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[Resolved]  DLF New Town Heights Gurgaon — Extornist DLF

DLF Started Selling New Town Heights Gurgaon through agents across the country instead of advertizing it on their website . They called in Pre Launch. They did sell it through agents starting february. When the money was taken by wire transfer by them, they advertized this sale in the Web site by March middle and Increase the price by 20% with Some thing Called Preferential Location charges. This was universally applied to all the Big appartments.

Later the Agents in Collusion with DLF assigned appartment numbers to all the gullible persons who has paid up money in the prelaunch and imposed this 20% fee on them. Either you take the appartment or we will keep your earnest deposit.

A clear case of blackmail, deceit and extortion. Coming of top of it, A rude and arrogant person lying thorough his teeth sits as Customer Care GM. He forgets conveniently that DLF did not even advertize this sale till the middle of March. It did not accept direct communication through individuals through the middle of march and then claimed the agents are cheaters, not them.

Result: All the customers who are trapped are feeling cheated and let down by this appartement Sale by DLF. They cant withdraw their money since allotments have been done in collusion with agents and Customers have no way out.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I have paid Rs.5 lacs as booking fee through an agent on 14th february 2008. I am a U.K based NRI. Neither the Agent or the DLF respond to my email, phone calls etc. The fund was transferred frommy SBI (NRI) branch to DLF account.
This is exactly what I faced. For me, ICICI bank was the agent through which my dad (who mediated for the property as I am currently abroad) got conned by DLF.
The agent conveniently asked my dad not to fill up the form and even said that before allocation DLF will call you and discuss personally your preference. But they allocated a flat without even asking for preference and charged usurious PLC charges and on top allotted a flat which I had not applied for! I had applied for a 3 bedroom apartment and instead I was allotted a 4 bedroom apartment with high PLC charges (amount to additional 375 per sq. ft) taking the price of the house from budgeted 45 lacs to 65 lacs (way beyond my budget for an additional bedroom!) without even intimating me about the change/charges. In the brochure they didnt even inform how many flats of various types are being built, didnt mention the PLC charges and I am sure this is just a start..there would be a lot of hidden charges for all the people who got conned by DLF. When confronted the guy in DLF conveniently placed the blame on the agent and refused to allocate the desired 3 bedroom apartment and also refused to even return the booking amount conveniently showing the clause on the paper which says that DLF will forfeit the amount.
I think the govt and a suitable regulator is urgently required to put an end to such shady and unfair practises (such as using PLC as means of increasing the price and claiming base rates) by builders through which they charge exorbitant amount and loot the public. I hope someone takes notice and formally take action against DLF through courts.
I fully agree.dlf is a cheater.being an old name I trusted them. Now since they are listed comp. SEBI should act on them there is no regulator in India.
I am also a victim here.DLF slapped a PLC of Rs 500/sqft .I am also abroad and feeling helpless.
DLF seems to be very un-professional in handling the booking of New Town Heights. I am also been slapped a PLC of 500 Rs i.e 22.23%. In all the ongoing and completed projects in Gurgaon the PLC was never been such high and at max be about 100-150 Rs (Lower Floor + Garden/Pool Facing). I trusted the DLF but now feel cheated. I think we should all get together and lodge a complaint in customer cell.

I feel thats the only way out and let this builders know that they should not take people for granted.
What is the remedy available ? Can we go to consumer court ?
please everybody we need to get together to stop this sheer nonsense on part of dlf i m very sure such type of practice has to stop. I have already sent mails to dlf group. lets all do the same.
What is the best way to take a legal action.I don't think emails would have any effects on them.They work like a govt dept.
We would need to group together and then take an action...
I faced a similar problem, and am sure many more people like us have the same concern. I know of atleast 3 more people, none of whom are in the comment sections above. This kind of PLC is very high for a society which is outside the main City of Gurgaon or Delhi and will not be fully self-reliant atleast for another 5 years. Let us take this up on priorty as the installment payment date is fast approaching. Probably we all (or most o[censored]s who can be present for the meeting) should plan to go to DLF and talk to their Senior Management about this.
the plc is too high and there is no indicaton of location.It appears that they have shown all flats with prefferd location. DLF should have taken option of the purchaser if he is interested in such location. This is shear cheating.
Hi Folks,
I agree to the above collusion and misrepresentation done...has anyone thought/ already visited DLF in relation to the same...DLF is pretending that the broker has done so and not body is listening it seems...
WE fully agree with the views expressed above, but what do I feel that all the brokers/ dealers are not in connivance with DLF, but they are helpless to some extent. I am reproducing the letter written by my broker to the DLF, which is self explanatory. Any person who wants to join me in legal case against DLF, may please communicate at the earliest.

Dear Madam,

we are in receipt of your letter dated 22.05.08, addressed to Mr.[protected]and copy endorsed to us, regarding Apartment No.[protected] in Sector-91, "New Town Heights, DLF Gurgaon" and are shocked and astonished after going through the contents of your letter.

The said letter is a poor effort, on the part of DLF, to put our firm in bad light and denigrate and vilify in the eyes of our esteemed clients/ investors.

At first, we want to make it clear that all our clients had applied in your aforesaid scheme for the flats, measuring 1760 . Sq. Feet only, as no restriction was placed by the DLF for any specific size. Since, before upgrading the flat of Mr.[protected], neither our firm, nor Mr.[protected] was consulted; the grievance of Mr.[protected] is genuine and legitimate.

It appears that M/s DLF is dying for disposing their flats measuring 2125 and 2505 Sq. Feet, which might be not getting takers in the market and employing all types of tricks for this goal.

On the other hand, all efforts are being made to dissuade applicants of 1760 Sq. Feet flats, which are in high demand compared to bigger ones, by forcing them to opt for bigger flats, which they might not be in a position to afford.

At first, applications of our many clients for the flats of 1760 Sq. Feet only were rejected, citing the short supply; then some of them have been upgraded to 2125 Sq. Feet, without taking their/ our consent.

Even, application of, one of our esteemed clients, Mr.[protected], was rejected citing the reason that his cheque has been dishonored. But, the fact is that his account in question was continuously having balance of Rs. 7, 00, 000/-. Now, Mr.[protected]---, armed with his bank statement and certificate from his bank that no 'stop payment' instructions were issued to the bank, is threatening to take legal action against our firm as well as DLF, against illegal rejection of his application.

Even, flats with PLC were allotted without consulting our clients/ us. Although, it is a practice in Real Estates sector to invite the option for specific PLC and allot the unit accordingly.

These types of nefarious practices, for which real estates sector is already getting bad name, is at least not expected from M/s DLF, which has already become a global brand in this sector.

In view of above, you are requested to kindly,

1. allot Mr.[protected], a flat of the size of 1760 Sq. Feet, as applied by him;

2. If the same is not possible, immediately refund his earnest money i.e. Rs. 5, 00, 000/-, as holding the same may invite interest liability on the part of DLF;

3. Confirm the allotment of Mr.[protected]-------.

At last, we want to emphasize that ours is a Real Estates Firm of repute and we have earned goodwill of our clients, after much time and effort. Hence, we are feeling hurt and offended due to your aforesaid letter and look ahead for some rectifying step on the part of M/s DLF.

M/s DLF should also realise that these type of practices coupled with efforts to vilify and malign your own agents are not going to pay in the long run.

DLF alloted me a 1760 sq ft flat in sec 86 through agent. So far agent is bahaving nicely with me. I did not opt for PLC so no PLC charged to me. Now when the second installment is already due, so would like to know are you guys not planning to pay ?

Basically I would like to know that, now whatever we got alloted or the money we have invested :
- Is it worth continuing this deal ? If no then why?
- Backout is possible at this stage?
- If we plan to continue the deal, what currently the stage of development ?
- Are you guys planning to file a case to get your investment back due to not liking the DLF service or because of more PLC charged?
DLF did the same with me. The broker from DLF took a Blank form from us for an apartment in DLF Belaire in the so called Pre-Launch. Then they allotted us an apartment on 2nd Floor with Preferential charges. I won't pay 2 Crores for an apartment just above Parking. They are now keeping all the top floors to themselves to be sold at premium price.

The form apparatly had a clause that if we do not sign the agreement, they will gulp our money which was 20 Lakhs??

Absolute Cheats.
dear now we are paying, but there is no progress on project . dlf is using our money for other projects . is there way to cancel bookings...
There is no progress of construction . The whole thing is likely to be delayed by at least 1 year if not more. Whenever you call DLF office on construction, they tell 'it is going to start from this month'
There is no pre-construction activity also . There is no road etc . The villagers are also not aware of any such project. DLF halted contruction of projects which are well under construction due to recent financial meltdown situation . I thnk this New Town Project seems to be non-starter.
I absolutely agree that DLF are cheats. They keep sending us reminders for payments on time, but there is no sign of any updates on construction etc
Can we do something about the delay in construction?
I would like to share that I visited DLF Sector 90 site last week. I could see that digging work is underway in full swings. Boundry walls are in place.

I do not know future schedule but as of now work is on.
Has anyone received back the signed agreement copy by DLF?

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