिया गया।

इसी तरह की शिकायत सुनील गोयल ने की और अदालत ने उनकी शिकायत पर थाना भूपानी में बिल्डर कंपनी के निदेशकों के खिलाफ धारा 406, 420 व 120 बी के तहत मामला दर्ज करने के निर्देश दिए। इसी तरह की शिकायत करने वालों में सुजाता और सुषमा गुप्ता सहित पतराम मित्तल, गोपाल देव, विनोद कुमार शामिल हैं। आरोप है कि लाइसेंस मिलने के बाद भी कंपनी प्लाट आवंटित करने में आनाकानी कर रही है क्योंकि अब वह अपने प्रोजेक्ट को किसी अन्य कंपनी को बेचना चाह रही है। शिकायतकर्ता का कहना है कि कंपनी उसके साथ इसलिए भी धोखाधड़ी कर रही है क्योंकि मौजूदा समय में जमीन के भाव बढ़ गए हैं।
We must fix a date to meet and decide future course of action. Stay from court will be our 1st step. Coming sunday will be alright.
Any one interested in filing civil and criminal case against DD city faridabad are requested to contact me at my mail id. I am looking for at least 10 sufferers to share cost of court procedding and company. This may take years, but we are going to win. DD group has done everything fraud like; Prelaunch booking, keeping all investors in dark about the project and selling off the project after getting licence. They will have to give us the plot or compensate us for this fraud. My id is [protected]

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