[Resolved]  Ford India, Chennai — EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE


Didn't know your said to be authorised dealers and their staff are unauthorised personnel.
pls investigate what your dealer's staff was doing with the vehicle for abt 2.5 hrs at the roadside. Any tampering / trials were done by them you can take few more months to investigate on same as last one months investigations just seem only superficial.

I cannot endager my / family's life by taking delivery of the car in any sort o[censored]nsafe condition without replacement of complete wiring under any circumstances .
Its a pity to get such responses / recommendations from the President's desk.
I have no interest / trust left in FORD neither in the mentioned vehicle .
My legal advisor shall take up further on my behalf for recovery of vehicle + associated costs.

Capt Pankaj Mehrotra


On Tue, 27 May 2008 President's desk, From(.) wrote :
>Dear Mr. Pankaj
>Thank you for contacting Ford India. Greetings from our President.We are
>in receipt of your mail addressed to our Managing Director.
>We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us regarding your
>vehicle.Sorry to note the contents of the same.
>As stated to you earlier during our telephonic conversation and our
>mail, we reiterate that you had reported a concern on vehicle not
>starting for which we would fix the rootcause. This particular repair
>would be considered under waranty, however the burning of the wiring has
>been confirmed to be due to tampering of the fuses and wiring by
>unauthorised personnel.This has also caused a delay in diagnosis. Under
>these circumstances we would not be able to support the
>repair/replacement of the wiring under warranrty, but as mentioned
>earlier the rootcause of the vehicle not starting would be fixed free of
>cost under warranty.
>Request your understanding on this.
>Assuring you of our best services and continuous support at all times.
>Thanks & Warm Regards,
>Customer Relations,
>FordIndia Pvt Ltd.
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> From: Capt Pankaj Mehrotra [mailto:[protected]]
>Sent: 27 May 2008 01:00
>To: President's desk, From (.)
>Cc: [protected]; [protected]; Customer, Care
>(.); kunaalsharma
>Subject: Re: Reply from Ford India reg vehicle no.MH12AN3994.
>Dear Mr Saravanan,
>Thanks for your long awaited response and your decision which has taken
>almost 27days to come out clear with the Ford's intention .
>As explained over our telephonic conversation on sat 24th may, your
>investigations below have firstly never been aimed and carried over to
>find root cause of electrical malfunctions on a 4 month old vehicle and
>secondly the vehicle prior been taken to the dealer's workshop had
>undergone almost abt 2.5 hours of various trials carried by the
>dealer's workshop staff by working on the fuse box and wiring to somehow
>solve the fault at the roadside including starting the vehicle and
>driving a little distance and subsequently deciding to tow the vehicle
>to the workshop . Any wiring etc if any found has been carried out by
>the dealer's workshop personnel during trials at the roadside and have
>no knowledge of same .
>Its clear that intentions of investigations over last 27days has been
>aimed to somehow reject waranty cover, which still remains incomplete
>with no mention and concern over root cause and actions taken by your
>authorised dealer / FORD with no realisation of inconvinience caused to
>the customer, leaving him to justify fault of Ford's own product and its
>With this bitter experience regret have no interest/faith left with
>Ford, any of their product / services and neither in the mentioned
>vehicle .
>Ford's customer care / satisfaction and concern is evident over
>trailing mail / responses below, harassing and frustrating the
>customer to the max possible extent.
>Having nothing further to mention on this issue hereby adding my legal
>counsel to initiate legal action against Ford India and dealers Bhavna
>Ford, Navi Mumbai .
>Many thanks for being a priveliged Ford customer over short duration and
>thankfully not extended further.
>Dear Mr Sanjay Kumar ric : With reference to our today's dicsussion
>mentioned car is presently at, Bhavna Ford, Navi Mumbai premises under
>serious electrical fault which due Ford's ir-responsible responses /
>denial to carry out fool proof replacements / repairs, can again cause
>danger to safety of life and deem unsafe to further possess.
>Pls send legal notices to Ford India and their Dealers Bhavna Ford,
>Navi Mumbai claiming cost of vehicle Rs 760000, bank interest, travel
>expenses ( fm 30th April 08 till date of final settlement @Rs 2500 per
>day ), legal expenditure etc.
>Please further advise if any other statement / details reqd.
>Thanks & B/Regards
>Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
>On Mon, 26 May 2008 President's desk, From(.) wrote :
> >Dear Mr.Pankaj Mehrotra,
> >
> >This is subsequent to our earlier correspondence regarding your vehicel
> >bearing registration number MH12AN3994.
> >
> >As per the telecon we had with your goodself on 24/05/08, we understood
> >that your vehicle didnot started & while checking by your person, it was
> >found that the fuses had blown off.On replacing the fuses for three
> >times in sucession, even then the car didnot started.But on replacing
> >with the fourth fuse it started & run for some distance but emitted
> >smoke.Then our dealeship was intimated regarding this & they after
> >inspection, towed the car to the worrkshop.
> >
> >We had a deatiled discussion with our dealership, with our technical
> >& with our regional service team who has inspected your vehicle.We
> >that the smoke
> >resulting in damage to the wiring harness was due to the faulty fuse
> >used with some wires wound in it which is a non genuine practice.So
> >is not related to the product material deficiency nor process .Under
> >these circumstances, we regret to inform you that we would not be able
> >support you on your claim regarding changement of wiring harness on
> >warranty.Request your understanding in this.
> >
> >We sincerely apologise on behalf of our dealership for delay in the
> >repair process and would initiate necessary corrective action to
> >prompt and quality service in future.We sincerely assure you to take
> >care of the starting problem issue as per Ford Warranty policy & will
> >instruct our team to expedite the repair process to resolve your
> >starting related concern to your satisfaction at the earliest.
> >
> >Assuring you of our best services and continuous support at all times.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >K.A.Saravanan
> >FIL - Customer Relations
> >
> >________________________________
> >
> > From: Capt Pankaj Mehrotra [mailto:[protected]]
> >Sent: 23 May 2008 17:49
> >To: President's desk, From (.)
> >Cc: Customer, Care (.)
> >Subject: Re: concern number is 6827842 (Vehicle no.MH12AN3994.( Navi
> >Mumbai)
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Dear Mr Arvind Mattew,
> >
> >It has been really unfortunate not to have recd any further response
> > from your end and resolving the matter.
> >
> >It has been 24 days until today and cannot find action taken for
> >earliest repair / delivery of car.
> >At this I can only say customer's pateince has been tested
> >inconviniencing to the maximum extent possible after a 4 month old car
> >developing such dangerous electrical defects .
> >Until now it has been only been my modesty not to have asked for a
> >replacement of car rather than requesting for repairs.
> >
> >It has been rather an unfortunate experience of first time buying a
> >vehicle with extremely pathetic customer service and concern .
> >The dealer Bhavna Ford, Navi Mumbai is content holding the car at
> >workshop for so many days pushing all the blame back to Ford and
> >of their approval. Even after my various requests neither have they
> >arranged for a replacement vehicle for so many days which although they
> >did finally offer yday on a charge. It is not an issue of charge but
> >example of customer concern which Ford and their dealers have and treat
> >/service their customers.
> >
> >After writing to the Presidents desk had expected some immediate action
> >/ response which didnt happen however would further request for same
> >again until Monday 26th May 08, in absence of which shall be forced to
> >seek legal assistance.
> >
> >Thansk & b/Regards
> >Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
> >
> >
> >On Thu, 22 May 2008 Capt Pankaj Mehrotra wrote :
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >Dear Sirs,
> > >
> > >Awaiting your speedy action and response.
> > >
> > >Thansk & B/Regards
> > >Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
> > >
> > >On Wed, 21 May 2008 Capt Pankaj Mehrotra wrote :
> > > >Dear Mr Sarvanan,
> > > >
> > > >Request for sorting out the matter with Bhavna Ford within today as
> >they are declining to carry out the necessary repairs .
> > > >It is very upsetting to get vague feedbacks from the dealer for
> >almost 20days and subsequent denial .
> > > >The very fact a 4 month old car developing such electrical
> >complications is of severe concern and fortunately didnt lead to an
> >accident. I need a full proof assurance from Ford for carrying out
> >necessary repairs under Ford supervision ensuring their is no such
> >recurrence.
> > > >
> > > >looking forward for your positive action and sorting out the matter
> >within today.
> > > >
> > > >Thanks & B/Regards
> > > >Capt pankaj Mehrotra
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >On Tue, 20 May 2008 Capt Pankaj Mehrotra wrote :
> > > > >Dear Mr Saravanan,
> > > > >
> > > > >Many thanks for your prompt response and thank you for further
> >taking up the matter with the dealer.
> > > > >Have just recd a call from the dealer and understand from them
> >has declined to cover the wiring replacement under warranty .
> > > > >It is very dissapointing to hear after 21 days of constant follow
> >up Ford cannot take care of wiring malfunction of a 3 month old car.
> > > > >Dealer - Bhavna Ford has today raised his hands as beyond their
> >control.
> > > > >
> > > > >Your earliest decision and assistance shall be highly
> > > > >
> > > > >Thansk & b/regards
> > > > >Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
> > > > >
> > > > >
> > > > >
> > > > >On Tue, 20 May 2008 President's desk, From(.) wrote :
> > > > > >Dear Mr.Pankaj Mehrotra,
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Thank you for contacting Ford India.Greetings from our
> > > > > >
> > > > > >We are in receipt of your mail addressed to our Managing
> >Director.
> > > > > >
> > > > > >We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us regarding
> >your
> > > > > >vehicle bearing the registration number MH12AN3994. We have
> >down
> > > > > >the contents of your mail and have taken up the issue with the
> > > > > >dealership concerned.
> > > > > >
> > > > > >We would revert to you after we receive relevant information
> from
> >our
> > > > > >dealership. Your concern number is 6827842
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Assuring you of our best services and continuous support at all
> >times.
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Regards,
> > > > > >
> > > > > >K.A.Saravanan
> > > > > >FIL - Customer Relations
> > > > > >
> > > > > >________________________________
> > > > > >
> > > > > > From: Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
> >[mailto:[protected]]
> > > > > >Sent: 19 May 2008 19:14
> > > > > >To: President's desk, From (.)
> > > > > >Cc: Customer, Care (.)
> > > > > >Subject: Bhanva Ford - Navi Mumbai -- Service issue
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Subject Ford Fiesta - MH-12AN 3994 ( electrical wiring
> >Replacement under
> > > > > >warranty)
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Dear Mr Arvind Matthew,
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Regret for writing to you on a minor issue .
> > > > > >
> > > > > >To cut it short self had purchased a Ford Fiesta from Bhavna
> >, Navi
> > > > > >Mumbai On 20th Dec 07 .
> > > > > >
> > > > > >On 29th april 08 mentioned car has developed a serious
> >wiring
> > > > > >issue which had requested for replacement
> > > > > >For safety reasons as well as being under Ford warranty.
> > > > > >The car had to be towed by Bhavna Ford staff to their workshop
> >there
> > > > > >was a short circuit of wiring with smoke coming inside the car.
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Even after 21 days Bhavna Ford is unable to give me a clear
> >picture as
> > > > > >when the replacement of wiring shall be done and car will be
> >delivered .
> > > > > >Practically they have not even moved an inch into attending on
> >same
> > > > > >attributing to be waiting for approval from Ford .
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Request for your immediate attention to resolve the issue .
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Thanks & B/Regards
> > > > > >
> > > > > >Capt Pankaj Mehrotra
> > > > > >
> > > > > >+91-[protected]
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >
> > > > > >IPL
> > > > >
> >
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> >n
> > > > >
> >
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> >A
> > > > > >S_QUERY=null>
> >
> >
> >
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> >
> >Amity
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very bad behavior of bhilwara branch manager mr. goswami no one concern about customer
The President,
FORD India

SUB: Ford Festa LMV Motor Car (Nosil Replacement under warranty)

We have bought one Ford Festa Car from Pacific Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly, vide Invoice No.VSLA600094LS dt.[protected], Allotment No.ALTA600091AL. It is a permanent Trouble Car.

1st time when the meter was showing 30, 000 KM approx the sound of engine was not good, so during service they change Nosils & charged Rs.25, 000/- approx. Now again the same problem is there on 62, 000 KM & Pacific Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly is asking Rs.1, 00, 000/- (Rupee One Lac) to change Nosils. It seems that this a manufacturing default, because we have no seen any car whose nosils have to change after 30, 000 KM. This thing is not in our Car, we know two other resident at Rampur who are also facing this same problem in their Car. Kindly do the needful, otherwise we will compiled to go to in Consumer Forum.

Hoping immediate action.

Preeti Kapoor
Shanti Niwas,
Rahe Raza Road,
Rampur (UP)

M- [protected]
Date : January 17, 2009

The President,
FORD India

SUB: Ford Festa LMV Motor Car (Nosil Replacement under warranty)

We have bought one Ford Festa Car from Pacific Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly, vide Invoice No.VSLA600094LS dt.[protected], Allotment No.ALTA600091AL. It is a permanent Trouble Car.

1st time when the meter was showing 30, 000 KM approx the sound of engine was not good, so during service they change Nosils & charged Rs.25, 000/- approx. Now again the same problem is there on 62, 000 KM & Pacific Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly is asking Rs.1, 00, 000/- (Rupee One Lac) to change Nosils. It seems that this a manufacturing default, because we have no seen any car whose nosils have to change after 30, 000 KM. This thing is not in our Car, we know two other resident at Rampur who are also facing this same problem in their Car. Kindly do the needful, otherwise we will compiled to go to in Consumer Forum.

Hoping immediate action.

Preeti Kapoor
Shanti Niwas,
Rahe Raza Road,
Rampur (UP)
e-mail : [protected]

M- [protected]
thanks for ur wishes
as u know we have purchased ford fiesta top model from ncr ford faridabad and we have paid then rs 13010/- excess payment they assured us that we would get the money back in two days and now it been a month we have not recieved our money back i have called them many time and talked with gm mr suri but they failed to give any satisfactory reply
i would like u to pls look into the matter and get or money back ..
the world most poor customer service is in chennai ford com,
Dear Sir,
in reference to above this is to inform your good office that the car was picked up for service on 28 may after 7 days of repeated reminder, after serviceing at the time of taking delivery of the vehical i found that vehical was damaged at the bottom of right side rear door but in spite repeated humble request they did not agreed & Mr Bhogal started misbehaving with me.
Please help me & get the needful done.
with thanks & regards,
220 A Rajguru nager
Ludhiana 141012.
Mobile no [protected]
Rishamjeet Gaba [protected]
I totally agree, these days ford dealers are most unprofessionals,
Ihad similar worst experince

I am writting this mail with utmost dissatisfaction with your dealer TI FORD GUWAHATI, where I donot have decent bad word to condem.

I am a doctor as well as a gazzeted officer, after waiting for one month I finally got information that my car Fiesta ZXI petrol, had arrived, so I went on 29th june to order for waxoil & I was further told to come at 12noon to receive the vehicle at TI FORD GUWAHATI show room on next day as it was my daughter's birth day To my utter surprise the vehicle was delivered at 15:45 pm. This 4 hours staying inside the dealer showroom was horrible experience, there was no airconditioner, no one to offer a glass of water in such hot humid climate. My quesition to you is IS FORD INDIA / DEALERS OF FORD SO POOR that they cannot afford a glass of water for a customer who is going for a car in C- segment. secondly who will compensate for my valuable 4 hour loss in working days.

My quesition to you is if car was not ready at the mentioned time than why I was not informed in advanced about the time of delivery.

After so much, dealer was suppose to offer Rs 15000.00 accesories with my car but the dealer didnot have anything to offer other than Wax oil and extended warrenty, the remining balance of about 6500.00, unable to adjust and also refused to pay back.
One of the manager Mr. Hazarika had heated argument with us & informed that Ford india limited failed to manufacture those accessory, which he refused to give me in writting, for the same reason I had to call my Lawyer to defend

My quesition to you IS FORD INDIA NOW GASPING LIKE DAEWOOD MOTORS OR FIAT INDIA LTD ? that you cannot make accessories.

There was no resposible office bearer with well behabiour & knowledge who can help us in such a situation. I personally tried to contact Mr Rajkhowa (one of the owner) in mobile several times but he refused to attend my call & send me a message to contact a number in their servicing station.

Finally after so much of bitterness & wholeday fasting I got signed in whole documents, later I noticed that there was no one to demonstrate about the vehicles regarding, saftey measures, tools kit etc, as every body left for lunch.

My final quesitions to FORD INDIA LIMITED is are your company so incompitant to check about the nonsence that is going on in these dealers where so many unhappiness were written in mails, HOW DO YOU ACCOMODATE TWO DEALERSHIP IN SAME STATE (ASSAM) WHERE THEY CANNOT SATISFY CUSTOMERS AFTER PAYING SO MUCH MONEY on vehicles ?

Mind it we are buying car by seeing the brand of FORD not by seeing any X Y Z name of the dealers.

The said dealers doesnot have any parking place, no airconditioners in show rooms, totally congested, no decent sales persons with professional knowledge & decorums, why do you allow monopolyness of dealers in your brand name at the cost of honest customers money ??

Believe me I never had such tedious bitter experience in my life, Probably 30/06/2009 is one of the BLACK DAY in life, I am really scared to go for servicing in future. I hope with this mail you will understand my pain, agony, bad experience about FORD DEALERS, TI FORD, GUWAHATI.

If it happens next time with me or any customers, then only option left to us is to invite electronic media, where you people can able to watch by sitting at your residence.As an honest educated civilised citizen of this country I cannot used uncivilised word, but even worst of the worst word available in dictionary is lesser to express the frustations And dissatisfaction against TI FORD DEALER, GUWAHATI.

I will be waiting & watching for your urgent action.

My engine & chasis no of vehicle is MAJBXXMRJB9R45718

year of manufacture - june 2009

The service of bhagat ford branch patiala is very poor. They does not check the car properly. They cheated on me.I told them about the problem of my car there is a problem of a part (FUEL RAIL[protected] and they said that they have to change that part in the car but next day i show my car to other person outside the company they check my car n they said there is no problem of that part in the car.Only a wire is plug out by someone.The person in ur company said that i have to change that part in the car and it cost Rs12000/-.
To Whom it May Concern,

Sub:- Negligence and Cheating by the Wonder Ford Vanishka Motors Pvt Ltd.

I regret to inform that the service provided by the Wonder ford Dealer i.e Vanishka Motors Meerut (U.P) is really very poor and below standard.
I am owner of Two Ford Cars i.e Ford Fiesta and Ford Icon. Since there was already been a complaint about the dealer and the service provide from my Father couple of months back now again an Incident had been commited by the above said owner.
I dropped my Ford Icon Dl 3CY 6680 at the service station on date 22nd Aug 2009 for the service and the required work for the car, it had been almost Twenty (20) days when no one informed or contacted me, So I had to go by myself to check whether my car was been done with service or not.
That the moment I entered the Designated staff for cash asked me to deposit 5, 000 (five thousand) rupees for the service and the parts without even letting me or allowing me to check my car.
That I were been told my car is complete and done to perfection but they dint had my contact number so they couldn’t contact me, I don’t know for what purpose they lied as on the Job Sheet and Customer information sheet my Two Contacts were written.
When I checked my car after paying the bill, I was astonished to see the fungus/fungal all over the steering and on the front dash board. The car was stinking, it was not even cleaned from inside with dust all over.
The worst thing happened when I checked the most required job to be done in car that was IGNITION LOCK. It was written on the day one that it has to be changed or had to be repaired as it was not working, but even after Twenty Days of my car in the Ford Service station they were unable to figure that problem, and I was intimated they forgot to repair it and than the different story came in that the LOCK was N/A in the showroom.
That I wonder in 20 days the Service staff didn’t contacted me and did not even tried to get the Ignition fixed.
That on asking about the owner none of them were able to give me satisfactory answer and I were told that the owner never picks up the call and it happened the same way as well. Even after calling Mr. Saurabh Chauhan 10 times the phone was no reply.
Than lost my patience and asked the Relevant authority to deal with my matter but none of them turned up to atleast ask my problem or solve it.
That the bill the on repair order sheet the staff had made of Five thousand rupees even being part of the Ford they themselves were not able to find out that there were 200 rupees but for what no one had the answer and than the Mirror Rh and Mirror on Lh were to be changed the earlier price written on it is 560 rs each but than there have been on overwriting done on it and the price has been changed to 1475 each.
That no one in the showroom knows the perfect meaning of Hospitality and Customer Delight/Satisfaction.
I had been in New Zealand from past 4 years and had worked in Reatil/hospitality as well and I understand the meaning of it, but I guess the Ford people really need to go through the Dictionary again that how to deal with the customer.
That the staff gave me the gate pass without even finishing the complete job on my car, I fortunately brought all the relevant documents v.i.z. C.I.Sheet, Repair order Sheet, I.R check sheet as an documentary evidence. Though my car is still there, to be repaired.
That it is the second time happened with me and I am preparing to file the case against the Wonder Ford and its Dealer.
I even make a humble request that the Responsible person shall look in my matter and try to solve the problem and help me.

Tarun Sharma (Advocate).

9th –Aug-2009.

I bought a ford ikon 1.4 (D), whose sale date is 05/09/2009, From Kairaly Ford, MGF building, M.C Road, Kottayam, Kerala-686006. Dealer code is 9X2729V.
Today while driving I experienced like gear was not shifting to 1st and reverse gear, and took the same to the dealer.
At the service station after waiting for 2-3 hours the representative told like it is gear box complaint and they coudnt rectify it today.
I have returned the car and now the car is with dealer, Repair Order number I got from them is ROAB903786.

Total kms travelled is 380.
Since the gear box got complaint after 380 kms, am totally disappointed and I have decided to return the car.
I am not willing to take this car whose gear box is repaired or with another gear box.

I need to get reimbursed each penny I have spent on this car, including registration charges.
I am totally disapponted with the responce I got from my dealer, as the sales executve said he is only responsible till the delivery of the car.

I bought the car to gift it to my brother for his marriage which is on Monday 14th Sep.

Please do the needful to get my cash settlement. I need a response at the earliest.
This is to inform you that myself Mohd. Raza owner of your ford company vehicle, which has model name Ford Endeavour, registration no. UP 22 H 0001.i have already reg. three comp. which concern no is.8562386, 8699647& 8866247.visited your Ford service centre naming NRC Ford situated at Mithra Road Delhi.I got serviced my vehicle on date 19/7/2009 and paid amount of 14000/- after only very first of service some problem got in my car, when we visited for delivery even after 20 days they informed that Pump of my Car is defective i don't know how is it possible that if such a vital part of engine was defective why they didnt inform us at the time of service.This is totally malafied and i am very much sure that pump of my car has been stolen or replaced.i have done argument with the ncr ford delhi and regester comp[protected].and then they have done some work in head and wire &after that they said, 'the pump of your car is OK" and taken Rs 40, 000.but it create again same problem after some time...and then they have replace head of my vehicle and after the 15 days of delivery the light of the heater showes a tech.COADE.bcoz they can't diagnosed problem of my car.and right now my car in the bhagat ford dehradun (uttrakhand) from a long time.after the service(19/07/2009).i have use my car only 15-20 Plz take action for permanent solution of my car.
Waiting for your responce.

Mohd. Raza
Moradabad - U.P.
[protected], [protected]
SUB:- complaint 4 car accident matter MR ASIF, BODY & PAINT MANAGER- SHANTILAL
car no:- MH O2 PA 6426
after complition of repairerd car my AC is not cooling v properly, it is leaking in interior .
they replied we didnt check AC so is this the way of yor ans
1) what is the meaning of job card.
2) when we paid our bill they put customer satisfacation form without telling us & filled with excellent service this kind of things they are doing.
3) head light is not cracked, they replaced with new one.



My sister own a ford fiesta SXI petrol variant(TN07 AV7889) which is 3+ years old. As a car it is the best..but the hitch is from the service backup..even after having extended warranty till march 2010. we have coughed to nearly rs.40000/- for the past 3 weeks and MPL ford is still tracing out the exact reason for heavy shuddering and vibration while releasing the clutch. mind it first the wheel bearing were the clutch kit was changed..the gear boxbed was changed..the brakes on all four wheels were checked..but the point is the shuddering and vibration is still they come out with a new story that the flywheel MAY BE the problem..


I am waiting for FORD to come out with a concrete solution...time has been wasted and money together..if FORD does not respond soon..i am left with no option other than go to the MEDIA and legal systems for better help..

on behalf of my sister

Tilak Arun
to ford

i have ikon 1.6 model 2002, it does not start well takes lot of selves to start. leaves lots of smoke even the vehicle behind cannot be seen. takes full tank of water for every 5-10 kilometers. gives low milage. i consult the mechanics over here they are advicing to overhaul the engine. it will coast around 35 to 45 thousands. so i want to know that if i can get some other engine new or second hand having position better than this one.

please advice.


diwan guleria
baddi, dist. solan (himachal) INDIA 173205
i had booked ford fiesta limited edition on 21/01/10 in the name of my wife mrs rita malhotra but i regret to inform you that m/s bhagat ford industrial area chandigarh have failed to give the delivery as on date.
i would like to draw your attention towards the same since despite my depositing an amount of rs 1, 66000 plus release of loan worth rs 4.85 lacs, the dealer has failed to give us the final date of delivery of the vehicle. Their dillying dallying attitude is really unacceptable in the present scenario of cut throad competition.
An early reply is awaited from your side.

MOBILE NO-[protected]
I purchased a 'Ford ikon flare' fro SC Ford, Goregaon(W), Mumbai on 02.11.2007. After going through three services from the dealer, I found that the engine oil filter was leaking despite having told to rectify it during replacement of engine oil at their work shop. The problem is still there.
The probable reason may be:
(i) Poor work manship
(ii) Engine oil filter is sub standard.
My please do the needful at the earliest.
Vehicle registration no: MH02BD-6038.
Dear Sir,

I had a worst experience in Vadapalani Ford Center. In otherway i can say they have cheated me with poor customer satisfaction. I had given my Ford Ikon for service with some minor problem. They had totally spoiled my car, When i drive my car the pickup went very poor, Unnesscary jerks are happing, Pulling capacity has been reduced. And for doing this job they have charged me Rs.24, 000/- without even chaning the engine oil and basic car wash. And when ever i call the branch, they are forcing me to directly interact with the mechanics and not with the other person.

Ford ikon was my dream car quite a years before, but after all this experience i vanished FORD out of my mind. Now its "FORD FAURD". I can very well say "HI" to Maruti and Hyundai for thier better customer satisfaction.

And i strongly tell my friends or relatives "NO", who has any idea of buying FORD Product.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Regret to inform you that I have booked Ford figo model zxi, white in color 15 day back from Delhi’s showroom. When I asked about the delivery of car to the ford executives they are not giving any response, even more they are offering other model and other color, since I told him several times not to give me any suggestion regarding the model /color of the car .

Today my father went to showroom and asked for status of the booked car, then one of the ford executive told my father that price of the booked car has been increased and they will not be able to provide the booked car on the previous rate: the story does not end here when my father asked for the justification regarding the increase of the price of the car then he start abusing my father about not to teach them how to behave. I also called him at the same moment and he start abusing me too .Here are some wording that ford executive told us

He said: “Boss we will not give you the car, cancel your booking and leave from here “. I said that I will complaint against you then he said “do what you want”. This was a totally ridicules behavior from ford executive.

The behavior was totally unbelievable.

I am asking from you shall I look for some other cars or still for ford.

Looking forward for you valuable feedback.

As soon as I will get feedback from you I’ll let you know the name of the person (ford executive).

My contact no is: [protected]

Thanks & Regards,

Vipin Kumar
Here I wish to share my experience with Shreeji Ford Thane

I had booked ford figo EXI (moondust silver) at Shreeji ford dealership, Thane(W) Maharashtra, on 24th of Mar 2010, paying the booking amount of INR 25 000. I was told on the same day that the car has a waiting period of 15-20 days and I’ll be notified of the car details like chassis and engine number by 10th Apr 2010. Nobody informed me on the day. As I decided to pay total 130 000 as down payment, I went to showroom on 13th Apr 2010 to make remaining payment of INR 105,[protected] + 105 000 = 130000) which I did on the same day and to check the status of my car. But i didn't get satisfactory answers and dealer promised me that he would provide me the status by 15 Apr. Meanwhile I personally processed the remaining loan amount and insurance from outside as the representative of the same bank at dealer's place was not able to provide me better deal on loan.
So I again visited the showroom on 15th Apr and was shocked to find non availability of the status. Dealer told me that my car is not yet sent from Chennai. WOW, this was first slap on my face. Noticing my disappointment, dealer offered me an option to go for Diamond white EXI variant which was landed in their custody on the same day or I have to wait. This is my first car in lifetime and I needed it by 2nd of May for my plans. Feeling almost cheated, I kept my sentiments for color aside and decided to opt for white.
The sales manager assured me that I’ll be provided the status of this diamond white by 20 Apr 2010. Having experience so far, As expected, no body cared to inform me about the satus of my car. So I was constantly kept following up with them from 20th Apr to 21st Apr on phone, nobody was ready to answer/return my calls. Neither the sales executive nor the sales manager. By 23rd of Apr, the remaining amount was disbursed to the dealer and when I again checked with them personally, I encountered the shocking answer that the diamond car which they allotted me has been damaged while landing and I have to wait till next lot come from Chennai. Well well well, this was a tight slap than the earler one.

A real hard time for me and the bad experience at Shreeji Ford Dealership. I didn't expect such a service from a dealer of Ford motors. I have no option and have to wait till infinite time. Now I have lost my excitement as well as interest in my first car in life. Will never forget this cheat.

Bottomline is .. the car is great but my request to all prospective cutomers in Thane vicinity to please rethink if you are booking the car at Shreeji Dealership

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