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Plot No IND 5, Sector 1, East Kolkata Township
Kolkata District
West Bengal
India - 700107

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1860 425 5678


+91 33 3048 9230

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IFB Industries — Delay on delivery

 N ganapathy on Feb 24, 2017
I purchased IFB washing machine model SENORITA PLUS Vx 6.5kg through CSD CANTEEN CHENNAI. My CSD Order No.220770, dated on 27.01.2017.

The CSD order/indent copy was handed over to IFB INDUSTRIES Limited, vadapalani, Chennai-026 the same day. but till date not yet delivered . what is the reason for late delivery. when will i recieve my order. kindly respond to my complaint.
Thanking you
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IFB Industries — Want refund: worst product

 kaushal.mohit on Feb 24, 2017

My details are as follows:
Name: Mohit Kaushal
Address: 6/175 DDA Flats Kalka Ji, New Delhi-110019
Mobile Number: 9818726069
IFB Customer ID: 0011951919

Complaint: I bought IFB Aqua Senetor Front Load 8Kg washing machine in Mid December'2016. Since the machine was installed I have been facing issue with the machine. I have been raising complaints with IFB customer care starting January 2017. But despite of raising complaints my problem has not be resolved. Every time I call the customer care they give me number of brank officers numbers...
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IFB Industries — Complaint_Worst service

 shashank170688 on Feb 24, 2017
Dear IFB,
I have purchased a IFB washing machine from IFB Point, GIP Mall Noida
on 19/02/2017, they told me they done the installation on Monday
evening at 06:30 and the service engineer arrived but not able to do
the installation as he is not having the extended pipe for water
connection, and then he told will not able to come on next day after
5:30, the complaint again to IFB Point, but they are not responding
and also talk to MR. Rana from IFB Service he is also not responding
and also he is not aware that one complaint is open from monday...
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IFB Dishwasher — Not attending for repair

 Rajagopal1962 on Feb 23, 2017
Not attending for repair

We have IFB dish washer.Recently got it repaired by BRAND WORK SHOP No 233 6thcross
Mathikere Bangalore (08040943982) with bill amout rs 15874/. (Bill invoice no 00288 dated 01/07/2016)and with 12 months warranty during01/07/2016.After wards once again we faced problem with working of dishwaher in december2016.
we complained to above agency several times but in vain.Even they have given me complaint no 1001dated
9/1/2017.Till date no body has turned up.We are fed up with the product we purchased.Every time when we call
the above...
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IFB Industries — Washing machine service request 131491686

 Joseph Chandran on Feb 23, 2017
I bought a washing machine in October 2011 and the machine developed a problem few days back. I lodged a service request in toll free number on 21/2/17 morning (IFB request number 131491686) and I received a call from service center in Nagercoil immediately. From noon they kept me waiting at home till 6pm and telling me the technician is on the way. At 6pm the manager of the service center came online and Promised to send technician on 23rd morning without fail. 23rd morning, I am waiting for the technician, but no one arrived in the morning. When I called service center they responded they have...
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IFB Industries — Amc of washing machine model elena dx

 swarup123 on Feb 22, 2017
I have done AMC for my washing machine on 03.03.2015 for 2 years at Rs.4157/- (Invoice No. 12241, dt. 03.03.2015) with IFB industries, 14 Taratola road, kolkata-700088 but, regret to mention that till date no one has attended for service of the machine. Now, when the AMC period is coming to an end they are calling for renewal of the contract.
Now, I want my full amount refund instead of renewal of the same.
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IFB Industries — Poor after sales services

 tutusunil_64 on Feb 21, 2017
This is with reference to my compliant regarding malfunction of my washing machine. It is very unfortunate that my washing machine has not been repaired till date which puts me in doubt regarding the after sales services of a reputed firm IFB. This is the experience I have gained after 4 four years of purchasing my IFB washing machine. Giving ten years of separe parts support seems to be a mith only.
Any way hope my washing machine will be put in order at the earliest without any further delay. My ticket no is 19187528....
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IFB Industries — IFB W/M Eva Aqua VX 017271-LDT

 Rejoice Christian on Feb 20, 2017
We requested to replace said w/m purchased from you on the date of installation while demonstration to us by your technician, as we drawn attention to technician that there was uncertain noise and vibration, after that he orally committed to visit again and check in detail. In his visit, he brought with solution that we must have to use IFB liquid detergent and suggested us to brought m/c foot stand. We trusted IFB product as we replace our old IFB m/c which was more than 15 years old to this new one.
But after that problem become more trouble some and we finally register complain as your...
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IFB Industries — Non payment of my maturity amount of Rs 8024/- as on 7/9/2000 till date

 akdhawan1957 on Feb 20, 2017
I have invested Rs.4000/- on dated 08/09.1995 vide receipt no LC/C/95/16799 and
on maturity date 07/09/2000 I deposited my certificate with the company vide FDR no LC/C/95/16799 DT 6/2/2001 duly acknowledge by the company with signature & seal.
but till date I have not received my hard earned amount with interest .
I would like to request you to take up my matter & advice me for futher action, so as to get my hard earned money.
Detail of Company
IFB FINANCE LTD, 8/1, Middleton Row kolkata 700071.
they have shifted to mumbai & no trace of calcutta...
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IFB Industries — IFB washing machine complaint

 JeevanJ on Feb 20, 2017
I have called IFB customer care complaint about my IFB washing machine 1104746532, but case closed without any update this is getting repeated by IFB and no proper response from IFB customer care, escalating to higher management also not working totally IFB services behaves worst I will never ever suggest or buy IFB products in future, They try to force customers to buy Ifb accessories during service visit and none of highest managers mobile number connects. What kind of service and business running byIFB...
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IFB Industries — About failure of washing machine.

 Ghanshyam Pasare on Feb 20, 2017
Our ifb 5.5kg washing got failed suddenly.since 4 days.It is not getting start.This is happening second time. We are not getting the reason of failure.If your serviceman can came at home to check then it will be very helpful for me.Kindly look at my complaint and please send within 2-3 days as i am facing so much problem.Contact me..
Contact no:7588550212...
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IFB Industries — Washing Machine showing dPEr

 archanaditya on Feb 19, 2017
My IFB Washing machine is showing a dPEr error as well. I selected prewash and delicate mode. Worked fine until prewash was finished. Delicate mode not starting. I might have overloaded the washing machine, but I was about this amount of load on a regular basis, and never had a problem before. I have recently cleaned out the entire washing machine from top to bottom. It is also developing some mold in the rubber sleeve. How do I get rid of that?...
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IFB Industries — Service providers have not yet attended the complaint since last 2 months for the service of Dishwasher.

 Savita Ganesh on Feb 17, 2017
The service provider at Bangalore have not yet attended the complaint .
We had a AMC for the service, but the part replaced is not fixed properly . I have complained several times. The service guy visited to see the problem and assured of repairing it in next 2 days. Its almost 15 days my problem is not resolved. The service centre is very adamant and lie whenever we call them....
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IFB Industries — Washing Machine - Water Leakage worst customer service [Resolved]

 cvharibabu on Feb 16, 2017
I registered a complaint with IFB on 15th Feb with ticket number 1104802227. they said engineer will come within 24 hours. I got a call today 16th Feb at 11.30am from engineer and he will be at home by 1.30pm. i put half day leave and came home. No engineer turned up. I called twice and they promised me the engineer will be at home in next 10 minutes. As of now 8.20pm no one has turned up. It is waste of time for me. IFB is playing with their customers and not committed. Henceforth i will never buy and never recommend anyone to buy IFB. Very very bad service....
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IFB Industries — Service delivery issues

 Srinivas Nori on Feb 15, 2017
Is there an escalation matrix for IFB service complaints, someone who can be spoken to and who is willing to listen to customers.

I have trying to get a leaky washing machine fixed for one month now. The service franchisee is replacing part after part and charging me too! This is like black mail and completely unacceptable. It has come to a point where they refuse to change the part till I pay first. I need to talk to someone in IFB who can help me understand how their service works. I will appreciate if someone sends me a mail to start this discussion.

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IFB Industries — Eva aqua vx washing machine

 RahulGop on Feb 14, 2017

This is in regards to IFB Service, I had purchased EVA Aqua vx 5.5, 800 RPM Fully Authomated Washing Machine from Croma Center (Marathahalli, Bangalore, KA) on 18th Jul 2015, with the given warranty of four years.


Front Part of the machine (Called PCB); Operating buttons and the complete electronic panel attached with the PCB burnt.

Service request raised to the help desk:

The incident had happened in month of August 2016 and was reported to helpdesk, technician visited the house and said the part doesn't cover...
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IFB Industries — Poor customer service and parts stollen

 roy.madhushree on Feb 14, 2017
Dear Sir,

I have an IFB washing machine which was not working. I called up on the toll free number on the 31st of Jan 2017 and had registered a complaint. Unfortunately I had not recorded the complaint number. However, I did get a call from a technician on the 1st of feb 2017 and he attended my house.
He said that there was a leakage in a pipe. He removed the part. He said he is taking it back with him and that he will replace the part in 2 days. I waited for 2 days. I did not get a call back from him. Then I kept on calling him repeatedly on the 3rd, 4th and 5th feb. On the...
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IFB — Ifb is worst customers service I ever seen.

 Gursumeet_10 on Feb 14, 2017
I bought 2 ifb microwave and 1 ifb front loading 6.5 lt fully automatic washing machine in January 2015. After a week the switches from washing machines panel started coming out automatically and the door got loose.I thought the company gave me defective piece and after my complaint ifbs so called fake engineer came and convinced me to fix the problem and replace the panel . After that every time company gave me new date to replace the door and panel. I go everywhere the shop Bhadarchand&Co. Service center and also talked to north head a lady who operate from ludhiana but nobody care. From past...
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IFB Industries — IFB Washing Machine Mother Board

 ronankisai on Feb 13, 2017
We have purchased IFB Senorita 6.5 kg washing machine After using for 1 year 2 months the machine didnt start. So I have raised a issue to customer care, the technician came and to my surprise he told there is a rat crack at mother board so we cant rectify for free you have to pay 4500 rs. while purchasing they told for 4 years 100 percent warranty. Now they are saying no warranty for rat crack. when i have enquired the rat mesh is just 150 rs . they keep on saying purchase our IFB cover, IFB stand and all IFB liquids all i have purchased. But they never asked me to purchase rat mesh and they never...
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IFB Industries — Demo of ifb washing machine

 aayushi khanna on Feb 10, 2017
I have purchased one fully autimatic machine and one convection microwave just 2 mntha ago and for some reason we have only taken microwave demo but now we hve placed our machine in a particular space kindly sent your engineer for demo of washing machine. it was my our first demo for washing machine and please make it quick as soon as possible. i hope i'll get service soon....
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