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ICICI securities ATS is failure...they lost my two lac rupees in 5 trading session from 6th May to 12th May 2010...all 10-12 calls that came from ICICI securities research team hit stop loss in a row...I think jugglers are better than them...on the contrarary Kotak Securities made profit during the same period with the same size portfolio...please think 10 times before choosing ICICI securities ATS...it is comparatively new, started last year...it not backed by good research team...there should be some strike rate...ICICI Securities ATS is failure...please avoid it...if with out major correction or consilidation in the market, they lost 20% money of my portfolio value...then imagine what will happen when market will face heavy correction...I am not new to market...losses incurr....it is common...profit also comes along the way.. but 20% loss of total protfolio value in five trading session is horrible... I think nobody bothers to reply to this consumer forum column...some one please reply...at prajendra31@rediffmail.com...Rajendra
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keshri traders — unable to access online account to view and pay bills

i am unable to access a account on airtel.i want to pay the bills online and view it also and also see others features available.so as soon as possible mail me how to do it.i made an account with username deepika_bohra but then it didnt ask for password and during the login time they asked for password which i didnt havent yet set!!
so as soon as possible help me.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I Costomer Your Shahibag Ahmedabad Br.your Staff Mistak Change My Company
Name So Return My Cheque Problam Creat me I Say to bank Manager Close My Account Putup Aplication But not action .
Close my curent account no[protected]
Dont open account anyone in icici ats .

ICICI Securities.com — MF Online is not taking Place

This is o inform you that Ihave Been Harashed by ICICI security personnel at nariman point office

I have Given My MF to update online whcih is bben not done since April and now he is refusing to do it

The staff is being foling around me .

pls. help to get it sorted out
I agree with this. ATS has been given to a bunch of brokers who do not even understand the markets. The so called "Relationship managers" are supposed to help plan your finances and take decisions based on your risk profile. However, they dont even understand financial planning. The only calls I used to get was "Buy this" or "Sell that" without having any research backup. Their only interest is to make you trade heavily so that they can earn brokerage (for the kind of service they are offering, the brokerage is too much).

Please avoid opening an account with these jokers (ICICI ATS) and instead go for a tried and tested company.
i want ats a/c is closed, reagen is realation ship manager, so pl send my TIFD SLIP.ATS class id [protected].MANOJ KUMAR KESHRI, EMAIL-RANGOLIENTERPRISES200@GMAIL.COM
On one hand they send mobile messages in the morning recommending prospective scrips to buy and descending scrips to sell. The ATS executives do not know at all what their research team is beaming messages to customers on their messages directly. The ATS guys if asked would suggest some other scrips. They recommend unfounded scrips. They do not have general knowledge of the corporate movements. Their suggestions are mostly unreliable and the customers' own intuitive ideas are far better basing on financial news papers columns and business channels comments.

Somehow it appears that many of the ATS executives are not handpicked to man the kiosks. First of all hardly anyone from the local I-Sec office is willing to come and solve some problem the customer would have faced. Speaking about I-Sec branches, most of the personnel seem to be exercising cautiously to refrain from helping the customer with doubts. There generally is an air of secrecy. I say it could be a regional factor. Proper HR techniques are not practiced while recruiting them - hardly anyone is cheerful or smiling while attending to the customer. Many of them pose as highly clan dealing with the lowly clan of customers as if it is a misfortune forced on them. Confucius said 3k years back: A man without a smile should not open a shop. All these guys are without smile, they apparently do not like their job.

For on line it appears all smaller companies are providing streaming data of ongoing market, which is not available with I-Sec. You can't see the whole array of scrips operating in the market.

Somehow or the other, it's not only ATS, but online also is bad. I bore with them for the last 3-4 years. I hide my disappointment and disgust. I have already registered with another securities company for online service and expect I would get streaming data.

In Bharat Mahan, it is like between the devil and the deep sea. The other company is also as bad or still worse, you never know, unless you are bold to burn your fingers. For example, while BSNL went on billing me for broadband that I had canceled four times over one year and they took another half year to confirm their mistake and gave me refund [without interest and adjusting against my landline bills!]
On the other hand, Reliance Communications installed one broadband and went on billing me for two broadbands. For the imaginary a/c they sent legal notices [they kept quite later on]. I wanted to take both of them to consumer court to teach a lesson, but couldn't so far do so due my old age and pressing work.

Like Bharat ki khoj, we have to go on changing the companies and trying to find who gives good service. I am with you, Sir, God bless you.
Mohanchand K., Baroda
ICICI Securities ATS guys are being operated with the help of some jokers. Useless guys..its better to donate the money to some charity than to loose money in the market with these . NO KNOWLEDGE of market at all.
I think you are right. There in no transparency in ATS trading . However people involved with it do not have expertise skill. They are interested for their brokarage charges.
I completely disagree with the above statements.I have trading accounts with several broking firms, ICICI Securities is one among them, its been for two years, im happy with the service. Profit and loss part of transactions especially when its stock market. I get frequent updates on the positions of stocks by th RM's, moreover there has been not even a single unauthorised trades that have taken place, whereas i faced these problems in other broking firms. Overall im very much satisfied with the services that are rendered and the RM's who value the hard earned money.
ATS is definitely one of the best service provided to people who need a helping hand in trading. Most important part is they never keep you in dark. All the required infn are shared on time, be it loss or profit. so there is absolute transparency. Its the only company who hire professionals from business schools, unlike any other broker for whom just graduates are enough. profit n loss are part of market. those who can take that only should come to the market. i had very bad experience with other brokers, its only icici which has satisfied me, (be it online or offline)
I going to start ATS account in ICICI...

Can anyone suggest me ...
I have had a bad experience using ATS service of ICICI. I always knew about the risks associated with trading. I relied on the info they got from their research team, and lost 1 lakh in 9 weeks.
During the meetings with the RM before the account was activated, he had promised to meet once in 3-4 weeks to redefine strategy. But the meeting has not happened even once. Worse is that he is more interested in "prospects" than existing customers.
ICICI are doing their bit by hiring from good schools, but the results and the customer service is appalling.
My suggestion is to go with them only if you can do your own homework and not rely on their research. But then, if I had the time to do that I would not have considered their service.
In ats there is no transparency. I am unable to see my ledger A/c and no one help me to know : what brokerage charged, how much decrease /increase in the capital dailyand its detail, capital goes decreasing but don't know how? R M's phone remains busy most of the times. exposure is low, can't deal like margin plus. brokerage is enhanced any time without intimation. ats requires modifications. I am not allowed to deal myself in options, If RM on leave, never informed and also the other RMs don't show any interest in dealing no reserve RM is provided.
I am in total agreement that ICICI Securities - ATS is a total failure.
It is easy to get fooled by the Brand name of ICICI tagging with it.
My own Problems Faced with ATS are...
1. Delay in opening the account, the process for which had started in Jun / Jul 10 but the account was finally opened in Sep 10.
2. Total absence of adequate feedback on my account and market analysis.
3. Profit / Loss evaluation during my association of 11 months with you shows a loss in excess of 2.5 lakhs inspite of all investment decisions taken were based solely on their recommendations.
it is a very bad service and fully agree with above people that it is been managed by rotten, ignorant, greedy people who just make your life miserable and make you a pauper within 2-3 days
I have complained against your staff of the ICICIdirect and the Securities departments posted at Shahnajaf Road Hazratganj, Lucknow India and also request to take action against the staff for misleading public like me for their own benefits (to get business to ATS by any means) :namely The Branch Manager Mr.Nitesh Tiwari, the Relation office Mr.Vaibhav Shukla, Equity department, the RO Mr.Rashid Ahmad and the Regional Head ATS Mr.Ashish Tiwary because they have cheated me an old man of 65 years. They have motivated me to trade offline under expert Mr.Vaibhav Shukla and Mr.Nitesh Tiwari has given assurance that in no any case will I lose money. Rs 146000 were deposited in ATS by fraud, without informing me of the risk of losing all the money then they have taken Rs 456000 from my SB account. In due process Mr.Ashish Tiwary, presented the statement of account showing balance of 15, 555.71CR of my Client Code: [protected] and a share of current value of around Rs 24, 000 up to 2nd August 2011 which means a loss of 92% of my investment in simple two months times. It was difficult to understand telephone calls as they were too technical and too quick for an old man to grasp. I never objected in stock buying and selling process by Mr.Vaibhav Shukla . I want to get out of ATS as early as possible. Mr.Vaibhav Shukla was main culprit in losing by money because he was buying higher rates and selling in lower rate. I request you to kindly close ATC account of Client Code: [protected] and recover amount Rs 192, 000 and deposit it in my Saving ICICI Bank Account No.[protected].
I fully agree with all the complaint on ATS . Do not opt the ATS service.
It is operating by unprofessional people who do not know about the
basic of share trading.It is common practice of all traders to put the
stop loss for all the day trading to take a minimum loss where as this people
never put stop loss on their trade. they are blindly trading with others hard
earned money. I have used the ATS service in chennai and lost a huge
money within one week's time. For some clarification for the transaction
I have sent mail to the complaince officer called Ms. Mamta shetty but no reply
and response received from them. Hence I strongly object the ATS and Godsake
do not opt the service from ICICIDIRECT.COM. - MY CLIENT CODE - [protected].

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