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 Mithesh Kumar
To Press/Cox & Kings officials / Airlines association/Airlines Officials & Ezeego1 officials,

With utter disgust and dismay I am compelled to write this email to all of you to please cancel the registration of Ezeego1.com . Here are some of the links and now I have realized that I am not the only victims but just one of the Huge lot but a few do voice out their opinions and views out of the huge chunk of people victimized or rather tortured by Ezeego1.com. Cox & Kings company of international repute should probably stop dealing with such a company as I understand from the airlines officials that Ezeego1 deals with your esteemed company which really sounds disgusting after having faced such hardships in receiving a simple refund. It would be better if a Leading Service company like Thomas Cooks doesn't want to run down its reputation or add filth to its reputation . Please visit this link for various reviews which reflects the most pathetic and horrible experience each o[censored]s had.


Also I believe licences of such companies should be scrapped . Such companies just take customers for granted which is almost like a sin for any service company existent on planet earth.We all rue for having taken such kind of sick service . Looks like this company is just another fly by night operator with their promo schemes which are just invalid at the time of redeeming or just bogus to improve their sales.

Such kind of a company is a disgrace to IATA, and all the companies associated with such a fraud company should probably cease their relationships as on a broader aspect it would also ruin the reputation of all good companies associated and trying to promote a useless , hopeless and GOOD FOR NOTHING COMPANY like Ezeego1.com.

Mithesh K

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Mithesh Kumar <mithesh.[protected]@gmail.com>
Date: Oct 4, 2007 9:42 PM
Subject: My grievance :Cancellation request ordeal with EZEEGO1.com
To: [protected]@ezeego1.com
Cc: [protected]@gmail.com, [protected]@ndtv.com, [protected]@aajtak.com

Hi Team,

Beware of new immature Flight Booking Agencies as dealing with them is no less then involving yourself in an imbroglio. Following is my repeated emails I have been sending to Ezeego1 , website: www.ezeego1.com. They got 2 email addresses to whom I had addressed my below email ( [protected]@ezeego1.com, [protected]@ezeego1.com) as I have not been able to cancel my ticket on phone as I believe probably they have put up a call center just for NAMESAKE!! with no proper staffing or probably they want to promote online booking more for cost cutting.In fact on phone itself the hold message states that if you don't wish to hold on the line for long you can contact us at our email address. Well but as usual like their Hold message which goes on an on...till glory so is their pathetic email support , I really doubt if this company has got an Email support service at all. I would please like you all to put my article in your news paper as it has been more than 2weeks since I have sent the following email after my failed attempts in contacting any of their representatives to cancel my ticket. There is neither any provision to cancel the ticket online nor I could find any gentleman on phone in their sales office to actually assist me rather I had to face a bang of phone on my ears before I could speak anything about my issue to the representative just banged the phone on me which speaks enough of their customer service. Well such services really makes me think who says Customer is God I guess for such companies customer is just another 'Bakra'.

I would rather prefer booking tickets directly from airline companies rather than going through such callous agency with lack of infrastructure it is better to have a Baniya ka Dukaan rather than running such a business and being part of the Service industry with the most pathetic service one could actually face. With my above message I would like to open eyes of innocent Indian citizens who end up being a Prey of such unscrupulous,uncommitted Company which holds no regard for customers .

I would appreciate if my grievance is taken up suitably and having high hopes and anticipating your support on the same as this email is for a noble cause to bring such companies to senses and prevent people from dealing with such disgusting agencies.

Mithesh SK

On 10/4/07, Mithesh Kumar <mithesh.[protected]@gmail.com> wrote:

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Mithesh Kumar <mithesh.[protected]@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 27, 2007 1:38 AM
Subject: Cancellation request ordeal
To: [protected]@ezeego1.com
Cc: [protected]@ezeego1.com

Hi Team,

I have been desperately trying to cancel the ticket, of Indian Airlines - Reference No : EZR[protected] /A (Mumbai - Cochin) of Mr.Sundar Kumar and Jayanthi S Kumar but unfortunately neither me nor my receptionist could catch hold of any representative on phone as the call center representatives seem to be busy forever the hold message is on till glory and good to hear for people who have absolutely no work . Also I tried on your registered office and sales office numbers but some 1 picked and just banged the phone..sorry to say but I guess its a very bad customer experience. I do book quite a good amount of tickets online from your site but never knew that the customer has to suffer so much at times if needed to communicate on phone unlike Clear Trip and Make my Trip.

As I had to book a separate ticket as they had to reschedule their visit due to some unavoidable circumstances during the afternoon time flew by Go Indigo 3.15pm flight .Hence I hereby request you could please process my cancellation request. Hoping for better customer experience in near future as I do have a good amount of domestic and international flight bookings.


Mithesh K
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EzeeGo1 is an EzeeCome, EzeeGo Fly-by-Night disorganisation with no staff and ethics. It needs to be kicked in its .....well .... anatomy region.

I was similarlry put to unnecessary hardship on the 03rd November 2007 while travelling on the Bombay - Coimbatore sector. Till today, I have no reply with lots of assurances, all of them falsies, that my issues would be resolved. When and how; I do not know. Better be wise and look out for standard agents please. Spare yourself the anguish and headaches later.

EzeeGo needs to be charged with criminal defraud of its gullible customers. It needs to be derostered from the ROC. Somebody [censored] this muck.

Venkatesh Naidu
just i want my refund quickly!!
As per telecom with Mr. kumar his issue has been sorted out.The refund against the cancellation has been processed to the card holder's account.

Kind Regards,
Ezeego One Team.
yes, i totally agree with mitesh ezeego is a horrible site and i have similar experience with them they have not credited my money even after 2 mt of cancellation of my ticket, i everybody not to use this site for booking anything.
ok then can someone here help us with some sites we can find good and correct travel agents we can book flights from
thank you

please can someone help me book a flight with an agent
please im stuck in china please

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