[Resolved]  Whirlpool Refrigerator — Manufacturing Defects

I bought a Whirlpool refrigerator of model 310l Iceberg on 30.12.07 from a well known dealer in south Kolkata. Within few days after Installation I find that foods inside the fridge not getting cold enough as it should be. For few weeks it was neglected because due to cold climatic condition during winter.
From end February 2008 the situation became worst day by day, the fridge is not getting cold. Immediately I informed the service center and explained this defect. The service person came and inspected the refrigerator and said that there is some problem/jam in the cooling compressor pipe. The Refrigerator has to be taken to their service centre because it cannot be repaired in my residence and it would take two to three days to get it repaired. I asked them for a replacement because it is a new refrigerator, about 3 months old and why should I get my new refrigerator repaired?. The service person said that Replacement is not their Company's policy, they can repair it cannot replace it. However I agreed and asked them for a substitute as I need to store baby food, milk for my baby, medicine for my mother etc... The Company denied my request and promised that they will return my refrigerator within two days. I agree with them because I find there is no need to keep a refrigerator which is not functioning. I called the service centre and requested them to take my refrigerator for repair. Today is May 14, 2008 still the service centre has not taken my refrigerator nor they contacted me. I am in problem, can you help me ?
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Aug 14, 2020
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Whirlpool India — fridge with manufacturing defect

I purchased a 310 litre deluxe iceberg Whirpool refrigerator from Hypercity, Mumbai on 13-apr -2008.

- The installation engineer (upon delivery on 19-apr-2008), who opened the packaging found the ice tray broken and the insides covered with dirt.

- On our protests on replacing the defective piece, the technician left without completing installation formalities (leveling the fridge, demo etc), promising to return with a replacement the next day.

- After repeated enquires over the last 6 days, which included specific timelines given by the service centre for technician visit that were dishonored, the Whirlpool service centre informed us today that the spare part is not available.

- Whirlpool and its customer service cell have caused me and my family great mental anguish (which includes calling up during office hours for service and not turning up). The service quality has been dismally poor and caused immense stress to my family.

- We have been delivered a defective piece and would like the refrigerator to be replaced. I request you to kindly look into this matter at the earliest.
My refrigerator has not been repaired by the service engineer Vishal Sonar on one pretext or another. Today I contacted him and he says the parts are not available. Earlier he said that he was in a training programme and could not attend the complaint. Even earlier he said that the Model Number is not recognisable. Earlier than that he said I supplied him a funny Model Number.
He is intelligent thats why the Company is paying him to avoid the trouble of attending to the complaints. Shall I buy another Whirlpool product? Shall I tell my friends how the Whirlpool treats its customers? Obvious.
Can I get Whirlpool Kolkata Sercice Center / helpline number ?
My whirlpool refrigerator model mastermind elitte delux gathering huge ice causing problem. how can i contact service centre as given nos. not working.
I purchased a whirlpool refrigerator professional 32 elite from great eastern electronics in uttarpara branch on 13th december.Firstly there was a wheel missing in the bottom of the refrigerator.The serviceman told me that he will replace that within one day.But still now he don't come to replace the wheel.I also see there were several racks such as cane racks, egg racks, a racks in the freezer portion are missing.I request the customer service of whirlpool that they should take proper action as soon as possible against the konnagar customer care or i will go to consumer court for complaints against you.

whirlpool/refrigerator — Manufacturing Defect

I had purchased a refrigerator on 24th Aug'08 (Whirlpool Ref 340DLX Professional Titanium).

The said refrigerator had problem of water deposit in the lower component since beginning and the company service representative had been visiting regularly.

A month back a service person had put black tapes in the freezer component to stop water flow as if I had purchased a second hand defective piece. Later a service man came and told that the piece has manufacturing defect and he will have to rectify the same after opening the back of the freezer.

The company has supplied a defective piece and does not bother to replace the same. I had been calling the service center and have not received a positive response.

I have been under mental torture and harassment by the company .
bought a Whirlpool refrigerator of model 310l Iceberg on month of May 2009 from a well known dealer in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). Next day after Installation I find that foods inside the fridge not getting cold enough as it should be and the entire body heating to much.
I informed the our saler and explained this defect. After That no service person come for inspection the refrigerator.
I am in problem, can you help me ?

freidge — taken my fridge

My refrigetor was taken for repair by electrolex staff on 20/5/2009 and today is 28/6/2009 no response from them. I doubt some mischief and foulplay.

Job no. DEL[protected] dated 20/5/2009

professional 32Elite refrigerator — fridge not working.


We purchased 310Elite model on 29th August '08, right from the beginning we were facing problems with the cooling- none of the vegetables or fruits kept in the special compartments used to remain fresh.
A complaint was registered and the service men came and stuffed some cardboard pieces between the freezer door beading, saying that this would solve the problem but to no avail.
Finally, by the first week of May '09 the freezer door gave way, complaint was filed again.But this time we had to wait for weeks for a service man to come and see the problem, they said the freezer door just needed to be changed.Even this simple suggestion took weeks and numerous phone calls to get through.
But since the company has stopped production of this model and hence no spares available, they finally agreed to replace it with a new fridge.

This took another three weeks to happen. So finally on 25th of June '09, they delivered Professional 32Elite Model.The fridge worked well for 3weeks but on 20th July '09 suddenly its cooling stopped and all the things in the freezer compartment got spoiled.All the display lights and LED was working but NO COOLING.

A complaint was registered immediately but luckily this time they were quick to respond.
Before the service men came the fridge started working as usual and so they couldnot find out what the problem is.The same evening again the fridge went dead but started working the next moring i.e 24th.
But since the afternoon it stopped working completely and is dead till now though the lights are still functioning all this while.The problem was reported again and the service people said they required a module to rectify the problem, which will take atleast three days.

And so we are left in cold with a dead fridge for the next few days... or weeks... or months...

We had opted for your company simply because we thought you were the best and had faith in your products.But what happened and is still happening is absurd and unacceptable.So out of this disappointment, the only way out is to wait for your quick reponse or else we would be forced to take matters into our hands and to think about the legal options.

Thanking you,

Dr.Biju Pothen
Mavelikara, Kerala.

Mob : [protected]
Home :[protected]
Email Addresses : beena.[protected] ; [protected]

Whirlpool — Post-purchase Service for Refrigerator 310L ELITE

i am an dissatisified owner of whirlpool refregirator 310L ELITE
...I don't know whether the problem lies with whirlpool or Kevin serivces - your authorized service agents who seem to be inadequately trained i am sorry to say that i am dissatisified with your service ... the story goes like this...
1) We bought refrigerator replacing my good old godrej refregirator which hardly gave me any problems ( still being used by one of my relatives as a back-up option) on 04th Jan 2008 ...

2) Was happy with the refregirator for an year aand half... two months back there was a problem with my refg. the problem was that the led lights of "6th sense, eco, Alarm Reset" were blinking continuously.

3) So i called up the dealer(Tirumala Musci Centre) from whom i bought the refg. came and inspected and tried to rectify the problem and he couldn't do it ... so he advised us to call whirpool cust. care

4) The representative from kevin services came and he replaced some parts like sensor etc and left saying that it would rectify the problem but the problem persisted

5) After contacting whirpool again another representative came and changes the PCB board which controls sensor and toher logics(as told by the service technician)... he waited for half hour and left as the problem seemed to be rectified... and the problem reappeard on the same day and i called the customer care centre and asked them to rectify asap and i do not have response until now...

6) I called up the cust. care centre again and tried to escalate the problem today ...

Can anyone please guide me to the right person to escalate this matter...

Can upload proofs if required..
dear sir
I also have worst experience with the quality of service.the technicians have filled the gas, replaced the compressor and still the fridge doesnot cool.Their work quality is so poor the gas escapes within three months, causing lots of hardship to the consumers and they donot under stand how important fridge is in hot Chennai.I feel that they donot value the costomers or they are not capable of handling the work.

may God save the consumers
Dear Sir(s)

I am very much aggrieved after purchasing a Whirlpool Refrigerator from M/s Ashoka Trading Co., Sector 16, Faridabad Vide Bill No. 2754 dated 14.08.2009. Model No. is 250 Classic Plus 706641. I have observed the following problems in my Whirlpool Refrigerator :-

1. All of a sudden, the refrigerator is switched off in running condition and hence cooling is stopped without our knowlege. Consequently, off and on our costly food items are destroyed line milk, paneer, sweets.
2. One of the base wheels is broken.

For this defect, I lodged complaint immediately to Whirlpool Call/Service Centre to Miss Pooja and received Complaint No. HR[protected] and 16 on 23.09.2009 when my refrigerator began defective. But the concerned persons of Whirlpool are not at all bothered for its repair properly. One of the person, Mr. Kamal Jeet Singh, Sr. Engineer from Whirlpool posted at Delhi attended twice for its repair but of no invain. First time he could not detect the fault and on his second visit, he replaced a part but the position is still as it is.

I am now fed up, my refrigerator may please be replaced with another new one otherwise I am making my mood to go to the Consumer Court very shortly. Neither the behaviour of the persons of M/s Ashoka Trading nor the service of Whirlpool concerned person is satisfactory. I have no trust now in this refrigerator. Day-by-day lot of my costly food items have spoiled. For this, Whirlpool is fully responsible for such mental harrasment to us.

Ajeet Gupta/ Mrs. Sarita Gupta
H.No. 811, Sector 18, Housing Board Colony, Faridabad
Mobile [protected], [protected]

Refrigerator Whirlpool — LEVELLING PROBLEM

We bought a whirlpool fridge double door and after buying we observed that it has got levelling problem.after some persuasion and regular complaints the technician came and said that this problem cannot be resolved and we need to change the fridge.he will fill the formality forms and will get back to us soon.but the technician never turned backnor any complaints forms were filled.again by regular complaints technician came took the photographs and asked us to visit us the zonal office or service center and contact the zonal head.we went and contacted the zonal head and he assured us that problem will be resolved within two or three working days.but nobody turned up yet.till now the problem has not been resolved.

Whirlpool Refrigerator — manufacturing defect

I have brought a refrigerator from shri ram electronics [ authorized dealer of whirlpool electronics products] on 04-April-2010. but after delivery of product , I saw inside the refrigerator there are having some cracks in ice cube container & thermo-sate bucket.
Then I did inform to product dealer and company also. But they didn't take any action and still they haven't replaced. And whenever i call to whirpool customer care , they always make excuses.
So, I am requested to you, please help me.

Amresh Gupta
7/30, Jyoti Apartment, F-2, Sector -2 , Rajender Nagar, Shahibabad, (Gaziabad )
they are bloody thugs they only agree to repair the piece but not replace it so, why should any person purchase the product from such a company i had also purchase a refrigerator "whirpool" mastermind professional 370lt double door and it gave me the same problem no proper cooling and water leakage from the back so i m asking the govt. of india help me out with this problem that i am facing i had made complain regarding this 4 times but there is no solution to this !! so please help me out today is 9 august and today i have registered the 4th complain so please help me out if any confirmation required than my latest complaint no. is DL[protected]

jagpreet singh ([protected])

Whirlpool Refrigerator — Manufacturing defect in refrigerator


I am writing this mail after facing lot of hassle from your product what I we have purchased 1.5 years back,
We purchased refrigerator -450litre Deluxe, Titanium Model-INEO91600521, within 6month of purchasing water started leaking in the fridge, After complaining this to your survive centre they made some shabby job and it again started leaking within 1 month of the service , in last 1.5 years we have faced 4~5 times the same problem, I don’t know why you people sell defective fridge to innocent customer, Now your service people are telling me that this defect can’t be rectified so its better to replace the fridge with 15% cost to be given by me, Why should I pay for something for which I have nothing to do, It’s a manufacturing defect and needs to be replaced as repair is not working….
I don’t understand why this kind of customer care is done, If my problem is not resolved urgently I will take this up with consumer court,
Below are the details

Last complaint No-DL[protected]

Date of purchase- 30/6/2009
Place of purchase- New Barco Electricals,
Sector-6, Dwarka,
New Delhi-75
Subhabrata Banerjee
Mobile: +91 [protected]

Whirlpool Refrigerator — MANUFACTURING DEFECT


Whirlpool — Manufacturing defect

Dear Sir,

I had buy refrigerator Model REF 300L PRTN LDX WN on 14/06/2010 from Coroma 12/7 Mathura road Faridabad with extended warrnaty. In Feb 2012 found that outside door biding is breaking wihtout any reason I had make complain to Whirlpool customer care in Feb Req no HR 021200 but problem not resolve after that i had make so many complains as given below but problem is not resvolve till that. I want say that whirlpool has very very wrost services.

Compalin no HR 021200 in Feb 2012
Compalin no HR[protected] on 11th June 2012
Complain no HR[protected] on 19th June 2012
Complain no HR [protected] on 26th June 2012

For last four five months in spite of my several complain ( as given above) no action has been taken. It is really surprising that such reputed Company has turned deaf ear to my complaints.

I am quite hopeful that you will take a prompt action and oblige.

Best Regards

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