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 vijen64 on Dec 15, 2011
I have joined Cambay Golf Resort (A Neesa Group Company) at Jamdoli Jaipur from 20 Jan. 2011 after joining I found that management are cheating with employee’s and they are paying salary salary too late (after two or two and half months) so I have decided to move from there. All of that I have done my proper clearance on 30th sept. 2011 but till date I have not received my sept. month salary or full and final.
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That company owner - Sannay Gupta is a cheat guy, he is a currupt guy..., lots of vendor are crying because of pending payment even their employees were crying for their salaries..., they forced employees to put their resignation (Drafted format them own) they emotionally black mailing their staff and forced to put their resignation after that they do not clear their full & finals..., Most of the employees is still waiting for their January - 2012 Salary..., Company is facing financial crisis, even some companies were on the way to close..., Whole group is a cheater..., I request you people not to go or join this pathetic group.., Even now this bastered - Sanjay is appointed as a Metro Rail - Cheif (Gujarat), , , , boss is a BAAP of Mukesh Kalmaadi..., now you will see how we can make money by using curruption...,

He is not a diserving person..., i can't understand why goverment of gujarat appoint is currupt guy..., he should not even capable for cleark...Wake up Guys... before it's too late...,
This group is a cheater group... and Sanjay Gupta is a currupt guy
Why he was appointed as a Metro Rail Project Cheif..., how??? he is a most currupt guy..., , , , , , , Wake up mr. Modi - he is a guru of Kalmaadi...,
This company Neesa is on the way to close..., they are facing fanancial crisis..., 3months salary is not released yet..., employees were crying...even lots of vendor for their pending payments..., Sanjay Gupta is not a good owner..., he should learnt a lesson from someone...,
Neesa - Their HR were forced employees to put their resignation, even they drafted the format by their own - so they do not fall under legal action...3months salary they put on hold..., so wake up not join this group...Mr. Sanjay Gupta is most currupt and bastered man...without heart
3month salary is pending not released yet..., Employees are crying...even lots of vendor for their pending payments...Sanjay Gupta is not a good owner..., Neesa is on the way to close...,

They forced their employees to put resignation..., even they drafted the form by their own..., so they do not fall under legal action...even they hold their 3moths salaries...really bad group - request you to not join - Sanay Gupta is not a good Driver
January 2012, February 2012, March 2012 - Salaries put on hold..., they forced to put thr resigation..., on their own format by black mailing and emotionally... user put the same on trust...but do not get positive reply from concern HR and other should take a strict action on this group - Mr. Sanjay Gupta - Chairman..., he is a poor guy without heart... he do not understand the feelings of employee..., who work for his company for long and immediately he fired his employees...even not giving any kind of notice/ should put baned on this group... Black list
this is absolutely true and i am in favor of all of you still i am waiting for my FEB 2012 salary and still i am working here for 1 year i don't know where are they taking their company towards just one spark can change if we unite our self towards the company like kingfisher employee did
whether he is owner or anything else so just don't discuss we already done a lot of discussion with in the company now wake up ...and decide what to do its our right ...

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