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[Resolved]  ICICI Bank Credit Card — Harrasment

I am a very upset ICICI Bank credit card holder.I had an outstanding on my card.I planned to clear the balance so I called customer care in month of Oct 09.I spoke a representative & he imformed me that I need to pay Rs30323 to clear the balance.I made the payment on line on click to pay on 28/10/09.Now I have recived a statement on 20/11/09 asking me to pay total amount due Rs1121.20.I was quite surprised & I called the customer care spoke to girl & she said that I have to pay the intrest.i asked her that I have already paid the outstanding so why should I pay the intrest & to conferm it further I told her that the customer care agaent has given this imformation she did not have any ans so I asked for her manager.He said that it was the reps fault that he gave an wrong imfromation but the quetion is still the same why should I pay when the outstanding has been cleared he still couldnt explian 7 at the end simply hung up the call on me.i called back again I spoke to a very unprofesional rep named Pratima who refused to escalete the call to manager 7 was not ready to listen to my problem.then after some argements the call was finaly trafered to a Manager who was worst than ever his name was Parag & was highly unprofessional.I dought that he was a manger.he was using words like (U LISTEN TO ME ,U ARE TRYING TO BE OVERSMART).The fact is he was not abel to give me a clear ans to what my issue is.He kept on hidding the banks fault & at the end he just hung up on me.I am very distressed & would need some help in how to resolve this matter.
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I was carrying ICICI credit card number [protected] and paying the instalments regularly till July 2008.In August my cheque was lost from the bank and after that even after my repeated contact with the bank, they are not giving me any solution rather levying irrelevant charges month after month. Their agents are started visiting my house at any point of time and harrasing my family in my absence. Also please note that in August 08, the outstanding on my card was approximately Rs 55000/- and now within 4 months it became 122000, 00 and I have never used my card during this duration. I am approaching the bank directly as well thru their agents, but in vein.

Can I request the higher authorities to look into the matter and give the instruction to the bank to settle my account immediately with my actual dues.

ICICI BANK'S CREDIT CARD — Harrasment by the bank

Manager, Date: 21.11.2008

Dear Sir,
Subject: Credit card No. [protected] Durfeshan Inam – Harassment by your Bank.
This is to inform you that I have taken above credit card, which was credit limit of Rs.3000/=. Only once I have purchased items through this card for Rs.3000/= and deposited a cheque No.757821 dated 22.01.2008 for Rs.3000/= of Punjab National Bank, Hazratganj, Lucknow with in due time. I had gone out of India in the month of Feb’08. After retuning from abroad I found credit card statement showing balance of Rs.4456.88. I personally visited your Hazratganj branch and enquired the fate of my cheque. The officer concerned stated that the cheque could not be cash due to differ of signature. It was shocked to me that neither the cheque nor any information was given to me in this regard with in time. Meanwhile I submitted other cheque No.492410 dated 25.03.2008 of the same amount, which has been cleared. I requested the officer concerned for the waivment of one-month interest & other charges that was wrongly debited to my account. The matter was settled after long discussion with the officer and I discontinued the above credit card.
Now SMS is being received for payment of due against me. As I have cleared total amount of the dues and matter has already been settled why such SMS is being sent to me?
I again request you to look into the matter and instruct the person concerned not to harass me by sending the SMS.
Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Dr. Durfeshan Inam
My statement on 25 mar 09 shows a cash reversal of 1110. Cust support say they need the cash receipt no paid for the month of aug-08. And I dont have any other go but to find it or pay it. it's really harassing to demand such things from a customer who has paid in CASH.

ICICI Credit Card — After full payment receiving calls and call for outstanding

with reference to your maila and card no[protected], i have find that ICICI bank is cheating thier customer just to fulfil there pockets, very reticulous and misconcept behaviour of such a repute and concerned financial company I have seen.

With reference to your below said mail, i just want to add my CAsh payment slip(C[protected] and your settelement letter(ICICINAG/08-09/0901/05/A).

If such type of any mail come in future on my mail ID, I'll directely go to consumer court only and from we will decide what to do.

Your total outstanding payment was already paid on 10th August 2008, against your ful & final settelment request.

One more thing without my request i recieved Credit Card.,

Kindly make wave off all outstanding as I already paid your total outstanding balance.

For any quiery you can come to me on [protected].

Current Card statement, Cash deposite slip and Settlement copy attached

Samim Akhter

bank card — harrasment

Dear Sir,
I have made this complain to Head of customer care of Standard Chartered Bank in Chennai in India as well as customer care unit in Oman Muscat. My top up loan was declined indicating that due to over limt of Credit card use and delay payments. Pl see the following details of my credit card summery statements based on last 12 months bank statements.

I expected to get this loan and decided to pay my son's college fees in Australia who is followinf a Hotel Management Degree . As was unable to pay my son's college fees he has to return back to sri lanka by end of Sep 08. This matter was with all high ranking officers in Standard Chartered Bank in Oman. Pl clarfy this matter and help me to get my top up loan by 30 Sep 08 to secure my son's education. My loan payments were regular to the bank for last 13 months.


ICICI Credit Card — Harresment by ICICI

Dear Sir,
We are copmpletely annoyed by the services being offered by ICICI. due to non recipt of the bill i was unable to pay the credit card bill. After repeated reminder i got the bill one month late. i cleared the outstanding on reipt of the bill barring the late payment charges taht were levied. After this i had stopped using the credit card and refused to pay for the late fee etc.which got accumulated to a huge amount approx. Rs.9000 +. I requested the bank to waiveoff all the ill-legitimate amount and cancel my card. But the same was not Executed.
Now they are haresing my mother by calling her and visiting the home.

The details of the complaint taht we had earler submitted to the bank are given below.

-----Original Message-----
From: [protected] ([protected]
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 08:57 AM
To: [protected] ([protected]
Subject: level3complaint/ Credit Card

Name: Mahima Bajpai
Product: Credit Card
Account No: [protected]
Application No:
E-mail address: mahima.[protected]
Mobile no: [protected]
Telephone no: +91--
Service Request(SR) No: [protected]
Details of complaint: Thankyou verymuch for the pathetic services of ICICI Bank bank and one needs to learn how beautifully a customer can be made a fool of.
I have been trying to get my credit cared account setteled from the last 8 months but your bank has been of no help and infact have been harrasing me by levying unnecessary charges.My credit card number is [protected]. Around may or april 08 my ICICI credit card bill was not sent to be thus i was not able to pay it. Next month also my bill was not sent. In June after repeated complaints the bill was sent and the payment was made but since there was a delay a huge service tax and late payment amount was levied even though i has complained that i have not received my bill. Since then such heavy ammounts are being levied month after month. I have been paying for the purchases done on the card but obviously am not paying for the interests etc. Kindly get the same rectified or i will be forced to surrender the card.Regards, Mahima Bajpai - [protected]

Please Help and rescue us.

Tahnks nd regards,

Dear Preejith,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.
Dear Team,

Pls let me clear that I am not complaining any one, I am using ICICI credit card ( Platinum) & having more 5000 Imint points held with me, but I do know, how to convert this point towards any gift.

I will be grateful if you guide me to do the same, so that I can purchase so many things through credit cards & earn imints points.

Thanks & Regards


ICICI Bank — Harrasment for credit card payment


I do not have a credit card with ICICI Bank.
My mobile number which is mine since the last 3 years, was registered with ICICI Bank for the previous owners credit card.

ICICI Bank has been calling me several times a month trying to get the payment, even though I have repeatedly stated that they are calling the wrong person. I have also complained about this to the ICICI legal department but there has been no respite from the calls and the smses.

Please advice.

Dear Belmond,

We're from ICICI Bank and are sorry about the trouble.

Please write to us with your contact details at [protected] and we'll be glad to assist you.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICI Credit Card — recieving calls

Respected Sir, My name is Mohd.Ashfaq Ahmed, R/o Nizamabad. Sir v r recieving calls from ICICI Bank for Payments of Credit Card on mobile Number [protected]. Its my Residence Number. we are recieving calls since from 2 1/2 years for Mallikarjun. Already I informed ICICI BANK that this is our Mobil Number, so please kindly Update MALLIKARJUN'S number in their data.

every time they r promising that it wont b repeated again but the same thing is going on.we r recieving SMS for the payments and phone i spoke to some mr.Rakesh, he again promised me it wont b repeated again.

Sir they r repeating again and again, so please take aserious action against them.Ladies r their in my house, they unable to communicate when they recieve the call from ICICI BANK.

I kindly request Sir to do the need full.

Thanking U Sir,
yours Faithfully,
Mohd.Ashfaq Ahmed,
Behind Head Post Office ,
Azam Road, Nizamabad.
Dist. Nizamabad.
I had similar issues with ICICI Bank Credit Card. Get in touch with the Nodal Officer. First up all, go through your current/last statement and identify any unauthorised transations.Then check what all charges they have imposed on you and whether they are correct. Remember onething, before taking this complaint to next level, you yourself should be very clear about how much money you actually owe and what are incorrect charges.
I had ICICI credit card no. [protected] which was settled 4-5 years ago against full n final settlement letter of ICICI by paying Rs. 13000 since wanna to shift from delhi. So due to receiving calls n mails to settle the issue from ICICI I entertained recovery agents. The agents reverted back after 4-5 days with ICICI Bank letter wherein they settled for Rs.13000.00 essentially by paying in cash. I paid Rs.13000.00 and signed their copy for accepting the offer. Thereafter ICICI Bank stopped all calls mails for any dues till 2013 May. Now I m again receiving calls from Jhandewalan about the dues which are still pending in my name. I narrated them all the story but all is vain. Thereafter I shoot up mail on customer care in which response they assured that they will check all the matter with recovery cell. But the calls are still not stopped by Mr sanjay sharma recovery agent. It is requested Bank authorities to kindly honor their words and stop immediately all these kind o[censored]netical business attitude.

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