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[Resolved]  Vodafone — Pathetic Customer Service

Current Vodafone Number: [protected]
Alternate Number: [protected]

I am a Vodafone subscriber since 1998 and had also been an Assistant Manager @ HTMT Mumbai for Vodafone process (2005 to 2007).
The never ending belief and trust on the product had made me stick to Orange, then Hutch and now Vodafone.
Being a part of operation while I was in HTMT, I myself valued its working ethics.

I switched onto a blackberry phone 2 months before and therefore started the Prepaid Blackberry Plan of Rs.399/month, so as to get the Blackberry Internet Service and BBM.
It all worked amazingly well for a month's time, however once the subscription ended (without any service alert sms) since I wanted to keep on using the service, I sent the 1 day subscription SMS (BIS15 to 144).
The BIS got active however I was charged 0.10 paise unlimited times as a browsing charge and so I called up Customer Service 111.

Executive: These are browsing charges for Vodafone Live.
Me: I am on BIS and my web browsing is free.
Executive: U might have some settings issue, please visit the vodafone gallery.
Me: Asked for an escalation to the Floor Manager.
Executive: Kept on Hold for 21 mins and later denied Escalation claiming No Manager available.
Me: Post several request call was escalated to Charu Sheela (A Team Leader).
Charu Sheela: Sir your charges are due to Vodafone live usage.
Me: I am on BIS and my browsing is free and moreover I only use Facebook and Whatsapp on my Blackberry Phone.
Charu Sheela: Whatsapp is a 3rd Party product and so you are charged for using Whatsapp.
Me: I accepted her solution but requested her to give me solution for not charging me on using Whatsapp for the last 30 days.
Charu Sheela: Could not answer.
Me: Asked an escalation to an authority above her.
Charu Sheela: Agreed to escalate the call to Shahbaz (Floor Manager) and so kept me on hold for 38 mins but call was disconnected without anyone answering my call.
........ No callback for the disconnection ........

I called up again from my another number ([protected]) and asked for an escalation to which my call was escalated to Suhas (Floor Support)..... On continuously requesting my call to be handed over to Charu Sheela, I was informed that Charu Sheela is not available.
Me: Asked for an escalation to the manager.
Sujay: Agreed to transfer the call to the Floor Manager Shahbaz ..... Kept on hold for 53 mins and call was disconnected .....
........ Once again no call back for the disconnection.

I called up once again and asked for an escalation to which my call was escalated once again to Suhas (Floor Support) and he denied any discussion from his end.....
On continuously requesting my call to be handed over to Charu Sheela, I was connected to Charu Sheela and she very cunningly replied back that the call was disconnected from my end since they don't have any source of disconnection (I have worked on Avaya IP phones)
Me: Asked for an escalation to the manager and got connected to Vijay Verma, who noted down my complaint (Complaint Number not provided) and assured me necessary actions within 48 hours of time.

Its been over 4 days now and there is no action whatsoever..... the deductions are happening as it use to happen a week back ....

I called up 111 today to know the update on my complaint to which the executive asked me the complaint number which I didn't have and so I asked for an escalation to Vijay Verma ..... Executive Kept me on hold for over 47 mins and disconnected my call .....

Has Vodafone permitting their Managers to disconnected customer calls when there is no solution ????? Because during Hutch times call disconnection was a crime and it lead to the termination of such culprits.

Action Awaited .....
Complaint marked as Resolved 2016-12-02 22:47:05
Verified Support
Vodafone India Customer Care's response Aug 16, 2012
Hello Meenal,

Please share your contact number with us here and we will get back to you with assistance.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Verified Support
Vodafone India Customer Care's response Oct 04, 2012
Hello Vikas,

We wish to inform you that you were charged for usage on Vodafone Live. Please visit your nearest Vodafone Store to delete the Vodafone Live setting from your handset and avoid further balance deduction.

Vodafone Customer Care, Mumbai.
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Vodafone — one should use it

i had applied for a vodafone connection in gurgaon,India on 8th of Nov 2007, the documents were collected by their executive from my office and verification checks were done over the phone. But the verifier misinformed about the status of my residence due to which my connection did not get activated. I visited the Vodafone outlet where i registered my complaint and verification was again done then and there, but yet my connection never got activated. Also, when i try contacting the vodafone customer care to cancel my application i can never get to their postpaid connection department as their phone lines are always directed to the prepaid section and they have no system of redirecting calls.Its a pathetic company with a lousy system.It was much better when it was Hutch.
My self tusar ranjan nayak, AT:P.W.D Collony,post-sakhigopal,puri,orissa, i want 2 job in your customer care orissa, i know hindi,english,oriya,bengali,kannada, my quallification is h.s.c,c.h.s.e.. iam a experinces mobile GSM/CDMA mechanic, i know mobile flashing,unlocking,servicing with computer DCA,PGDCA,AUTOCAD R-14 Programing.

I had billing problem with vodafone i calle dup customer care and asked the agent to transfer the call to a manager he bluntly refused ot do so. i m one the best paying customer of vodafone but they have not been consisitent, i believe hutch was better compan managed by proffesioanl people vodafone has bad reputation in uk and so is spoling its reputation in india asw ell.

Vodafone — ex party deduction in prepaid balance

I have topped up balance to about Rs 201at Thane Maharashtra India on 7-05-08 and proceeded to Karnatak State . At Hubli i checked my balance around 9/10th may it showed me only Rs1.17 even though i did not made call since 7thto 10thMay . Customer care is not responding in this matter MB no [protected]
Pramod Patankar 18-05-08
I wanted to convert my Vodafone Post Paid No. to Pre Paid & I had made the necessary payment for their outstanding current bill amount while the conversion of the existing no.

The necessary amount was being paid on 31st July, 2008. and I was being committed that the balance amount of Extra payment + Safety Deposit of Rs. 500/- would be refunded within 60 working days.

Almost after 56 days when I visited the nearest Vodafone Store on 26th or 27th September to checkout the status for my refund cheque (Irrespective of no. of times I called up the Customer Care), I was being told that your request for refund has been taken and it will be delivered at your home within next 20 working days.

Now on 16th October, 2008. when the 20 days according to their commitment got over, I again called the Customer Care and as usual I got a answer that the refund has already been dispatched and you will be receiving it in next 15 days!!!

I am pleased to say that Vodafone is just cheating their customers and do not even bother to look after their problems!!! Even the Customer Care Executives are very Rude while speaking to the Customers. I had sent a Feedback to Vodafone via their Web Site but even that was being ignored.

I had followed the same procedure with Airtel for conversion from Post Paid to Pre Paid and their Customer Service was so Excellent that I received my refund cheque on 32nd Day after making my necessary payments for the current bill while conversion.
The DND service of vodafone is pathetic.

Even after opting for DND for more than 60 days as of now, I still receive the promotional sms. The action has not yet been taken, but yet again given other service registration number.

What is the use of vodafone providing the so called "DND" when there is infringement of privacy of the customers. A few being numbers while the others being "TM-.../VM-...". The customer service just takes the note of the numbers that too just one number and not the other types wherein no number is displayed. I've a long list of number covering one fullscape page.

It is not just me who is suffering but so many other vodafone customers with the same complaint.

Vodafone — charge money without service

Dear sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that i, gaurav dixit , using vodafone services since more than 06 years . I have corporate connection for which i am paying 399/- inr rental per month for no.[protected].Under this rental charges I am entitiled to have facility of free 75mins S.T.D CALLS and UNLIMITED MESSAGE within india. If I make any local cal ,S.T.D call beyond 75 mins i pay extra as per normal charges.

Since 17th OCT'09 NO MESSAGE has been delivered as all the messages are showing pending.
Initially I thought it was a network problem but it was not as everyone who is using vodafone connection , is able to send messages.
I went to a vodafone cunter at the lucknow airport ,as i am working there with my problem , but MR PRASHANT said "this is not our problem".
Then I made a complaint on [protected] on 7th NOV'09 ,the lady gave me complaint no[protected]
AND GAVE ME ASSURANCE THAT MY PRBLEM WOULD BE RECTIFIED TILL 09th NOV'09.She had taken my contact no. also, but see the sincerity of the staff working in such a big and professional company that till 14thNOV'09 I hav'nt got any confirmation and still facing the same .
problem .

I am paying that much rental charges just because i am getting facility of free messages and if i am not able to get that service why did I pay month in the month of OCT'09 and why should i pay in the month of NOV'09.

I am also working in the service industry and know what is the customer service. So , is vodafone setting new trends in the service industry or just ignoring its customers?

Waiting for your reply and help.


Vodafone — Not activating Web browsing even after charging

The vodafone prepaid web browsing recharge voucher of Rs.58 was recharged in my Nokia 5230 handset. But it was activated after more than 12 hrs. Because of which around Rs.60 was deducted from my account for browsing. This is really a fault of the company as they wrongly inform me through sms that the rechare has been done. Kindly look into the matter and compensate for loss in time and money.

Hi Robin,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.

Vodafone — Wrong call charges and call disconnection while calling to the customer care executives


The Vodafone Service Provider,

(Sub :- Complaint on the Vodafone Customer Care )
(regarding call disconnection and reckless resolution from the Customer Care Executives )

Respected Sir ,

I (S.V.S.R.D.Prasad) as the Vodafone Tele Communication user and my number is [protected] facing the inconvenient with the service and also the Customer care executive service as I am having a serious issue with the wrong call charges with my number as I am in the plan of the 10ps/min for the Vodafone to Vodafone at local and for the remaining service 50ps/min local & std I am facing the issue from the yesterday night (i.e) from date 21/11/2010 time 9:36 I am getting charged Rs1/min for any number which I call up

I called up to Customer Care Executives at the same time with in min and I first spoken to the executive named as “Prasad” I explained my problem to the executive and I asked for the issue and I asked to transfer my call to the supervisor he said to wait on hold for a long he disconnected my call with out transfer to the supervisor and then again called up and then I spoken to the agent named as “Ajay Kumar” again I explained every thing from the beginning again I faced the same thing the call was disconnected and these both call are above 10min after the I got call disconnect and then again I called up third time there is also no response for my complaint and also I am getting charged for the Customer Care also I had called to get my problem resolution but at the end also I didn’t get my problem resolved and also I am not able to connect to the customer care through my number I had complained previously so the reason I been using my other number to connect with the Customer Care (i.e) [protected]

I sincerely request you make me the justice on this issue and also I want make a sue on the Customer Care Services and the both executives that I spoke with are really not eligible for the Customer Care Services I request to take an action on the executives and make sure that such kind of executives are not hired again

Thanking you

Date :- [protected] yours sincerely


I am Vikash Tyagi ..[protected] had request for the deactivation of my Rs.89 SMS plan. i was asked to SMS code for that. because of some server problem i sent that thrice that day and at last i had to call customer service. one associate took my request and said it will be deactivated with in 48 hours.

when i call today to confirm the same there associate told me that they do not have any such request. i asked him to get the call retrieve but he was not ready to listen, also i was pun on hold for more that 40 minutes to speak to supervisor. i had to cut the call and i again called up the customer care. they again transfered my call and it's was again more than 40 minutes and i was not able to connect to there supervisor.

It's pathetic Customer service. people don't even know how to speak and what to speak. they just behave like Roberts. they just speak what they want to speak with out listing.

Today (Jan 10th 2011) I called regarding my bill ([protected]) which I have still not received.
I called your Service Desk to inquire about the same, I got Ravi who was extremely rude and did not know what the POD number was (so that I could track the where abouts of the bill) and was adamant that the bill was sent. I asked him to let me speak to a Supervisor and he hung up the call.

I called again and this time I got Moin Khan who was not ready to let me speak to a Supervisor either. He put me on hold two times, each lasting more than 5 minutes and dint have the decency to let me know the status. I hung up and called again.

This time I got Avdesh who was equally reluctant to let me talk to a Supervisor. I was finally able to talk to Sushmita (supposedly a Supervisor) who harped about Company Policy.
Each of my calls lasted 20 + minutes.


If your company policy harps about delivering the bill in 10 working days from the Bill Cycle Date. Then why does it not give that same time for a person to pay??????????????????????

My cycle is 25th of the month…which was conveniently a Saturday and you dispatched the bill on the 10th DAY so as to not be under any violation and be able to harp about your Company Policy of dispatching the bill in 10 working days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I get my bill only on the 10th how do you expect me to pay by the 12th????????????


VODAFONE SERVICE SUCKS AND IS PATHETIC……………. name is Taufiq ahmad, mob. no. is [protected] yesterday 18th of apr i got a msg regarding vodafone superweek, i activated it or while following all turms and conditions i used this service that was absolutely free, even after when i checked my account i saw my bal was in (-), i dailled 198 to complaint it was around 4:00pm 1st ms. kavita picked up the cal i share all that and and she was aggree then that my bal was diducted wrongly, she commited to me refund my bal and said she had frward a request and gv me a request no. but i did not get any cnfrmation sms and i called up agn to 198 and this time a guy picked the cal i agn share all that and he put me on hold, i had been holding since around 15 mnts and then my call was discncted without gv me any info, i called up agn on same no. this time mr. rajiv picked my cal i agn shared all and gv that request no. that i got frm ms kavita and then he gv me info that there was no request for my no. then i came to know that it was a fake request no. i asked him to take my complaint but he didnt take any complaint regarding that and i asked to transfer my call to his senior he put me on hold and came back and said all senior were in a meeting said there was no senior available on the floor...i asked imphased on him to transfer my call to senior agn and then he put me on hold and did not come back i waited for 30 mnts but due to no respons i disconnected my call myslf. and in all this conversation the language, and tone of this guy was really pathetic,was irriatating....
and now i'm very disapointed with vodafone customer srvice... and i'm gonna chnge my service provider..
Vodafone India is the best example ever of how "BAD" customer service can get. I am sure they have special training tools developed for their company which teach their employees "how to harrass a customer" "how to annoy customers", "how to lie", "how to go out of your way to simply NOT respond to customer queries ever". Not to mention their network!!! the so called "3 G" never works. calls dip, get disconnected or you simply don't get through!!! Don't understand which language their so called "customer care" understands! I have called at least a dozen times since morning to ensure the GPRS works on my new handset and no one seems to have a clue. The first lady connected me to the technical department, where the lady got me do manual settings, but to no avail, so she transferred me to the network deptt and they disconnected the call! Second time i called after hearing the entire story again, they told me network deptt opens only at 9 am so call later. Every time I have called after that I have been asked inane questions even when i have been asking to transfer the call to the network department! If it was one off incident one could complain about the employee but with vodafone this seems to be the well thought our "corporate culture".
I have the same problem and I dont buy your solution because this problem has just started recently (2-3 months back) and I have had whatsapp and vodafone connection since more than a year. SO can someone explain how my settings would change suddenly?
Also, the customer care services are absolutely pathetic and of no help. Its sad that Vodafone has absolute disregard for customer satisfaction. Pathetic is the word.
This e-mail is not a very good sign of customer service.
I HV ported number from loop to Vodafone just to get good internet speed. I am ready to pay extra for the same so I HV chosen 3g...
I spoke to Vodafone customer service and they offered me a package saying...
Monthly rental: 299 rs
3g internet free for 1st 3 months..
Some other features not worth to mention.

Its almost 20 days now, I am still getting 2g speed. Speaking to Vodafone care is absolutely mess..visited Vodafone store, they say their system is down, can't help speak to care.
I won't run from pillar to post. Not even any follow up for dis. I will simply go for other provider making havoc out of it.

Experience with customer care is worse.
Spoke to Amit in Vodafone care on 08.12 @ 8:45, who was like robot. Wanted to say what he want to. Wasnt ready to gv a solution, amit didn't give me any point of contact or he wasn't ready to transfer call to any supervisor.
Its unbelievable DAT a customer can be treated like did..
I want the service I was promised.
Not a good start Vodafone...
Name: Santosh M Yadav
Mobile: [protected]

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