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Indian Railway — Poor service

Railway publicises day in and day out that 139 is all purpose customer care number and all information will be available from all party of the country. However, I have have tried this number twice and on both occasions, I did not get a desired information and I was asked to contact the railway station.

The first instance was that I wanted to known the running status of a particular train and when it is likely to reach Vadodara. The answer was to contact the Railway Station.

The second instance when I was trying to book a ticket through internet (Train No.6312-Trivandrum-Bikaner-on 28-Mar-09) I was getting a message that 'reservation suspended'. On checking the same with 139 he also confirms that the reservation is suspended, but unable to tell the reason and when will it resume. Here also I was asked to contact the Railway Station.

Added to the woes of the general pubic is that, subsequent to commissioning of 139, the local railway station helpline number which used to be 131 is discontinued with the result that the travelling public has to reach the railway station to find out any late running of trains!!

Will this be brought to the notice of authorities?
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I was a passenger in the BBS Rajdhani Express(Trn No. 2443) on 03 October 2008 from Balasore(BLS) to New Delhi(NDLS). The PNR number was [protected]. My mother was also with me in the same train. If the coach of the train is compared with other general trains coach there was hardly any difference will be found. The food quality is so bad that it is shame to describe. The number one train in indian railway but there is no difference between this Rajdhani and the other general train. When we had asked for service book the employees of IRCTC who were serving said that the service book was not with them. If the railway administrator are not able to take necessary steps to make the train as Rajdhani status, then at least stop charging extra fare to common people for Rajdhani train facility. I hope Indian Railway administrators are matured enough and will take necessary steps for avoiding such type of complains.
More than 40 psgrs( childs, ladies, aged persons, mix profile ppls) waiting since 11 pm for Saurastra Janta Express at wankaner station as on dtd. 1st Nov 2008 go for porbandar side with their own ticket for different stations. For Train timing inquiry desk no body take care on duty. Instead of it fan & lights on wastage of electricity. Train already came & left the plateform on which number no one passenger known & waste them time, money & suffering by very poor & pathetic management.

due to not annoucement, not board display, not coming / going trains bell ring, no one on duty at inquiry desk, even not attending on duty station master also at the time of suffering, those all passengers suffered a lot station master Mr. Parmar taking rest at home.

When go for lodge the complaint in book not even carbon avail in three copies of complain book. all this in details complaint already mentioned in book. Whom are responsible for suffered they all passengers?

In the witnesses of
ticketing desk officer
all the passengers
train last boggy guard
train driver.

Investigate the complaint booked as on dtd. 2nd Nov 2008 at wankaner station which under rajkot district in western side of gujarat state.

Very poor & pathetic management. Very poor & un justified respond by Mr. Parmar at station duty time.
dear sir
sir i every day traveling from bavla to ahmedabad and ahmedabad to morning train departure time is 8.25 but train is arrived bavla between 8.30 am to 9.15 am.
the train per day late for his actual ahmedabad i am doing job and my job timing is 10 am and per day i am reach ahmedabad between 10am to 10.30 am. sir bavla to ahmedabad destination is 33 km and our local train take time 1to1.5 hour to complete destination.this is not only my problem this is problem of every people who is doing job and also students are having in this problem. dear sir so pls do some about this matter because we young people are want some time for enjoy doing our daily work not just to waist time in train.pls think from bavla to ahmedabad and ahmedabad to bavla complete the jorney we are waisting time 3 hour.
train no.151 (dadar-gorakhpur spl)
1.train has been not washed from outside it was dirty & unhyginic to the passenger.
2.there were no booge number (i.e. s-1, s-2, ...) .

indian railway services — poor online reservation

i would like to make complaint against inidna railway reservation. poor maintiance of all websites named like IRCTC and zonal railways reservation which is forced on only one website and so it is delaying to connect and poor connectivity and difficult to make a reservation when we using the website even sometime like pongal and festive season. even some time it shows the deleted stations and poor website maintiance and no updated details in the website.

Indian Railways/Rajdhani Express — Rajdhani express Money taken from service people

Respected Sir,

on 30th Jan 09 Self was traveking via Rajdhani express from Ernakulam to Margao via 3AC coach and was surprised to see that People who provide the services ( people who serve food and also who give bedding ) were asking tip from every one, including from all foreign passengers.

Its a shame for railways who claim of making excess funds does not know how to use it,


There is no responsible person take charge for our complain. They pass away our complian to other head in railway department. So Railway tourism open call centre for complain online when we are travelling. So Solve our problen at any station.
Dear sir
(mr Laloo prasad yadav and responsiple person)
(Ahmedabad railway division)

sir i every day traveling from bavla to ahmedabad and ahmedabad to morning train departure time is 8.25 but train is arrived bavla between 8.30 am to 9.15 am.
the train per day late for his actual ahmedabad i am doing job and my job timing is 10 am and per day i am reach ahmedabad between 10am to 10.30 am. sir bavla to ahmedabad destination is 33 km and our local train take time 1to1.5 hour to complete destination.this is not only my problem this is problem of every people who is doing job and also students are having in this problem.they are not reach in our destination place at proper time. sir second problem is daily lot of people traveling through rail in this route. here people frequency more than the rail compartment. than after railway division was reduse compartment no of 4.
when 12 compartent was in train peoples was travaling had uncomfortable. now yet only 8 compart in train.
now you should think how to people journey in this i request you do something in favour of this route passanger.

thanks with regards
sankar shah

Note:In this route if the problem is of fare you should advise to your TT to check every one's ticket.
because i am traveling in train since 6 month and i had face TT only one time.
Dear Sir,
Please take some serious action against the unreservation compartment, because i have seen most of the time to reserve seats people try to push themselves and those who enter first and occupy their seats start fighting from outsite those who are putting bottels, bags, towels to reserve their seats from window and this argument continues for very long time which causes disturbance for others till the journey.
If we call Customer Care and enquire about "Reservation Suspended", they should be able to provide that information instead of merely directing us to contact the railway station. Or whenever there is a message online saying that the reservation is suspended, there should also be a message stating when it is likely to be resumed
This complaint is about the train 2RNT from Rewari to Tilak Bridge. Generally before interlocking recently taken place at Rewari, this train was general reaches its destination about 9:30 but now the train is generally arriving at approx. 10:00 AM. The daily commuters are day by day being harrassed by the Indian Railway Authorities but nobody takes care about that.

If the train comes at its right time, either at Daya Basti or at KishanGanj or at New Delhi or surroundings, the train is being deliberately delayed but no Railway Authority takes care about this.

This train earlier comes through the Sarai Rohilla main platform but now it comes through the Kirti Nagar area, this further delay the train.

I, on behalf of passengers hereby states that so many complaint letter has been sent but no action is being taken by the Railway Staff. The goods train are more preferred than this train as it was confirmed by the Driver.

I hereby asks the following questions :

1. Is there any control of the Railway Authority on this train or not. If yes, then why this train is delayed deliberately and being harrassed to the daily passengers.

2. Who is responsible for this delay and why the strict action has not been taken by the Railway Authority to these employees? Due to there attitude only, this train is deliberately delayed?

3. Who is the appropriate authority to control this train? Why the action on many complaint has not been taken as yet. The facility like interlocking, conversion into the broadgage is for providing better facility or for further harrassment to the commuters/passengers?

Kindly look into this matter otherwise the things may be serious, because the dissatisfaction in daily passenger is increasing day by day.

(Bishwa Nath Tiwari)
On behalf of passengers of 1RNT or 2RNT.
Place - Villivakkam, Chennai - 49
Date - 7th August 2009

My mother plan to travel from Villivakkm to Puttur by Passanger Train which cost on Rs.17 in Morning
5.40 Am. So i took ticket in Smart Card Machine from Villivakkam to Tirutani ( Rs.12 ) and
i asked ticket counter ( only one counter was opened ) to issue the ticket from Tiruttani to Puttur, but he said there is no possibility to issue the ticket and he saying you have to take the ticket in tiruttani only.
I had long argument with him, but he never check in the Computer and saying
that kind of facility everything stop 6 months before.
I told him my past travellings like

I) Every week i am travelling from villivakkm to puttur, so usually i will take ticket in villivakkm station like from villivakkm to perambur by electric train and from perambur to puttur by express train.

II) 2 months back i travelled from Puttur to Perambur by express train and from Perambur to Villivakkam
by electric Train. The train ticket everything taken in Puttur station only.

Blindly he refused to give the ticket.

Finally my mom dropped in tiruttani and from there she went by bus.

My Suggestion:-

The Smart Card is very useful but we can take the ticket certain station only.
Also they kept 2 machine in every important station. Why don't they keep one machine
to provide the ticket to any station all over india or south region.

So decided to book the complaints and my Suggestion in this wedsite as Most of the High Officers will view and take the action.

Thanks for Kind cooperation.

There is lot of improvements needs to be implemented in railways in all aspect of services.

ALL these complaints are belonging to both side Western Railway & Central Railway

1. There is no proper announcement of trains (arrival & departure time)
2. Inquiry about arrival/departure time should be allowed local to the cities. Local no should be provided. Existing service is complicated (to get single inquiry, like press 1 for so, 2 for so likewise). Railway employee is not properly trained & sometime not picking up the phone.
3. Stations are not cleaned as it should.
4. Fans are not sufficiently installed. Sitting arrangements also worst.
5. Platforms are leakage in rainy season.
6. General compartments are not sufficient linked with long route trains(max 2-3 only)

Why can’t increase capacity of engines & connect 2-3 more general compartments
7. RPF also not doing their duties properly.

hremant kumar tt job gorakhpur is aballable
i have booked a ticket on 27th dec 2009 new delhi to gorakhpur jn transaction I.D 1186355.


Fedup with railway services — Fedup with railway services

I travelled in Dhule Dadar Passenger connect to Amritsar Express from Dhule to Dadar on[protected]. Absolutely there is no difference between the reserved passengers and ticketless travellers. The railway ticket checker doesnt seem to act about it.
The ticketless travelers continue to disturb fellow passengers by roaming inside the train frequently, sitting in a place where a reserved person is sleeing, unruly comments on fellow passengers, talking the whole night louder and so on..

I could not even give a complaint against that person because there is no evidance that he is travelling in that coach.

This could lead to untoward incidents and they could not track the person responsible for it. It could be theft or nuisance to fellow passengers or anything that could lead to disaster.

If this continues, the indian railways will loose the confidence of public and citizens would prefer a different mode of transport.

Also the ticket checker collect a handsome amount for that unreserved travellers and goto AC compartment they doesnot care for reserved travellers please take action against all the ticket collector.
Dear sir,

Thanks for your special train services ... there was one request, at most of all places you have given a good services of special train but there were no special trains from ahmedabad to kerala.
Please take this matter seriously and once more i request to give special train services to kerala side.
i hope that you will take the early decision .

with regards
Nisha naidu
Dear Respected Railway Minister

One request to you instead of announcing new train...plesae look into the services of existing specially for Sealdah North Division...there is no timing at not know when reach destination...Also requesting to start local train from Dumdum...there is a pathetic condtion to cath any train from there during office time

Railways — bad service

3006 DN Amritsar Mail on 24.10.2010 was late initially by 12 hrs in Lucknow, then ultimately it reached Howrah at 12.30 am on 26.10.2010 when it should have arrived at 6.30 am on 25.10.2010. In 2AC (A1), rats were running here and there.Catering staffs got down at Jhajha, so no food was there uptill 12.30 at night. The journey from Lucknow to Howrah was a nightmare for all o[censored]s.

Also the toilet was as bad as a public urinal. Lastly we had to hire a boy to clean it

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