[Resolved]  Dell Inspiron 1525 — Plugged in, not charging

Yes, like everyone else, i was dupped by the dell (Yet again) i was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and i should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from dell again! So, i am partially to blame! But i was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (Or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "expensive piece of junk" is what plenty other people have noted: right after i ran out of warranty, the battery (Which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (Even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after i am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. Again, please bare in mind that the computer is always plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as i have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if i buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, i can not effort buying a "new" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. Etc.
So, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my huge disappointment with dell (With their hurrible india -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: buying a dell notebook! Or dell of anykind!
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Aug 14, 2020
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I have had my lap top 2 years. I have in the past 5 months replaced my Dell Insirion 1525 hard drive twice! Now after paying 166.00 US dollars for a new battery since it wasn't the new adapter I purchased 4 weeks ago, and it isn't charging! I'm so sick of this!
Of course when I was having issues with 2 computers crashing within weeks of each other and loosing over 3000 pictures, I have had it and was requested that I purchase a warrantly that would have me allow me 4 incidentail calls in 12months???!!!

Dell inspirion 1525 — Adapter is not working & unable to recharge the battery

I had purchased a new inspiron 1525 laptop from New Delhi (Nehru Place) on 29th dec 2008.
Since the day 1 the adapter is not working & the adapter is unable to charge the battery of laptop.
I am using without charging the battery.

Please change my adapter as soon as possible as I am unable to work without recharging the laptop.

My laptop details:
DELL INS 1525 C2D T 5750 3GB 160HD - BLACK
[protected] / JQR42BS

Kiran Kumar
Mob:- [protected]

dell inspiron 1545 — Regarding low wirelessnetwork access capaability and repair of dell dock

i can't receive signals through wi_-fi though signals strength is high and the dell dock won't function properly in my laptop

Dell Inspiron 530s — support

my inspiron530s dell system have some bootting complaint and somtimes show a message in blue screne, and system goes off.Please contact me by mail or phone [protected] at the earliest

Dell / Latitude D830 — Faulty Lot of Laptops


Dell Computer India Pvt. Ltd.
12/1, Divyasri Green,
Inner Ring Road, Domlur,
Ph: +[protected]

Sub: - Problems related to Laptops of Model Latitude D830, Purchased from you.

Dear Sir,
The executives of SJVN Limited purchased Dell Make laptops from you in the month of June 2008. As you know that at Jhakri station only, the no. of laptops purchased of the model no. Latitude D830 is 70 to 80 approx.
It is to inform that 90 % of the laptops purchased from you are facing problems of different kind. The problems being faced are as under:-
1. Unexpected shutdown followed by blue screen. The problem is very frequent.
2. RAM Problems, RAM of two to three persons has been replaced by dell representative.
3. Hard Disc Problems, Hard Disc of 3 to 4 persons changed.
4. Keypad Problems, the keys of the keypads almost of 50% laptops are reporting the problem.
5. The AC Adaptor, the adaptors of 7 to 10 people has been replaced.
6. Battery getting dead just within one or two months from the date of expiry of warranty period without giving any indication like short backup.
In addition to above mentioned problems, few other problems are also noticed e.g. three to four pixels of the screen are missing out, slow performance even with 4GB RAM. The list of the employees who has purchased your laptops and problems faced by them is attached herewith for your kind reference.
It is to inform that, in SJVN Limited Laptops are purchased on four year basis and the quantity is increasing day by day as the no. of employees is increasing. We had purchased the dell laptops instead of other reputed makes available in the market only because of the after sale services of dell and we have no doubt regarding the after sale services. The services are good but the problem faced by the users of laptops at Jhakri has raised questions on the quality of the laptops supplied by the dell.
Further, the laptops supplied by you are covered for three years warranty and nowhere it is written that warranty is exclusive of battery.

Due to above reasons you are requested to look into the matter, have suitable discussion with the dell and replace the faulty parts / laptops at the earliest in order to have good relation in future. Failing with suitable action as deemed fit as per the consumer norms shall be taken against you as well as dell.
Looking for a good and healthy response and relationship from your end please.
i fully agree. same thing is happening with me also
same probf
Just some time after my warranty cover was over, in past 1month, my Inspiron 1525 battery suddenly strtd discharging very fast, now the adpater is also malfunctioning and with any adapter, even new ones, the battery does not charge beyond 15 %. After that the std message is plugged in not charging.
I think DELL should mention that it functions as a laptop only for an year and then it becomes a desk top. So much for Dell revolution.
I was fan of Dell at very first when I bought latest model of Inspiron 1525. Right Now it hits my pocket regarding battery issues. I fired a consumer court case against Dell. its when I was under warranty. but company makes fool and dealers also. Company supports told me that we cant do more becasue of your warranty period is over. and I have invoice dated before 11th month from dealer.
I also purchased Dell Inspiron 1525 and it is now 1 year and 1 month.. So just after 1 year i.e after expiry of warranty I am having the same issue. The system first showed, battery is not charging, then few time later, no battery found. Although it shows that battery is 75% charged in battery meter, still without A/C adapter system doesnt start from battery, so it is as good as not having battery. On asking Dell they says Warranty has expired and you have to renew. When I agreed to renew they says batteries once used are not covered under warranty, i am really frustrated. I don know if I buy a new battery, or throw the old one or run system on a/c adapter. They Sucks yaar. As far as I have experienced from various feedbacks, the Li-ion batteries are very much ok, i feel, because it shows 75% power remaining. May be the problem is in the Battery circuit which has been such designed that just after 1 year o[censored]se the timer forces the circuit to break and thus batteries gets disconnected from laptop and cannot provide power. After prolonged non use its power & non charging ultimately gets damaged. So no one is there to look after the batteries once the circuit breaks. Not even Dell support, Such [censored]s

DELL Inspiron 1525 — Battery life less

dell inspiron battery is 2 hours when i purchased. but dell is advertising in the site it is used for 3 hours,
now i year later it becomes less than one hours.........why
I completely agree with the complain made, I am another victim who bought Dell laptop. It started giving problems straight after one year. I even paid support fee at 13th month after the purchase to restore my data etc but it has not worked for the money I have shelled out on the laptop. It is a piece of junk sitting in one corner.
I would not buy dell anymore!

Dell - Inspiron - 1545 — Retiller's Mistake

Dear Sir
this is for your kind information that i have purchased a DELL-INSPIRON-1545 from Jamshedpur J.H
in 31-Aug-2009 from the retailler of jamshedpur
his shop details are as below;- there was a scratch on the panel of the screen which i noticed it when i removed the plastic cover last months.and which later on developed in to a crack and they are refusing to take the mistake on their parts this is surely mistake of retailler's and its in warranty period they are not providing the service instead asking me too pay 10,000.

Mr Shailash Kumar Mandanwewala
+[protected] +[protected]
+(91)-[protected] +(91)-[protected]
6, Millenium Tower, R Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur - 831001
I purchased dell inspiron 1525 in April 2008 from last two days im getting a cross red X mark on battery when i pulg the adapter it working and when i un plug the adapter the batter i am getting a cross X red mark when i put the mouse over the battery it showing the message " Consider replace your battery" wht should i do what is the problem ia, not able to understand pls help me...
purchased dell inspiron 1525 in April 2008 from last two days im getting a cross red X mark on battery when i pulg the adapter it working and when i un plug the adapter the batter i am getting a cross X red mark when i put the mouse over the battery it showing the message " Consider replace your battery" wht should i do what is the problem ia, not able to understand pls help me...

Notebook Studio 1555 — Studio 1555

Complaince Officer

As per best of our knowledge “DELL” is considered as no.1 Computer Company and left all other companies behind in the technology used in making computers .What we think it’s not just a name called in United States but all around the world.

In regard to the above report gathered by us for buying the new computer for our personal use .We bought 2 Note book of Studio 1555 on 13th Aug, 2009 under Service Tag No. CYPR3BS & DYPR3BS. We called your salesperson Mr Sandeep to give demonstration and gave the configuration as per our requirement for the computer, Later he called and told us that he can provide the best services and the configuration we asked for .We took the word of Mr Sandeep and bought the 2 pieces of notebook

As the problem started in future with the pc and we try to call Mr Sandeep in regard of the problem we were facing , he try to convince us that technician from the company will come to fix the problem there is nothing to worry. But that didn’t not work. We try to contact Mr Sandeep regarding this but all of a sudden his behaviour changed and he became rude and told us that he can’t do anything if we are not satisfied , write to company and don’t call me in future for the same problem .

Later we called your technical support team to help us with the problems we were facing, they responded well and worked on the computer by formatting it couple of times, they also changed the window 7. They gave me a best assurance for future that the problem won’t occur in near future but were not able to satisfy me as the same problem is occurring again and again. our latest case Ref No.2693121.

We are writing in regard of the above to please make me satisfy with the product we bought. We hope that we are not asking much and would like you to help with this.
What has happened to this company?? I've bought at least three desktops and two laptops - but this 1526 laptop is a certified P.O.S. - And of course the motherboard fries three months after the warranty expires. I would love to start a class-action suit aganst this company - I wil be looking into the "hows" this week.
Surya: From what I've read the battery may be the problem but I am beginning to believe that the battery in these laptops is overheating and damaging (destroying) the motherboard. I would love to see Dell step up and take responsibility for the repairs but I doubt they will. I've read page after page of complaints about this model but to be fair I'm not sure if the performance record of this model is better or worse than any other model. As it stands now - I've just ordered a Dell 1550 for my wife but had I know about the problems the 1526 was having, I would have ordered an HP or Toshiba instead. I doubt it will be worth replacing the battery in your unit - you can get a new laptop for just a little more than the cost of the repairs you will need to make on the 1526.
YUP 1545 hard drive replaced "key board to" same pluged in not chargeing B.S. they "Dell" said its the mother board. Had it less then 2 months.

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