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[Resolved]  KRISTAL SNIDER, MARK A. SNIDER, TERRY LIVELY — Beware of criminal gang- Kristal and Mark Snider -Mafia of Electronic component industry.

ERAI ( Kristal Snider and Mark Snider) is openly soliciting business of companies who sell counterfeits and pirated components from China, who pay them membership fee. Their favored ones or who are personally close Snider family have privilege to buy/sell counterfeit and pirated electronic components ranging from military , aviation and industrial components which amounts to huge profit for both the beneficiaries.

On contrary companies who do not opt for their membership are victimized by their vendetta against them, by scapegoating and framing them on the pretext of arbitration and declaring their genuine goods as substandard or counterfeit without any technical or logical reasoning. At the same time their members are favored against non-members.

Many of their members are able to retain good parts from their suppliers and switch with bad parts procured elsewhere or China. ERAI will report non-member suppliers by deceit and making false reports based on switched and forged parts in coordination with their members who pay them. In this process genuine supplier is made to loose monetarily and he or she has to go by their commands to maintain their good-will, integrity in market.

ERAI is moreless working like a mafia who is often victimizing non-members while benefiting their members because they make money and cuts out of that.

There are over few hundred ERAI members who buy &/ or sell counterfeits with direct support of Kristal snider and her office located in China. ERAI's China office help counterfeit supply with escrow and random visual inspection to get visual pass, so that it doesn;t get caught on borders.

Kristal Snider and Mark Snider are often raving their emotions against counterfeits and piracy which is limited to few seminars and conferences while feasting on fat profits earned out of their organized mafia and piracy network in China and USA.

Beware of ERAI and its mafia network who are involved in smuggling of pirated components, mafia activities and victimizing people who do not pay them or who do not go by their illegal demands. Kristal snider is using following phones :[protected],[protected],[protected],[protected]. located at 3899 Mannix Drive, Naples , FL and 6931 Compton Lane South, Naples, FL 34104 , 19R Main St, Plymouth, MA apart from one or more hidden/un-registered offices in China and/or Hong kong.

She has following websites.
.:: eraiESCROW ::.
She and her husband mark snider has registered over 20 companies in last decade to rob public with their illegal activities.

Beware of these scammers by name KRISTAL SNIDER, MARK SNIDER & Their partner or senior staff TERRY LIVELY. These names spell pure crime and illegal affairs.

Beware of criminal gang- Kristal and Mark Snider -Mafia of Electronic component industry.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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To Whom It May Concern:

For the last several years, ERAI, its principals and employees have been the target of an intense smear campaign orchestrated by an individual who seeks to bring harm to ERAI, its principals, employees and any person or business who interferes with the perpetrator’s ominous cyber attacks. For a long period of time, ERAI was more or less exclusively the primary target of these libelous broadcasts. Now, numerous businesses are among the victims of these often-times unprovoked outbursts.

ERAI is frequently asked why these posts have been and continue to be made. Simply put, due to the nature of our organization which involves monitoring, investigating, reporting, and mediating issues affecting the global supply chain of electronics, it is not uncommon to have companies that have been reported by ERAI attempt to discredit our organization. The hundreds of posts that are currently visible on the Internet have been made by one individual using dozens of Internet screen names. Because the Internet provides bloggers with a cloak of anonymity, a person can create the illusion of numerous disgruntled or concerned individuals when that is simply not the case. The author of these posts is an individual that was reported by ERAI for selling faulty material. He made numerous threats against ERAI and its employees both during the investigation and after he was reported.

It helps to have a better understanding of our organization in order to understand the motivation of these types of criminals. Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996, ERAI is a privately held trade organization that has been the industry's primary reporting and investigation service supplying information, mediation and risk mitigation solutions to electronics professionals worldwide. Membership to ERAI is open to franchised and independent distributors, OEMs, OCMs, CMs, test houses, government agencies and associations serving the industry. ERAI is actively involved in a number of committees and task forces that are addressing the issue of counterfeit parts in the global supply chain of electronics.

There are a number of reasons why counterfeiting has become so rampant in the last few years, such as the breakdown of trade barriers among countries with less restrictive IP laws, the green initiatives that have led to more e-waste and easy access through the Internet to market and sell material easily. Counterfeiting has become a global issue affecting multiple industries from electronics to golf clubs, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, among others. It is particularly troubling to ERAI since counterfeit electronics can not only affect individuals’ health and safety, but could even be a threat to national security. Every industry has been affected and ERAI is working diligently to address the problem in the electronics sector and to offer solutions to this very serious issue. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that the Internet creates an audience for individuals to post information that is entirely false, inaccurate and without merit.

ERAI is uniting the industry in addressing issues that are plaguing the market and we hope you can be part of the solution with us.

ERAI deeply regrets the frustration and/or confusion these cyber attacks have caused. Despite the difficult obstacles ERAI must sometimes face, it will continue to provide the valuable information and services its Members have come to rely upon to make the most informed business decisions possible. ERAI remains committed to serving its customers with the integrity and professionalism the semiconductor industry has come to expect.

Kristal Snider
Vice President

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