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I have been using 2 Idea postpiad connects for the last 4 years. For the past 6 months I am being worngly billed for GPRS although I have activated this service. Everytime I call up the CC they say that it will be reverted in the next bill and it takes close to 1 month to revert the amount. And again in the nexr bill the charges appear. I am frustrated by this and I tried cancelling this number. But they are reluctant to return my STD deposit. They do not want me to cancel the number and are offering some or the other useless freebies. I also have not been refunded the GPRS charges for 2 months. But when I raise this with the CC they properly ignore it and nobody wants to go into calculations. I would suggest nobody should go for a Idea connection and should prefer other operators.
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Aug 14, 2020
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i am so depressed from idea. till it was spice it was good. i got a msg from cc that free national sms have been removed from existing sms packs... how can you do this with your old custmr...? cc said k you dont have any service that 2000 national sms in 80 rs...
this service was activated from the activation day of my number... can you please tell me that what the hell is happening????????????????//
I have tried most of the operators of atlest a year each (including AIRTEL, BPL, RELIANCE, TATA, TRUMP and now VODAFONE). each and every operator has some or the other problems and customer care is not intrested or doesnt know the solution of our problems.

IDEA postpaid connection — mention wrong detail on their system

I Rakesh verma .i buy a new idea postpaid connection before five days .my name is rakesh verma .but system of idea cellular they mention their rakesh.I request custmer care more than 3 times but they dont take any action.MY NO IS [protected]
there was a normal call which was attended by me and then i came to know that this is a promotional call recorded voce mail from idea, offering coller tunes. as i did not need that service, i disconnected the call. later on i got a message saying that you have opted for coller tunes and soo it will be activated.Then i rang up to idea customer care (Mr Ankush) and informed the same to him. He told me, you will have to run this service for atleast one month.

As i don' t want this service and there was none of my fault. i request you to do the needful.

my details is as follows:

phone no. [protected] (postpaid)

i am using idea network in kerala(ernakulam, piravom). here
speed is too slow and can't able to use. here every one changing the
network because of the low speed. whether i want to wait or change the
connection? u r going to loose lot of customers including me i[censored] will
not increase the speed.
[protected] aplod karne ke liye diya tha lekin nahi huaa
idea is the worst operator .. all over of all the operators ... i went to idea stop which is in rajouri garden
want to just replace my idea sim card which was stolen ... but really i dont like the way they talk they people were just so unprofessional .. one sardar guy was setting there at that time was even very abbussive to me ...M not having any problem with my issue but there cust services is worst .. they denied to replace my sim due to x y z reason i dont care but when i m asking the reason they are just saying no reason in this .. i asked him is this the cust service they said just make a complaint on it ... nd even all the executive setting on that store providing pathetic services ... idea peoples are the robbers i suggest dont take idea to u all ...
i transfer my prepaid number to postpaid on 11/05/2009 at 10:40 am.
thay told me your no. is activatied in 72hrs. but till today 15/05/09 no response from ideacare.
And all verification complete on 12.05.09 at 8:30am by me.

i am using idea service in delhi and i am pay the bill 1000.73 by hdfc bank online but my a/c is not activted.i make the call many times in call center but get any respoce MHDF-[protected] REF NO IS[protected] PLS HELP...
i have taken a idea post paid connection but still after 6 days they didn't give me my no. and i don't know when they will start my no. i have already submmited all documents and payments after taken payment they are not doing good behavior with me...please sir help contect no. is [protected]
Enclosed mail is self explainatory and gives you the taste of pain I am going through

Dear Arvind,

Thanks for your support to bring resolution on this long pending issue. Though vide appended mail dated June 10, 2009 you have confirmed to credit my mobile account by Rs.313/- for the number [protected], I have been issued 02 Notices from your office to settle the entire amount of Rs.532/-.

The said notices dated June 10, 2009 are delivered to my residential address yesterday i.e. 17th June 2009. Of the 02 notices raised on me one is from your recovery department and other is from your advocate Mohit Gadkari & Co.

I am quite confused because your appended mail states I need to pay only Rs.220/- whereas your Recovery Department & Advocate are claiming for Rs.532/-. Hence need your support in knowing what is the final payment due from my side? If it is a mistake from your recovery department and advocate then please send them the proper communication with a copy to me to avoid further inconvenience.

The waiver given to me is not out of favor but is for the rectification of mistake from your end. This shows clear lapse in the system which results in mere harassment of the customer wherein you impose faulty charges and then send unnecessary communications/notices with the threat legal action for recovery. If this nuisance is not stopped immediately then unfortunately I also need to approach Consumer Forum.

Appreciate your prompt response.

Bhalchandra Bhogate

From: Care Mumbai [mailto:care.[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:03 AM
To: Bhogate, Bhalchandra
Subject: Final Demand Letter for Overdue Amount Against O/s of A/c ID: 1.11076186

Dear Mr. Bhogate,

Thank you for writing to Idea Cellular Ltd.

With reference to your email and our telephonic conversation on [protected], we would like to inform you that the necessary waiver Rs. 313 will be credited in your idea account shortly for the mobile number [protected].

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to be associated with you in future.

Arvind Joshi
Customer Care
Idea Cellular Ltd.

In case you require any further assistance, please:

1. Call the toll free number 12345, available only from your Idea mobile, anywhere across India.
2. Call at [protected], in case you are not using an Idea connection (not a toll free number).
3. Write us at care.[protected]

From: Bhogate, Bhalchandra
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 9:24 AM
To: Care Mumbai
Subject: Final Demand Letter for Overdue Amount Against O/s of A/c ID: 1.11076186
Importance: High

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is with references to subject demand letter No. Idea/Mum/FDL/0705-1/F[protected] dated 22nd May 2009. Vide this said demand note you have raised demand of Rs. 531.80 on the undersigned Postpaid customer of Idea Cellular services (Number [protected]).

Appended is the response sent from Office Email ID to your demand letter;

In the said Demand letter it is mentioned that the services for the mobile number [protected] are stopped. I am happy to hear this but this could have done 4 months back when I had personally visited to your kiosk at Bhandup – Mumbai (the only service station near to my residence). I went there with the written request to deactivate my number because I was not getting proper network connectivity at my residence at Vikhroli. Your executive there refused to accept the written request and informed me to fill in the deactivation form. On her request I had asked for the deactivation form but I was told that the forms were out of stock. Then again after 02 working days I went to said kiosk but that time also the forms were not available. Hence I had requested your executive to at least accept the deactivation request letter duly signed by me but my request was again forfeited. When I procured the connection that time person from the same service center personally visited my residence to collect address proof with the SIM card but the same type of service was not given when I raised the request for deactivation.

After completion of billing period in the next month you had raised an invoice for the rental which I had not paid. On overdue of payment I got a call from your call center on the alternate number ([protected]) requesting to settle the outstanding. On this call I had informed the above incidence wherein I was not being given the deactivation form at your Kiosk. The call was ended with no satisfactory outcome.

Next month again one more invoice was furnished (that was for 02 months rentals alongwith interest on overdue payment) and I had not paid the same as well. On overdue again I got a call from your call center on my alternate number for settlement of outstanding dues. With the great patience I had re-explained the whole mistry and the call was ended with the confirmation that the incidence briefed by me would be communicated to the senior authorities. From that day I had neither received any phone call nor invoice.

In your demand letter it is mentioned that “on personal visit from your representative” I have not settled the claim which is not false because till time no one from Idea Cellular Services met me to recover so called unreasonable outstanding claim.

Yesterday i.e. 28th of May 2009, I had received the demand letter issued from your recovery department with the threat to take legal action against me if the dues are not settled within seven days. Please note I had requested your several executives to deactivate my services but nobody helped me to do so and hence I myself had stopped using your services the same can be checked from your system.

I am ready to pay one month rental & service tax thereon for the services which are not availed by me but not going to accept the forcefully levied incorrect charge of Rs.531.80. Here the mistake is not of mine but still I am ready to accept the charge for one month rental to kill this prolonged issue.

Even after my willingness to settle your unreasonable dues partially if I have been forced to make full payment then I have no option but to raise this issue with consumer forum and local authorities.

I will be happy to see a quick response on this which will help me to do the needful (either make the payment of one month rental with service tax or raise this issue with consumer forum).

Thanks & Regards

Bhalchandra Bhogate
I too agree with all the above mentions of bad customer service and unfriendly customer attitude of Idea. Aditya Birla Group who owns the company is a big name in the market and the attitude that the workers of Idea will tarnish their image. I have had many other providers services and have not had this sort of experience from Idea apart from Reliance. The rest of the providers are at least trying to provide prompt action on a complaint even if their networks are bad. Being a post paid customer if you have to make an interim payment every 7 days could easily opt to take a pre-paid connection and recharge as and when you need it. I feel that there is no need for a post paid connection if there is a limit on your calling. I can understand if the bills are not paid on time, but this rule has been imposed from the very first day that you have taken the connection. I am not sure if the higher-ups are noticing this blogs and I am sure that if they have, it would open their eyes and take appropriate action against erring customer service agents and officials manning their stores and the help lines.
Today I also came across a cab driver who has a pre paid connection who is not very fluent in English and people at the helpline were mocking at him when he answered in Kannada. I took over the call and explained to them that this person had recharged Rs.60 this week and he has not make calls, but his balance states 0.00. I was told to call back with the validation date ( The next agent who answered the call did not ask for it and was prompt in giving me the details), just to ward off the query. I understood that they have activated Kushwant Jokes, Wakeup Song and Naughty Jokes. I explained to the CSR that the driver does not even know to read and write English and what are the use of these jokes which is charged at Rs.30, Rs.30 and Rs.25 respectively from the last 3 years and did not notice until today that these amounts are being deducted. I was told that a message was sent and he had clicked on okay to activate the services. I requested for a refund of the charges and was very rudely told that it is not possible and that even if I go to any authorities or file a complaint, I will not get a refund as they have proof that these services were activated by the customer. I told them that even if you want to come back to the main screen of the mobile, you press okay and that is not an indication that we are willing to subscribe for their service. I was told then that the terms and conditions that a person signs when taking a connection clearly mentions them. I could not continue with the conversation as I was late for work. The customer service rep that I spoke to was very rude on the phone and when I informed her that I am recording the conversation, I was told that you can do anything and they do not care. God only help them and the company.
My no. [protected] blocked for STDs since last three days. There is no solution to the problem. No body is there to listen till i approach to the court for this silly thing. These operators do not have any fear of leagalities or law enforcement because law is very linient towards them. General people can not afford to spend time in leagal transactions. Spending time on these thing is loss of work and a national loss also. I think 20 to 25% indians remain out of work to spare time for these things only.There is no use of making any system in India. After spending Rs 1000 for annual subscripion i have to run door to door. Even they are not murcifull enough to allot another number for time being so that i can save my business.
I suggest close all customer care centers and give this job to company outlets which are distributing connections. I am sure the customer services will improve. But do not put any customer care center in between.
My name is Deepti, my complain is why you are cutting 30 rupees from my account as music station
i want to request you stop these service and dont deduct any money from my balance.
I had sent a mail on thursday regarding the detail of the postpaid number but not till now I not received any of the response from the idea company. It just make the customer "FOOL".

Tarun Garg
my sim has been lost n its number was [protected] n today we got a new sim and the number is the same one [protected] but it has not yet been activated so i want it to be activated as soon as possible may be by tomorrow morning
and we to dont have any complaint number your customer care numbers dosent work from any other cells.

Idea Cellular — GPRS not upto mark

Daer Concern,

i am user of GPRS service of Idea cellular services. i am facing lot of problem like. depite of having full network on my phone i m unable to access net with full speed. and many times it not even get connected to net showing message. connection is ended by remote machine.

due to this i have faces many financial as well as mental harm.

Arvind Singh Mann
I have a similar problem, idea is cheating innocent customers, I have called the customer service to enquire about the GPRS information and never gave consent to connect this service, to my surprise I recieved a message that its activated, and they were charging Rs 25 per day, Instead of calling then to revert my amout I called them to get me the settings so that I ll do a trial for a day but the useless guys overthere took almost 48 hours and half a dozen of calls to get me the settings and I was surprised with speed of the internet, I called them to immediately cancel and also informed them that this was not activated without my consent and ask them to look into this matter.

Its been more than a week now they still keep on charge Rs 25 randomly and when I call them the only irritating word I alway hear is " I am sorry sir but I want help you ... " well I am frustrated with calling them to cancel and revoke the amount which they are unnecesarily charging me.

Some one please guide me so that I can take up this cheating case to the authorities.

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