HDFC Credit Card Division — Harassing Collection Agents

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Maharashtra, India
The following is the email sent by me to the Grievance Cell at HDFC.:

Dear Sir/Mam,

I, Lovina Chandnani, am a credit card holder with your bank since the year 2005. I was given this card enrolment form by one of your representatives who was distributing and enrolling people, right outside my office building at that time Intelenet Global Services. I have used the card and was regularly paying back the bank for quiet some time as the records would show.

However, I have lost jobs since 2008 and my financial condition has been very bad since then. I have a family of grandmother (paralysed-bed ridden), my father(declared unfit and ill since 2007 by the doctors), my mother who is always taking care of my grandmother and my father cause of their illnesses. My 2 sisters who have now got jobs and they support my family expenses. We don't have a house, hence we are staying in my grandmother's house since the year 2007.

I have been earning just 10000 rupees per month since 2008...sometimes not even that. I have been trying to get myself a better paying job since then, in order to be able to pay back the bank.

Credit Card: [protected] / [protected]
Mobile #: [protected]

I do want to repay all the amounts owed to the bank. However, I am not able to pay anything more than Rs.1500/- per month. I have informed this to various customer care representatives and collection agencies as well.

However, below mentioned are some serious issues faced by me, my family, my neighbours due to your collection representatives.

Priya Mehta from Hdfc Bank started calling me at 10.40 am, Monday, June 14th, 2010.

Priya also called my neighbours at 10.45 and miscommunicated to them, that she was calling from SBI for an insurance amount to be given to me. She had called the same neighbors also on Friday and Saturday, 11th & 12th of June and said the same thing. My neighbours have lodged a complaint against the number 65290768 at the Mira road Police Station claiming harassment to them. Such behaviour on the part of your agents is an illegal move as per the RBI rules.
Ravi Verma spoke to me as a manager from HDFC bank. Upon asking the agency name, he said that they were calling from Collections Dept of the HDFC bank. I have informed them of the email being sent to you.
She has already called my neighbours 6 times today and has been very abusive over the phone with my neighbours and my parents.She has called me over 5 times already and been very rude,abusive and is maligning my name.

I have also received such calls earlier from another representative called Archana, from the numbers : 65149565,65149316.

Below mentioned are some rules sent to me by my father's lawyer for my reference.

RBI Rules:
(iii) Fair Practices in debt collection

(a) In the matter of recovery of dues, banks / NBFCs may ensure that they, as also their agents, adhere to the extant instructions on Fair Practice Code for lenders (circular DBOD. Leg. No. BC. 104 /09.07.007 / 2002–03 dated May 5, 2003) as also IBA’s Code for Collection of dues and repossession of security. In case banks / NBFCs have their own code for collection of dues it should, at the minimum, incorporate all the terms of IBA's Code.

(b) In particular, in regard to appointment of third party agencies for debt collection, it is essential that such agents refrain from action that could damage the integrity and reputation of the bank / NBFC and that they observe strict customer confidentiality. All letters issued by recovery agents must contain the name and address of a responsible senior officer of the card issuing bank whom the customer can contact at his location.

(c) Banks / NBFCs / their agents should not resort to intimidation or harassment of any kind, either verbal or physical, against any person in their debt collection efforts, including acts intended to humiliate publicly or intrude the privacy of the credit card holders’ family members, referees and friends, making threatening and anonymous calls or making false and misleading representations.

Like I have already suggested, I do want to pay, however, I need help from you as a bank officer in stopping such maligning and disturbing incidents. I'd like to get this sorted out and would like to start paying my card from July 1st...Rs. 1500/- every month on the 1st.

Kindly suggest the actions taken against Priya and the agency and also help me pay you back.

Anticipating cooperation from you.

Thank you.

Lovina Chandnani

However, I need some help as I dont trust these guys, and i dont think that they will help me. Kindly help.

Thanks .


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Because its HDFC bank, and somewhere, in their policies, it is written.., that be good to customers when they walk-in with loads of their money.., and be abusive to the common man, when he needs the bank's help the most !!

I have had multiple instances like this with the bank, and have never seen such abusive staff of the bank in my entire life.

HDFC Bank — Harassment by collection agents

First and foremost the card is not taken by me, we had a tenant 7 years ago and it seems he has become defaulter with the bank. Now the bank agent Mr. Sundar (Mobile no:[protected] from Tiruchi Road Branch of HDFC Bank, has called and asked the person's contact details. We have informed him we dont have his details, than Mr. Sundar started calling frequently when only my mother is at home and threatened her.

We dont understand if a tenant was there at house 7 years back how we are held responsible for the loan he has taken. And why HDFC bank is having such a bad attitude.

Ravindhran R
STOP Paying...

hdfc / credit card — Representative Harashment

Dear concerned person,

My name is Subrata Mohanta I had a card with HDFC in 2008 with a limit of 12,000, I used and couldn’t pay due to loss of my job the recession, after that I moved to Bangalore, I was jobless still paid dues whenever I got calls from the representatives several times while staying in Bangalore. After few months I got a job in Indinesia and I was relocated to there. As my HDFC account was a salary account and was not being used for several months my online banking was disabled and I didn’t have any idea about the outstanding amount, after some 6 months HDFC representatives started calling at my residence every time.

I took the number of the representative from my younger brother and try to settle don’t the dues once forever, that time as per the amount stated by the agent i.e. 15000, I deposited with the hope that my account would be settled forever and would not get any further harassing calls from any representative of HDFC.

But suddenly before few days I came to know that I got a letter from an Advocate stating that I have not cleared the amount and would be sued for the same in case I fail to pay within seven days.

I called the representative number and asked for sattlement, According to the conversation I deposited the total amount due with some extra amount which may or may not occour for processing of my sattlement. Now I need the confirmation of my sattlement but the representative is at all responding to my phone calls.

I am verymuch dissapointed by the behaviour, after calling some hundreds of time from Malayasia to India finally I am writing this in the complain forum.

My Creditcard No is : [protected]

I waiting for your response.

My Telephone Number is : +[protected]
I think we all should come together and take legal action against this Ravi Varma. His mobile number is [protected]. This person likes to trouble customer's family members, what he does is unlawful.

- Peter
Sorry, its[protected]
I couldnt pay minimum due to HDFC Credit card for 3 months and i started getting harrasment calls, One day a girl called and abused using indian abusive bad words clearly, I complained about it upto the GM of the Bank. i got acute hypertension and had to bed rest for 15 days, as i have never encountered such abuse and language in my life before.Now again the recovery agency people have started coming to my Clinic . They raise their Voice even when my patients are sitting in waiting area.inspite of promising the bank that my financial crunch was for few days due to some transactions only and i am going to start paying regularly by next month cycle, They are still sending people.Its big harrasement effect my work prestige Health and through that finance too.If they effect my image in my clinic, how will i earn and how will i pay.And am willing to pay sincerely honestly as i know i have used the card.and am starting to pay regularly by next month and onwards.fed up.Dr.Ashish [protected]

My name is Kapil Taluja. I took a credit card from HDFC bank and I think I have settled that in april 2013. After 1 year and 6 months I am getting a call from swati ([protected]) and said I have payment due I told her I want to meet someone with paperwork she said she can come and meet me . I told her I dont want to meet her I need to meet any of the manager I asked her the bank address where I can come to meet she denied. from last two days I, my wife and my mother in law Getting calls from the number mentioned above and [protected]. she is abusing us lie anything saying that my wife is in prostitute business and she earns for me and she will send someone to beat me she knows that I work at night and my wife is alone at home. I had a word with the manager on [protected]. his name is ranbeer. I asked him to listen to the recording and get back to me. when I am asking their location they disconnect the call and then swati calls again and start abusive. she is the worst agent I ever had word with and today me ane my wife went to uttan nagar police station to complaint and we also have copy of that . I dont have any word to write . I need the recording calls made to me [protected] and to my wife on [protected] and to [protected] from the # [protected] asap. else I will use different mean to find the recording . please take action ASAP.
My name is Gulur Madhusudhan holding a HDFC Bank Credit card since 2005, my Credit card No. [protected] regularly spending and paying my dues. But since i have made few Credit card transactions during past few years, my dues went high and finally i have brought down to Rs.30000. Before making my payment in the month of Feb 2014, i have requested the HDFC call center executive to give relief on the interest charges and late fee charged on my CC dues, but they refused and said they have no powers, later i have paid Rs.20000 and left the balance. Subsequently i am paying minimum dues and one payment of Rs.12, 500 made in the month of Jun 2014. Further due to my mother's health problem i have incurred huge medical expenses and i could not pay the minimum dues from July onwards, but the HDFC CC department is charging 10% interest per month and late fee of Rs.500 on Rs.25000 and now the total dues have touched Rs.39, 000. Still i am facing financial problems and requested the HDFC collection department to give sometime, everytime they say they don't have any powers to waive of any interest or to postpone our payment, but i am running a Chartered Accountacy firm, this is the peak time for us complelte the tax audit and accounting work, daily i am getting 150 calls from the collection department and i have to answer all the calls for the same question, due to this i am psychological disturbed and my professional time is also lost due to this. But the collection department is not listening to my request. I need hdfc bank to reduce my interest charged on my Credit card and the waive of the late fees. You can check all my credit history and payment history and take the decision.

Today morning i have received a call from one by name Ratnakar Shetty who is claiming that he is a hdfc Bank Credit card collection agent and using some harsh language to make the payment, otherwise he said we will come to your house, indirectly he is threatening to me. I have aged mother and wife, son, now, i sincerely request the HDFC CC people to stop this nonsense and send your official executive or communicate through mail to sort out this issue, otherwise i may have to give police complaint or legal action against your bank. The mobile no. if Ratnakar shetty is [protected]. In case anything happens to me or to my family, HDFC bank will be responsible for that.

My mail id : [protected]
Mobile no. :[protected]

with warm regards,

Gulur Madhusudhan

Need your speedy reply.


My name is vidya, and i have a credit card from HDFC bank and due to non payment from last 3 months, today 9th dec 2014 at 7.45AM, two men from Recovery/ Collection department came and sat in side my house for 20 minutes, used all the available abusive language... harassed me and my family ... tortured me and didn't let me go to my office... because of which, i may loose my job tomorrow and i had high BP and i visited a hospital and doctor said it might lead to a cardiac arrest.

Help Me !!!
I have seen in my life the worst collection agency of HDFC bank. I am also holder of their card and due to some unforseen problem I could pay minimum amount so they started harassing me at home and office. I am worried about my job and family. They only follow illegal means to recover dues. very rude collection staff. But my advise to all that kindly install good call recorder and record every call it will help you when time comes.
I am a genuine card holder and I have HDFC account for last 10 years.30 days back a collection agent his name is vijayakumar Advocate from Mailapore, Chennai called me on my mobile. The number is only registered with Hdfc .He told that Someone had transferred money to your account. They didn't pay their payment. So you have to tell the details of that person.I refused to say and asked them how did they got my account details. He didn't reply and using very bad words.Then he called my another number. This number also registered with Hdfc.It is with my sister. He threatened her.She is very young and panic.Is it ok Hdfc use our account for collection Agency? Can I suit a case on them?Even I don't have any due to them?

I am credit card holder of HDFC bank. Since Oct 2015 i am unable to pay credit card payment due to financial crises. Today 15Jul2016 i am getting so many calls from one lady that need to talk HR and all. I told i will pay now the 2000 per month later situation improves ill try to pay rest payment or settlement. My intention is to pay but still they are not accepting

Aditi mankar
Fatima3's reply, Mar 26, 2017
Maybe this helps;
Hdfc bank credit recovery agent shilpa has been great harassment even after giving her payments on the desired date these lady keeps calling and abuse the people at home also troubling the neighbours .

We need strict action against HDFC bank as its there responsibility that customers are not harassed.

I have taken a credit card of HDFC bank recently and your agent is torturing me for health insurance. He even said ill cancel your credit card if you do not take. How is he supposed to do that . If that happens im gonna close my hdfc account . Please ask your agents to hold their tongue while dealing with customers.It was a real bad experience. Hope you understand.

MY credit card no [protected] has been settled but till now we will be closed from cibil clear of full blance payment so help.
my mobile no [protected]
Hey with huge harasment by hdfc bank i want to say that i am your customer from past 2years and i have regularly pay my amount now am unable to pay the minimum amount also of sept 2018, coz last week my sister was pass away so i requst your hdfc call centre that am unable to pay this month as i will pay by 7th of nov but ur represtative saying we have a target and i[censored] ll not pay we will deduct whole amount or will come to ur adress i am going to csumer court to complaint against u all . and ur call centre department abusing me in whole call

bittu joshi's reply, Oct 23, 2018
Card number
Navneet joshi.
Hey with huge harasment by hdfc bank i want to say that i am your customer from past 2years and i have regularly pay my amount now am unable to pay the minimum amount also of sept 2018, coz last week my sister was pass away so i requst your hdfc call centre that am unable to pay this month as i will pay by 7th of nov but ur represtative saying we have a target and i[censored] ll not pay we will deduct whole amount or will come to ur adress i am going to csumer court to complaint against u all . and ur call centre department abusing me in whole call
Card number
Phone number
Navneet joshi.
I have Business loan with HDFC bank from last 1 year but due to financial difficulties i unable to pay my EMI on time however i m paying it whenever is possible now my 3 EMI are pending and i had told the recovery person that need some time will pay the dues.
But he is not listening and calling me and sending person to the home and one girl also using damn bad and abusing language i feel like to finish myself as its difficult to listen such rude language
I have clear intentions yo pay EMI and for that need to focus on the work but such calls are disturbing me and i can not work
Please guide me what should i do
I have the recordings of the calls.

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