Maruti Udyog — Misbehavior of customer service!

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 Munish Bhasin
With regards it is brought out that I, Rajvinder Singh Dhindsa am a Government Servant working in the State Bank of India (Sadar Branch at Ambala Cantt). On the occasion of marriage of my daughter on 12th March 2007, I planned to gift her a car (Wagon R- LXi) as per details given below. Previously I wanted to gift her a Santro Zing, but my Son-in-law suggested me to go for Maruti, just because of the services Maruti Provides. I approached the nearest dealer – Modern Automobiles, Ambala. The Executive who met me told me the rates of the car and also about the discount of Rs.15,000/- which was provided. He told me about the Corporate discount of Rs.3000/- for SBI employees. In addition to this he also assured me for an additional discount, but did not tell me the amount and said that this discount will be given to you at the time of delivery of the car or the payment.

Chassis No.514655
Temporary Resiteration Number – HR 99 AD-TP-8519.

You can very much assure that on 12th March 2007, it was a heavy rain going on and the marriage of my daughter was in the day time and it had to shift the venue. Being the father of girl getting married, you can very well be aware of the situation I was in at that time. As such I sent my son for the delivery of car as the car was to be gifted on that very day, just because of the prestige issue, which I think you will understand. But when my son approached the dealer – Modern Automobile, no Corporate discount was offered to him and also the additional discount was given to him. My son immediately called me, but I could do nothing except to accept the conditions of the agency being a issue of my prestige as I had announced the gift of car. I directed my son to take the delivery of car on full amount and thought that I would proceed with the dealer on the next day. Next day on 13th March 2007, when I approached the dealer, he gave me thousand of reasons, why the discount could not be given, which I think is spoiling the name of the firm. They misused my helplessness to benefit themselves. Then the Executive says “I could give you the discount at the time of delivery by giving you free accessories”. This I think is cheating with a innocent customer. If a customer is clever, he will take anything away from you and if he is innocent, the company is going to make a fool of him.

In addition to this the car was having a defect in the center locking, which I told the Executive on 13th March 2007, but to my surprise this minor defect was not attended even in 2 hours, which I spent there arguing with Mr. Shekhar and the Executive. I will also approach Consumer court for delivering me unchecked Car. To my as well as your surprise, they continuously argued with me in front of my son-in-law and neither offered me a seat nor a glass of water, which may be confirmed with them. This is the dealing which they do with a person, who has just bought a car worth Rs.3.60 lacs.

This kind of poor service, I do not expect from Maruti. The Car is also having slight problem in the reverse gear. I could not contact Maruti for this, as my son-in-law went to Vaishno Devi and all the documents were with him at his place. The reason for writing this long mail was just to make the company clear, how the customers are being treated. I request the firm to take some firm steps and get the justice done with me.

Core Complaint Id 20933

In continuation of email and fax dated 19/3/2007 sent to Maruti from Shri Rajvinder Singh Dhindsa (regarding the Car purchased on 12th March, 2007 in the name of Shri Rajvinder Singh Dhindsa from Modern Motors, Ambala).

I, Munish Bhasin am Son-in-Law of Shri Rajvinder Singh Dhindsa, who earlier contacted you and also sent a fax to Maruti Udyog. In response of my compliant to the Regional office at Chandigarh, I received a call from Modern Motors that the corporate discount of Rs.3000/- is being offered to me and I may collect the same. When I approached the customer care at Modern, I was offered the same. Then I started talking about the additional rebate of Rs.4000/-, which was offered to me when I first went to Modern for the price list of Wagon-R. They told me that this rebate cannot be given at any cost. I replied that you refused to give the rebate of Rs.3000/- (Corporate discount) also, but when I made the compliant the rebate was offered to me. I told them that I will again compliant against them and then the rebate will be offered to me. I also asked Mr.Shekhar that I will lodge a compliant by name against him because of his misbehavior, which has already been mentioned in the previous email referred to above.

It took no longer for Mr.Shekhar that he left for his cabin. Four or five executives working there surrounded him and then he called AGM of State Bank of India and told them that sons of Mr.Rajvinder Singh Dhindsa are abusing us and our staff and the girls engaged on customer care, which was totally false. I lost my temper and asked the lady engaged on customer care, who was the witness of all this happening, that whether I abused you. She replied “Please keep me out of this. It is between you and Mr.Shekhar”.

This was the biggest shock for me. I think, the lady taking charge of customer care was under pressure from Mr.Shekhar as if she must have been working under him. He then threatened me that “I will stop giving business to State Bank of India and I have called the team of SBI. I will take action against your father-in-law.” My father-in-law then received a call from his AGM about this matter.

Can anybody explain me that when the matter was between a Customer and Maruti, why the boss of my father-in-law approached. Mr. Shekhar just took advantage of his resources or you may say contacts.

Then I called the office at Chandigarh, they gave me the extension of Mr.Akshat, who co-operated very well with me and gave me the number of Mr.Rohit, who was according to him Regional Manager. The phone Number is: - [protected].

It can be easily confirmed from my cell or his cell that I called him at least 35 times. It may appear only 35 but waiting for 35 times on phone means something, but Mr.Rohit did not pick the phone. In between I continuously was in contact with Chandigarh office and had the numbers of Delhi office. Now it was not a matter of rebate now but it is about my self esteem as I was insulted in front of my father-in-law and his boss.

I can give you details that I have already spent more than Rs.1000/- on the communication (mobile, fax, email etc.) just because of this. I even did not get my car registered. I planned to go for a long drive with my wife as I am just married, but I had to cancel that just because of this event. Mr. Shekhar has totally disturbed the mental status of mine and my family. The mental harrasement I have gone through should be compensated.

In last I then came across Mr.Anindya Datta, who helped me a lot. I appreciate his work and my special thanks to him as he assured me that some strict action will be taken in this regard.

I may also bring it to the notice of Maruti that Mr.Shekhar will definitely not admit his mistake and will insist on the point that I misbehaved with him. Even if it is agreed then also what is base of calling the boss of my father-in-law.

My fault is only this that I purchased Maruti car. As suggested by my father-in-law, I should have opted for something else.

The Manual center locking of the car is also defective and Modern has made me visit to them 4 times for this and then also refused to correct it with the plea that the part which is to be changed is not available with them. I will definitely approach Consumer court and local Media for the injustice being done to me by Maruti or I should say Modern Motors. I am a employee of PWD (B&R) Deparment and working there as a PA to Superintending Engineer. I also give coaching of Engineering Mathematics at my place. I assure that everybody who comes in contact with me, I will definitely apprise him of the behavior which has been done to me by Maruti. My father-in-law is a employee of State Bank of India. Besides this he is also a Farmer of village Mohra. He will also do the same.

Kindly help me, if you can and get the self esteem back for me. I do not want any rebate but the time elapsed of mine which I have spent feeling insulted may be returned to me.

If Maruti cannot take any action against Mr.Shekhar, please do not make any false promises that the customer will be justified.

I do not want to have any relationship with Maruti and if possible please return my car, so that I can live easily. I feel harassed, whenever I drive this car. I have not driven my car except to go to Modern from Mohra four times and come back. If necessary five to six thousand of money may also be deducted from me, but please get me out of Maruti. Because being a resident of Ambala, I would have to approach Modern Motors, which I think is insult to me.

I again and again thank Mr. Anindya Datta for guiding me in the right direction.

I hope that Executives of Maruti will go through the whole contents of this email and try to understand the position I am in and also the position I went through suffering only for buying Maruti.


1046- Housing Board Colony,
Ambala Cantt
Mb. [protected]
Ph. [protected] (R)
Ph. [protected] (O)


20-Satsang Vihar, Ambala Cantt
Village & Post Office, Mohra
District Ambala (Haryana).
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I think the whole responsibility is Maruti Udyog Limited. Why they are not taking any immediate action against the Swindler dealer. Because customer is patronizing the product not by the dealer name but the Maruti market value and feed backs. I also got new Maruti Wegaon R in the month of April 2007. And I also face lot many problem not only @ the time of delivery but the service is more then deteriorated.

The reason I found as maruti increasing their customer volume they are fading on customer focus and customer service. I think we should raised our concern on social networking and not advice any body to patronize the maruti product.

When the company observe they are losing there customer/ Market share then only they will improve their level of service and take immediate action on customer complain.

Naveen Kumar Shelar,
New Delhi

Maruti Udyog — Pathetic service provided at one of your dealers

This is to inform you that iam owing a maruti esteem model 95 using in Kerala, and iam very pleased with its performance. But few days’ back it was break down and since I thought of getting it repaired at one of your authorized dealers in kerala named A.M Motors Pattambi.
Here the problem arisen as it took near about one and a half month to get the delivery and that too I haven’t pressurized anybody at the workshop for fast delivery but I felt really bad and very upset to see the condition of the car. Even after keeping it there for more than a month then too its condition was worse than bad, not only I have made full payment of Rs.23000.I really felt very-very bad. I never expected such a work at your authorized workshop.
After ward next day I went there to show the condition but I got the reply that they don’t have the complaint part in there stock. Then I asked to check the lights as because there is only one point working I mean the bright one only, and hence it is causing trouble while driving, then they replied as to change the combination switch which I thought at that time to change but due to lack of time I thought of changing it the very next day.
Next day I took the car to one of my known mechanic and just asked for a check, I also told him the lights then he checked and said the problem is with the resister and we can change it and cost only Rs170 where as I have to pay near about Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 for the same problem at your workshop.
Sir, here I felt like complain it to some concerned authorities, and in a hope that you will look into this matter because I am using this car for a decade and have full faith and trust, not only this I was just thinking of changing it with the new SX 4 of the same brand but I now has to think of it once more.
I am not blaming about the car but the type of service I was expecting is below of what I get in any local workshop.
Sir, its my humble request to you that you must see into this matter.
Iam sending a copy of this to other concerned authorities also.
Thanking You,
Yours Truly
Shaji Nair
Sales Manager
Bajaj Allianz LIC Ltd.
Pattambi Area Office.
i rohit kriplani a owner of maruti swift DL4CAE-1000 vdi
i gave my car to D.D.motors wazirpur depot, on 26 april 2008 at workshop, then they gave my car for servicing on 29april. and then they called to pick up my car on 30april at 9.30pm.
but they did not gave me car, coz they were not able to locate the key for 2 hours, then next morning they told me that the key has been lost. then i went to their manager Mr.Ashok, who told me that they will change full lock system for security purpose.
by the mean time i was misbehaved by whole staff at every step, i felt like zero.then on 7 may they called me and told to pick up the car and the lock system will be rectified after 4 days.
and from last 14 days i am travelling in taxis.
please do the justice to me and a lesson to D, D . motors
my no. is[protected]

Maruti Swift — misbehave and poor service

i rohit kriplani owner of maruti swift DL4CAE-1000.
on 26april i gave my car to D.D.MOTORS wazirpur depot for workshop then on 29april for servicing at same place, on 30april i received a call from them to pick my car at 9.30 pm and when i went there they were unable to locate the key of my car. next morning again i went to pick my car, then they tell me the key has been lost, after that i went to manager Mr. Ashok, he told me that they will change complete lock system of the car, this shows how irresposible company is.and they all were behaving as if iam a begger or what. now on 8 may they call me and asked me to pick the car.and come back after 4 days, this is disgusting
and these 14days i have been travelling in taxis, this what D.D.motors ia all about. please do the justice to me if possible .

Maruti Udyog — misguidance from the maruti workshop


1 week ago i took my esteem car reg. no. PB65D3083 to CM AUTO SALES, ROPAR.
my vehical has done 98200 kms. I took my car for servicing and i was given an estimate of 9000rs.
but when my vehical was ready, the bill amount was 16059. and moreover i was not at all satisfied by the condition of the vehical after servicing. please look after the dealers.
I m hitesh singla r/o #1155 sector 18-chandigarh. i had buyed 1 maruti swift vdi from berkeley automobiles panchkula on 27th march. The car was running smooth till the third service.But after the third service the car give the problem of missing at the speed of 80-100. the car automatically stops at the speed of 80. i had cheked the car from phase 2 berkeley workshop. they change the cluch plates of the car and fittied the new modified cluch plates. but the car still give the problem of missing. it really dangerous sometimes when i m overtking. the car gives a large miss at the speed of 80 and leaves a large amount of white pollution. i had cheked with the berkeley workshop 3 times but the problem still exists.
I had the proper record of the service done. and the car is still in the warranty period.
i m requesting the maruti udyog kindly check to it and take action as soon as possible.

thanking you,

hitesh singla
#1155 sector 18-c chnadigarh
i had booked a swift dizre zdi white car at libra auto car company 931 dated 14/02/2012.the company promised me to deliver car within 3 to 4 months at atime of booking but actully they neither deiverd the car nor gave any setisfaction answer/response.the co.asked me pay rs.750438.i paid the above amount vide draft no.776173 of obc bank mandi gobindgarh.they told me to have the delivry within a week. till date i did not get any satisfaction response on car...sir, ihope that you will pay immediate attention to my genuine request and order your dealer to immediatly deliver the car and save me from unjustified harassment, , , thankig you. your sicerely BALVIR KUMAR.PANKAJ GOYAL& COMPANY AMLOH RAOD MANDI GOBINDGARH... MO.NO.[protected]

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    Maruti Udyog - Misbehavior of customer service!