[Resolved]  Dell Inspiron 1525 — Plugged in, not charging

Yes, like everyone else, i was dupped by the dell (Yet again) i was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and i should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from dell again! So, i am partially to blame! But i was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (Or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "expensive piece of junk" is what plenty other people have noted: right after i ran out of warranty, the battery (Which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (Even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after i am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. Again, please bare in mind that the computer is always plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as i have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if i buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, i can not effort buying a "new" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. Etc.
So, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my huge disappointment with dell (With their hurrible india -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: buying a dell notebook! Or dell of anykind!
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Aug 14, 2020
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I'm having exactly the same problem as those listed. "Plugged in, not charging" and an error message when I turn on my Inspiron 1525. I was told that even if I did take out extended waranty, the battery and adaptor would not be covered. The laptop is just over a year old and I have already replaced the adaptor. I also had my motherboard and fan, heat system etc replaced by a dell engineer, who then disconnected the sound cable so I had to call dell out again.
Awful service, I will not be buying from Dell again.
I bought my dell 1525 for school a little more than a year ago, and coincidentally shortly after the warranty expires, I experience battery problems, it got so bad to where I had to replace the adapter cord, and the new one worked for about a month before it started to not charge the battery anymore. This is absolutely rediculous, if there are this many people complaining about the same issues, its safe to say that there are ten, twenty, even a hundred times more unsatisfied customers, someone should take up this cause and set up a lawsuit.

dell/studio 15 laptop — broken laptop

i am not satisfied with my laptop as where is the power button from that side it is broken and it is not that we broke it i think it came broken only and borders of screen are also broken.

dell inspiron — Poor service/ quality

the motherboard on my mother's desktop has failed 3 times in the last three and a half months. Each time, i go through a long phone call with their technical help and have to sit with screw driver in my hand and connect/ disconnect the power source, RAM etc. The technical help has been of no help. Either their diagnosis is extremely poor or their quality of parts is extremely poor. i spoke to a senior manager, who said that mine is not really an exception (which i was surprised to hear), but he said he was not free to discuss how many others failed. (also i got to speak to him only after not receiving a callback which was promised almost 2 week earlier. i must say, having owned Hps, compaqs, acers and now a proud owner of a mac, i will never buy or suggest Dell to anyone. Another friend who bought a dell notebook when i bought my macbook is also facing many problems, while my macbook has been free from trouble. With the number of part replacements and poor service i can only say don't even think of buying a dell.
I am the latest victim of dell 1525. The same happens with me. Its not good to have dell laptops here in India. The are giving faulty batteries which works for a little more than a year only. Even I had problem with keyboard. shift and a number of other keys are not working as desired.

how can one stop these bull dell people to sell second laptops in India at the price of the new laptops.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 and my battery was dead after about a year. I used it a lot so I figured I might have just used up all the battery. Recently, I ordered another battery (exactly the same dell battery). When I popped it in.. it charged right up with no problem... the next time I turned it on it didn't charge... and I can't get it to charge! I've tried a lot of stuff including updating the BIOS. I don't think it's a VISTA issue because I booted up into Linux and it still wasn't charging...
Dell 1545 - it wasn't the battery, but the charger that died. Trying to get it to work again (it had failed once before, then mysteriously fired up after a day unplugged) I drained the battery.

I then tried the Kensington multi-purpose charger from my previous latop (a Lenovo, absolutely brilliant laptop - lasted me 3 years before the power port gave up the ghost, having changed the screen hinges myself when they gave out after 2 years), and I get the same, old, tired "plugged in, not charging" message.

Dell are, for want of a better word, rubbish.

Dell / Studio 15 — Replacement of laptop

Within a week of purchase realised that my laptop cd drive is not functioning properly and the key board is not working properly, hence raised a complaint with dell, they have agreed to replace the laptop even after couple of months i have not received the replacement laptop yet. dell have requested for authorization letter and few other documents to be signed by the distributors, collected all those details and given, until now there is no response on the same.

Service Tag is 2LB24BS can be used for retriving about the call history and the related emails with dell.

Dell Vostro 1310 — Poor Customer service


The LCD Panel (screen) of my Dell Vostro 1310 Laptop got damaged, and as i already had warranty extension for 1 year period, I called the Dell Customer service.The customer service agent convinced me that the warranty is only for the internal failures, but not for the mechanical damages.
And then they asked me to pay a huge sum (About Rs.20000) and then I asked for any other options for reduction in the money.

Then they came down to a sum of Rs.15,000 and as I finally requested the customer service agent to replace only the LCD Panel (not the total top lid of laptop), he accepted my request and asked me to pay a sum of about Rs. 6200 and they got the payment from me through Credit Card Payment.

And finally the most disgusting thing happened to me. They have sent me a box from dell, and when i opened the box I felt the greatest disappointment of my life. Yes it was the simple plastic (called Bazel) that covers the laptop LCD Screen. I felt humiliated because of this. The Dell Customer Care is trying to make fraud and now they are asking me another Rs. 9000 for replacing the actual damaged part. I felt a lot of mental insults because of this kind of customer care.

As I requested them not to get any replacements, but for the reimbursement of my money, they are refusing it and making me to wait for long time.

I am in need of a legal solution for this situation. I want to sue against the Dell Customer Care Agents on the grounds of fraud and trials to grab money from customer.
i have dell 1545 laptop same problem i reached i have a warrenty any one how i get warrenty please send
i got the same problem and i have changed the battery and no hope. Still same.
could u please give me solution
Just a question...

How long do u charge a new battery pack before is for Dell Inspiron 1545 ...and belongs to my daughter.

thank you,
Yep, exactly the same, 1525 DELL, the laptop stopped charging about 6 of months ago, it has occasionally charged randomly Eg.. tripping over the cable once and that started it charging, but hasn't charged no matter what i've done for the past 2 months, tried using other chargers in my laptop, nothing, used my charger in another 1525 it charged that battery fine put my battery in another 1525 using my adaptor it charges my battery so i can safely say it's either the connection from the adaptor to my laptop or motherboard thats the problem!!

DELL — Battery Life Over

I purchased a laptop just one and a half years back and within this short period of time, its battery life is almost over. It has got just 10mins battery backup left, as expected it should have been almost two and a half hours. But when I spoke to Dell people, they gave a negative response by saying that its warranty period is over. So I don't know what to do now and the battery is costing me 7000 INR which is a huge amount.
I purchased Dell Laptop only when I got the assurance that its the best Laptop among others in the market.
But unfortunately the result totally worst. In other words I can say that I have been cheated.
So i request your good self to look into the matter and make it possible that my problem gets resolved.

Thanking You
Azhar Fayaz

Dell 1 14 C2d (T6600, 4gb) Red Dt. 26 - 1 - 10 — Non receipt of GIFT -track suit

I had purchased a DELL 14 C2D 4GB lap top from the Care Office euqipment pvt. ltd, 8GF- basement Zodiac square, opp. Gurudwara, SG Highway,Ahmedabad - phone no.[protected] on 26th January 2010. Alongwith other offers, they gave me one gift redemption card to choose my gift. I did opt for trach suit. I had sent the duly filled up form (Gift Voucher) along with the copy of the bill obtained from the CARE to the printed address (on the gift redemption card) to the innovative incentives and events pvt. ltd., SCF-13, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh on 27th itself. Since the address was printed on the gift voucher very clearly and it was written by me on the postal cover clearly I never expected that it did not reach the distination.

To my utter surprise, the cover addressed to the innovative incentives and events pvt. ltd. came back with the remarks that the address is incomplete.

I take it as a clear case of cheating. I contacted the CARE , Ahmedabad and informed them about the returning of the gift coupon for want of complete address. I also informed them that the address printed on the gift voucher is incomplete.

Now I am in a dilemma to know from whom I can claim the gift because gift was to be claimed on or before 31st january 2010 but in my case I could not get the gift because the cover was returned. Though I clearly written the address according to the address printed on the gift voucher. This clearly indicates that the mistake is not on my part but on the part of the dealer who has not taken any pain to safeguard the customers interest.(The address printed on the gift voucher is -Innovative Incentives and Events Pvt Ltd, SCF-13, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh).

I request you to look into the matter and advice me in this matter . If I do not get a satisfactory reply from your side I shall be constrained to avail the legal avenues open to me. I do not drag this matter for a longer period. Hence I request you to settle the matter immediately. If I am required to produce any document you can call me on my cell no.[protected]. My address is - KR Menon, Sector 3A(New), Plot No.273/1, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382010.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully.
I thought I am the only one cheated by Dell, but it seems cheating is their business. my battery was working just fine before the warranty. Just after the warranty I started getting the message saying that I need to purchase a new battery. Battery just wouldn't charge and I have to keep my notebook always on AC power and don't how long it will last. Bloody Dell. I will never buy dell

Dell Pvt India Pvt Ltd. — Laptop Replacement

My Laptop Dell XPS M1530 Laptop via Order No.: [protected] Service tag No: FG2T2BS Invoice no. 00172378 was under Complete cover warranty. I had launched a complaint before 10th December 2009, i was assured that my laptop would be replaced in 40-45 days, its been around 75 days and still there is no action taken on my complain. They keep making false promises of taking my laptop evry second day, but no constructive step has been taken from their side.
My studies are getting affected heavily because my laptop is not working properly.
Please look into the matter and take some steps.
Even I am having the same issue and there is no positive feedback from the customer support.

Dell Records An Impressive Growth — Seven years since it entered, finally Dell has been able to break the strong hold of HP on the Indian computer markets.

Seven years since it entered, finally Dell has been able to break the strong hold of HP on the Indian computer markets. Building a brand over phenomenal amount of advertising and customizing the notebooks according to Indian needs are some of the factors that have led Dell, the third largest PC manufacturer company to do so well.

The company looks forward to focus on the channel distribution strategy to hold on to their hard earned position. They will continue to focus on the customer needs and keep adding more variety to their umbrella of products.

Dell, initially was only available online or by telephone orders, they now have thousands of retail outlets all across the country just to suit the need of the Indian consumer. They have recently crossed the $1-billion revenue mark in India.

Dell, earlier announced that it would further focus on penetrating the Indian markets by targeting the small and medium entrepreneurs by aiming with products and services that would satisfy their needs and would be within their budgets also. They have already come with the Vostro range of PCs and laptops for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Being, a small entrepreneurial venture when it started it would be more understanding towards their needs.

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