[Resolved]  Dell Inspiron 1525 — Plugged in, not charging

Yes, like everyone else, i was dupped by the dell (Yet again) i was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and i should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from dell again! So, i am partially to blame! But i was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (Or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "expensive piece of junk" is what plenty other people have noted: right after i ran out of warranty, the battery (Which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (Even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after i am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. Again, please bare in mind that the computer is always plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as i have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if i buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, i can not effort buying a "new" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. Etc.
So, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my huge disappointment with dell (With their hurrible india -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: buying a dell notebook! Or dell of anykind!
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Aug 14, 2020
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ME 109, 999st
I purchased an Inspiron 1525 in April 2008. and I have been having the same problems! I called the first time I was having issues because when I ordered my laptop I paid for 3 years of extended warranty, I was told the warranty had run out and they would not let me purchase extended warranty because they said I did not answer my phone when they called so they cancelled it! I spent over 2 hours this afternoon on the phone argueing with Dell, and being hung up on several times! Finally I was told the only thing I can do because its not under warranty is to pay to ship my computer to them, pay for a new Motherboard, and pay for them to fix it and then pay to have it shipped back to me! All of which will cost more than I actually paid for the damned thing! I also noticed that a lot of the parts on my computer show their latest updates are for 2006!!! 2 years before I bought the thing!
I think Dell Needs to step up! They sold us Bad computers and won't fix it! I will NEVER buy another thing from Dell!!!
I had the same problem with my 1525 battery. After about a year it would not hold a charge. I called and they tried to sell me a new battery for over $100. I held off buying. My computer crashed and now the battery charges.

I contacted customer service and asked why -- they said that every once and a while I need to CALABRATE it by letting it fully drain, then power up and then drain again -- huh. Too bad they did not tell me at first. I think Dell is trying to SCAM people by making them think they need new batteries.

Dell / Vostro1088 — Driver software not provided by DELL

I have purchased DELL Vostro 1088 from a dealer at Madurai, Tamilnadu.
The system was purchased with DOS only. Since it was with DOS i have installed the laptop with windows XP. All the drivers are provided by DELL throgh their website & customer support except VIDEO driver.

Even after DELL's onsite technical support Video Driver for "Vostro1088+Windos XP" is not released by DELL. ( Service tag JDST8K1, Service Request Number is[protected]

Now M/s DELL stopped providing support & forcefully influence me to purchase Windows Vista.

Having Sold DELL laptop with free DOS and provided all the other drivers compatible to Windows XP for this model of Laptop, it is the bound responsibility of DELL to provide Video Drivers and other drivers also.

Without the viedeo driver software i am not able to use my laptop computer for the very purpose of its purchase. I have spent a huge money on the purchase of laptop & purchase of Windows XP operating system.

Hence either M/s DELL inc should provide appropriate Video Driver or replace my operating system at free of cost and compansate the losses incurred due to the non provision of appropriate driver software.

If DELL fails to compensate as mententiond above i will take up the matter with the Consumer Court.
i am also having the same problem, they told me my motherboard would almost run me about 300-400 dollars to get fixed, so i bought new battery and now im going to buy a new external charger for the battery.. then in a couple months a new laptop..

DELL Inspiron 1525 — battery not charging

battery backup is 11% remaining as disconnect the charger battery is continuously losing it s power.
I have the same problem.

Dell sucks for knowingly selling us a part they know will fail.
dear officer
i am intested in exstablesh my busness .
Same problem with BOTH my laptops...Dell E1505
I'll never buy Dell again and have convinced several friends to buy elsewhere due to this problem that Dell won't even acknowledge.

DELL — battery not charging but says plugged in

Whenever i try to charge my laptop it dosent works but it says it is plugged in thats why i can not plug it out of the electricity i have to keep it on a direct supply forever thats causing me a problem!

Dell / Notebook Studio 1555 — Software and Hardware Problems

I have purchased a Dell Studio 1555 Laptop in the month of September,2009. Since I purchased it , it is showing me software error and now within the three months it DVD writer has also stopped working. More so over when I contacted with customer care I did not recieved any help.

Dell New Studio 15 Laptop - W7 — Laptop was not working and still no replacement/refund took place

I have registered a complain on 13 Nov 2009 that my new laptop was not working fine and I want a replacement for the same, a complain was registered and the complain number 2583217 was given to me. Till now no body came to pick up the laptop. I have invested Rs 48000/- on it and I have not used it so far. Moreover when I call up at customer care of Dell they give me false assurance and no body has taken any initiative.
I am also using Dell Laptop (Inspiron-1545). The services rendered by M/s. Dell is worst in relating to other companies. I have recently been experienced that 3 months had lapsed for replacement of old laptop. Inspite of repeated telephonic conversations as well as e-mails sent to Dell, no action has been taken. Same complaint are also being faced with other users of Dell.

I suggest to all readers that Dell laptop may not be considered for purchasing.
My Dell is 1.5y old now and after having the first problems with charging, updating the BIOS to a newer software version helped very very well. Just download the BIOS firmware from the Dell website, install and after the restart the "plugged in, not charging" was replaced by "charging". This only works if your battery level is higher than 5%, but restarting might give you a slightly higher percentage so this works when you quickly start the installation then.
Now today my charger broke down completely, the battery is at 5% and without the battery and with the charger plugged in, there is no green light and the computer does not start up. So it's for sure a problem with the charger since with another charger (for a different type of Dell, but ok) the computer does start up. Called Dell for confirmation, though I had to wait long (calling for free, so I'll wait...) they send me a new charger, for free, and if it solves the problem when it arrives tomorrow I can keep it, for free. And I am totally out of warranty!
So, I think great service of Dell. And in fact, batteries and chargers ALWAYS break down after a few years, it's a typical battery lifetime. And the charger, since it's a laptop, you take it everywhere so it gets damaged easily. Some reinforcement at the connection points might increase the lifetime significantly.

DELL-Inspiron-1525 — wrong guidance from tech support

There is some one , named as Vinod_V_Sharma<[protected]> a technical guy tried me to be misguided over phone. Due to some sound related problem I prey for his support. He did not try to troubleshoot at all.At that point I have got his intension.Again, he provided me the way how should I recover my licence paying more than 13,0000 per year. I think, he is not in that position from where problem can be fixed but to create a another problem for a customer. I had faith through the last 4-5 years that their support is the supreme.Now, It seems to be disgusting!
I am experiencing the same problem with my DELL latitude D620. I always had problems with the battery. The maximum time its lasted was about an hour.Now, the battery fails to be detected and works in plugged in condition.There is some problem with the display driver too.The Dell costumer service has asked me to buy another battery... looking at other responses here i'm beginning to feel that would be a waste of money and nothing else.
I just got mine fixed. The tech said 33% of the time it's just the cord, 33% of the time it's the Motherboard, and 34% of the time it's both. For mine it was both! I called Dell and since mine was under warranty still it was easy, they sent a new cord, new mother, and since I had a small break in the plastic, a new bottom plastic too. If it says it's plugged in but not charging it IS the motherboard! Hope that helps!
I too have the same complaint..My Dell inspiron 1525 is only charging till 10%..and remaining idle...I am using Windows 7...Tried all sorts of solutions without any result..Dell is dumping Laptops made using Chinese made components of poor quality...Lot of people are having this issue and no solutions...I am unable to update BIOS too as it needs battery power of more than 10%...

My laptop having same problem battery is not charging, i even started suggesting my friend not to go for purchase of DELL LOPTOPS its HORRIBLE!!!

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