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I am an Indian living in the USA.My ICICI account is in India with Maratha Mandir Branch, Mumbai.Due my inability to operate this account while abroad it became dormant.I treid to get this activated and called up ICICI call centre.My old father went to their branch in Patna too to find out how to get it activated.I was told to submit documents to maratha m. branch, which i did by post and sent an e-mail too containing scanned documents.however it's almost 6 months but not even a single word from them.I have tried calling again and again and my father visited their patna branch again, but now we are running in circles, while ICICI bank is enjoying my money rotting in their bank.I would recommend all NRIs to be very careful of this branch.Their service is the poorest of all banks I have ever dealt with.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Respected Officer
Greetings from Gurugraam

exactly last two years- correspondence going on regarding -Refund my money which deducted from monthly statement -
received one pocicies- another poclicy continue debit on me - It's surprised -cancelation letter reeceived -refund one inspite of charge me continue last two years - what is the issue - couldnot understand - very bad management - kindly send me icici bank super tuper vvip boss contact nos- or who is the authorised persons etc.

thanks and regards

This is a serious complaint regarding a credit card that i have been using from last 6 years. I have been sent a letter mentioning that the total outstanding amount on the card is Rs 51000/-, whereas the dispute is from last three months as from April 08 I do not leave any money in account for ECS --- why ?, because I have been paying a minimum amount due of Rs 2300 (approx) from last two years, still the outstanding amount is the same, why ? beacuse the interest leived on this amount is been calulated on the outstanding amount of Rs. 60, 000/-. Against this 60, 000 I had paid 50, 000/- Rs through cheque. This is as per customer care phone banking records.

My dispute is that I have requested for a final settlemet of this card and blocked it. No body from bank has ever called up for this.

I recieved calls from collection department, where I spoke to numerous people named as Rajesh, Ashish, Neha and finally Deepak sharma (Collection supervisor). This man Deepak Sharma bluffed me and took a cheque of Rs 7000/- telling me that because my ECS has been returned thrice please issue a cheque for 21/07/08, which I will not present in the bank but will mark a mail to Mumbai head office for a final settlement of your case. Believing him I did the same, now i am getting this info. that the cheque was presented and has bounced.

On calling him as per the given number he is not attending my calls nor calling me back .

Request for immediate HELP, please mark me a mail regarding this or call me on [protected]( New DElhi). Also would request for sending me detailed billing and payment details of this card "[protected]" so that I can repay the genuine outstanding amount as soon as it can be.

Sanguine for a response.

Ashish Kharbanda
I have ICICI Bank Credit Card No. [protected] and the bill for said card for the amount due during July, 2008 was paid vide my cheque No. 948153 drawn on Bank of Maharashtra, Malleshwaram Branch, Bangalore dated 5.7.2008. This cheque was dropped at the ICICI Bank ATM centre at N.R.Colony, Bangalore on the 2nd July, 2008. This was because the due date was 6.7.2008 and I was travelling from 3.7.2008 to 7.7.2008. Further it is to be noted that 5th July 2008 was Saturday and 6th July 2008 a Sunday.

I have received the credit card statement for the above credit card for payment due during august, 2008 wherein the Card reports to have received payment on the 7.7.2008 for the previous month and has levied a penalty of interest of Rs.400.00. Primarily you would appreciate a payment due on a sunday which is auniversal holiday the payment obviously falls on the next day 7.7.2008. Assuming that you are right which is not correct for a cheque dropped on the 2nd July 2008 could have been presented on the 5th of July, 2008 a day earlier to the due date and payment availed. Even assuming you are right there is no delay at all and the late payment interest is not correct and not warranted. Please, therefore, reverse the same and provide credit immediately and send me your revised statement on e mail to enable me make payment, before the due date.

Should you fail to comply with this request I would be constrained to report this anamoly to the RBI, for appropriate redressal besides raising the issue with the Consumer redressal forum.

Exprecting an immediate response.


I opened my ICICI account with Vasant Vihar Branch C17, C Block Market, Vasant Vihar in May 2008. Services were provided to me very efficiently and I was given account no SBGEN A/c no[protected] and I was issued with a cheque book and ATM card At the time of opening of account I deposited Rs 33000/- and gave aSBI roorkee Cheque for Rs one lac for deposit. Somehow cheque was returned to me saying that it will take minimum 8-10 days for transfer of money with this cheque and around rs400/- will be deducted as charges. I was told to deposit hard cash. Some how I deposited the cheque in my present saving account. Suddenly I had to go out for few days. During this period I got the call from Mr Rahul who opened my account stating that I should deposit the money. I told him that I am out of station He told me that till the time I deposit money my account will not be operative. I requested my friend to transfer money on line from his icici bank and my atm showed the money has been credited. once I came back one of my cheque bounced despite my atm balance clearly showing my balance as one lac. On approaching the branch I found behavior of staff including branch manager very different. It is since past seven days I have been approaching but every time they are saying that it will take 2-3 days. I spoke to the branch manager once and since then she is not attending to calls on her mobile. Please do inform me if my account has been activated. And in similar situations in future whom should I approach. Presently when I inquired from Rahul to give contact of senior people he refused. It has really put one of the most reputed bank into shame
My A/ is [protected]
Your statement dt. 9th July surprised me that the payment for the month of june amounting to Rs. 5557.50 which i have paied by cheque no.542659 dt. 24/6/2008 & droped in your drop box at Thakur complex, Kandivli (E) Mumbai. Shown as balance due. I have chequed from my bank and found that the cheque has not been presented for clearing. Now I have requested my bank to stop the payment of the above cheque. I will be making the payment of the above amount by a fresh cheque. Also please note that the charges charged for non payment will not be paid because of no fault of me. xerox copy of stop payment letter is enclosed with the cheque.
Thanks & regards,
Dear Sir,

I undersigned is the secretary of Mr. Virendra Kumar Sud. He has been charged with Rs. 400/- for late payment, although we have made the payment before time.

I am trying your call centre from last 4 days but could not reached to your executives.

Kindly revert back with the details and your contact no. where i can file this complaint.

Thanking you,

Ref:Credit Card no. [protected]
Request:Reversal of payment
I have pay my credit card bill on time.But this time in July statement Bank did not project my payment which I have already paid and gave me the previous bill to pay as well as rs 400 against late payment fees and 380.72 for interest which I should not be charged at all. My account is also in ICICI and my account statement is showing the payment to credit card account on time.I also do not recieve the credit card statement on regular basis.
Kindly look at the matter and inform me since my due date is on 9th August.I hope favourable action.
Subject: Seeking Clarification of legal notice demand for Default Installment


1. Please refer to your legal notice No. 1051JCICIPLRECALFDELHIJUL, 2008 dated July 18, 2008.

2. First, I was shocked to read the matter mentioned in the above notice, because I had never approached nor signed any agreement with ICICI Bank Ltd. S.D. Tower 7th Floor, sector – 8, Rohini, Delhi – 110085, which is about 35 km from my residence, for any credit facility for consumer durables. Hence, the payment of loan/EMI to ICICI Bank Ltd. S.D. Tower 7th Floor, sector – 8, Rohini, Delhi – 110085 does not arise and the allegation is totally baseless.

3. As, I have not taken any credit facility for consumer durables from ICICI Bank Ltd., S.D. Tower, 7th Floor, sector – 8, Rohini, hence, I never gave any cheque to the above bank, as, it is mentioned in the notice that the cheque given by me have been dishonored.

4. So far, I have not received any single letter in this regard.

5. However, I contacted Nisha Munjral at her mobile number [protected] twice on 24th July, 2008 but she did not respond. I left my mobile number with her and she promised me to talk to me but she did not talk.

6. Then, I enquired about this from ICICI Bank Ltd., S.D. Tower, 7th Floor, sector – 8, Rohini over the phone (Ph. No.[protected], and I asked about the above-mentioned loan. I could not get any fruitful response in this regard and I was asked to contact ICICI Help line/customer care number i.e.[protected].

7. Finally, I contacted ICICI Help line/customer care number i.e.[protected] and talked to Mr. Amit (Reference Number – SR[protected] at about 4.25 pm.[protected] He asked me my name, Address, mobile number, date of birth and name of bank Accounts. He compared my details with the information available with ICICI. He found that only name and address tallies with ICICI records, other information like; date of birth and bank accounts does not tally. My Bank accounts are in “Bank of Maharashtra” & “Punjab National Bank”, while borrowers account is in HDFC Bank.

8. The above facts reveal that, I did not take the above-mentioned loan. ICICI had given the loan to some other person and wants to recover the same from me. It is a shame for a multinational Bank. Since, the above notice has harassed me physically and mentally a lot, I will seek my grievances in the Court of Law.

9. However, I hereby request you to provide me the following documents to enable me to decide further course of action.

(a) Copy of the Agreement No. NCDEL[protected] signed by me as mentioned in Para (2) of your notice.

(b) Copy of the Credit /items / Consumers Durables etc which I have availed and for which I am charged Rs. 13, 972/- having installment of Rs. 1, 996 up to unknown installments.

(c) Copy of the cheques alleged to have been dishonored.

thanking yo,

yours faithfully

satvinder singh

dated:- Agust 4, 2008.
refeance No. ICICI Bank Card No.[protected]

Respeced Sir/ Madam

As my credit card statement dt.21.06.2008 wrong charges of Rs5490/- towards Discount Premum Club, Delhi.
This is wrongly debited to my account. I am not agree for this facility. I have already complaint for wong charges vide complain no. SR 71239089 dated 28.06.2008 at 21.00 P.M..Your customer care excutive agree to reversed this entery.
But till date not reversed by your bank But why ?

Thanking You

Sukhvinder singh
Mobile No. [protected]
29/96 IInd Floor
West Patel Nagar
New Delhi-110008
I was make many mail to your bank i have a credit card which use for big bazar .I am disagree for one amount which one credit from my account from your side you are saying all dispute muste be see whithin 90 day, s after not possibel but I could not getit any statement and not getit any informetion from your side . my name/ RAKESH KUKRETI PHONE NO/[protected]/[protected]
Respected Sir
I Mr. Avinash Sitaram Bandekar residence of 3344 Gondhalli galii Belgaum . . Karnataka. I had taken Home Lone with your ICICIC Bank Home Loan. LAN no. LBBGM [protected] Application no. [protected].

I had a sanction letter of ICICIC bank Home Loan of 8, 23, 281. In that 8 lakhs is my loan amount and 23, 281 for ICICI Lombard general insurance. My first loan disbursement of Rs. 400, 000. On 11May 2007. And second Rs. 200, 000. On 29 June 2007. On 3 July 2007 I had given dimandnote to disbus my remaining 200, 000 to bank authority. from 3 July 2007 I requested bank to disbus my amount but bank authority had given me only excuses then bank authority had told me u have to pay pri emi for disabused amount so I started to pay pri emis regularly . I paid pri emis up to month August but still my amount disbursement not had done from bank. So I stopped paying priemis and requested bank officials to disbus my 200, 000 as early as possible but I got only excuses .
On 28 May Mr. Shriram (Collection manager )and Mr.Avinash (ACM) with 8 to 10 people had gone to my New flat Meghdoot apartment cts no 3939/A3 in my absents and told my parents we had came to seal your property otherwise pay 50, 000 as pri emis. That time I was traveling to Bombay so my cell was not reachable. So my parents had kept gold in Maratha Co-operative bank Ltd and paid 50, 000 as priemis. When I came back from Bombay and approach ICICI Bank for that matter. Mr. Mrutunjay (Sales Manager Belgium Branch )had told now your account is clear we are disbursing the amount within 10 days . And he had given me contact numbers of Mr.Chetan Bhat ( ZBH), Mr.Sashidhar ( ABH), Mr. Sarvesh (Credit Manager) and Mr. Ravi Kumraj ( RCM) to conform .So I promised by Mr. Chetan, Mr. Shashidhar, Mr. Sarvesh and Mr. Ravi Kumraj your disbursement will be throw in 10 days. But after regress follow up with these bank officials for 2 months . I had been informed that bank cannot disbus the balance 200, 000 and I have been inform now that bank downsized my loan without any notice and started my emi on 6, 23, 281.
So I requesting u look in mater and disburse my remaining amount as early as possible. Still my sale deed is pending. I had paid Rs.50, 000 as pre emi.

Apart from this I am the old customer of ICICI bank. I am having two car loans with ICICI bank. ( Toyota Quails) Lubgm [protected]. And ( Toyota Innova) Labgm [protected]. My repayment is prompt and regular. So I am again requesting u please look in the matter do the needful. Because I have to give Rs1, 00000. To my builder and Rs1, 00000. For sale deed. .

Please find attachment of authentic document regarding above matter.


Avinash S. Bandekar

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Respected Sir,

Iam Raju.A, From Begumpet Hyderabad, Account No:[protected], i have dropped a cheque on 5th of august, bearing cheque no:065037 of HDFC'S as it has not been credited still 12th of aug, i request you to plese consider my request, and do the needfull as soon as possible.

Ref; My Card No.[protected]
With reference to the statment regarding cash payment on 7.06.2008, which is not made by me. the payment due for the month of June 2008 is 5540/- is made by Cheque. Complete payment is made.
And i have recevied the bill for the month of july 2008 fee levied for cash payment, service tax and interest charges and service tax for Rs.418.93. Now my complaint is why this amount is charged when ther is no due from my side.
I have already complained to your customer care exeecutive in the month of july 2008, And now I have received one more bill for the month of August 2008 for Rs.893.54.Why the bill has been sent to me when there is no due from my side and I am not happy with your services.


i am also having a credit card holder expirienced poor kind of service, no responces for the complaints and dicided to cancell the card
Exact situation happened with me(what happened with Mr. Shashank Prasad).
I am staying in Japan and I have faced the same situation.After everything, the ICICI bank authority are hell(not doing anything).

But I will not leave them. I will go to highest level once I come to India.
Dear Customers (Jagadeesh M.p, Tapas Das, Biju Mathew.m),

Please write to us at [protected] with account number and contact details. Please use subject line as " Comments from Site".


Uma Lakhani
Office of Head Service Quality
sub- account transfer
I am account holder in icici bank branch udaipur rajasthan.
75 days before i went to ajmer branch & fill up application form & return cheque book for account transfer from udaipur branch to ajmer branch. after one month 16-7-08 i went to again same branch regarding my account, ur representive told ur account has not transfer due to ur application lost. pl fill again form. i gave new application & crush atm card.
to day i went to ajmer branch they told me ur account has not transfer u fill new application . this is not way. ur bank working is not good, ur representive is not good and coporative they r care less. what can i do ?
i hav no atm & cheque book . how can i transit my money.
Account transfer is small matter bot i dont know ur bank take so long time . I have not satisfy ur bank service . pl give me return reply & take necessary action.
Vinod singh yadav
i have saving a/c in your bank.plz attention sir, my a/c cut down 974/rs so big amount sir, i can not bear.i belong from poor family.last month april same condition.i have request then accpted.plz sir reverse entry my a/c, recently my a/c show negative balance, my a/c salary based a/c. my a.c no[protected].plz right decision my favour. thanku very much.

mohd qamar

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