Indian Railways — Worst Service in the world.

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Why do the Indian railways maintain Sleeper compartments, when they are not in the manner which it is supposed to be? The wash room in sleeper compartments stinks like hell and is unhygienic. The compartment is crowded with unauthorized vendors and passengers causing inconvenience.
There is no improvement in the service provided since 2000.
Moreover, the ticket checkers are arrogant and currency seekers.
I suggest the Indian railways to privatize, if they are unable to maintain the grass root level standards.
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Service — indian railway

i want to put an complaint to railway authority about missmanagement
As i was on o tour from bilaspur to Delhi and returned by chattisgarh express

1. entry of passangers with general ticket/ MST / without ticket in our compartment and quarelling for sitting at our seats.
2. unavailabilty of water in the coach/ compatment toilets
3. no complaint books are provided on asking so to TTE/ TC, etc
4. Ask for bribe by ticket chekers between beena to jhansi for our original consessional tickets

i think u should help me in these situations as iam a coustomer to ur facility
waiting for positive response
jai hind

Indian Railways — worst services in Railways

I am a regular traveller between Thane to Jalna ( S.C.Ry) by 1401/2 Nandigram Express and that of 7067/8 Devagiri Express . We find always at every day, the sleeper coaches are full with the capacicity of 72+ 100 passengers making nightmere to the bonafide passengers. Rubbish to Laloos making profit, we want to make railways a good administrative body rather that to all those political gimmicks.

Indian Railway — Wrost Quality of food provided by Indian Railway.

Sir / Madam,

This is to bring to your kind notice that the food quality of North East Express (Train No: 2506) is very bad or should I say was worse. The food supplied by the Pantry Car is really very bad & the people working in the Pantry Car behave very badly with the passengers.

I was a passenger in North East Express (Train No: 2506) from New Delhi to New Jalpaiguri. I bought the ticket from Okhla Railway Ticket Reservation Center under the Tatkal Sewa Scheme at a price of Rs.541. My PNR No. is[protected], Coach: S2, Seat/Berth: 70 – UB.

I boarded the train from New Delhi station on[protected] & the train departed at 6:40 am. I took my breakfast of two Samosas @ Rs.15/plate i.e. Rs.7.50 each & Tea @ Rs.5/cup which compared with its quality is very low graded. In the lunch they have two options 1.Non-Veg (where only option is Egg Curry) & 2.Veg; I ordered the same @ Rs.45 / meal. The Rice and the Egg Curry was not even eatable. When I made payment for the lunch with an Rs.50 note. I was supposed to get Rs.5 in return, but the service person in the Pantry Car has not returned the money.

During the dinner the same story happened. I ordered Veg & I was served with what so called Veg Biryani which cost me Rs.40, but trust me it was not eatable at all. I was very disappointed with the food quality of the food and the service provided by the Pantry Car. Everybody in the train was bearing the same feeling.

This is not only the matter of Rs.5 but also the matter of goodwill of Indian Railway. I am a citizen of India. I know that being a citizen of India “Corruption is the part of our life & an Honest man is a liability”, but if there is tourist who visits India & this was being faced by him/her. It would be a bad experience for them & it would harm the goodwill of the Indian Railway.

This is high time and this matter should be looked at with high attention because it takes a lot of time to create goodwill but it takes a little to loose it.

Abhijeet Ghosh.
Mob : +91-[protected] / [protected]
I along with my wife and infant son boarded the 2441 Bilaspur New Delhi Rajdhani express from Durg station on Monday, March 15, 2010.

The PNR number was [protected], class 2A, seat nos 21, 22.

In the rice bowl, we found a dead cockroach.
This was immediately brought to the notice of the catering staff.
They said that the food was packed in Durg station and the running staff were not responsible for it.

But the crux of the matter is that this situation can lead to food poisoning and other ailments. In the train there is no medicines leave alone a doctor.

Such are the standards of the Bilaspur Rajdhani. Incidentally no other Rajdhani suffers from this kind of step motherly treatment at the hands of the Railways. See the facilities available in the Mumbai / Howrah / Sealdah / Guwahati rajdhani.

Indian Railway — Worst Service

I have tried three consucative day to book ticket, but every day i get the same hanging error.
then i tried to book the ticket from ticket counter, when i reach there to collect the reservation form for tomorrow so that i can go there befor 2- 3 hour and get my reservatation done, there i find 4 to 6 people all ready in line for tomorrow's booking, when i conform from the local vender there, they said, people use to start coming from 3 pm to take there place in queue for next day.
It's simply horrible. finaly i get to go through airways.

No Seat Avaibility, No Platform Ticket ( In delhi), Never on Time ( Every route, every where, every train), Poor Service, Worst Employee ( in term of behaviour) .

Our Railway, Indian Railway..

Thank you Mamta Jee..
Dear Sir,

1. It is highly appreciated that myself and my family has travelled in 2 AC instead of 3 AC (originally booked) in train no. 2615 GT Exp from Chennai to Jhansi on 10 Sep 2010 (Refer PNR #[protected] due to up-gradation scheme.

2. In the same time we have also seen the worst 'CATERING SERVICE' provided by RK Catering, New Delhi. We are very surprised to see such a bad service in a super fast express connecting both the metros. Mr Dharmender Singh has served the food and confirmed that the quality of food (Rice and Dal) can not be changed by them and it is in the knowledge of higher authorities.

3. The general cleaning done inside the AC compartments by the railway staff is also not up to the mark.

4. It is requested to look into the matter and take appropriate steps to improve the catering service and also the general cleaning in the AC coaches of super fast trains. Low quality of food may spoil the health of the customers to whome you serve with smile.

Thanking you,

VR satish

15 Sep 2010

Indian Railways — SERVICE

It is quite bitter to my tounge to say that yesterday, what did i experienced while travelling in the Mumbai suburbs through the lifeline of mumbai, the local railways of mumbai.
I bought a ticket coupen from Kharghar railway station to Vashi. I punched coupen of value Rs. 6/- and then I bought another coupen of Rs. 50/- because I have to buy ticket for my colleuge also. Each was of Rs. 7/-.
I first punched the ticket of Rs. 6/- from one of the CVMs and then I punched another Rs. 8/- valued coupen from another CVM.
Noe when we arrived in Vashi, the TC asked us to show our tickets, and found that the rest Rs. 8/- ticket which we punched on another CVM was having the timing 2 hours earlier.
The fault was in the CVM at Kharghar, and the officer charged us Rs. 260/- each.
Though we baught ticket, but due to the Railway's fault, we were charged like this.

Then again when we were about to left Vashi, we went near to the CVM at Vashi and punched ticket for Thane, we found that one more CVM at Vashi was faulty and was showing timing 3 hours prior to the current timing.

So, in this way, the Railway is busy cheating the public by setting the faulty CVMs at the suburb stations in the Mumbai. I strongly protest their stupid action here and want to take strict actions aginst this issue.

Indian Railways — Worst site in this world

Hi All I never seen the site in this world as very and very slow is How worst and they dont have enough money to spend for server...

yes off course totally waste site
yes it is right, indian railway services are worse.
million of citizen travelling daily . but they did not provide any good services to people.
even common people not able to login . worst software is using. please update.
TCS did great projects, better to stop now, thats good for TATA family,
government give chance to other companies for provide better services..
Very bad...
As a regular traveller..9 out of 10 times, the trains gets delayed.I never reached my Destin...on time, every now and then.I don't even think, it will be resolved..but want to show how we are adequate to such thing without resolving.
Very worst experience with indian railways i really shocked that being super fast how come it get delayed by 6.30 hrs that for shprter distance i seriosuly suggest that indian railway minister along with his staff he need to exp with train no 12816 that to in gaya stn. So that they know the public problems unless travelling in chopper and ac vehicles with public tax amount. How many people suffer in stn by sleeping on floor. I suggest people to not to use train 12816 its one of worst train like indian railways.

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    Indian Railways - Worst Service in the world.