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[Resolved]  B. E. S. T. Undertaking — best bus complaint

From kandivali to bangurnagar there are only 3 buses running 210, 707, 205. i want to suggest them that there is no proper frequancy is maintaining by them. every 3 out of 5 occations this buses comes same time then there will be a half hour break.also their drivers & conductors are very careless specially 707 long route buses, they always skip to stop some of the small stop. I faced lots of trouble with best buses. some time i also argued with conductors regarding this, plz take some serious actions immediately on best buses we public have to face lots of trouble because their drivers & conductors are becoming very careless. plz do feedback to my email id [protected] & on weekends also frequancy is very less, some this buslike 205, 210 whos last stop dahisar bridge some time they runs till chincholi bundur or orlem church (210) why they are wasting petrol to run for such short distances. i observe this buses for short distance they never had passangers, plz do take immediate actions on best buses
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[Apr 02, 2014] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Respected Sir / Madam,

BEST Conductor No. 10976.

Sir, Above conductor is cheated every passenger for short money issuing to passenger, harassed for change, giving wrong currency notes which is not accepted by anyone in any place, harassed to accepting single mark on any currency notes, Issuing wrong ticket lower as well as higher amount by charging more than ticket amount, abuses, unethical words / language with passenger, conductor directly saying to everyone go & complete about me because no one can touch me he said to us, Etc...

Kindly take very strict action on above conductor & same like other conductors and drivers otherwise its totally affect our government & society.

Thanks & Regards,
Mumbai Passengers.


I regularly commute from Bharat Nagar (BKC) to Bandra Railway Station. It is a regular feature to note that Buses plying on that route in the evening after office hours i.e. after 5 pm (Bus No 310) even if there is sufficient space to accomodate a few commuters, the conductor rings the bell and the bus will go and stop a few meters ahead, or if they do stop they will not allow the bus to fill to capacity. It indicates a lazy attitude on the part of the conductors who do not want to issue more tickets or inconvenience themselves. I'll specifically quote the case of Bus No MH01-L 8169 which went past Bharat Nagar Bus stop on 19.06.2008 at 5.35 pm without stopping though there were just about 8 standees in the bus and 50 commuters waiting at the bustop. This indicates a very inhuman approach on the part of the conductors.

B.E.S.T. Undertaking — Frequency of Bus

I live near PUMP House. I cannot get on to the bus in the morning around 8.30 to 10.30. There are 5/6 buses between Majas and Andheri Station but the number of people travelling is very very high. Forget about a seat, One cannot get inside the bus.

Also, in the evening on the way back, All buses are over crowded, people form 2/3 standing lines, it is very inconvenient to travel in such buses. Though 441 is exclusive bus on this route, the frequency still needs to be increased

PLEASE get a feedback from Conductors on the crowd, also do some survey yourself and then PLEASE increase the frequency.

The bus stop has moved to Pinky theatre but the Stop for 441 is separate from the other buses for PUMP house. Please consolidate the bus stop so that one can choose which bus to take.

Best Bus 298 — Frequency of Bus

I appreciate BEST Buses, a lifeline of Mumbai. BUT...

I live at Rawalpada, Dahisar. We have 298 bus for Boriwali station. Ladies special bus is at 7.45 am, but unfortunatly almost 90% time between 7.40 am to 7.55 am we have hardly buses, so daily we missed 8.10am train, so even after we have bus pass, need to catch auto. And sometims around 8 am, almost 3-4 buses come together. Now what to do with this buses, a BIG QUESTION.
I request to BEST, to please not to keep so much difference between two buses at this peak hour.
Also new buses windows concept, I dont know who is that NAMUNA engineer who proposed such window style, (no vantlation), earlier was really good, also new bus is having very less passage, they got SHRINK...

Please do the needful

B.E.S.T. Undertaking — Vulgar ADs and songs inside the Bus

I was travelling from Andheri to Four bunglaws by BEST bus with my daughter, Inside the Bus there was 2 Flat TVS showing various ads, inbetween the ads there was filim songs, these songs were very provocative and sexy, If it was at my home I can Switch of the TV or I can avoid watching SUch Moveies from Cinemas, but Here tere is no choice, and I have to answer my doaughters questions, daily many childrens are travelling by these BUSES, It will Badly affect their caracters, We are Paying Bus fare, why we should watch these type of Vulgars
Dear Sir,
It is to bring into your notice the pathetic condition of Bus no 2Ltd which is the only bus from JJ hospital to Bandra East, Travellers have to wait for hour for this bus
Plz do something abt this as this is the only bus going to teachers colony and in the most economical way.
Let the system be disciplined and regularised
Dear Sir,
It is to bring into your notice the pathetic condition of Bus no 2Ltd which is the only bus from JJ hospital to Bandra East, Travellers have to wait for hour for this bus
Plz do something abt this as this is the only bus going to teachers colony and in the most economical way.
Let the system be disciplined and regularised
The General Manager,


Bus no 165 has a very bad frequency between 6pm - 7pm in the evening .
As there is no other bus from Prabhadevi to CP tank we have to wait for the bus for more than 40 to 45 min everyday .
Also to bring to your notice the road from Saat Rasta to two Tank (Do Taki ) is so bad that normally such a distance can be covered in 10 minutes but this bus take more than 30 minutes, as the road is full oh shantis and food stall . also there is a gas filling station which causes a terrible jam every evening
Either the frequency of 165 should be increased or one more bus which take the route from Prabhadevi to CP tank should be introduced.
26-11-08 Reminder I
The Manager,
Sion Depot,
Mumbai 400 022.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that BEST Bus No.63 starting from Sion Depot at 5.18 a.m. does not stop at Dadar T.T. Workshop though it is absolutely empty. Is that this bus meant for only conductor and driver and the public to remain standing at the Bus stop.

Previously I had written to Wadala Depot on 19-11-08 but no action has been taken till date and still the above mentioned bus does not stop at Dadar T.T. Workshop.

Please look into the matter at the earliest.

Thanks and hope the needful will be done
Dear Sir,

I happen to be a victim of a person who regularly uses the bus no 62 from Palza to ICICI Bank. This person is notorious and regularly gets into fights with people at the busstop as well as within the bus. Today, the same person had the audacity to even beat and push me around.

It is with great distress that I write that the conductor in the bus (The badge on his card read 87072) was laughing shamelessly and unabashedly instead of helping me out. The bus was operating at 8.45 am and the number of the bus was MH 01 H 9132 and the number of the conductor was 87072.

Would you kindly explain to this staff member that he needs to be resolving issues and not compounding them with his senseless laughter? Would definitely want to hear from you on this, failing which I would have to approach higher authorities.
General Manager
Boriwali Depot,

Dear Sir,

Good morning, daily I am travelling from Thane Station to Louiswadi by BEST bus (700). While travelling on today (30//12/2008) your conductor of bus no. MH 01 LA 6367 (from Thane 9.40 a.m.) ask for 4 Rs change. I had gave him 10 Rs and humbly told no change with me. He spoke wrong words to me which was not a good. Also aruguing on the same.

Would you kindly explain your staff member (Bus Conduator) to behave proprly with passangers.
85 number bus as well as let come in worli naka bus stop .
I travel in AC bus everyday between Mulund Rly Stn and Bandongari in the morning at 7.15 am from Mulund.
Recently it has been observed that the air conditioner in the bus is kept OFF (saying that there is cold outside, by respective conductors) and only the fan is put ON.
This leads to suffocation and unhygenic ambience inside the bus.
Many a times we are forced to open the windows.
In spite of putting this point to the duty conductors of the same bus, there is no convincing reply from the staff nor any remedy taken, nither in that day travel nor in the next day's bus.
(My todays tkt no is[protected] +[protected]
This is very pathetic and disturbing.
Main reason to travel with AC BEST bus is (1) To avoid my personal car on the roads hence avoid a small share in solving the traffic jam problem in Mumbai, (2) The time required by personal car and AC bus is almost same.
I do not know why the other passengers do not complaint.
But I'll definately keep the followup with BEST administration.
i travel in bus every day. new maneklal ghatkoper to marol maroshi depo in the morning at 8.00 am.
conductor never stop the bus on new maneklal. and this bus has no frequnces also. pls do somthing.
dear sir,
i travel in bus every day. new maneklal ghatkoper to marol maroshi depo in the morning around at 8.00am to 9.00 am. my bus no is 334. we used to tell conductor and driver that STOP the bus . but he never give any reply. he never stop the bus. and he laughed. and during evening time hardly there are 2 buses in 1 hour (less frequancy). due to less frqunce bus is too croudy. so i (majority ladies) can not catch the bus. due to the slow road work the bus get stuck. due to that only half an hour run we complite one an half hour. so pls do somthing.

poonam d. upadhyay

BEST — buses not stopping at bus stop

At Gandinagar between 9 to 10 a.m many buses do not stop or they will stop at log distace enven if buses are empty after stading for 1/2 an hour you will get one bus.

Who is authorised person were we can launch written complin.

pl. give address

I whould recomend some officer should be satnding at this type of bus stop.

Officer in charge of
Marol Depot, MIDC, Andheri

Dear Sir,

Do you really take note of what is going on in your depot. Your bus 709 is irregular and frequency
is very less. Your drivers are rough and always in hurry. Firstly buses come late, then these drivers
hurrily drive the buses.

On sundays, between 6:05pm and 7:15pm there comes NO bus neither 709 nor 461 from your depot.
Whats going on?
DEAR BEST and all other modes of Public Transport,

FOREVER - Stop, uninstall and scrap such TVs, Kiosks, CD players immediately and forever as it encourages noise pollution, rowdies, vulgarity, cheapness, thieves and embarrasses ladies + all other decent humans.
Bus Depot Managment
Sakinaka, Andheri

Dear Sir,

At sakinaka junction Andheri, No any proper queue for buses.All the men just used dhaka muki to catch bus.They do not care about the women.There is impossible to catch the bus for women.We have to wait for 1 hr to catch the bus.

This is request to you please start a ladies special bus from sakinaka between 7:30pm and 7:45pm.

BEST Bus — rude and rash driving

Best drivers don't wait till all passenger get in, they are very rude with passenger even with family passengers.

And somebody tell to drivers and conductors that the services is runing due to boths requirement

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