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[Resolved]  IFB Washing Machine — Pathetic service

I have purchased IFB washing machince - Senator and the same is still under AMC. On 1/2/09 the machine was producing noise while spinning henceI had complained to the call centre.Delhi. I had only delhi number with me as I shifted to Mumbai in June 2008. While giving complaint I even gave my new contact details and new address. After 2 days the technician called me and said that he is near my Delhi address. Once again I explained to him that I have shifted to Mumbai and I am facing problem with the machine here. He gave me different number and many people came on line but nobody was interested in solving my issue. Every one was giving different numbers. Finally I got thru Suresh @ [protected] who attended to my machine after 2 days. He intially told that the bearing has problem and said that he will fix the same the next day. Next day again he said there is problem with some other part and said he will repair the same soon. Now it has become more that 12 days still my machine is not functional. This is a pathetic service of IFB and I am really fed up following up with the person. Pls take this complaint seriously and take suitable action against IFB.
Complaint marked as Resolved Mar 17, 2017
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IFB Industries Customer Care's response Jun 21, 2016 Dear Vedant,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you.

Alternatively you can also write to us at [protected] along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team
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IFB WASHING MACHINE — Most Pathetic Service

I am from Mumbai. I brought IFB machine 2 months back and started experiencing problems. The Service centre is most worst part. Their timings: 12 noon to 6 pm. So I have ensure some one is available at home during this hours. Also they dont give any approx time about the technician's visit. So we have keep waiting for them. Quality of technicians are poor. The last time the technician handle the "Rinse" nob so badly that it has become un usable now.

Overall I very unhappy and would not recommend IFB to anyone.
I am under AMC (11.01.08 to 10.01 09), my complaint reg. no is 2109260 dated 25-8-08, for the past 14 days my problem has not been solved. The service agency XCELL CARE, CHENNAI -- 16 are cheating us every day telling that my problem will be solved that day. More when ever I call a service person they never attend my call and even if they attend they try to passify me for that moment and they never turn up. Even in your call centers the same is happening and they also protect them and not the customer. In this mail I have not mentioned any of your service persons name or mobile number (IFB and Dealer), if you require it surely it will be mailed by me to you. I hope that atleast now my problem will be solved, if not even then surely I will handle this matter leagly. (Regarding this complaint none of your ifb/service persons has not contacted me)
Thanking you

I wish to draw your attention on the pathetic service quality offered by your Ahmedabad branch and service provider M/s smile Care.

Fault no. 1 and apathy of Service branch
The first experience was on 4th August'08 when we lodged a complaint regarding malfunctioning of outlet hose of machine. After numerous follow ups and speaking to local service head Mr Mandar (who seems to enjoy Z category security as to speak to him i had to make no less than four phone calls clearly detailing every word i need to tell him), we were obliged by the services of a technician. He apparently had come to repair the machine but it appeared that he was more for marketing the Annual Maintenance contract (AMC )services.

Unique way of marketing by Service Provider leading to fault number 2
We were not very much convinced with his marketing and seeing our disinterest he managed to somehow make a small cut on the machine belt without our knowledge. after repairing (actually replacing) the outlet pump, he drew our attention to the "dilapidating" condition of belt and further insisted on AMC.

However we were not impressed. After about ten days the machine again conked off. With previous experience of service quality we acted "smart" and instead of registering compliant on call centre, we simply asked the service provider to come over for "discussing AMC" . Needless to say the service was prompt this time (Reason: To add one more AMC in their record). The belt was then replaced with full charges. We did not buy AMC again.

Later during discussions at home we pondered that perhaps the service response is bad due to our not being an AMC client. So we decided to take AMC and the same was done (AMC no. 3635 dated 11.09.08)

Fault number 3 and Goo[censored]ps at call centre
Our misfortune did not stop here. the machine running fantastic for past 3 years somehow got friendly with the technicians and again refused to start on 24th Sept'08.
With a presumption that we now being in the elite AMC club, we will be serviced fast, my wife called up the customer service[protected] and registered her complaint at 5:45 p.m. The soft spoken call centre employee assured her that somebody will attend in next 24 hours. No one turned up in next 24 hours we waited for another 24 hours
After 48 hours on 26th Sept08 i followed up by calling at same number and there was same response "somebody will attend in next 24 hours".
On 27th Sept i got little anxious seeing the huge pile o[censored]nwashed laundry at home. So i again called up at customer service and the lady gave me my complaint number and asked to contact the "service provider- M/s Smile Care".
Upon calling Smile care i was told that the said complaint number is of 4th august and the call has been completed.

Aghast.!!!... i called up the "customer service" again. Now the lad explained me as
"Sir. your complaint number 2240161 is dated 4th august and the same has been closed now. since we are not able to generate new complaint number till the time old complaint number is not closed we had simply put remarks in the old complaint only but it seems our service provider has overlooked and has "by mistake" closed the complaint. Anyway i am registering your new complaint, please take down the number as 2230568 dated 27.09.08, now somebody will contact you on Monday 29th Sept."

Service Centre adds fuel to fire
As usual and expected no one came on Monday, after follow up at service centre one technician turned up and detected that Motor is faulty and needs replacement and asked us to cough up Rs.4000/- as the machine is not under AMC.
My wife immediately called me up to inform this, in turn i called up at the local branch and somehow managed to speak to Mr. Mandar. I explained him the entire situation and told him that the only proof of AMC we have is the cheque number (amount Rs.1623) which has been debited from my account. However he was totally unaware of such transaction and assured me that he will look into.Later i was denied any contact with him by his phone operator.

Faulty recording by Service Provider
Meanwhile after my wife's arguments with the technician, he could find that the AMC is done but the machine serial number is entered incorrectly in AMC records. He returned saying that he will look in godown if the spare motor is available he will replace tomorrow or else we have to wait till a new motor is delivered in their godown.

Today on 30th when we called up at M/s Smile care, a lady called Ms. Praveena picked up the phone and responded in her mechanical voice "if the spare is available it will be done tomorrow" When we asked whether she can tell if the spare is available or will be available in near future She shouted on us and asked to call only after 4 p.m.

Betrayed Customer
Now, we do not know whom to complaint and what mistake did we do in spending those extra few thousands in buying an IFB machine instead of Videocon which is working without any fail for past ten years at my parents place.


Gagan Bharadwaj
IFB is not a consumer oriented company. Their strategy is to outsource maintenance and make money in outsourcing. The outsourced maintenance companies force cuctomers to enter into AMC else machine lies unrepaired. Once AMC is awarded, be prepared to shell out additional 2000 Rs annually on one or other part which they claim has gone bad.
I had similar experience and company did not care to respond also.
i purchased IFB washing machine, Model-Executive Plus in nov'2007
since then I am facing a lot of problem.
The machine which vibarated at a very high speed and had problem while spinning was
finally replaced after 10 months on making numerous requests to do the favour.
replacement too was a long machine was dismantled 10 day before i was
provided with the new one.sorry to say that but it was not the end of my miseries.

sir/madam, i was shocked to know that the replaced machine was used one and also had some problems.
i was proud to be one of the customer of such an esteemed organisation
and had high expectations regarding the product and the services, but all in vain.
presently both the machines are at my place and of no use.the incident has hurt us a lot.
I had registered a complaint with IFB on the 18th of November. I was informed that my machine would be attended within 48 hours. Six days have passed and today, the technician phones me and wants to know the nature of the complaint. When I lodged the complaint, I had given a detailed list of the problems that I faced with the machine. The same experience has been experienced by my niece and she too just want to get rid of her IFB washing machine. Once the technician comes to attend to the fault a big bill is thrust on the customer. Something has to be done to, since most of the IFB customers are at wits end. I personally recommend, " BUYING AN IFB WOULD GIVE ONE NIGHTMARES"
I have an IFB washing machine digital 7kg. It is still under warrenty.
Despite of multiple phone calls no one has attended the call.
Call centre is worst I have seen in last few years. No one picks up the phone. You will have to wait for minimum 15 minutes before someone attends your call. Even if you are connected, you will have tough time explaining and understanding the representatitves. Very poor communication skills.
First representative disconnected by phone in the middle of conversasion.
Second one gave me a complaint number with an assurance that someone will come to fix the problem next day.
One day later, another representative gave me name of local service station in Pune:
Enigma Enterprises contact number 65000201 cellphone number [protected] name of contact person
Param Yadav and his personal cellphone number [protected]. I was highly impressed with the details provided to me until I tried reaching them.
Enigma Enterprises does not exists in Pune. 65000201 is switched off, [protected] is switched off and My Yadav is not attending the call.
Next day when I again tried reaching call centre, I had to repeat the same story and this time I got a new number[protected] which is again not reachable.

THis is the worst after-sales I have seen. There are other pathetic service stations available but this one is the worst.

I will never ever recommend IFB products to anyone.
My IFB washing machine is under AMC. I am located in Noida. Repeated calls to the call center get the same stupid response that the complaint will be attended in 24 hrs. It's been more than a week and no service engineer has turned up. There is no higher authority with whom one can lodge complaint. The phone number of the service franchises for the area are not responding to calls. This is the worst service ever for any of the appliances that I own. IFB simply charges inordinately high AMC amount to customers and does not provide any service nor does it compensate in any way for its poor service. They should be made to refund the AMC amount along with punitive charges for irresponsible and fraudulent trade practices - their call center should be hauled up for being rude and irresponsive to customer complaints. IFB should be forced to recall all its defective products and refund the cost of purchase along with punitive damages.
Pethetic Service
we have an IFB front loading machine whcih has started malfunctioning. for which I feel shame due to poor service under AMC at Delhi. Mr Dubey (# [protected] ) never pick his mobile, who has done our AMC contract & he never try to conatct us . Our AMC yearly contact is of Rs 1700/- We tried the customer care numbers given on the brochure, but none worked. then we got call centre numbers from web sites of IFB. Again there is no response and at times we have to hang on for more than 10 minutes thereby wasting our calls. IFB, a reputed complaint has a very very shoddy customer care. They should wake up to this . If service is not given in one week, I am going to complaint in the consumer court for taking money in the name of AMC by frauding us

Swapan Nag
D-599, C.R.Park, New-Delhi-110019
I am going to take IFB Elina DX. Please tell me any body is it my decision is right or wrong.Because i heard many many complain about IFB regarding service. Please help me.
I have been trying to call your call centre since 3 day it keeps me on hold & my machine is spoiled I have an anual contract with your company & that place we do not work for IFB now we will charge you extra to come & visit & look into the matter
It is very unfortunate that IFB is providing a very poor customer service to its elite customers. Dealers are only interested in roping new customers without giving any notice to to service to the existing customers. The limit was crossed when the customer service agent himself was indulged in replacing duplicate spare parts, wherein IFB is advocating the use of genuine spare parts.
Myself too a victim of such an unprofessional servise as my IFB washing machine, SENATOR 6 KG got some technical snags . Upon informing the customercare service, the agent responded and upon examining the washing machine he declared that the control circuit plate was defective and need replacement. As the equipment was under warrenty period the services were provided, but to my dismay the washing machine again got the same snag after few months. Again the service centre agent did the same thing. Interestingly the defect resurfaced third time.Upon going in the issue deeply, i found that the spar part he was replacing was actually duplicate. When I enquired about the details the agent turned up hostile and didnt responded properly. Seeing the situation even the dealer of the washing machine washed his hands off. I can proivide the details of this case if some body is interested.My contact no is [protected].
Such a poor customer service is just keeping others at bay from buying such an elite product because after all, after sale service matters a lot.

Er. N.K. Gupta
Loss Assessor and Serveyor
Suvidha Marg
Opposite surkhab palace
Aggarsaine colony
Sirsa 125055
we have take this machine since 5 months back. now a days it shows e1 and e3
kindly come and solve it.
our address is
b5 farmers sector 13 rohini
our ph is [protected]
I have purchased IFB washing machine Senator 6 kg fornt loading machine last week. Before buying the machine i enquired from many of my friends and collegues abuout the performance of the machine. The report from every one was extreemly positive. However many of the intenet sites on custormer feed back was extreemly depressing. So far the functioning of the new machine is just excellent. But i may have to see its functioning in the long run.
I have the same problem. My washing machine is under warranty. The engineer could not figure out the problem and tried to repair somehow and now, it is a dead piece of equipment. The engineer stopped coming. The service centre now-a-days after hearing the complaint no. disonnect the line. Please be very careful in buying IFB products. After sales service just does not exist in this company.
This is reg complaint number 3587861 dated 06/10/2009.
Though the complaint has been raised on 06th, no resolution has been provided yet. The technician (Anil Kumar) who attend on 07th has isolated the issue to be with motor and said that needs to be

My machine is still under warranty.The technician was so irresponsible that he didnot place a order for motor replacement immediatly. When we contacted customer care, they asked us to contact the area sales manager Mr. Srinivas. When contacted Srinivas he refered Mr. Dharini Kumar, who said that the technician has placed an order after 3 days of his visit.

When contacted Dharini kumar yesterday (22/10/09), he said motor has been couriered and waiting for technician as the technician is on leave.Today being 17th day after lodging the complaint, issue has not been solved. None of the above (Dharini Kumar or Anil Kumar) is not picking the call today.

i have similar problems with IFB !! will never buy any products from the company !! THEY SU*K in complain resolving ...
Dear sir,

I have purchasec IFB alite 5 Kg machine 3 years ago. The machine is under AMC after expiry of warrenty. During Septmber 2008 one IFB technician has come my resisdence and said he has come check the washing machine as a routine check. He has opened the top and checked some thing and suggested us to take a desalination unit costing Rs. 1, 800/-. We thought this will improve the perforamance of the machine and purchased the same.

After some days we noticed the machine is not working properly. In cold position water is heated and spoiling the cloths. We gave a complaint and after great struggle the technician has disconnected the heating element (thermostat) time being and we are able to wash the cloths in cold state.

Subsequently the technician, on several reminders to the local serviice manager has replaced the thermostat. We thought that the unit will work alright. On 25.12.2009 complaint[protected] when we washed the costly cloths in cold position all the cloths damaged due to abnormal heat generated even though the knob is in cold position. We understand that the technician has done nothing but simply replaced the thermostat.

With great difficulty and a technician has come to me residance and replaced the thermostat. Since I am a technical person I throughly monitored the work carried out by the service person. There are three pins on one side of the thermostat. out of these three middle pin was left vaccant and ist, 3rd pins were connected. earlier also the thermostat was in this state. I did not leave the service person and demanded a demo wash of the machine. Fanally he has atempted a cold wash.The situation is same as before replacing the thermostat.

Service person has contacted some body at Visakhapatnam and changed the connection of the pins . Now the 2nd and 3rd pin were connected. Machine is running aslright.

This shows the ignorance of the service persons on both the occations who attended my IFB Washing machine. I understand that the service person who visited during Sep 08 without any complaint, has disturbed the connections and he might have faced some problem while attending to some body's machine and for clarification he might have cross checked my wiring of the thermostat. To justify his visit he has told that he has come on a routine check.

The ignorance of the service person has damaged my costly clothe and has caused much inconvenience. I demand Rs. 10.000/- as compensation for the damage occurred by IFB people. I prefer to approach consumer form for justice if the compensation is not paid immediately.

IFB service point is just 0.5 km from my residance and never attended to the complaints immediately. Every person from IFB service feels that he is attending the complaint on obligation and never feel that it is primary reponsibilty.They are discurtious and treating the customer as illetarates and as service persons are highly qualified. This type of attitude is not correct.

Qr. No. 3, Type IV qrts,
TUDA Telephone Exchange,
R.C. Road,
TIRUPATI.. A.P. 517501.
mobile : [protected]
my whasing machine proplem

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