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 Sudhinta Sinha
Iwould like to draw your attention regarding cheating of customer by hte branch office of this company by the Bartand, Dhanbad branch of this company as I took connection of internet from this company and intalled on my laptop on 12th november 2009. One month free service was provided by the company for internet service till12 december 2009 thoughwe had opted under 'Budget 150' postpaidplan for Rs.150/month. But dealer without informing to us automatically it converted to 'unlimited' postpaidplan for Rs.799/month inspite of saying constantly that we want to opt for the earlier mentioned plan. He verbally assured us " Ho jayega sir" but at last after free trial of one month he compelled to take another one by saying "Ab nahi ho sakta chalaiye ek mahina".
Kindly look into the matter and take necessary actions for misguiding and cheating of the customer by the employe of thier company so that the customer may trust them.
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Tata DoCoMo Customer Care's response, Mar 20, 2012
Dear Mr. Irphan,

Greetings from Tata Docomo!

We would like to inform you that, we have confirmed from the concerned department that, you have crossed your credit limit up to 132% and there was no wrong billing and you are charged as per the usage. Hence, we kindly request you to please clear the outstanding amount of Rs.3308/- ASAP.

For any further assistance please mail us at Customer.[protected]@tatatel.co.in or you can call us on[protected].

Thanks and Regards,
Customer care
Tata Docomo.
Verified Support
Tata DoCoMo Customer Care's response, Mar 28, 2012
Dear Ms. Cheriyan,

Greetings from Tata Docomo!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to inform you that, your complaint has been registered vide docket number NTT[protected]. We have accorded it top priority and are expressly working towards resolving it at the earliest. We will revert to you shortly, request you to kindly bear with us in the interim.

For any further assistance please mail us at Customer.[protected]@tatatel.co.in or you can call us on[protected].

Thanks and Regards,
Customer care
Tata Docomo.
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Email to the Nodal Officer.
Hi Dheeraj,

Finally, I am writing this mail after lots of exasperation and harassment gifted to me by your so called "Gadget Of the Year" company.

I lodged a complaint to surrender my connection along with a hand written application in second week of January at Hyder Nagar Office, Hyderabad. I confirmed the same when I received a call from Tata Photon for cancellation. I received a bill of Rs. 558 for hardly using any service in the month of January.

When I called your customer care for inquiry on the bill, it was told to me that "We will definitely look into the issue and get back to you" as your employees are always taught to say but there was no action taken against it. The issue doesn't end here. Then, I started receiving the calls for not paying the bill. Your front end executives start speaking before listening to customers problems that too not in the preferred language but in some regional language which is totally an alien language for me.

I received a call in the month of Feb and it was told to me that there is no cancellation request given by me which is totally a wrong statement and shows how sincere your employees are. When I explained my problem again like a stupid customer, again a so called "TICKET" was created which is of no importance because it has become a usual thing for Tata Photon to miss SLAs. As per this call, my account was deactivated from Jan 12, 11 to Jan 20, 11 but again it was reactivated again for no reason. On one hand, you people say cancellation request was not given then why the account is deactivated. Now, when I have told many times on my pain to you people that I have given the cancellation request then why no action is still taken to deactivate the connection permanently. Instead of solving the customer's problem, you are giving me more problems and pains by sending me bill of forth coming months like March 11 for postpaid connections. Don't you find it funny to receive the march bill on Mar 11 itself for a post paid connection.

I called customer care on Mar 6, 11 at 2255hrs and spoke to Avinash (front end executive). I got to know from him that the ticket is in Open State with Billing Department on which no action has been taken till date. Am I a fool receiving your mails to pay the bill for not using your connection from the day I have given request for the connection surrender?

Tata is troubling me so much that a mail is not enough to explain it. I think a good and enthusiastic writer can write a book on the problems faced by Tata customers. Please go through the usage of your internet in my account for the period it was with me. I have hardly used it and paid you full bills without any issue. Now, its high time to take action

At last, I am telling you very clearly that I am not going to pay any bill to you guys till my problem is totally solved and I will just for the usage made by me before requesting for surrender of connection. Do whatever best possible is in your hands being a so called NODAL OFFICER to solve customers' complaints instead of hiring foolish employees. Please do not waste my precious time by sending meaning less bills.

If I repeatedly keep receiving such emails and calls then I wont hesitate in take some serious actions against you guys. So, its better you take some action before I take and solve my issues.

Tata Photon — Company cheating- Photon is almost not working


I Bought TATA photon and it was working fine but couple of month it stop working and its performance is reduce . They commit for 2 mbps but it not working.

How I can go with legal for this services because my work is completely depend on internet and they cheat with us .

TATA photon is bakwas so please don't buy it.

This is Mohammed Sirajuddin, Last Friday on 4th March, I was subscribed to your TATA PHOTON network (Postpaid) and submitted all my documents to your representative Mr. Anand contact number [protected] and he promised that he will activate by next morning. Result, till now it has not been activated.

I have taken this connection to save my time from office by working from home but when I call to same executive Mr. Anand to ask why he has not submited my documents, he is doing argument & threatening me not to call and disturb and when i asked his manager number then again he is threatning me and using vulger word, on the other hand telesales rep calling me to submit my documents for that I have taken half day leave from my office and gone to one of my near by TATAPHOTON outlet, that person served me in good way but didn't help me out, adviced me to go to main branch of Kormangala to submit.

This is my first TATA product and seriously I fed up with your service, One Executive threatening me & one outlet person has not taken my documents.

Satisfied customer is best advertisement.

I am not at all satisfied, I don't want to be a part of such Threatening service provider.

I will share this experience with every one to whom i know and even to whom i don't know.

I new few more network who treat customers as a king...

Kindly take an action agians this kinda employees or else one day this will effect to your company revenue...

Today i am moving out from your network, tomorrow few more will move...

Tata Photon — Services not working for last three months


I bought a TATA PHOTON device in October 2010 and since then complaining to TATA folks about worse service in sector-26 of Noida. I regularly paid their bills and then intimated that conditions have gone worst and I am not able to use it as all.

I spent lot of days to communicate my problem but it was never resolved. They know that issue is with server upgrade and committed to complete it in Feb which didn't happen. Then moved the dates. But all the communication from their side showed that its not going to improve in near future.

Finally I asked for refund. They took more than 1 month to decide and then asked for device, ear-phones in the pcking box with invoice. This device was bought under corporate scheme provided to HCL employees for 1800 Rs. I have everything but not able to locate my bill. But company should have details about the billing against a number. They are denying to take the device back which is of no use for me.

Please help me resolving this. I have sufferred a lot in last three months because it heavily impacted my work and overall productivity.

Same problem with me...
hey man, is it the speed u get in torrent downloads coz even i get the same speed : max : 10kbps while downloading torrent files.
They are shaping the traffic for torrent softwares.
lets get together and kick their !
trust me we will win!

All we have to do is get in touch with as many people as possible here who are victims.
call me : sachin: [protected]
please share ur contact number and ur location here. spread the message...

1. Please refer to our telephone conversation between self and your customer care office. This is bring in to your notice that I have a USB modem based broad band wireless connection under your brand band TATA Photon on number [protected] with 5 Gb unlimited plan. I am using this connection since Dec 2010, I am facing the following problems:-

(a) Very low speed.
(b) Connectivity is very poor.
(c) The downloading speed is just 4 Kbps to 44 Kbps max.
(d) Poor quality customer care service.

2. I have tried to contact your customer execution number of time on number-[protected] but instead of position or fair response, I have received negative response showing no interest in my complaint.

3. I have always faith in any services provided by your brand name TATA, but it seems that your company is not able to come to any customer’s satisfaction.

4. May I request to solve the problem as this type of negative approach will bring bad reputation to TATA.
This is bring in to your notice that I have a USB modem based broad band wireless connection under your brand band TATA Photon on number [protected] with 5 Gb unlimited plan. I am using this connection since Dec 2010.
I have tried to contact your customer execution number of time on number-[protected] but instead of position or fair response, I have received negative response showing no interest in my complaint. On 9 April my complain no[protected], whan I call to your customer executive, they said our engineer is visit to your side today but after 36 hrs nobody is come, Than I call 10 April morning, customer executive are say same our engineer is visit to your side today. If you not take any action in this case I will go to higher Authority.

Group Commander
Technical Support Group
National Security Guard
Meharam Nagar
New Delhi-110037
Dear Sir,

1. Please refer to Customer ID No [protected].

2. I have a broad band having Customer ID No [protected] which is faulty and not working since 08 April 2011. The complaint regarding fault has been lodged to customer care, Tata Photon vide Complaint No[protected] dated 09 April 2011,[protected] dated 10 April 2011,[protected] dated 15 April 2011 and interaction ID No[protected] dated 16 April 2011. Several reminders have also given to the customer care, but still no positive response gas been made to me. The device has been declared faulty by your engineer who visited on 13 April 2011 also with assurance of change of hardware within 24hrs. Even passing after 24hrs we have again given reminder to the customer care. After interaction with Customer care again same statement was given for change of hardware by 4 PM on 16 April 2011. But as on today the condition is same. We had again reminded the customer cares who given the address of Lajpatnagar Service Centre saying that the device will be changed by them. Our representative went to Service Centre at Lajpatnagar. They said there that the device is not available with them. The whole act of your company is just a case of harassment to the customer which is not acceptable.

3. In view of the above, you are requested to look into the matter personally and instruct the staff to rectify the problem at the earliest. If the problems can not be rectified, our deposit be refunded and the device be deposited back at the earliest so that we can apply for some other better connection.

Tata Photon — cheat customers

I bought Tata Photon in Bangalore around 15 days ago. According to the plan the speed should be upto 3.1 Mbps.But it never reached upto 10% what we offered.The speed was 0.30 Mbps.I complaint to the customer care.One representative came and changed the settings then it comes to0.62 Mbps. Then I got a call from Mr.Ranjit,from Tata photon that this is the maximum speed i m getting.I cant get much than this.when i asked them to give speed at least 1 mbps ,he refused and disconnect the phone.
I bought Tata photon only for speed.As It was shown on the Advertisement that Photon means Speed.With my 15 days of experience with this product I am very unhappy and unsatisfied.This product in the market is to cheat us.We as a customer are their main victims.
Nidhi u r lucky that u r getting 0.62 Mbps speed. I bought Vodafone data card in Mumbai around 10 days ago.According to there plan the speed should be upto 3.1 Mbps and minimum speed will be 1.0 Mbps.but I am getting speed of 16 kbps to 47 Kbps and sometimes it show speed in bps.. can u believe this.
Dear Sir, It is a matter of great regret to inform you that the bill payment system in TVH Coco, Ulubari, B.Baruah, Guwahati-781007 is in very poor condition for the services provided.It is a regular feature that for payment big queue to be maintained for a single counter & the working time the staff do notfunction properrly to give effective service.Even after consequtive visit o[censored]ndersigned the payment of Bill for April'11 could be made on 19th April'11 against Account no.[protected] & Photon no.[protected] vide money receipt no.3213464
Although the complaint was lodged to Ms. Rashmi, but paid no heed to the complain & informed of accepting such situation.
Dear Sir, we are the esteemed customer & in return if such situation are to be faced & such reply received from a responsible lady then how do you expect to give proper customer service.It is indeeed a matter of great concerned & should be enquired into the matter so that you serve the customer properly.
I feel that the action initiated for better service is communicated immediately to the undersigned.
Alok Deb,
Phone [protected], Mail ID:- deb_alok006 @ redifffmail.com
I have Purchased a Tata Photon from one of the dealer " Direct Connections " Thane on 11/12/2010 ( Receipt no 178 ). There was a scheme of Free gift of a Laptop bag . At the time of purchase I was promised that the Bag will be delivered at My place on the assurance from the dealer I had purchased the Tata Photon. Since then, lot of times I had followed up with Mr. Pravin Thakur ( Cell no [protected], email ID [protected]@gmail.com ) of Direct Connections, but sad to say I have been fooled for the free gift and till date I have not received the same. After a few days of Purchase I was told that the scheme was closed and instead of the Bag I'll be getting a Anti Virus CD that too have never reached to me.

My MDN N0 is [protected].

I am informing you about this, as many of the persons like me would have been made fooled like this. I never expected things like this from a Brand Name like TATA. I hope you will surely do the needful.

Tanveer Ahmed
Planning & Design

ETA Engineering Private Limited
Unit No. 1 to 6, Ground Floor, 265 & 266
Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Road,
Goregaon (East)
Mumbai - 400 063

Direct Line:[protected]
Mob: +91 [protected]
E-Mail: [protected]@eta-engg.com
i have no getting in sufficent speed 150 kbs tata photo whiz.so many time am complianted no body no turn back pls accepted my request

Tata Photon — no help / false charges

nimit jain
chennai -600001
a/c no[protected]tata photon whiz
i have been over charged for usage on asking for list of websites which have been browse they refuse to provide any details and on asking for service termination 27 april they said they will cal back .the are just cheating the customer . they are giving poor customer service . they don do what they promise . now i have to pay bill for may for not using internet at all . they are just cheating . kindly help me please or they keep on charging for internet usage without using it at all Innocent indians subscribing for such a service .how come government of india could give license to such fraudsters. dear indian friends never buy tata product ,if this website can help consumers kindly take action on this please
whats the use in lending the vote to such a government who is slave of such of companies
maine tataphoton ka connection [protected] par activet karya aur mera modam 1 ya 1 1/5 month me hi khrab ho gaya tha to maine apn amodam reparir ke liye shimla tata repair center me bhej diya 75 daye s ke bad repair ho ke mujhe mila maine ac/no 93675102 me hi dusra modam no [protected] activet karaya lekin mera bill fir bhi 1622 ka hai jabki maine modam use hi nahi kiya hai mera proble solve karne ke liye bataie.
my modam no [protected] is under reapir at tata care center shimla of two moths after iam perchase tata photon wizh new modam no [protected] and activet unlimited plan rs-699/- but after continui of rent of modam no [protected] this modam iam not use of this modam please sir solution for my thi problme thank.


This is to inform you that i want to return back your device at the earliest as I am very much unsatisfied with your service.
Let me make things very clear here as to what happened.

They came and verified my address and noted it wrongly but collected all the required documents from me.

My first Tata photon no:[protected].I used the same for one week and without my prior intimation they disconnected the same after which they did not reverted me back despite i did call them several times.

They did not even receive my calls and i had to chase them like a wild dog and after an Herculean effort from my end to search their office (the worst office that i have ever seen), i caught hold of them after which they suggested me to take a new PHOTON no : [protected] (they collected 100 INR from me for the same)and also collected the fresh documents from me.But they did not activated the connection for the same.

They came again for a re verification when I was with my family but they have given negative feedback as I being a bachelor.This same information was not even given to me from their end instead i got the same after I started digging into the matter.This whole process has taken almost 40 days and now it is taking a toll on me and to my utter surprise they are asking me to give me fresh documents and now I am not interested in your service anymore.

Kindly send me the cheque that i have paid earlier through online whose screenshot i have already sent you.I have also paid the 1 week bill that I used before getting deactivated.
Revert me back as early as possible for a smoother transactions from either end.

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