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IFB Senator 6 kg washing machine; it has manufacturing defects and also spoils your floor by oozing our detergent regularly and if everything goes fine its heater will break and damage the drum and cause great danger to the lives of your loved one’s. Please don’t buy this washing machine.

We bought IFB Senator 6 kg washing machine in May 2008 from Bajaj Electronics, Punjagutta showroom in Hyderabad. We purchased this machine for our convenience as the two other washing machines we had were little smaller 4 kg, and we would have to run several washes to wash all our cloths.

The IFB Senator 6 kg washing machine was delivered to us and 2 days later a person from their service center came to our house and installed the machine, he did a test run with water and no cloths and said that it is working perfectly. Soon after the service man left, we used the new washing machine with a few cloths and Ariel washing powder, the machine worked for a few minutes before it started oozing out loads of detergent and water all over the carpet flooring in the washing room, we closed the machine and tried several times and the same thing happened. After several tries and having experience from using many front loading washing machines in the past we were convinced that Bajaj Electronics or IFB had sold us a defective product.

This was just the beginning of our worries, problems and waste of time having bought IFB washing machine.

Soon we contacted the service center number present on their website and users manual booklet, to our surprise it was not accessible and out of order and after trying several places we were able to get the service center number. We spoke to a lady and explained the problem we were facing in detail and she said that someone will come to our place in the afternoon to check the machine. No one ever came, even after following up with the service center for several days and someone only came to help us after 7 days (“1 week”).

As soon as the service man arrived, it was shocking to hear that even after us informing more than 40 times to the service center lady about our issue he did not know anything about our problem. We had to explain everything to him again and on hearing our issue, he was quick in saying he was aware of this issue as several of their customers were experiencing the same problem and he said we were using the wrong detergent (“even though we used the same type of detergent in all the front loading machines we used in our lives”) and that we need to use a detergent of the type MATIC, and then he sold us few boxes of Henko Mattic detergent and also a washing machine stand and cover, which evidently according to them is essential for IFB front loading washing machines to function correctly, (“again none of the other machine we used earlier ever needed anything of like this”) also this information was no where available in the users manual.

Soon after the man left we were able to use the machine successfully for one day and again next day we had the same problem, by this time we were convinced that we had been cheated. Again we had to try several times and wait for 1 week before someone came to resolve our issue, this time the service man new what our problem was and surprisingly without even checking anything knew that a switch inside the washing machine board was loose and faulty and he rectified it immediately and left. At this point we requested IFB to replace the washing machine since we were sold a defective product, but they refused to comply with our grievances.

After that day it was not many days before we started facing more problems with the IFB washing machine, it was less than two months since we bought the machine and one day while we were washing 2 bed sheets in it, we heard some loud sounds from the IFB washing machine and then it stopped and continued the washing process till it completed. When we opened the door and remove the bed sheets we were shocked when we saw the metal drum in which the cloths are washed was completely out of shape, it no longer looked like a cylindrical drum but looked more like a crumpled box. We contacted the service center, by now you will have guessed that it took them more than a week to come to check the problem. On reaching and seeing the machine from a distance the service man like possessing Psychic powers was most definitely sure that a coin must have been present with the cloths we were washing (“even though we said we washed 2 bed sheets”) and that it got stuck in the drum which in turn went through the process of damaging a heater which in the process went and damaged the metallic drum.

Let me give you a small description about a special feature that IFB has in their Senator 6kg model, it has a coin trap mechanism which is designed to safely capture and remove coins that are present in the cloths being washed and send it into a coin trap at the bottom of the washing machine, from where we can open and easily collect the coins.

Now coming back to our problem, however when we checked the coin trap after being explain by the service man, we did not find any coins or anything in the coin trap. But he was still curtain it was the imaginary coin that has caused the problem and said after 5 days they will take our machine to the repair center and check at their convenience and tell us the actual cause of the problem. Some how we had the idea that we were being cheated and that they will come back to us saying that it was a coin and that they had found a coin in the washing machine, which has caused all the problem and that’s exactly what we heard from then in almost a weeks time. Now they were asking us to pay for changing the entire drum and some other mechanical parts, because according to them it was our fault because we had left a coin in one of the cloths we washed. On hearing this we object and said that it was because of malfunctioning of your coin trap and it cannot be projected as out fault. Since then it’s been a month and the washing machine is still in the service centers possession. Now we want our money to be returned or the washing machine replaced. It is 21st July 2008 today and still they haven’t agreed to their manufacturing defect fault and causing great deal of inconvenience to us by wasting lots of our time and giving us the trouble of washing cloths for long hours.

Please let us know at [protected] if any one has faced similar problems after purchasing IFB washing machines, we plan to take the company to court and also publish a public notice in leading newspapers in India to warn all other people from purchasing IFB products as they are cheating people.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Well i can surely tell you that the coin is not planted by you. One of my friend was working with IFB services and he was senior service engineer there. And he disclose the shocking fact to me that in IFB when some service engineer checks ur machine then before leaving they plant some nail, clip or coin in ur drum and as usual we without checking drum put our clothes into machine and that damage the drum. Most of the time this happens with customers. And thats is the way they complete their service target. But we cannot prove this.
I have purchased an IFB (Elena) Fully Autometic Front Loading Washing Machine. When its dryer work it vibrates dangerously. As a result the machine dislocated at another place. For that particular reasons I have not purchased any "Stand" from your company. Please let me know, is there any locking system in the said stand to protect the movement of the machine when running.

Secondly, its dryer not working satisfactorily. In comparison to other company's machines clothes are not drying properly.

I have called your customer care executive so meny times but after checking they told me the machine is okey and the vibration is normal. But, in my view it is quite abnormal and any time an accident may occur.

Please look into this matter.

Thanking you,
Saurav Chandra LL.B.
(Advocate, High Court Kolkata)
Cell:[protected], [protected]

IFB WASHING MACHINE — Electric moter is not rotating the drum

The electric motor is not working which rotates the drum
I purchased IFB ELENA DX washing machine on 24.11.08 at Kakinada, my Ticket no. is 2458305, at the time of purchase shop owner told 2+2 years warranty but in the book written only 2 years warranty. Again I asked the shop owner about 2 years extended warranty, he says service engineer/representative will come and install your washing machine and also he will give extended 2 years warranty. Service engineer came to my house and installed my washing machine and wrote 2 years extended warranty on the given book without your company seal, same thing send mail 2 times, after mailing your company person responded through my mobile in December 2008 and he told me to send extra 2 years warranty with in 15 days but up to this time not sending any message/letter/warranty to my address. Please send extended warranty of 2 years as early as possible to my address.
Yours faithfully,

IFB/washing machine-senator — received defective product

hello sir
we purchased an IFB washing machine few days ago through CSD. the product we received is defected...despite repeated complaints and requests neither the defect has been looked after nor the product is being exchanged.the demo was also not given by the engineer...he just installed it and went away...after 2 days the machine started producing starnge noises...after repeated requests the engineer came and told us that the machine is defected...apparently he didnt tell us what the defect is and told us to get it replaced as it had been only one week since we purchased it but now neither the dealer nor the company is paying any heed to our problem!!
please help us in this regard and find a solution for our problem.
thanks in anticipation!

washing machine sen-dx — Washing machine has manufacturing defect

The day I have purchased facing problem. 4 times I have complained. Engineer visit our house do check something & all of them advised different option hit & trial base advised. Still it is not working.

Please do not buy IFB front loading machine ever in your life.

Senator-6.0 Kg — Heavy sound During running

I was purchased IFB Washing M/C of SENATOR model in the month of around MAY'09.To day i.e on 14.09.2009 during running of machine heavy sounds observed from the M/C.Same was informed to customer care through phone. So. please attend urgently.
Than Q

frontload washing machine — programme gets stuckup

at two /three programme points. ie. wasingpt., spinpt. drierpt etc
the m/c stops for continuity we have to mannually move the disc
to the next programme. this happens at 2 / 3 locations gets stopped
for past many weeks my machine wasn't spinning properly i contacted our local repair shop and the electrician informed that the failure was the machine was due to lack of proper motor working
as i've trusted ur company since long and ur services are always satisfactory i look forward for its repair as soon as possible

IFB Front loading washing machine, Senator DX 6 kg — machine not working after just one month of purchase

I had purchased an IFB front loading washing machine from Croma , Malad, Mumbai in March 2010. just after one month of purchase , the machine has started giving problem. Water is gushing out from all openings of the machine and flooding the entire house. Even after repeated complain to IFB service center they are not able to solve the problem . the technician who came did not know properly what to do . the company people say the motherboard is faulty and it has to be replaced. but the motherboard is never to come. It is about 10 days I had complained and it looks as though they are not going to come.I am fed up and completely regret why I had bought IFB machine which is supposed to be one of the best. If the motherboard is faulty in just one month of purchase, what would happen to it later. I am sorry to say I am not satisfied either with the machine nor the service offered nor the service personnel.I want a replacement but I know my complaint will never even be looked at.
Mr. C. S. Rajan , Evershine Nagar, Malad(W), Mumbai


COMPLAINT ALREADY MADE about non-working of IFB washing machine senator dx in complaint no.4664792 st.[protected].but the service engineer in chennai area(vadapalani) is not attending to the problem even after many telephone calls made to, he hasnot even attended the phone.kindly do the needful to get the washing machine repaired, as i undergomuch hardships and mental agony due to the repair for the past 15 days.

senator — engineer not attending

my complaint no. and cust id is[protected] respectively, i m mehvash Ph no. [protected], 23246365. i have been complaint since Friday 17th sept , and i was told that engineer will visit within 48 hrs, time had been past, but no one even bother to call me up. kindly do send some person .


I was purchase machine from sales emporium on 21st august 2010.On 17th oct. there was a problem in machine, i was complain on 18th oct. The technicians came on 20th oct. & told me that if the stand was changed than the problem is solved, but the problem is not o.k. I was complain again on 23rd, 25th, 26th, after that the technicians came & told that there is a manufacturing defected in the machine. I was complain it again & again for change it. Today i receive the call from company that they was not replace the machine, they repair it. I told them when there is a manufacturing defect then why they not replace the machine.

It is brouht to your kind notice that I had bought IFB Senator Washing machine. While ringing, it started whistling (making noise). The complaint was lodged and motor was changed 4-5 times, but the fault remained the same. Again it was brought to service station, and then also fault remained same. I again brought it to the notice of officers in IFB Company but they have not attened my complaint. I think it is a manufacturing fault, so this machine needs replacement. I request u to kindl replace the washing machine.

Salvinder Bhatti

I want to let everyone know that I bought a IFB Senator DX washing machine that was completely faulty even as it reached my home for the first time.I was cheated right from the start, when i bought the machine.The employees at a NEXT showroom(where i bought) said that demonstration cannot be done at the showroom and I had to get it home.

Even in its first run when an IFB associate installed the machine it made LOT OF NOISE, he remarked that the product is faulty. Now I have been after these guys since then.Made hundreds of phone calls. The one very disturbing answer I get is that the product is already bought and hence it cannot be replaced - It can only be fixed. Now here something more disturbing. As I lodged a complaint with IFB about the faulty machine, technicians kept coming and going without any solution, no solution. I kept arguing I want a replaced working product. They kept dragging the situation, opened the machine did something and make some stupid excuse everytime. That some spring has to replaced, you need a stand or stabilizer is require.I did everything.You wont believe it has been an year now. Still no solution. No IFB associate answers my call.Technicians make stupid excuses and leave.

There was a customer satisfaction certificate that had to be filled by me but the technicians never referred to it because it was going to be negative.I have appliances at home from different companies and only one IFB appliance because someone said they are the best washing machine manufacturers.And that is the only one that is faulty. Really pathetic product and Unacceptable customer service.
For anyone going for a machine never go for IFB, i indeed found out from many that there washing machine produces loud noise.Never Buy IFB. Period
how I get user manual in internet for my IFB SENATOR washing machine.

Thanks & regards
One of very wost wasing machine... First few days perfect..after month no use... only the name... insteed o[censored]sing this IFB machine..HAND IS ALWAYS BEST.Please don't buy IFB.

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