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[Resolved]  Kingfisher — No Refund against canceled ticket from Kingfisher airlines.

I Booked 2 return ticket on 17 Sep 12 from Pune to New Delhi and back in kingfisher airlines flight no. IT153 and IT155 for my brother for which PNR no is EBFACZ journey days 1st Dec 12 and 18 Dec 12 respectively
Another is for myself and my wife airline flight no.IT153 and IT150 for which PNR is EWOSBO. journey days 1st Dec 12 and 25 Dec 12 respectively
passengers details are as follows

Adult 1 Name MR DIGVIJAY JANOTI Baggage 20 Kg Ticket No.(s[protected]

Adult 1 Name MR PANKAJ JANOTI Baggage 20 Kg Ticket No.(s[protected]
Adult 2 Name MRS DEEPIKA JANOTI Baggage 20 Kg Ticket No.(s[protected]

Further I made a cancellation request for this ticket on telephone to Kingfisher.

When I asked about refund the kingfisher customer care representative told me that amount will be refunded in 5 working days, After that I was told 7 working days after that 14 working days, after that I was told it will take 21 working days. Afterwords I was told that refunds are taking longer time as our(Kingfisher's) bank account were ceased.
Then I stopped chasing them now I am in some money crises and they are forcing me to file case against them After some time kingfisher customer care no. [protected] also gone out of order.

Till now I have not received my refund, can somebody help me to get this refund. Please show me the way.

Pankaj Janoti
Contact No:- [protected]
Email:- PANKAJ.[protected]@GMAIL.COM
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:07:41
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Airline Fuel Surcharge Kingfisher — Airline Fuel Surcharge

Fuel price has gone down but still all the Airlines are charging Fuel Surcharge and those prices are even more then ticket price. Why they always take advantage of consumers???

Kingfisher — Duplicate Kingfisher bottles


There is a stores in Electronic city which sells Nandini dairy products. This store is in the oposite lane to Velankani office in E-city, Dodda Togur Phase 1. They have Kingfisher stickers with them that they paste on the water bottle cans of 20 litre each and sell them for Rs.55.
This is bad and illegal. Take some immediate action.

Kingfisher — fraud-sale air Ticket

I booked air Ticket in Kingfisher Red- Flight #3146 from lucknow to pune on 25 may 09. my ticket booked id is FLT[protected].

as i purchase ticket for my family, from lucknow to pune, but Kingfisher flight land in mumbai. and after that they travel us by car.

If Kingfisher don’t have lucknow to pune root then why they sale air ticket for that.

please suggest me what should i do regarding that.

Kingfisher — fraud advertisement in Danik Jagran

There was a fraud contest advertisement in daily paper of Danik Jagran (jamshedpur)in the last page of sunday's special newspaper dates 7-6-09.when i played the contest from my mobile no.[protected] on the same day, a reply at 11:49:09 came to my mobile from 57272 in which it was written "This contest is closed ".In this way my 3 ruppes was also been curtailed from my mobile balance and faced frustration too.This is against the ASCI code of conduct.I still have the proof in my inbox of my mobile. Iwant to sue a case against M/s Kingfisher for violating the rules of ASCi for advertising the frud ads in news paper

Kingfisher — refund of canceled ticket

I have not received the refund of flight canceled ticket. I received mail from them that they will refund the amount after deducting 600 rs cancellation charges. As per rule i agreed. but they neither reply nor communicate anything about that. it is now one year.

It is very unprofessional.
I have booked the ticket on 10th January from Delhi to Trivandrum for 18th January through kingfisher airlines over telephone , vide PNR number BQADLO , Ticket Number[protected] in the name of Mr Gulam Mir ,Flight number - IT0203 and the same has been cancelled on 18th January at kingfisher counter at IGI airport New Delhi. Till date i have not recieved any amount of refund despite the lapse of more then one month.
You are requested to look into the matter and refund the amount at an earliest.

Kingfisher — Refund of cancelled ticket

This is the second reminder regarding refund of the ticket cacelled on 18 Jan 2010 at the Kingfisher counters at Indra Gandhi Airport. The details of the ticket are once again given hereunder

Date :- 18. Jan. 2010 from New Delhi to Trivandrum Flight No.IT0203, Ticket No.[protected]
Name of the passenger: Mr. GULAM MIR

The above ticket was booked on 10 Jan 2010 through Kingfisher office.
I was told that the amount will be refunded within a period of few days. But despite the lapse of more than two months, the amount has not been refunded.
You are once again requested to look into the matter and refund the amount at an earliest

Kingfisher — Theft from checked in baggage

I was travelling from hyderabad to Bangalore on 30-April-2010 onKingfisher airlines - IT 2438 Class T. PNR no. LYEIWW . When I reached bangalore and collected my baggage, my personal lock of baggage was missing and all the things inside baggage were in turmoil.and couple of items in my baggage were missing This is a clear cut theft in the check - in baggage which has happened and I want to inform the entire staff of my company to stop travelling with kingfisher airlines. This was not expected from this premium portrayed airlines. As I travel frequently now onwards will never ever travel by kingfisher.

Kingfisher — fraud person using company name

hi,there is a peson name puneet khanna this person is saying that he is working with kingfisher & he is thr president in marketing department of kingfisher . he is asking us to provide the models for the company for there new calender shoot held in mauritius . he is not even giving us his visiting card .but he has send us the fake letter head & scanned visiting card on my mail id .he is saying that he has talked to mr malya directly daily n he is aggry to do the work with us .
dis is reallly true... even i hv gone thru the same...exact wordings was said by this puneet khanna to me...
actually I am running my own consultancy n he came to me with the requirement of personal secretary and front desk executive where he was offering sch a mouthwatering packages...for his C.P. branch in delhi.
n when i asked him for the official ID, he said " my ID is actually hacked by somebody".
n the same stuff was there which is written in above complaint that puneet is in direct touch with Mr. Maliya...
he used to concentrate on girls stuff n even forced me many times for meeting...

Kingfisher — baseless

hi i am sonam and i want to tell the world that Mr Puneet Khanna is not a fraud person.I am working with Him from Last 3 years who ever is saying this totally baseless


Sonam Kapoor

Kingfisher — bad staff

i fly delhi to bangkok 31 dec 2010 1;40 am flight no it 25 here airhostess is very bad behave with me name atul sehgal plz action the staff and inform me by email [protected]

Kingfisher — refund is not getting processed

Hi ,

I booked a ticket from yatra .com of KINGFISHER Airlines from bangalore to chandigarh but the flight from delhi to chandigarh was cancelled and KINGFISHER's people called me saying that i will get refund for 3863 but after 5 days i got refund for 1000 rs and now when i call to yatra or KINGFISHER none of them is helping me.

I have to struggle so much just to get my money

Can somebody help me please
Please help me if there is any constitution in india

Kingfisher — Bad service and no customer responsibility

I would like to place a complaint through this mail about KingFishers service and hassles faced by me and my fiance during our journey to our destination in Singapore from Mumbai on the 5th of February 2011. I seek an acknowledgement as well as a written explanation from you or who ever is in charge and responsible. I had booked my tickets from Singapore to Mumbai and return with your airlines thinking that the service provided by your airlines is the best and comparable to the international class. The tickets were booked on 18th december 2010 and the seats were allotted to me and my fiance. The seats allotted were 25A and 25B for both to and fro flights. When we checked in the flight from Singapore we were told that the seats are already booked with our names. Mess happened when we were at Mumbai airport and were checking in the Mumbai - Singapore flight.
1) The staff at the checkin counter said that there are no seats allotted to us, when i asked why is it so, he said it is because of the rush in the flight and the flight is fully booked. I fail to understand how can a ticket holder who has already been allotted seats at least one and a half months before the travel date, is told at the airport that the allotted seats are given to some one else. - is this a system problem or a human problem? I am a software professional so i dont think this problem can arise due to a software bug and i believe the staff recruited by kingfisher airlines is of the best quality.
2) When asked for a written explanation from KF counter staff, we were told by one of your deputy service manager that we cannot get any written explanation on why the mess was done, he also said that we as a CUSTOMER should cooperate with the airlines, as you are facing high passenger traffic. I still fail to understand here what he meant with this statement.
3) When i said ok give me the seats as i was losing time and patience, KF staff allotted seats for me and my fiance which were miles apart. one was 14B and the other 26A. Without even asking for our preferences, without even knowing who is travelling with whom and instead of being apologetic we were told to board the flight or miss it. Is this the service that kingfisher offers, Is this the reason why some one should spend money and travel with you, Is this the brand, the USP of Kingfisher.
4) It doesnt ends here, after losing patience when i started yelling at KF staff present on the counter, he called the flight in charge or the manager named kelvin, and this guy also told me to accept the seats and said he will arrange for something after we board the flight. I asked him to confirm the same before boarding, as i already had the experience of the promises that are kept by your airlines through the seat allotment, he said to us that once we board the flight he will arrange for things inside. Thinking that this guy is from the high ranks, I also asked for a written explanation from him, and this guy even without being apologetic, instructed the counter staff to not to let us board the flgiht and said he will give us the explanation once the flight takes off. When told him that i will get this statements of his to the media, i was told that he doesnt fears the media or anybody. He also told us that he might give us the business class seats if it is available. I told him that it doesnt matters which ever seats are allotted to us as my top priority was to sit together with my fiance. Now here I want to understand, is this the training KF provides to its staff, is this the quality of the staff that KF hires, who are trained and taught to not to respect others relationships? Does KF even understand what a service is?
5) After boarding the plane, we saw it was not only me and my fiance who suffered this mess, but it was the whole flight that was suffering the mess. Some one was allotted the wrong seats, some one was asked to sit in the seat in which any one was already seated, i even saw one guy standing while the flight was running on the run away as he didnt know where was he supposed to sit. What is the power of the customer in this whole situation? are we supposed to suffer all the time? was it my mistake that your flight was fully booked and i was asked to forget my allotted seats and sit in two different seats?

Kingfisher — difference in fuel surcharge

I had booked a return ticket -- Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi on Kingfisher and I was charged Rs 4150 as fuel surcharge. I had travelled one way Mumbai Delhi and the airline agreed to give me a full refund on the Mumbai Delhi ticket. But here is the catch. The airline now says that Rs 3400 was charged for the Delhi-Mumbai route and I would get a refund of only Rs 750. Can the fuel surcharge for the same route be so different especially when the base fare for both the journey is same.

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