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Did you know that Tata Indicom Photon Plus is the only best product introduced by Tata Indicom. Even though it doesnt work everywhere its speed is very good. There is a main problem with it. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR IT. I tried calling cutomer numbers total 7 numbers. No one knew what to do. They keep passing the problem to the other phone number (not passing between departments but phone numbers). Finally I tried to email them. There too I receive only phone numbers. THE SAME PHONE NUMBERS. Then all of a sudden I receive an email saying My Problem has been solved and that they are closing the complaint!!! Say WAT????? To hell with them. If any of you know the correct customer care number pls do let me know. Thank You.

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TATA INDICOM Broad Band (Pre-paid) — Very bad customer support, No solution, No money refund, Mental harassment

It is really sad to say but unfortunately I am a customer of TataIndiCom Broad-band (Prepaid Connection). I am using TATAINDICOM Broad Bank Pre-Paid connection since last more than one year. For some reasons, I had to relocate my apartment . I requested for Shift of location on website and got the Lead No 1532464 is feasible. It is showing Shift of Location charges of Rs. 500. I was surprised to know the charges. Just to shift the location where there is a feasibility, you are asking Rs. 500 from the customer...really surprising. Anyways, I thought of moving with those charges and asked customer care to proceed. I got another call from one of your executive (i think cabling department) saying that you will have to pay Rs. 600 more for cabling too since it is under ICC network. I was shocked. Rs.1100, just for moving from one place to another with-in Wanowari. What the hell you guys are talking about? I was completely numbed. I asked that guy but he told that these are the charges, contact to customer care for more information.

I called up customer care on the same day and she asurred me that only Rs.500 is to be paid, there is no other charges. I asked her to confirm but she was sure about that. I asked her how much time will it take to complete this process, she told me that you will be receiving a form which I never received till now. I called customer care asking about the status but no one was aware about it. One of your executives asked me to visit TATA INDICOM office at Kalayni Nagar, Pune. I decided to visit the office to close this. I visited TATAINDICOM office and talked to Mr. Vaibhav[protected] and he told me that you will have to pay Rs. 500 (VSNL charges) + Rs. 800 (ICC cabling charges) = Rs. 1300 (relocation charges). Another shock...charges are increasing each & every day. Rs.1300 more to utilize my Rs. 1373.78 balance amount. Is it the way, TATA INDICOM treats existing customers? Anyways, there is no limit of harrasment at TATA INDICOM. It is still continuing. I asked Vaibhav to TERMINATE my connection and return my balance amount because this is not at all practical to pay Rs. 1300 just for relocation. He told me that he has processed my request and request # is 5413280 and told me that money will be transferred with-in 45 days. Another shock...45 days to get my money back. Is it at all justified? What if customer wouldn't pay any of your bill, wouldn't you charge interest on that? Will you gusy pay me interest on this amount?? Anyways, I didn't argue on that and agreed. Vaibhav assured me that I shall get a call from one of TATAINDICOM executive on next day. I thought that it should be resolved now.

Even though, I didn't receive any call. I called one of your executives again and asked her to confirm the status of my request# 5413280. Now another story, she told me that you wouldn't get your money back because this is PRE-PAID connection. Another shock...she gave me another request# 5423492. I asked her to forward my call to your senior manager, but she told me that lines are busy and any senior manager will get back to me on this. Can anybody tell me what the heck should I do to get rid of this? Is it justify to pay Rs.1300 to use my own money.

I would like to know:
- Is it the way to treat a customer? I have been your customer for more than one year. I am also a Professional and I never treat a customer like this. I can't say a customer that this is not my department, contact to customer care & so and so. We are working as a Team in a company and we should take care of customer's request. We should resolve the problem rather than saying talk to this and that. Atleast communicate internally and let customer know the resolution.
- Being such a reputed company of INDIA, are you guys working in such unprofessional manner?? I am shocked.
- I just received another call from Vaibhav few minutes back and he is saying that he never told me that I will get my balance money back. Should I visit your officers and do recording to make sure our conversations? He told me to contact to nodal office. He didn't give me any solution. Everyone in TATAINCOM organization is throwing the ball to someone else court.
- Why this is not mentioned on website that I have to pay Rs. 1100 or Rs. 1300 etc?? Website is still reflecting Rs. 500.
- Can there be any single point of contact to resolve my problem?

Harsh Birla

TATA Indicom — Faulty/ Non-existing Customer Service

If there is hell on Earth, that is dealing with Tata Indicom. when I made payment to my wireless landline, they did account it in mobile and disconnected the landline. Finally, fed up to the brim, I surrended both the lines. The landline (Wireless) was always down and they promised discount which never came.

Now, I had only one wire line 66366887 in AP circle and I wanted change of billing address. i made 7-8 requests online but everything gets closed without any resolution. They say they cannot wait. When I asked the reason by raising a complaint on the service, I was warned against raising "Invalid Complaints". I was told to be available "anytime" in the next four days with all proofs, name boards, evidences etc without which they cannot change the billing address. I never gave any such proof when I took the connection.

If India has to survive, such organisations have to die. Government Offices and Muncipal Corporations in smalltowns are much better than Tata Indicom.

I request you all to NEVER venture into anything that reads "Tata ..."
The biggest mistake of my life was having connection in TATA Indicom. I really traveling with Tata Indicom false billing. Actually I have a Landline(Wireless)[protected] and I used it for receiving incoming calls. I have use outgoing in very rear case because I have another Vodafone connection. At first 4 months the charged genuine amount around 350.00 per month. But after that period my phone was always indicating busy. This problem continue around 20 days and I have complaint many times but their mechanics could not solve the problem then they have told me that they will change my Hand set.
And finally they change my hand set And same days I got a call that “please make payment of 2800.00 for avoiding disconnected your services”. I have again complain in their customer care. One day I have receive bill of 2800.00 in which 90% calls are related to that that place from where I don’t know any one.

Tata Indicom Service Dept — Problem against tata Indicom service dept.

Dear Service Team,

I have the TATA Cell :- [protected] . And my last bill was Rs:210/- . I have paid the bill before due Date ( 22/09/2008) as alwaysand my receipt no. is"4202750. So I think you understand that my last bill is clear and my next due date will be 22/10/2008.

Now the problem is that from "TATA Service" my outgoing was cutted first at 30/09/2008.
At that time I called to Customer care at 121 no. and taled with "Jigar" . He checked in the system and replied me that your last bill is reversed so you have to visit the Outlet where you have paid the bill and gave me Docket No:[protected]. And started my outgoing service.

Next Day I visit there and request the same for this, the "Executive" at outlet told me that your every thing is clear and you will not face the problem for this.

Next time I also face the problem for making outgoing calls at 04/10/2008 . Again I gone through customer care and taled with 3 persons (Dhiman, Pranav, Someone else). Again I received the docket no:[protected]. They told me to visit once agian for shortout this issue. Next day I visit once again to that office just because of this worst service. Again the same process happened .

Now from today onward I can't make the outgoing calls, I called to "Customer Care" and noe they still waiting for credit my stupid 200 rupees, because still the reverpayment issue is not clear from your system. And please tell me that how many times a customer have to pay the same bill.

Also I want to know that your persons are giving me the docket no. day by day, so is there any implementation on this. Or just customer have be struglled every time.

Kindly check the below sheet for my total bill details, I hope that you will solve asap and not give me any chance for further actions.

Very bad service like always.
I am just typing away this comment which was mailed from me to TATA legal team, for which till now I haven't received any kind of response. If you go for a photon plus please think twice.

I had raised a complaint with respect to photon plus which was linked to my account on 2nd of may 09 there was no proper response and I couldn’t use my photon connection for 2 days which is highly critical for my kind of work where I need to access my mails & do my work, so I had an severe mental torture as my whole lot of office work everything went for toss.

 Then for the second time that I raised a complaint for the non connectivity of photon plus on 12th of May 09 and there was worst service I could ever experience in my life time, there was not a single support on resolving my concern when ever I had called up the customer care 121 and this again lead to loss of my office work & time and for this more over I went physically to the TATA main office located at Khan Lateef Khan estate near Lal bahadur stadium in Hyderabad, I wasted my whole of the day in chasing behind the technical support people for getting my photon plus activated whereas this was a clear responsibility of TATA Teleservices to provide online support or else to send across a technician to my location to get this done. So it resulted loss of time & the worst of worst service which was given.

Immediate after this incident I passed by I requested to split my account of photon plus. Getting this done from TATA Teleservices Ltd., I experienced one more pathetic service, when my bill got generated they have added what ever usage was made from photon plus was added to my old account instead
of adding to the new account of photon plus, I wonder why this was done on what basis it was added to my photon plus usage to my old account.

After the bill generation I got to know my bill has come to Rs 7500 odd whereas I had made the payment of Rs 3668 for which I don’t see any details in it and later on I asked the customer care people to provide me the details of my usage there was no any response for my request made and they expected me to pay the bill, how this is possible I have a right to ask my bill details as per the section of the Right to information act, 2005 under TRAI guidelines.

And till now I have been calling on daily basis from past 8 days stating that I am not able to connect photon plus, one person from customer says me it’s a technical problem, another person says me it’s a backend server problem, I have been hearing 10 different things from the customer care, they themselves doesn't know what is the cause of the issue & they take the customer concerns in a very casual way and in a very negligent manner.

In the notice sent to me numbered with TTL/LEGAL/138/ dated 5th June 2009 they are stating that I have agreed to the terms & conditions of the Tata Teleservices Ltd while providing me the connection from them, if that is the case what about the terms & conditions which each service provider should follow while lending service to the customer which is invisible for me, what kind of service they agreed upon the TRAI before launching any kind of services have you they been following it ?

Is this a service or the rules that TATA Indicom people follow and imply on customers and TATA indicom people are least bothered to serve the customer with their concerns. I have been following up from the day one there is a zero response, no update. I just question their legitimacy of providing the service, hope if they were in my position they would have at least known the fact of providing the below the mark or worst service any one could experience from TATA Teleservices Ltd /TATA Indicom.

I have undergone very severe mental torture and ended up with lot of problems which has impacted my day to day life to an great extent from using the photon plus of TATA Teleservices Ltd.
They are basically deceiving the customer and his rights.

Raman Pushkar
I recieved one TATA Photon Plus USB, After Paying Rs. 1399/- online in a promotion scheme of TATA + HP offer.

The delivery executive assured me that a system engineer will come to me for the installation. But nobody visited even after two days. Also when I tried to contact Call Centre they keep on passing the complaint to here and there and give many nos to contact. But nobody is capable to help, as I dont have Tata Photon No, so I am neither An Existing Customer nor A new one

Hari Malhotra
It"s very bad i dont like it i hope you also dont like it its speed is not working & sometime it stop working. i dont like it & if you are seeing it please & want a connection So, please take a connection of reliance or vodaphone.
Aatish Shivhare.
tata photon is very bad
Aatish Shivhare
Really very Wrost services from TATA Indicomm...
Fully agreed, I also suffered same in Wired Broadband connection
This product sucks in terms of customer satisfaction - charges were hidden until 1st month's bill, no customer care details
I have taken a Photon Plus connection about fifteen days ago and till date it is no put to working condition despite my repeated contact to thero local executive as well as a called up their office at Noid, Delhi & Chandigarg as well. It seems that there is a lack of management in a reputed company like tata indicom which is really sad. I still hope that it may work within a few days or I have to think onterwise

Parkash Gariyal
Jalandhar Cantt (Punjab)
I certainly agree with all you guys.TATA photon connection is very bad.Initially i was told by the representative that i would be getting a speed of 153 kbps.The speed rarely crosses 110 kbps.It takes 5-10 mins to open a page.I don't understand why these people deceive the customers to sell their products.
TATA, please stop fooling people.
I also faced the same problem. They kept giving me numbers. I called up about 6 numbers and they end up giving the same numbers back again in 'multiple' loops. Some of them were even rude enough to just cut the phone while I tried in desperation to tell them my problem so that they can point me. TATA corporate has infact isolated every team from the other that they have been given only phone numbers ( half knowledge). If you want to avail their IVRS, you need a photon+ number which is not given. In the end, I am neither a new customer or an existing customer with a whole bunch of useless numbers.

I got it finally done by some good soul who finally picked up there and himself agreed that TATA has a very bad customer service.
I had the same problem with customer service numbers where no one seemed to give me the right number. Anyway, I finally got this number - [protected] which seems to be the right number for Tata photon plus connections, atleast for Mumbai.

Otherwise the connection speed is pretty good. I sometimes get upto 300 kbytes/s. On average more than 150+ kbytes/s.
I had similar experience, they keep passing the call to the next person ending up nowhere, tired with the service. No guess, how big will be my first month bill, hopefully less than Rs 2000, because lot of people with similar experiences posted complaints.
I am using TATA INDICOM Photon PLUS connection for one and half month. My bill has been generated for last 7 days but they have not sent any bill to my address. But, they are disabled my connection that my previous bill is due. I have calling customer care. Nobody knows what to do. Who is responsible to send the bill? They are giving different mobile number. But no one is responding properly. I don’t know what to do. It is absolutely unprofessional approach. If any one knows what to do, plz inform me? I want just my bill to pay the due and to access my internet.
Thanks, i was just thinking to buy the product... now too bad i won't. i don't want to another victim of TATA INDICOM
How to see my tata photon plus Bill Amount through Net. Please tell me the website and the screen flow to get my bill amount. Thank you.
Your customer care for Photon is absolutely hopeless and fraudulently dealing with the customers. It deserves a legal scrutiny.

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