[Resolved]  Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number — Airtel Prepaid Deactivation (Reasons unacceptable)

I have sent the below mail and waiting for the reply and I do not want to lose my number [protected] at any cost and it is no fault of mine as I have a validity running up to mid of 2011 with a balance of Rs. 435/- when the mobile was deactivated for some absurd rule as per the Customer care representative. Looking forward to your kind and favorable response. Thanks
-Abdul Qaiyum

Dear Mr. Sudhakar (Customer Care), Ms/Mrs. Vassim Unnisa(Chennai Nodal Officer), Ms/Mrs. Radhika Ramesh (Appellate Authority),

This is great gift you give for an Airtel Loyal Customer like me who has been retaining this number for the past six to seven years. Out from the blue, all of a sudden, without educating the customer about this absurd rule (check the mail below from Airtel) you disconnect & deactivate my mobile no. [protected] which has a balance of Rs. 435/- and a validity which runs until mid of 2011.

Buddies I am an NRI who frequently visits India. How come do you expect NRI's like me to keep up with your absurd overnight born rules.

You should keep the customer educated on it, a simple line like "Validity until 2011 subject to no usage clause" when customers check their balance would have helped customers like me to follow your absurd rules.

Play the game with the rules and then hit your legal goals. I for sure can say this rule has been floated recently as I always retain my mobile in saudi arabia and switch it on after four five months when I am back in India and it has been working fine until now. And I specifically look to it that my validity is extended way ahead to retain my number during my visits out of india. But you have stabbed me in my back with this absurd rule.

[protected] is just not another number for me, it is my identity in my mobile world that you have stolen without any intimation.

Ofcourse Intimation can't be there when it is a matter of stealing!

Check the history of this number, check how much money has rolled over in these past 6 to 7 years on this number and alas you give this sort of treatment to a very loyal Airtel customer like me. It is an indigestible proposition.

People around the world in my circle know me only by this entity in the mobile world when I am in india and all of sudden you disconnect it citing your absurd rule and I come to know of this rule only when I get hold of you people by sending reminders and then I also come to know that you have put it for sale, isn't it a theft of identity?

I know that I have to go through the steps to get my grievance solved by Airtel but I am addressing to all three steps in one go the Customer care, the Nodal Officer and the Appellate as a last ditch attempt to save my identity in going for sale as I am in Saudi Arabia now and I have also put a CC to my family friends in India to educate them on this absurd rule of Airtel at least they be protected and if you are not going to restore my identity to me I am never ever going to touch any Airtel product for my life. That's for sure.

Mobile No : [protected]

Mobile number under my name : S. Abdul Qaiyum

Validity : until 2011

Balance that was available : Rs. 435/-

Identification Proof given to get the Sim Card : My Passport

Number found on the Sim Card :[protected]

I really regret that I have had Airtel relationship in my life.

-Abdul Qaiyum

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 19:47:49 +0530
Subject: Re: [protected] - REMINDER [|BAL|[protected]|[protected]|]

Dear Mr. Qaiyum,

Thank you for contacting Airtel.

You have expressed concern over Service Disconnection for the mobile number [protected].

We regret to inform you that, your number is already deactivated from our end, due to non usage, and no recharge found more than 90 days.

Also be informed to keep your SIM active please follow the below guidelines,

1. Make outgoing calls

2. Receiving incoming calls

3. Recharge your account frequently

Due to failure of above things services to your mobile number has been permanently withdrawn.

To check the availability of the same mobile number and to accomodate the same please walk in to the Airtel Relationship Center along with the following documents,

1. One passport size photograph

2. Valid Address Proof

3. Valid Photo ID Proof

Please be noted that you would be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 49/- for SIM change and the same would get activated within 24 hours.

Please find attached the list of Airtel Relationship Center address for your reference.

For further assistance, mail us at [protected]

We value your association with Airtel.

Warm Regards,

Sudhakar M
Customer Care
Bharti Airtel Limited

To leave your feedback on the current interaction, please copy the complete URL from below and paste it in your web browser 158FD5DE37BDE79EC63F65A8BCC B7092F51660A2E4127B9EFE 1 5 7 F7881848C8D&refno=[protected]

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[protected]Original Message[protected]
From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Sent: 13/11/2009 18:10:49
Subject: [protected] - Reminder

Ref. No.:[protected]
Mobile No.: [protected]
Mobile under my name: S. Abdul Qaiyum
Validity: until 2011
Balance left around: Rs. 435 -

Why the hell Airtel automated service now says that my number [protected] is not in use and invalid number when I have a validity running upto 2011 and there was a balance of Rs. 435 -

I am waiting for your reply on the status. Check my usage details if the service is like this for a loyal customer like me I just can t describe what to expect from Airtel which brags about their services in their advertisements. They have not even cared to reply in this jet age where information is on fingertips at the press of a button on computers.

-Abdul Qaiyum


From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Date: Wed 11 Nov 2009 23:26:55 +0530
Subject: Acknowledgement Mail.

Dear Airtel Customer

Thank you for writing to us.Your request has been registered with us and your unique reference no. is[protected]. Request you to quote your unique reference number for future interactions. We shall get back to you within 24 hours.

Warm Regards
Airtel Customer Service

Note: Please mention your mobile no. in the subject of the email whenever you write to us for a quicker response. Do not include any space or any special characters between the digits.

This is an auto-generated response. Kindly do not reply on this mail.

[protected]-Original Message[protected]------
Subject: [protected]
Date:[protected]:30:19 PM
From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Message body:

Dear Sir

I have been having this number for the past may be around 5 years Now all of a sudden it says invalid number when people try to call me on this number [protected].

I had kept this number switched off probably for two to three weeks as I am in saudi arabia right now. Before that two to three weeks I was receiving messages and calls on this number in saudi arabia.

As far as I remember it had a validity running upto 2011 and there was a balance of around Rs. 435 - Can I know what has happened and please I want this number to be back up and running soon. Help me out this problem. I will be looking forward to your kind reply.

-S. Abdul Qaiyum


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Airtel Prepaid Deactivation (Reasons unacceptable)
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Aug 14, 2020
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Airtel — deactivation of mobile no without any consumer fault

Igot an offer of a STD pack (Rs. 1050/ Monthly) from an airtel executive keeping in view of my STd calling.He told me that as per the STD pack i shall get discounted time on STD calls.He also told me that tht the pak shall stand for one month and shall be deactivated and if i like i may get it activated from next month by talking to an executive only.However to my surprise when i went to an airtel point in order to pay my revious dues i came to know that the pack was charger for two month i.e 1050/ were over charged.the person sitting over there confirmed and told me that the amount shall be waived off and i was asked to pay the remaining dues and I paid the rest of dues.I paid the said amount.From very next day my cell was suddenly deactivated and when i contacted tey told me that waiver request is pendind and they cannot allow my no activated.My no. shows doesnot exist and his i embarrising for me despite the fact that company has done the mistake by continuing the pack for further one month.I am harrased, embarrsed.I am a vet doctor and my patients are paying the price for the mistake commited by airtel.The dealing mangers are saying they it will take time.Tell me why and how long shld i have to suffer for what i have not done.My number is [protected], my cel is still deactivated totally for the last 2 and half days.Who shld i call and what shld i do.Help me pls.
land line is not working

Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number — Wrong billing

I am having an Airtel post-paid number and been charged against my own number and voice mail number while I was on international roaming. Since I have not made any of these calls (obviously how can you call yourself), I have requested Airtel to revisit the bill, but they simply refused to do it, as it’s on international billing and it can not be done.

Also no explanation provided on called number discrepancy. I would not recommend anyone to use Airtel.

Airtel prepaid mobile — Deactivated SIM despite validity till 2010

I am an NRI and travel to India every year 2-3 times. I purchased a prepaid connection with validity of 2 years in 2006 from a dealer in Sama,Baroda. The SIM number being[protected] and the number being [protected]. I recharged in 2008 for a further validity of 2 years and my validity was till Nov 2010. I had sufficient balace when I left India in Feb 2009. When I returned on 8th Sept. and tried to activate my SIM, it did not get activated. On enquiring from customer care at fatehganj, I was told that the SIM had been withdrawn and awarded to someone else because it was not in use for 6 months.I had given this number to airlines/ railways/banks/agents/distributors and friends. I was shocked when I called the Nodal office in Ahmedabad and was told that ' nothing can be done'. I called the Appellate Officer Mr Mrityunjay and he also regretted and asked me to complain to TRAI and Consmer Forum. The new SIM card of AIRTEL is available for Rs 50. The least AIRTEL could have done was to deduct Rs 50 since the validity that was dispalyed on my mobile was till November 2010. How can AIRTEL withdraw a number when a) validity was till 2010 b) when I had balance in my account c) No intimation has been given to me regarding deactivation.

I want to sue AIRTEL for damages as my bank and personal information may be going to a third party. I would like to warn all not to subscribe to AIRTEL as they are irresonsible and do not care for customers.

Please let me know how I can address my grievance to TRAI.
i want to know my sim validity.[protected] please send information as soon as possible.its very urgent
have u complaint in consumer are in TRAI are else ur taken the new sim pleae reply to my mail [protected]
Airtel's rule is not at all acceptable (90 days Nil Usage justification to deactivate my number [protected]) as TRAI dioes not mention about this aspect whereas on the contrary TRAI regulations seems to be more protective to the consumer from this monopolistic attitude of Airtel on this aspect.
airtel is so stupid bcoz i bhavesh a sukhani residing in ambernath (mumbai THANE district) had buyed sim card prepaid no. [protected] in 2007 but due to my too many contacts of reliance mobile so i was supposed to buy a reliance mobile too instead of having an airtel i started using it quite less & my business is of imports & exports in textiles so travelling abroad is a must for myself & making airtel international roaming activation was not so affordable on 27.07.2010 they deleted my no. as not used the mobile no. for 90 days & not recharged since 90 dayz but all is so wrong & for that airtel must be banned for telecom providing service so i went to airtel gallery they say that we cant do anything right now & i told them to check that i m so sure that i ve recharged last month & 1 month has 30 days not 90 & incoming & outgoing calls also i have made as buyed in 2007 my no. is with so many people pls check it out & then they said that we cant check any information for this no. pls call 121 from any airtel or call 999 from gallery all two of them r son of [censored]s & [censored]s as they the same that we cant see any information in regard to this no. so what must we do i think we must be united & stop using airtel [censored]ing service & lets begin boycotting it from contact no. is [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] & now i want to know what the [censored] airtel can do for this issue ?

Airtel — Deactivating my mobile number without valid reason


To give the quick overview of the issue, my number was in postpaid and was requested to migrate to prepaid as per the mail sent by Corporate services team.
I had provided necessary documents along with the reply to them, and THERE WAS NO FORM FILLED BY ME and neither asked by corporate team to fill it.

Now when I check with the customer care I get a reply saying the number is deactivated permanently due to incorrect FORM filling.
When I have not filled this FORM at all how could that be wrong??? Then I would like to see the scanned copy of the FORM which AIRTEL customer care is talking about.

Madhukar GJ
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