[Resolved]  Indian Oil Corporation — Misconfigured Digital Petrol Pumps

Not sure whether it works or not but still I want to bring it in your notice that one of the IOC petrol pump at Hari Nagar, New Delhi is misconfigured to jump readings more than 300 points in a one go. I faced this issue today itself where IOC guy jumped pertol pump reading from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 and when I asked for the clarification they started arguing with me. Please try to avoid Hari Nagar pertrol pump if possible or get out of your car to check the readings properly before paying them money.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Can some one take strict action on this people. We are paying so much for it and still cannt get the proper service. Can you guys please make me sure if Parvati IOC, Singhgad Road, Pune who is chating everyone can be get into attention and if you guys can take action on them...

petroliem — diesel inserted instead of petrol in a wagon r car

diesel inserted instead of petrol in a wagnor car-



National Service Station CP( Petrol) — Adulterated Petrol.

Hello Sir,

A month back I purchased a petrol worh Rs400 from National Service station CP Outer Circle. After running my bike for nearly 3 Km ahead of petrol pump, My bike started ding missing, I thought it was a problem with bike, After a through check up with a mechanic I founbd that my bike was perfectly Ok but the problem was due to adultered petrol. I went to pump staff and they did not entertained me neither they gave my density of petrol.

My bike's engine got damaged due to petrol mixed with thinner like substance.

Please take this as a formal complaint against petrol pump and do a through investigation.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Tauseef Ahmed.

I went to the IBP petrol bunk located at the following address on 30 June 2009, Tuesday at 1045am:

IBP Auto Services,
Plot NO 11, 12 13, Mahesh Nagar,
Kapra, R.R. District, Hyderabad

Aman who said his name was Venkatreddy came to fill the tank but engaged me in some small talk. But experienced as I am in these matters, I focussed my attention on the meter reading which he did not zero to begin with. After he filled about 7.5 L, I asked him to stop. He protested and claimed he had zeroed it. I then brought the matter to the Manager's ( a man who was not in uniform and said his name was Narendra reddy) notice. He did not bother too much and mildly protested that I should keep an eye on the meter. I said I had been doing that and that was precisely why I brought it to his notice. He did not do anythinh and continued to mind his business. Then I threatened to take the matter to the higher management and then he apologised and added the extra 3L which was the initial reading when I had noticed it. If i did not protest, I wiuld have been the worse for Rs150/-.

I hope you will take up the matter and duly punish the people involved at the petrol station.

Yours sincerely,
PS Rao
shree maan ji aap ke petrol pump milawtee (kiroseen oil) oil diya ja raha hai jiske karan indianoil ko nukshan uthana pad raha hai mai es baat ka proof de sakta hun. reply cell no. intrested matter plz cell no.
I want to bring it in your notice that one of the IOC petrol pump at Shree GAYATRIKRUPA PETROLEUM, UNDERA, Vadodara is misconfigured . Today when I went to this petrol pump for refiling 100 /- petrol after that I obsreved inside petrol must be not more than 1 liter and when I asked for the clarification they started arguing with me. Please try to avoid this petrol pump.It happened with me two-three times.
I filled 4.48 ltr petrol from m/s gautam filling station, Udyog nagar, Nangloi, Delhi on 16.10.09 vide memo no.101816 of Rs.200.00 in my new branch Hero Honda CD Delux & when my byke's meter is on 65 the petrol is finished.
I hope you will take up the matter and duly punish the people involved at the petrol Pump


IOC petrol Pump In Pune Infornt of E square Near kakade mall.They cheat people while filling Petrol in Bike daily. They never set Digital meter to Zero.They Give 100 reason for that. Do not fill petrol from here.ONE of the most cheating petrol pump in pune.

Indian oil petrol pump employees are very casual and careless about their customer today i went to belapur automobiles C.B.D navimumbai (Maharashtra) to fill petrol in my bike . petrol pump the person who was filling the tank as he was involved talking with the other person he spilled the petrol outside when I asked to acknowledge the mistake he started blaming me i approached the owner of the pump but he doesn’t had any voice or control over the staff. what to say some time i feel service towards customer is very poor compare to HP.

This is to bring to ur notice that of the incident that happened with me few days back @ Indian oil petrol pump Opp E square, Pune 2 days back.

Like they do it everytime, one staff tried to divert my attention, so that the one with the nozzle can start filling the petrol without zeroing the meter. So that guy asked whether I want to pay by card/ cash, receipt chahiye etc? But since I knew this trick of theirs (as had been cheated earlier) I said Card, without removing my eyes from the meter (they were disappointed since the trick failed) ..I asked him to fill rs 50 ka petrol and after that when I gave the card to swipe, that guys said the card machine is not working and he told me that he had told me this before. I argued that it was never told to me and he asked only if I want to pay by cash or card.

But here comes a over 120 kgs, 6 feet tall guy from far away shouting that even he heard him saying that card is not not working. He spoke (rather shouted) in the local language to show his dominance. To my dismay, I had only 30 rs in my wallet. A little scared by his size n the way he spoke, I said "Ok ill get the cash from a near by ATM". I parked my bike there and was about to go t the ATM when this fat guy again shouted and asked for my bike's key. I said why do you need the keys when I've parked my bike here. He started arguing and showed me gestures that he would hit me if I do not give the keys. But thankfully another guy came in between and asked him not to take the keys. He shouted on that guy and abused me in the local language. The story ended when I went to the ATM, got the money and paid them.

But does the story ends here?? Y doesn't Indian oil petrol pump managers keep Gundas with guns because this guy was no less than that.. May be it was my mistake that I did not have money in mu pocket, and may be I did not hear that the card machine was not working.. BUT IS IT THE WAY IOC TREAT ITS CUSTOMERS??

I would never ever go to an IOC petrol pump again in my life unless someone acts on this one. (I guess tht is all I can do.)
This is to bring to your notice that the indian oil petrol pump near Bomanhalli, with the license no mys 1403, is cheating people against the amount of petrol they fill. As soon as they are about to zero check the cashier starts speaking and withdraws your attention from the meter reading and they do then fill the amount which was intially at some other point at Rs. 50 other than zero and as a result we see Rs 100 but then they have saved that extra into their pockets.

After this me and my friend went back again at the petrol station asking for their names and the manager's number and name but then they did not tell and after we noted down the liscense number that was on display they give back our fifty bucks.

This proves their guilt and therefore some actions should be taken seriously against it. This is not just my story but there are many who doesnot take notice of it or they are afraid to raise their voice against it.
Last week I had been at Hosur, none of the IOC pumps are accepted cards.. Simply they mentioned card out of order. I wanted to fill the tank of my I10 thru credit card ( Indian Oil card and Additional card Xtramile )
but none of the IOC petrol pump is accepting the card. What is use of keeping card ? When we are going to outstation, we are not keeping more cash on hand since all cards ( both credit & debit ) available. Can IOC take action on this.? ( at Hosur near Jujuvadi Check post IOC Pump & after 1 km right side one more ICO pump ).
Cheating by Petrol pumps in Delhi.

An incident happened with me on 12th March, 2010. I was on my way to Nizamuddin Railway Station and my car's Petrol level was very low and I went to Aman Fill Point, National Highway, Mayur Vihar Phase II an Indian Oil Petrol outlet, to fill the tank of my car. Many of my friends told me earlier also that Aman Fill Point cheats customers regularly by giving less petrol than they pay. Since I had no other option, I had to go to this petrol pump for the first time. It was around 0745 hrs. and no other vehicle was in the pump.

I gave Rs. 1000/- and asked them to fill the tank. I made sure that it is 0.00 on the machine. I fixed my eyes on the machine, as I was cautioned by many of my friends about this pump. When the meter showed around Rs.360/- one person came to clean up the car with a bucket and a mop in hand and told me to roll up the windows. As I started rolling up the windows and diverted my attention, the person filling the tank stopped the machine. When I looked up, Rs.1, 000/- was shown on the meter. I was surprised to see this, as 5 seconds ago, I have seen Rs.365/- on the meter and within a span of seconds, it shows Rs.1000/-.

I was not in a mood to argue or make a complaint, as I was getting late for reaching railway station. So I drove away in a suspicious mood. Normally, whenever I fill my tank Rs.1000/- the needle in the fuel meter reaches almost 85% full. (Wagon R has a fuel tank capacity of more than 30 litres- for Rs.1000/- we should get 21-odd litres of petrol). But this time the needle remained below the half way mark. I spoke this matter to my fellow passengers and my sister-in-Law, who was sitting in the back seat noticed that when I was busy rolling up windows of the car, the needle reached Rs.430/- and the attendant stopped filling and manually fed Rs.1000/- on the machine, which was shown after filling the tank. She was not aware much about these things and did not smell anything unusual about it. Hence she did not caution me at that time.

Two hours later, when I was passing through that way, I went to the petrol pump and met the supervisor and narrated him the entire story. He led me to the Manager of the pump and I again narrated the entire story to him too. I gave him my visiting card also. He told me to come to the petrol pump the next day and told his supervisor not to relieve the night duty attendants till I come to the petrol pump to identify the culprit. He was not at all apologetic and through his body language I was sure that this malpractice is being done with his knowledge only. He was not at all appeared to be sincere in his behavior. I told him I am not remembering

anybody's face to identify, he was laughing at me that I don't have any proof to support my allegation. I understand he was arranging an identification parade only for an eye-wash.

I went back to my office and I did not go for the identification parade. If he was sincere in stopping the malpractice, he would have definitely contacted me, as he was having my visiting card with him, where all my contact details are mentioned.

I understand that they are providing this extra service of cleaning the windows of customers is only to divert the attention and this is being done with the full knowledge of the management. When I spoke this matter to many of my friends, they also told me that many of them also experience same cheating from the very same petrol pump.

James Kurian
Dear James,

I entirely agree with your views about this particular pump. I had in the past couple of times filled-up petrol from this pump and got the least average (say around 12 kpl, against normal average of around 15 kpl). While filling petrol, always insist the attendant to leave the nozzle locked instead of holding it manually.

More importantly avoid filling petrol from those pumps which are situated on the highways (where normally movement of heavy vehicles (trucks) are high), since chances of adulteration and pilferages are common in these pumps.
I want to share the incident that happened with me one week back at

Indian oil petrol pump,

one staff tried to divert my attention, so that the one with the nozzle can start filling the petrol without zeroing the meter. So that guy asked whether I want to pay by card/ cash?. Some times somebody marketing the water bottles.The person filling the tank stopped the machine and told me its done. But the bike fuel meter shows empty.The fuel tank also empty.

Please try to avoid this petrol pump.It happened with me two-three times.
I 100% agree with this.
I have faced similar cheating at least twice (which I know) at Indian oil petrol pump at Patpar Ganj Society Area in Name of "Kapur Auto Service", i believe they are cheating with each customer ranging Rs. 200-300. when i last visited them on 31.05.2010 at 20.50 hrs (Invoice no. 003055, batch num 000052 paid rs. 1600/- through ABN Amro credit card). they put the pump in tank and with in a movement they "300 rs ka ho gaya Machine band ho gai" when i saw reading the amount of 300 on meter but the liter reading was blank. after this they'll auto cut early so that you'll not realise that you are paying extra. after they said it is full i found meter is not showing full and i argued with them and compel them to put more petrol... you'll not believe approx 7 ltr was put after that. the same incidence happened at same petrol pump few month ago with me that time they stopped at rs.200/-.
i want some strong legal action should be taken against them as they are cheating each customer.
Vineet Jain
I am writing this mail with respect to a malpractice which I have observed at Indian Oil Petrol Pump outlet in Bangalore. This is specifically related to a Petrol Pump situated at Bhommanahalli (Indian Oil, On the left side from Electronic city to Madiwala) also known as Ganesh Fuel.

The salesman at the Petrol Pump follow this practice : Let say the man before you has filled up petrol worth 20 Rs . Then when you come to fill the petrol, he will ask you how much petrol you want . You would say 100 Rs. Then the guy who is collecting money will take the money from you and will try to divert your attention by asking you whether you want oil with petrol or whether you want speed or whether you have 100 Rs change etc.By that time the other guy will start filling the petrol without resetting the machine to zero.

I have caught them several times but most of the time Manager is not available in the bunk. I went many times to meet and speak to the manager but I couldn’t.
Beware of Indian Oil shri shiva petrol in Pune, opposite E Square. While other petrol pump owners steal 10-20% of the volume, this petrol pump steal 60-70% petrol. If you happen to be at this petrol pump just be careful. If you are lucky they don’t even put a drop in your petrol tank . One more thing they always keep you busy while they fill in the petrol. There will be 2 guys and try to involve you with some kind o[censored]seless talks.

This petrol pump wala has 2-3 gunds and they will come shouting at you if you object for anything.
Shri S. P. Singh,
Advocate High Court,
Flat No.204/B, Ram Isha Bldg., Indralok Phase-I,
Bhayander (E), Thane.
Mob. No.[protected]
Indian Oil Bhavan,
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg,
Bandra (East), Mumbai

Ref: Complaint regarding adulteration of Diesel with Kerosen by your Petrol Pump situated at Opp Saibaba Nagar, Mira Bhayandar Road, Mira Road, Thane - 401107.

Dear Sir,
This is to draw your kind attention that have newly purchased a Maruti Ritz Diesel Car bearing registration No. MH-02-BT-2256 from M/s. Spectra Motors Limited.
I have my office at Bhayander (E), and usually fill diesel in my car at your petrol pump in reference above. The service of my car was due in the last week when it was send to the same motor agent who after checking the car found that the diesel is adulterated with kerosen and due to that the engine of my car has suffered damages. I have got the things rectified but the motor agent strictly warned against filling the car at the same place.
I therefore seek your explanation as to the adulteration being carried out by your agent and also the damages which my car suffered in the process. If I do not receive any satisfactory reply I have no alternative but to take further steps.
Yours truly,
(S. P. Singh)
BON BON - SAKI NAKA andheri mumbai INDIAN OIL PETROL PUMP is a ' chor'
My name is Shruti D'cunha and i work at Andheri Mumber i own a Ford Figo. There is a huge petrol racket going at BON BON - SAKI NAKA INDIAN OIL PETROL PUMP. On Friday 4th March at around 9:00 pm I filled petrol worth RS 500 at BON BON petrol pump. To my horroe when I started the car not even a single drop of petrol was filled though they showed me the zero reading etc. They have some counter at the click of their hand by which they manipulate the petrol filled. My ford Figo shows a ' distance to empty' and gives an alarm at 80 KM ditance. Inspite of filling around 8 ;litres petrol the petrol lamp was still showing red. Plus when I tried speaking to them they were very rude including the supervisor at the petrol pump. My bill number is 30761 dated 4/3/11.Then they gave me the owner number MR sachdev [protected] who knowes if this is right. He told me too come and speak at the petrol pump to sort this out but I am sure he was not the owner sounded more like a watchman.

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