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this company will call you..b4 that i would say about my self i was pursuing mba .1 fine day i recieved a interview call from this company and when went to this office..i had a question looking..the office was too bad..alll thing..was..
then take interview in 3 all of said...1.formal 2. into field..3..any querries and join tommorow..

they"ll show you big big dreams...b;lab'la...

bt i"ll say that dont getinto there words..otherwise you would loose your carrier time and evrything...

so beaware and dont show any interest in this of i was going to drop out from mba...
bt thanks to god..i came to know very early...and was don't ...

thats it...

rest is upto you...
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Aug 14, 2020
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These people pay taxes as well so can not take any actions against them. They say these companies provide marketing and advertise services under that they are running there business.

We should take some actions against the NGO's bcoz its all about there business.

Bcoz the brackge of the amount they accept is:


For one chiledren : 1200
In this 1200 the person can earn 200 then owner take 100 or more than that. Then chairperson or any other owner takes 100 then support direct takes 60.

Out of 1200 these childrens get near about 100 or 200 out of 1200...

So think about these NGO's transactions.

Then also these organization pays very good amout to there employees.
CRy pays more than 40000 to Managers so they can earn through thses type of donations only...

We should take some actions against these types of NGO's first...

People in Cobra Group teach others to lie :
there FIve steps are

INTRODUCTION: Means ask permission to person to enter in the house if the doner says no then ask for water or something... How come these people ask their new joinees to enter any house without any information about the next person...

PRESENTAION: Inthis people give information about the NGO...

SHRT STORY: In this people take any odd figure or numer and tell about thses chilfdren are dying bcoz of somthing ...give donation for that...
In every season they change there story like in

rainy season : Childrens are dying bcoz of rain
Winter: Childrens are dying bcoz of cold
Summer : Childrens are dying bcoz of heat

On public holiday they say this is special campian for this day...

All this is bullsheet...

At least now youngster shoul read this information before joining
yes guys i also saw this thing n this time it is one of its contracted marketing co.(saviran), beware of thier mails guys...

a common student
hi guys u are right
these people are fake u are not paid i recently went for interview and they took me out entire day this female called nikita mishra perfect ### with her manager called Varun Agrawal was texting each other all the day i was just roaming like mad with her begging door to door for charity and she was discussing her boyfriend and all rubbish with me so un professional wen we came back to office Varun gave big talks and asked me to join from next day i asked nikita about salary they said somewhere 15-20k after 7 days they will say big time cheats beware dont ever go there.they have internal politics they behave in a very friendly way but all are [censored]ers and girls are big time they sleep around their owners to get promoted like Nikita Mishra dont fall for them
I am an engineering student,
well you read all !!

now carefully read this, that it is right that the interview level is of standard V .

I also agree with the person who says that they guys take you to the party and etc ...

today i have completed the interview round and i am selected for this company.

I am an engineering student, thanx to god that i dont have started this compay before reading the complaints ...

why need to join this company ??
people are saying that with some experience only ..
no one have time to write about company which is growing ...
soo its up to you dont get flashes by their environment just use your siimple IQ ...
Totally agree. I worked under one in St Kilda, Melbourne. They make you feel like you are beginning your career, that you are going to go far in the company. Only to find out that their interpretation of Marketing is selling raffle tickets outside shopping centres. You have to provide your own transport to travel all over the state and if you go anywhere overnight you foot the bill. Now tell me how anyone can afford that on the $2 profit you make from the tickets. So to live comfortably, the amount of tickets you need to sell is huge. And the director ( Anthony) makes more off them than you do!! And if your quota is not met, their is obviously something wrong with you. It has nothing to do with the public not wanting to be stooged out of their money. Yeah right!
And don't have a car accident while on a road trip for the cobra group. They don't care if you broke your shoulder, your knee and two fingers and you were concussed for a day. They tried to weasle their way out of any payment. Lucky we were all eventually covered by the TAC. So while the directors enjoy their penthouse views on the profits of hardworking back packers and people looking for a career start, I hope they are officially investigated.
I[censored] want to sleep with your boss, please join this company.
Many of those who are supporting cobra on various forums have only worked for the company for 3- 4 months. So shut up!
And if the company is so great then why don't they give you relieving letter or letter of recommendation after you have left?? Not only in India people all over the world are being scammed into the company for selling stuff.

Did u ever observe they don't even let you sit in their morning meetings! such inhumane behavior!
Solve my problem .m suffering from3 net is not working propely n very slow between 8pm to 10pm . I had complaint manny times.but result is nothing do something otherwise i ll change my sim.
Guys plzzzz tell me the truth actually i have also got a call from cobra group in Bangalore. They said they r opening a new branch Name Momentous organization i took an appointment on Monday for the first round of the interview guys plzz tell me should i go or not?
Guys i agree with the negative comments...

I worked with the cobra group fr 3 months under this loser called VISHAL VARMA, who for one claimed to be an engineer earlier working with Hyundai and later left that job fr a "lucrative" offer in the cobra group... In the 3 months that i worked, all they expect is for u to take new recruits out fr coffee n lunch dates n pay fr it from ur own pocket... there r no fixed office timing, no life!!! only slogging out n begging door to door... n u hardly get ur payment in full or on time...

and the highlight is once u leave they will make u run around fr the money u earned and give u less that half of wat u shud hv got...

All in all u earn 12-15k, bt spend almost 20k...

I'll even go a step ahead n name the suckers for u...
these r just a few... there r loads of them there!!!

It is a n old FORUM with old posts.

To all my mates who are disillusioned and angry: I feel you, guys and girls. Such companies will come up with any pretext to glorify door to door sales when it is actually the opposite.
Not to insult or refer to any job in particular but sales jobs in general, and door to door sales specifically are normally manned by people at the bottommost rung of the economic and academic ladder. However, shady tactics applied by these companies are often times too obvious. No office can play bombastic music in the back-ground and nonchalantly hurl Cult like Lingo at each other.

To all who glorify such a company:

a. Sorry, selling insurance or non existent donations/charities to oblivious people is plain shady. Grow some brains. Donations. Insurance money, etc are all non taxable and exempt from legal declarations. Thus huge profits/cuts can be taken by top leaders at your expense, all the while evading legal and taxation glare from state and national authorities.

As far as the insurance is concerned, do you really feel that your offers shall be preferred over the big shot companies like ICICI, Yes Bank, Religare. With all their educated manpower and resources, they'll all leave you in the dust.

Whats next on your list, eh? ######s? Crocins? Internet dongles? Telecom postpaid schemes?

b. What is promoted as company culture is dehumanising. Why in the name of hell cant we ask questions about the company? Why is it necessary for the employee to consider the Organisation as God? Dont you ever stop to question yourselves? What blind fanticism is this? Passion is one thing. Fanaticism is quite another.

c. The overall sales figure matters. Not You. Never You. And still look at you brazenly trying to disprove all claims of people as negativity and narrow mindedness. Overly competitive fields are good. However you cant go door to door pitching with a set daily target in your mind. You'll never reach them. In short, you've been set upto fail.
Dont you see that?

d. Even if someone is succesfully conning poor jobless girls and guys into the business, it should be a given that such jobs can only mean one thing. The company is gradually setting you up to take a fall. Read: Retraining when your guys are promoted. :P

e. Whoever can imagine that the path to corporate success lies in treating new recruits with your own money? Which company tells you to pay for its own processes?

f. Female HRs ...always female HRs who send the calls for recruitment. Agreed that your beau is someone very important in the organisation and the nightly romp is just wonderful. But does that give you a license to be part of a cheater scheme? Really? And its also not like you are making real money doing this. You're only feeding your already inflated egos that you're earning your keep and thats strictly not the case.

Anyway Enough said. Adios.

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