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My name was deleted from voters list after authorities wrongfully changed the sector no though the voter id is correct in all respects. Even after submission of form6 with 2 photo last year name has not been included. Now again I am filling form6, but RWA is not signing as telling me to get my out of station landlord to pay his rwa dues.
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my name is there in voter list or not
Dear sir,
I hve applied my votor card last year but i did't get it and i hve no informaion regarding for card...
My voter id was misplaced. how i'll get return

my name karanam srinivas rao. i applied for voter id card. But yet i nver received.
My constitution is LB NAGAR Andra pradesh.

Bandla guda

Pls attention as soon as possible
I am residing at the following address for the last two years. my name has not been included in the voters list i applied to include my name and wife name in the list but no information received so far.

s periaswamy
71/57, II Floor, South West Boag Road
T Nagar
respected sir,

i had submitted my document for election card(I D) in 2008 but still i had not get my voter card.

please do some needful to my side
yours faithfully
Dear Sir,
My name is Bhavsing Narsing Rathod and my spouse name is Manisha Bhavsing Rathod, address 110, Shantiban, Hariram nagar, Satara parisar, Beed bypass, Aurangabad (Maharashtra).We have applied for election photo identity card.still we have not received the card.Pl.look in to the matter and arrange to provide the photo identity card on my given address.


B N Rathod
u send me my election voter id card numer, & voting location area
I am P.Suguna have not received voter ID Card vide ID No. GBZ5096888 residing at Plot No. 2-121, Street No.2, Vaninagar, Malkajigiri, Hyderabad - 500 047.

Since the elections on 16th April 2K9, please help on this issue.
i want voters list with photes in all vizag hyderabad vijyawada kakinada.rajamundry segments...plz sent the wrbsite link
my name (javed khan) appered in the voter list of 2004 loksabha election i am staying in wcl qrt no b/45, kastoorba nagar nagpur i am surprised to know that in loksabha election 2009 my and my family members name are no where in the list.
dear sir,
we have allready submit ID form and conforem recived to election officer. But yet not received now.So please await to your site reply to me.

Alok mohan dwivedi
(To: CEC, Sh. N. Gopalaswamiji.

Dear Sir,
I have been pained by your decision to declare voter list till 20th January’09, while accepting voter forms till 3rd April’09, extending the existing deadline of 15th March further. If that was your purpose, what was the need of advising public through media to deposit forms of both old & new voters till the latest date (3rd April’09)? With such a decision of you, what will be the status of new voters registered on a later date, as per your commission’s advertise & what message you want to send to common public about a free and fair election, through this? Is it not looking a farce & favouring a particular party, who has crafted your office machinery to best suit its interest, just to make open an older list, while making a hi-fi advertisement / propaganda to woo new voters & extending deadline after deadline & date after date? I am a voter of more than 10 years old, continuously staying in Delhi at a particular place & I have all documents with me. Despite this, I have still to get a voter I-Card from your dept., making effort each time for it. If you want, I will be with proof immediately before you.

Secondly, my suggestion to you is: why you are not giving emphasis to negative voting method IN THE NAME OF MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT, to choose a good leader of their choice or reject all thieves / corrupts / culprits, if they don’t want them.

Please read the below paragraph, which I had written few times back to opposition leader Mr. L. K. Advani, about the corrupt practices being practiced in election & the procedure to check those. ↓

Note: Please read it rightly; there may be grammar mistake in it, as I had copied it directly from web folder I had sent to Mr. Advani.

To: webmaster.lkadvanisite@bjp.org <webmaster.lkadvanisite@bjp.org>

Note: Read carefully, if you have interest to win the present parliamentary & assembly elections at centre & in different states too !!!

Respected Sh. Advaniji,
I fail to understand, a leader like you how can be failed in ideas or short of ideas! In my response to certain articles in Rediff, I have raised several questions on several times over voter list manipulation by present Delhi Govt. in Delhi, which I think might have been applied in other congress ruled states too, before it. Merely giving pleasing & promising slogans are not enough. You may think that public are inspired by your speeches & hence good votes is coming or will certainly come into your kit very quickly. But, it may be a dream too. Because, Delhi govt. has made such systems that BLOs (Booth Level Officers) are not going to enquire thoroughly about the whereabout of voters & sitting in office, taking some paltry sum or just asking to house owners only, preparing their voter list. This fact can be verified, if you ask any election officer of Trans-Yamuna, about making voter ID procedures. Not only that you will also astonish, when you hear from them their procedures they are following to declare someone as legitimate voter?? If such is the situation in our country, then what is the status of a rented man at here for jobs, coming from a different state & staying here several years continuously contributing selflessly for the city, doing little for himself / itself (not having his own house even after several years of effort)? Is not it looking strange to you! But, it is a reality in trans-yamuna area!. I am staying in a house at D-223, Street No.-8, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92 presently, since more than past 10 years & have stayed in my previous house in this area (at D-52, Street No.-3, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92) more than 3 & 1/2 years. Applying every time for a voter card, I have not got that one so far!! I am trying for it sincerely since past 2000 of which I have documentary proof/evidence too to prove my point, which has been issued by our local Laxmi Nagar Electoral Officer too. But of no use! Somebody told them, I am not staying here (to them) & they (the election officials) didn't verify the veracity of my staying at here from my neighbours. When I asked the election officials, they told (me) that "we asked your house owner & nobody told about you & your family (where I am staying now more than past 10 years) staying there anymore & hence we closed the chapter there. When I asked them what about Form 4, which should be given to my neighbour only in the absence of me, during your enquiry, to meet you taking that with me, as your coming to our house is not pre-informed one to us, the BLO of my street Mrs. Sudha Dimiri (Mobile - [protected]) said, I have no idea about Form 4, I am listening it from you for the 1st time. When I contacted SDM - Rakesh Khanna & in his instruction to one BLO Mr. Mathur, they told me just opposite of Mrs. Dimiri & also told me that Mrs. Dimiri lied you! This is a 1st instance. On 2nd instance when I saw her distributing photo I-Card in my street before present assembly election in Delhi, on December 6th, not looking my photo I-Card or name in her voter list (being applied for that on Nov. 11th & just before election, of which I have copy of that with me too), when I asked her that when I have 10 out of 18 documents prescribed by Election Commission with me for proving my identity & residing, which I have submitted with my application, how my name didn't appear in the list? Her only reply to my every question was: you may not be in house; your house owner due to any reason might have not supported your name; you might not have rent agreement of house with you (let leave other documents) etc." After that I found a name of a stranger one appearing in my house address, whose name I have not listened from any source so far during past 10 years. When I brought this to her notice, she told me "the person has done a clever job, which you didn't despite being a resident so far". This was her remark to me over this that irked me. When I asked her whether it was outsider's cleverness or her lackasidal / carelessness or complicity with these people to provide a voter card with some paltry money without which it wouldn’t have been possible too, she replied me that she was not BLO at that time & when I asked her name, she very reluctantly said her name to me. When I enquired about Mrs. Dimiri from Mr. Mathur, he told me how could a stranger distribute the voter I-Card in your area, other than the BLO assigned for the street?

Let me say who is the guilty for I to not have a Voter I-Card so far? Election officials in Laxmi Nagar, misguided me telling I to fight with my owner to have a rent agreement with me just to be driven out of my house I have resided so far peacefully for the sake of a voter I-Card, just to pass their buck on me & for the leaders those who have contributed little to people's cause in general & to me, I think.
Let me say who is the guilty for I to not have a Voter I-Card so far? IT IS THE RESPONSIBLE OFFICER I THINK, in my view. When Bangladeshi Migrants in trans-yamuna area have two two cards with them, just coming 2 months back to city giving some paltry money to dishonest officers, what is the reason behind I to not have a card so far, despite being a genuine & original citizen of India? The made servant of this house (a Bangladeshi) is a voter, where as I & my family is not.

It is my fervent request that “no pressure should put on my landlord or any landlord at anywhere as an irresponsible measure to counter the problem, which will make miserable the life of many / millions, for your petty, instant & political benefits. Rather a drive should be made to issue clear cut instructions to BLOs of the street & Electoral Registration Officers of area to work judiciously over this matter”, to avoid a chance of by-mistake, which will not be acceptable to you, let they employ any mean to achieve that end, it is their prerogative to do & you mind results only, putting such a pressure on them besides continuing your effort on the matter through party cadres, will yield the desired result to your party. Did you understand it? If you read the entire topic, thoroughly, everything will be clear to you.

When hapless leaders like Vijay Jolly of your party, touching Shiela Dixit’s feet to woo her voter base before recent past assembly elections in Delhi, instead of reading her tactics & manipulations done, besides maintaining a good relation like this, which she openly told to AAJTAK CHANNEL after winning (that she was not sure of her winning & they did it for her by their biased campaign against her govt. was nothing but a hoax & much thought over plan of her) which your party was not understanding & I was feeling grief looking such lack luster leaders & the thoughts in their brains, thinking …..when they will awake, when I had published my articles in REDIFF in response to some questions asked in detail 2 – 3 times much before the election, which they have no time to read & awake to this fact. Had they realized to this fact written by me before recent assembly elections in Delhi, perhaps the scene would have been different!! Alas! Let leave that, which is worthless to discuss now.

The present Delhi Government has made this arrangements much before (after their 1st victory over ONION Issue) to make sure their win a must every time (which I have written in recent past, before & after 26/11. in response to many rediff articles. If you will not read those properly, it is whose mistake? And they have made every arrangement to block all your good moves & campaigns & you fools not concentrating on the delicate issues like this, going ga...ga…over different constructive issues only, begging continuously vote to voters, while unusing the wealth potential you have with you in reserve, leaving out of your hand a most important issue for your sure shot winning. Is it not more practical & important than begging vote over constructive issues & do you not feel it more important to bridge this gap first!!! Did you understand it? I am not a person to be buyed by few rupees / some sorts paltry money, a liquor bottle or a favour of a rickshaw or an auto rickshaw ride to go up to voter booth to caste my vote, the practice normally employed by many political parties to woo the voters so far. My country's situation & development keeps certain sorts of importance to me, like other good citizens. I too want a good party come to rule at centre, like other intelligent good citizens, who will provide security, prosperity, justice & development to us, than a host of umbrella & ideal-less opportunistic headless chicken parties just to grab the power by making an alliance by hook or crook & to take the country to 20 years back just with their coming, within (coming) 5 years period of time, just taking after the hot seat, which we are experiencing now & have no interest to see any experiment of that sort any more, which would shatter the dreams of billions!!!


ADVANIJI, Dear Sir, understand the reality I am talking!!!

In recent past assembly election in Delhi, held on December, I have seen many people returning back not casting their vote, just because their name is not in the list & this could be around situation of 10% people of Delhi. Rest 10% peoples like me have not been let to be entered in the list so far, since past many years with some good motive, by this govt. (adopting landlord asking method only, leaving other options unentertained).

And you are after vote cut by BSP only, for your parties fall? When you will get time to awake to this reality & ponder over this silly but great mistake of your party, done so far? There is so many Great Leaders in your party like Mr. Modi, Jaitley, Venkia Naidu & Mr, Rajnath Singh etc., but how it didn't come to mind of anybody so far, I astonish thinking about it?

I have already made many SMS to this BLO of my street so far, warning her of serious & punitive actions on her, if I am left as an unattached voter this time knownfully by her. But, she has not responded to any of my messages sent to her so far, caring little for it. It is because; they are working as conduits for this government in co-ordination with other officials, who as a team making ensure the victory of their party government in power. You have to understand their design first, SIR!!!



1) Your party cadres should be in good / sufficient quantity (both literate, intelligent & gentle) at each election booth, to thwart the opposition cadre’s moves to drive away legitimate voters from casting their ballots (may be yours), those whose names has not been entered in the list so far due official neglect/apathy/dereliction of duty of officer’s /or in complicity with any particular party not to favour them so.

2) The voters (all) should be intimated through TV by AJJTAK NEWS CHANNEL everyday between 7 p.m. - 11p.m. that "they should carry at least 2 residential & 2 identity proofs with them in original as well as a photocopy of each set, besides a neighbour’s voter I- Card's photocopy & a recent photograph of self to cast their vote in their respective election booths & to be registered as a legitimate voter at the same time in govt. election register."

3) Ask the unregistered voter following questions, which should be kept secret to your party cadres only that he/she (the prospective voter) tell the name of his landlord & his Mrs., their eligible sons, daughters those who cast vote & their name. Look the name in the list to verify its authenticity (he may be a false voter of your opposite party cadre). A veteran person from each street should be with the election officer to check the veracity / authenticity of new voter asking different questions: like son/ daughter of a voter of the house he/she belongs & their offsprings etc.
Where a residential proof requires a ration card / rent agreement to be shown for the same, it can be done by a police verification report certified by owner with owner/landlord i-card attached to that. Besides, if cadres of all parties of the street were present at the venue, besides document to prove that the person is a genuine one, it would also mark a plus point towards solution of the matter, easily. Hence parties should ensure that each street has a person present near the election officer to identify their street man, in case of a doubt persist, besides document or on the lack of a proper document. But the decision always should be a universal one. And in case of a doubt or lack of proof, the same must be recorded with due care (through video camera etc.).

4) Always give due care to the photograph of person unregistered as a voter so far, which shouldn't mismatch the document he / she shows. Give a proper training to party cadres over this with the caution that they should be humble & gentle in approach to voters, they should be very patient & without properly looking all documents they shouldn't take improper decisions quickly / hastily & drive away legitimate costly voters of their own! If any doubt persists at any where/stage, they may discuss & ask for more alternative proofs to voter, to submit or show that to them so that he /she may be allowed to cast his/her ballot.

5) The non-registered voters should be cautioned much earlier, to take as much proofs as possible with them, to make the process of registration simpler, easier & casting their votes easily & quickly. If possible parties should hire photocopy & scanning machines for the day for their benefit, to that place.

6) The decision of electoral officer will prevail over all & binding about casting of a ballot by a person, who has not been registered as a voter so far. A strong presence of intelligent cadres should be with electoral officer of each election booth always to thwart opposition cadres’ any bid to maneuver entry of false voters, over forged documents in the name / garb of new voters. In case the cadres are of the view that election officer taking a partial decision, they should keep video camera ready to record such documents, besides their strong protest, recording conversation of people making decisions & the person or the applicant voter too, to verify it in a later stage whose voter he/she was, whether genuine or forged & to declare election void basing upon (forgery over) that, besides taking action over the biased electoral officer over the matter. Any decision that is not universal should be recorded & should be avoided at any cost to happen such a scenario, which is costly for them too (for political parties) in every sense, besides govt. & public at large!

7) If the unregistered voter is a joint block of people, of whom one document proves the relation with other, then only one single set of document of each (both identity & residential would be sufficient to show & should be produced), but stress should be given over to see more & more documents so that ambiguity over the voter is avoided.

8) Photo I-Card of legitimate voters too should be given due importance, in case of photo mismatch. And in case any voter's photo has been changed in voter ID, then the legitimate voter should be instructed in advance to carry that photo I-Card with him, which matches his/her present shape, besides the voter I-Card & also the other documents basing upon which his voter ID card had been issued.

IN VIEW OF I AM GETTING NEWS FROM SECRET SOURCES THAT A LOT OF FAKE IDENTITY CARDS HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THIS GOVT. AT SEVERAL STATES, INCLUDING DELHI TO MANY, WHERE IT REINS, hence your party should put pressure on Election Commission of India, to issue a circular for voters, which should be mandatory, to bring all documents they have submitted in election office in original, besides their original voter ID / slip, which makes them eligible for a voter & a voter ID is issued over which to them. It should be mandatory for all, whether voters have been issued voter ID or not, to bring that / those with them to voting booth to cast vote. And a core team of all parties should be formed at each election booth to verify these documents of voters & they should be separated from unchecked voters. Till cast of the votes, an eagle eye should be on this line for mixing of any unchecked voter with this line.

In case of doubt over a voter, a common question like: his owners name, their sons & daughters & neighbor’s name & their son & daughters etc. should be asked & if required the voter should be asked to produce with him/them, those voters personally with their valid documents or let them contact through phone giving their nos., the checking team to know the news from them about the prospective voter & his authenticity, after verifying first the voter identity nos. of the seconder & then they should consider about the prospective voter.

This system should be followed in all over India immediately. In Hindi belts, either few channels or all TV News channels should be selected for conveying all these messages to voters before election, besides putting big pamphlets / sign boards & in Non-Hindi belts, local TV News media should be preferred for this, besides nationals, as the intelligent politicians at there even rarely see India based news channels for their news & rather prefer to switch on to local channels.
9) (A) Announce continuously through these medias (as very less people get time to see print media reports often) 5 days before elections, about this. Continue this practice till the end of present elections & in subsequent elections too, after this parliament election is over also, till the end of enrolling all legitimate voters in the voter list is achieved.

(B) And 2nd thing is, put also pressure on electoral registration officers of respective governments through Election Commissions of India with this warning that if any legitimate voter is left due to their mis-handling of the matter, then strict disciplinary action will be taken against them as per prevailing rule & hence instead of seeking landlord certification for voter verification, they should rather go on a reality checking / finding of the matter & if required seek alternative method to go & get to the bottom of the truth to correct the status & the responsibility of doing this, lies solely with them only.

(C) Take the new additional voter’s list prepared by JAAGORE.COM initiated by TATA TEA as a voluntary measure for the interest & benefit of the nation for easy finding of new voter & go on adding it to the original list, side by side & after thorough checking of new voters at election booths.

(D) Put think tanks of the party on brain-storming sessions to think & find new but good ways to win elections & side by side bridging loopholes in that process, so far.

10) Make ensure also through cadres to make a door-2-door campaign of this before elections, to have a good impact over voters & have a massive turnout at booths to cast votes & to choose their preferred leaders. It is also a chance to meet the voter in this garb & is not less important to making a 20-30 election rallies or meetings in the area. Meeting / rally attracts them, those whose decisions are always shaky & depends upon last factor who mobilizes them through suitable speeches. But, good & intelligent people judge the party by its actions done & it is a pre-determined one, LIKE THAT OF ME, which is never biased & influenced by petty instant & personal benefits, rather they (PEOPLE LIKE ME) seek & believes in long-term universal benefit offered by the political party to the masses.

I will be happy, if I see you implement this. I have been a victim of election so far, due to people handling it with due care, as I think, either they have lack of sincerity towards it (the election process), sincerity towards nation at large & good ideas or have a low - skill set with a little bit of interest too! !

I will be happy, if I got a communication from you over the matter stating that “we are working over it very soon”, as it is in the interest of public & for a party like yours, which wants transparency & clean governance in our country.

For your kind information, I am an engineer by profession & a technical writer too.

With thanx & regard,
D. P. Mishra.

My Address Details: to get further important information:
Er. Devi Prasad Mishra
D-223, Street No.-8,
Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092.
Tele Ph.:[protected]
Email: dpmishra12@rediffmail.com / dmchanakya77@gmail.com
I have registered my and my family members names in online for inclusion in voters list relates to Tirupati Assembly constituency in my residence address D.No.18-2-258A, Abbanna colony 2nd lane, Tirupati on[protected]. But so for I am not in receipt of the I D Cards

K.Raja gopal Redy
I have shifted 5 year back to Mysore. We in our family have taken efforts to get the ID card issued after undergoing the long process in the voters enlistment camps and got the id card issued in the month of March after submitting the application in the month of Feb..But it is of no use as our names are not available in the voters list published as verified in the list from www.mysoreelections.com
Voters ID card issued in camps conducted after inclusion in the list but the name is not found in the final voters list.
My name is Shashi kanta tirkey, I've registered my name through jagore.com & submited my form in the month of March inChatterpur office (Delhi), but still awaited for there response. Two weeks before few people's of our locality were listed on a nearby Primary school but I didnt find my name there. I went two times in Chatterpur office to findout the reason but the Office is closed due to election, I am verymuch frustrated about it,
"PLZ HELP ME OUT" is there any helpline nu.. or volunteers who can help me out of this and so that I can give my vote in May 2009 election, Plz write to me at tirkeyshashi@ yahoo.com .co.uk, or call me at [protected].
Thanks 4 bearing me.
Actually i had lost my voter id card and i applied for duplicate voter id with FIR copy but neither i got voter id card nor any response from there...
Dear Sir,
I hv the voter id card but my name has been cut off in the voter list from booth no-37, Govt U.P. School, Unit-6, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Last lok sabha election in the year 2004 i hd casted my vote nd my name is there in the list.

Pls help me out.

My ID card no-OR/09/050/460132

Thanx nd rgds

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