[Resolved]  Dell Inspiron 1525 — Plugged in, not charging

Yes, like everyone else, i was dupped by the dell (Yet again) i was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and i should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from dell again! So, i am partially to blame! But i was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (Or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "expensive piece of junk" is what plenty other people have noted: right after i ran out of warranty, the battery (Which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (Even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after i am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. Again, please bare in mind that the computer is always plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as i have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if i buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, i can not effort buying a "new" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. Etc.
So, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my huge disappointment with dell (With their hurrible india -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: buying a dell notebook! Or dell of anykind!
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dell India Pvt. Ltd, Banglore / Dell Inspiron Notebook 1520 — Faulty system

I , have ordered dell inspiron notebook 1520 to dell india Pvt. Ltd. and paid sum of 4900 for the order. My order was placed on 22 nd october 2007having order No.2259966. First my order was delayed by about one month and they didnt responded honestly and keep on giving new dates. Then on recieving order i noticed that wi fi catcher was not glowing , so i reported to them, they sent a engineer who opened the system and changed the wi fi catcher against the comany instructions to me that they are sending mother board.
After this the Eingineer reinstalled the system without my permission, which resulted in loss of all factory settings and free softwares given with system like norton antivirus . Besides this he also not installed some of soft wares .I again reported the matter to them and requested to relace the system, but they again sent the engineer who again reinstalled the system, but this time again problems increased as now brightness meter is also not working, wifi catcher is not showing available networks, beside previous problems which remain unsolved, the system has become very slow and occasionally hangs up, and difficult to connect to net despite of full connectivity. I reported all this to dell india again and again and requested to relace the system, but they denied.
This all had created a lot of mental and financial harassment to me, and I have to suffer loss in my research work, and could not carry out my Comprehensive exam which get delayed by about 6 months and also could not full fill some of my social responsibilities due to all these.

you are requested to bring this to their notice and help me to file a case in consumer court against them.

Dell. Inspiron 1525 — Delivery not received after 46 days of placing order.

I placed an oder for laptop on 10 jan '08. Order no 2307458 customer no 323094. Chq. No 109900 dt 2.1.08 for rs 42195. Amount debited from a/c on 30 th jan.08. Delivery date extended twice from 4th feb to 14 feb 08. But till date i have not got laptop. I gave three emails but received auto reply. I talked twice to customer care they told that your chq. Is not realised from bank
Although it is debited from a/c. What i will do to get delivery of it

Dell Vostro Laptop - Office Software — Just Stupid Customer Service

I just ordered a Dell Vostro laptop, case & mouse, and Dell was running a special in which you got Microsoft Office Small Business for the same price as basic Office, so of course I chose that. The laptop, case & mouse shipped as three separate orders. The fourth order, the Office software, shown on Dell's site as supposing to arrive at the same time, never did.

Indian customer service told me it was supposed to have arrived as an email message with a link to download the software. That never had arrived either, so they promised to send another email within 24 hours.


Another call and several more emails to "Dell" customer service, which in reality was something called "US ABU CustomerCare, " produced an offer to refund the cost of the software - which they put at 1 cent. But since refunding a penny was problematic for their accounting system, they have offered to refund $1. Such a deal.

No one in all of this made any attempt to explain why they just didn't send the damn software. This is not the first run-in I've had with Dell after they've screwed up an order, but it is the last.

Dell Optiplex 330 — Hdd complaint

canot explain
i have dell optiplex 330 slim tower and my service tag number is 5GRC1BS.sound card is soundmax integrated digital audio device(inbuilt). the audio is fine with speakers and headset but unable to record the audio through screen capture softwares.

when i tried to select the audio input it only shows mic and line in, but not showing streo input. kindly give me some solution to record audio along with video.

Dell / Dell Vostro 1500 — Crashing/ Not booting up.


I bought a laptop from US in month of Jan, 2008. I had problems from the very next month itself. I didn't opt for any international warranty because i trusted the Dell product. I thought it would be reliable for couple of years..
I started having trouble with Laptop as soon as i reached India. Contacted Dell service center in Bangalore they checked and said that its something related to hard disk, they have replaced with a new hard disk.
I thought my trouble would end; but the problem started again within a month.

I have very strange feeling that the product they have provided me a sub standard one..

I need some solutions for this..
1. How can a brand new laptop start having trouble within weeks ???
2. I am have not used at extensive level
3. i haven't connected the laptop to Internet.. So no chance of having malware/virus.
4. Only using the S/w provided by the Dell.

I spent 1000 $ for this laptop and i think they have cheated me with a worthless product.
Its totally a e-waste.
konvikktt's reply, Mar 30, 2017
Sir, Dell india is the worst in terms of the customer service. Please never buy dell again . Even i am going through the similar harassment.

I bought a laptop from india in month of aug, 2008. I had problems from the very next week itself. I didn't opt for any international warranty because i trusted the Dell product. I thought it would be reliable for couple of years..
I started having trouble with Laptop as soon as i reached India. laptop sows information of something related to hard disk, they have replaced with a new hard disk.
I thought my trouble would end; but the problem started again within a month. and there is no information on net and i can't able to connect customercare.

I have very strange feeling that the product they have provided me a sub standard one..
please show me the solution as soon as possible.

I need some solutions for this..
1. How can a brand new laptop start having trouble within weeks ???
2. I am have not used at extensive level
3. i haven't connected the laptop to Internet.. So no chance of having malware/virus.
4. Only using the S/w provided by the Dell.

I spent 1024$ for this laptop and i think they have cheated me with a worthless product.
Its totally a e-waste
I have Dell Vostro 1500 type labtop Please give me details, How to install wireless driver What type wireless hardware is labled in this type of driver.

Dell Promotion — fraud

I have received an email noticing that i have a prize from dell company, fcrom the email address [protected]; they asked me to address to the so called law firm Raymonds and Raymonds, Surrey and to give them a scan of my ID on the email address[protected]
Could police check and try to put on jail these kind of thieves?????

ordinary guy — windows vista home

Bill, I' m a Huge fan of windows 1.0 even thought it took better than 12 hours to load, on a I can't even remember and I had to upgrade the memeory. However after using XP Professional for 3+ years I got spoiled now I have vista at home and it freezes in between using my yahoo.messenger and vista I 've never had problems between camera being live and anything and I 'm confused all the upgrades i'm getting are slowing vista down that's not what you promised, I also take you for a man of your work and word if you tell me to hang on I will but.../ I'm not happy you can do better one of your fan's. If you were me would you fire you?

Dell Precisiosn M 70 — Parts not avaliable


We had bought 2 high end laptops (Precision M70 about $ 2000) from Dell 3 years back. Both the laptops have graphic card issue just after completing 3 years. (I am also surprised as to how both laptops have failed within weeks after the warrantee date).

Anyways we decided to buy the graphic cards and Dell Bangalore has given us reply that these cards are not available and we should look for them in out side market.

If this is the kind of support we can expect from Dell then it is better to go for cheap assembled systems which are available in market and replace them once they stop working.

We had bought Dell as we had considered them as QUALITY products.

Dell Inspiron 1420 Notebook — Has never worked properly

I had purchased a Dell Inspiron 1420 notebook sometime back. I didn't used it much for some time say just to write something on word. But when my work started within 15 days i started facing problems.
1) First the optical drive went off. So these guys changed it. And they had to change it twice.
2) Then after a week it's motherboard was replaced.
3) And now it switches off on its own and then it won't start.
i don't understand why DELL is manufacturing such horrible products. I request to all those who have problems like this please lets send a combined complaint to some higher authority so that we are not cheated of our money.
Guys please mail back to me. Lets do something about it.

Dell, Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop — Delay in delivery, abusive behaviour of sales representative, going back on offers already made.

I had ordered and made payment for Dell Inspiron (TM) 1525 Laptop- R541001IN8, catalogue number 43096 from the CROMA Store in Juhu, Mumbai.
The Customer Code is 523272, the Online Reference No. is 5894702 and the Order No. is 0202540.
I made payment via cheque No. 123503, State Bank of Travancore, for INR 42807.90, on 5th October 2008 and was issued a receipt for the same, number DELL/C/0834.

I was attended to by a Mr. Avinash Talwar at the Dell counter at the store.

There was an offer at the Croma store where a TATA Indicom internet connection was being given at a discounted price with every laptop purchase. However, I was told this offer was not available on Dell laptops. I then informed Mr. Talwar I would prefer to buy a laptop from another brand in order to avail of the offer, he assured me that he would speak to his senior and make sure I received the benefit of the discount offer. He told me that after I receive my laptop I would have to come to the store with the bill and the connection would be installed.

I then ordered my laptop and paid the amount by cheque.

The cheque was cleared on 7th October 2008.

I was told I would receive the laptop in 15-20 days and would be contacted before delivery was made or attempted.
I received a slip for BLUE DART courier service, left outside my main door, around 22nd October informing me that they had come to deliver my laptop. I was not contacted before the delivery and was not informed of the same. Since I was not available at the delivery address I could not receive the machine. The estimated delivery date was mailed to me as the 28th October 2008.
I informed Mr. Talwar of the situation and also informed him that a number of calls were made to the courier service as instructed by them. None of these calls made by me were received.

Mr. Talwar then assured me he would look into the matter and inform me of the status.

However, since nothing was done for the next 3-4 days, and even after calling Mr. Talwar no calls were received, and no attempts were made by him to learn of the status of my order, I wanted to cancel my order. Mr. Talwar admitted he was not aware of the status of my order or the computer as of now.

At this point of time I pointed out to Mr. Talwar that he had been incompetent at his job. To this he replied by saying that "then what did you expect the courier to do...break into your house?" I then complained about him to his seniors Mr. Sandeep Patil and Mr. Hari Vasant. As expected nothing was done about my complaint.

The service was disappointing to say the least. I wanted to cancel my order since the delivery service has been sub-standard and I therefore did not wish to take a chance with the after-sales service.

However I was told that my order could not be cancelled. When I insisted, I was told by a Mr. Kartik A.S. that if cancelled the full money paid would not be refunded, only half of it would be. This is when I dont have a computer and nobody in the company seems to know where it is!

I was later assured by Mr. Kartik A.S. that I would receive the laptop in the first week of November and would be granted a 1 year warranty extension as a goodwill gesture.

I received the laptop in the middle of November. The courier service delivery man who came with the laptop wanted me to sign for the receipt confirming delivery of the machine without me checking the machine or even opening the box to see if there was a laptop in it since the company did not have a policy of 'open delivery'. So you sign the receipt and hope for the best! Anyway there were a number of calls back and forth and at last I checked the machine and signed the receipt.

There is more.

I went back to the store for the inetrnet connection. Mr. Talwar said it is not his problem anymore and the order was withdrawn by the Croma store by then. I explained that it was not my fault and they had delayed the delivery of the laptop and the offer had been valid both on the date on which I placed my order as well as the original expected delievery date. He point blank refused to help me out. None of the other Dell staff present at the store offered any help and when asked said they were not in charge of the order.

Further, I was told I should have confirmed the extended warranty. I mentioned the mail written by Mr. Kartik and was told since it is not mentioned in my original order I would not be given such extended warranty.

I especially wanted to complain about Mr. Talwar who was handling my order about the language used by him, his behaviour and his overall handling of my order. It was most unproffessional.

Dell Information System — Falsification of information by pf dept


I was an empoyee of dell and had submitted my pf form to the Bangalore pf office on the 2 of Sept 2008.I was given several dates for the pf disbursment but stil the money is not showing inmy a/c.NOw i have learnt that as i have provided mymothers bank details for the pf remittance hence i have to go through the entire process which was never informed by pf dept bangalore.Ihence request u to please look into this issue and provide a resolution asap.My pf a/c number is KN/24960/14270.There is one thing for sure that the bangaore pf office is not justifying there work.
This same delay is being faced by me in Purchasing Vostro 1510 on Jan-09

dell inspiron 530S — non supply of parts

Dear dell

i have purchased dell inspiron 530s CPU in the month of NOV 2008. The tag no: 7P5J2BS.It has not included any speakers with CPU.spekaers has been purchased seperately .along with cpu multicard reader was not provided. when i contacted the company they says that those ordered seperately. which are to be supplied by default. but for the configuration in hypercity mall at mumbai speakers and multi card reader has been included. i was surprised after knowing the same. but the dell very reluctant in their service. till now they are not bothered about the complaint. it seems the service of dell is very poor.dear dell you please look into the matter and do the needful for attracting the new customers.

This is a serious fraudulent activity. How can they use the official logo of Dell? Can Dell do something about this because I was also fooled to believe that I was getting a prize after seeing the Dell Logo on my email.

Can somebody sop this nonsense please!

DELL Inspiron 1525 — No Resolution of Complaint for 3 Months

Service tag :FW1J1BS
I have bought the above mentioned Laptop from DELL in May 08 and for the past 3 Moths I have been facing a problem of my laptop randomly shutting off .
I have been constantly calling up Dell for the resolution of the problem but to No awail .
In the calls I have been making after the average holding time of 20 Minutes I get a cluelss Customer service executive who tells me to try something new
Some of the things I have been told to try out in my numerous Conversations

1. Run Diagonostic test
2.Formatt and reload Vista
3.Change the battery
4.Run computer on Power without battery
5.Run Computer on Battery without Power cord
6.Remove Ram and run Computer
7.Update Bios

I am really fed up for dell giving me a junk machine and what is more Frustruating is calling up Dell and trying to solve the problem which is of No Avail .

I am interested In getting a full refund for my machine if the same problem is not solved . I have repeatedly asked for the Postal address where I can Send a Legal Notice by registed Post but all I keep getting by email is a complaint resolution form !!!
I have repeatedly filled the form stating the complaint has not been resolved but again to No avail

Some one Pleas suggest what to do or its Rs 50, 000/- Down the Drain for me !!

Dhruv Puri

Dell-Vostro1000 — Already given a complaint but no response yet.

I have already given a complaint but there is no response from dell side.
The customer care officer put down the phone without listening to the problem,
they give the incomplete information.
My service Tag no is-9p37r1s
My complaint no is- 1927683
My Quotation no is[protected]

I am really dissatisfied by the service of Dell, I think i made a mistake purchasing dell laptop
i am having important work to do and waiting since 2 weeks for my problem to be resolved but no response yet.
They say within 24 hours your problem will be solved.
This is really irritating and wastage of my time and money.
I am ready to pay the money everything but the problem is to be fix soon.
This is not accepted.
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