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Customer satisfaction rating: 70%
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84, Sector 22A, Sector 22
Gurgaon District
India - 122017

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Customer satisfaction rating
Awesome! This company provides an awesome customer support service, responds to our every notification, and resolves most of the user complaints.

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Sort by: — fraudulent caller demanding payment for jobs

 Bill George on Apr 4, 2019
Number called from: +91 [protected]

Female voice with poor english, north indian / bihari accent called stating...
ADVERTISEMENT — fake job opportunity refund my money

 Sathiyarasu Gsrasu on Mar 30, 2019
I sathiyarasu give money in now naukri get a job opportunity. Then paid money rs.150051. They no get a job please refund my...
ADVERTISEMENT — wish to remove my job seek account & profile immediately

 maheshoberoi on Jan 17, 2019
The site is inaccessible thru my login id & password, and i don't believe it is a genuine working/job site....
ADVERTISEMENT — refund of amount paid for job posting services

 chandru7884 on Oct 3, 2018
I am paid rs.53991/- towards job posting vacancy at foreign location. You committed we will arrange the interview etc but...

 Mg Subash on Aug 4, 2018
Hi, is a fake company which offer job openings and services. I have paid 5550 and received acknowledgement as below but further a few email asking my job sheet etc. They have not offered any services as committed so far. There are many such companies in india which offer fake certificate/job opening etc. Please try to keep away from them always.

Dear subash mg,

Thank you for the interest shown in our products and services.

We are pleased to inform you that payment has been successfully processed, your invoice number nn0014581.

For further assistance, please mail us at [protected]
All the best for your career growth!
Note:- please find the attachment of cis form. Once you fill that form revert back on the same mail id with your updated cv also.

Thanks & regards


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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment
    ADVERTISEMENT — fake people, cheated me

     sharma.karishma on Apr 17, 2018
    Nownaukri people are cheating. They have promised me to give a job in big firm in noida and took 20000 from me but no job...
    ADVERTISEMENT — fraudulent 1200+ looted from me

    [resolved] — nownaukri is a fraud and cheating company - don't get trapped please

    39 reviewsbr...
    ADVERTISEMENT — Fraud company, just takes money with no work.

    This company just has sales people with sweet talker who elude you to pay a lot of money but no people who actually work on...
    ADVERTISEMENT — Complaint against Manpower Recruitment Co. M/s. Quickjobzz for Non-Refundment of Paid Sum of Rs.2,34,252.00

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to above subject matter, I would like to explain the incident as under :
    ADVERTISEMENT — Find a new way to suck by saying your refund request is approved

    Hi everyone

    Nownaukri find a new way to suck money, few days back I got call from and saying...

     [email protected]
    I would like to inform you that your sales team Mr Sachin &, Gaffar Alam, Dilshad Ahmed and Aman Srivastav had told me a bunch of lies to accept your services. On 24th Feb 2016, Mr Sachin called me stating that I had been short listed for Ambuja Cements and to process it I had to pay Rs 16732 via Invoice ID No NN00128320 @ 5299/- Dated 25.02.2016 & NN00128558 @6434/- Dated 26.02.2016 and @ 4999/- Initially I was hesitant to pay later on trusting the name of I had paid the amount. After payment, they not responded and no any communication with me. Kindly resolve my issue and return my payment as soon as possible...
    nownaukri is fraud company
    They took from me more than one hundred thousand rupees telling that the job is already fixed. They said they will send details immediately. But they did not do anything after that. And now there is no nows at all about them.

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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      I V.Aruna got a call from +91 [protected] saying her name chandini from naukri job portal. called many times to provide me job offer in Canada.

      To schedule an interview they said me to register with them by paying 4000/- immediately so my husband paid through on-line for the details of account number what they have provided.this was done 11/2/2017

      Now today when i called to the same number to verify with them it is switched response from them regarding this issue.

      please suggest how to get back our refund from profile
      Thanks & Regards


      I paid NowNaukri for my job service of Rs. 8000+, but they dint give any service and dint refund my money. Raised few complaints since 2015 till date. But no result. I am advertising them as FRAUD company in all social medial. One day for sure I will get my money.

      Its Fraud company

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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment
        ADVERTISEMENT — Fraud and bloody baster fake company [Resolved]

        This company is a big baster company cheater mother ####

        Dear Mr. Azeem Ahmed Khan,
        Please find enclosed...

         Shivayogi Kallapur
        They asked me to deposit about Rs. 6, 000 in their account. After verifying all my documents, they said that they will inform me about the opportunities. But after few days there is no communication from them.

        I wrote a mail asking them why there is no progress in the job hunting.
        One person called on mobile and asked whether I have paid them the required money for their service ! I said I have already paid. After that, there is absolutely no response.

        They are not providing any service at all. I feel cheated by these people.

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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

 — Every time they call and say my profile is incomplete and one last step is remaining and i have to pay some more money.

          I have nearly paid more than 15000 Rs On 20/11/2015 they sent mail saying that the payment is processed and sent an attachment...

 — is a fraud company [Resolved]


          I would like to inform you that your sales team Mr Abhay Mathur, Gaffar Alam, Dilshad Ahmed and...

          Taken money and still I have not received any services.
          I have contacted you many times. Now I guess I will have to file complaint regarding your fraud services.
          I have my order Id as well as my bank transaction from which I made the payment.

          I made the payment in January and still you people have no updates.
          You are such a fraud and cheaters.
          I will surely tell people to not to go for your services.
          and also will file a complain against you.

          Order ID

          Global Highlighter | India International


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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

   — Fraud by

             Narend S
            On 17 May 2016 I received a call from representative saying that there company is a job consultancy services...

            No.1 fraud fellows - i have paid rs.21, 895/- on 19.04.2016 for taking steps to get a job. Till today, they have not contacted/they have not done anything.
            They are cheating the public by false promises and swallowing their hardearned money. Somebody or the government has to take steps to arrest the people involved and get back our money. The activities are not to be allowed further.
            An advice to nownaukri people - "pegging is better than cheating"

            M. Ramanathan
            hari4549's response Sep 11, 2016
            fraud background
            NN[protected] I also support to say, this is a FRAUD company, having paid Rs.16000+, didn't get a single service like all the other complaints filed here.

            Now, my mails are bounced and site not available evidences the

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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Nownaukri also cheated me. Its steve philips & sachin chauhan gave a lot of false promises & job opportunities, after getting 12k from me, then sachin chauhan just started giving any random mails to me & even ask me for more money. Both steve & sachin must be booked under fraud case, else in india such fraud people will be encouraged causing bad image of indian society. Even their whole family & nownaukri must be booked who support such people to execute such cheat & fraud business. Govt has to take strict actions against such people.
              We people keep on writing against such people & govt doesn't take any action against such people then it is very sad.
              Invoice id: nn001 10965
              Invoice id: nn001 10969

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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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