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[Resolved]  Mother's Pride — Immature Management

My name is Mrs. Sanjukta .G.Kakkar...I am working as a HR Manager in a Pvt .LTD Company.I was for an interview through the advertisement in the newspaper Times Of India-Ascent...for the postion of Branch the Deepali Chowk Branch.Precisely speaking i cleared all the rounds...The final round was taken by Harleen Kaur which was not at all satisfactory. .After waiting for 3 n half hour i was in front of her where she was not having my CV which was lost by the employees.I submitted a fresh CV...The interview was for just 5 minutes after such a long while taking the interview her body language was very casual as in between the interview she was interrupted by parents then she was quite busy hugging & kissing the motherly parents.which shows a completely unprofessional attitude..She should have taken them outside and talk..but she didn't .Harleen Kaur was even chewing gum while taking interview..then she said that i should go for the administrator role instead of branch in charge...She said i am an unfit for this role...7 years experience handling 20-30 people & handling more than 10 clients do you think i wouldn't be able to handle a branch anyways it's her way of analyzing a candidate.Then she said that i'll get a call back within a week from the head office that how to go for further procedure...nothing happened i called her back..she was very harsh to reply..Anyways i even asked my feedback lot many times she keep on saying that i'll get a call.It's not that i am complaining because i didn't get the job..But due to bad behavior and casual attitude the way she projects Mother's Pride as no mother would ever be proud to put there child in Mother's Pride..even i have a kid but the impression i got i would never ever do this mistake to enroll her in your school..Nor even i'll refer anybody..the image in getting bad & bad in these days for Mothers pride...I never believed but i can see now clearly...May be it seems a big BACKWASS but it;s true..Specially people like HARLEEN KAUR should be given to understand how to take interview & behave...
Request to replace people who are so casual to understand what Management is all about & specially the recruitment process should be improved..
I can just pray to GOD that Mother's Pride can get back the pride by throwing out the nonsense happening inside...
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Aug 14, 2020
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what is the motto of the so famous mothers pride

Vision of Mother's Pride:-

To instill life-long values that nurture humanity, create global citizens and give shape to a better world. blah blah blah...

But in reality what the mothers pride really is this is an actual mail sent by one parent to the mothers pride see for yourself and believe it

This is one of the email written by the angry parent to the mothers pride

we got our daughter enrolled in Mother's Pride, a few days back. Since my daughter has attended this school for a few days, I am in constant shock and dilemma regarding what kind of method is being followed in mothers pride.

The experience of one week that my daughter and my family had there has made us rethink if our decision of choosing Mother's Pride for our daughter was a right decision at all.

The very first day, the children were literally snatched away from their parents' arms and taken forcibly upstairs into very small rooms. A later look at these rooms told me these were very small cabins where individual sections would be attended to. These will hardly provide children with any room to play around.

The old looking ladies did not allow any parent to go and have a look at their children EVEN FROM A DISTANCE. The looks on their faces were the least expected from the employees of a playschool. We would expect them to be cheerful and soft spoken, not examples of strictness.

Why this lack of transparency? Why don't you allow the parents to have a look at how their children are being handled?

After much persuasion, when we did finally get a glimpse of the scene upstairs, it was a scene straight from hell. Children were crying frantically, calling for their parents; some were clinging to the doors requesting to be taken out; others were sobbing so badly you felt they would fall sick from exhaustion.

What is the reason behind this cruelty? There is no other name that I can give to this undoubtedly cruel method of treating children. I have seen other "smaller" playschools that have a much softer approach in dealing with children of this tender age.

My child, after having been exposed to this trauma for five days, started vomiting badly and has fallen sick with high anxiety fever. She has shown no improvement for the last 5 days, in spite of all the medication.

Another parent told me that her child had started vomiting after going home, and got high fever. The child herself told the parents that she had fallen down in school and had got badly hurt on the head.

Now, the concern is, if the child falls down and gets hurt in the head, I would expect the school to give a call to the parents straightaway or at least give some first aid. On the contrary, the school did not even have the responsibility to tell the parent that the child had fallen down. I think it is disastrous to hide such things.
NOE I WANT TO ASK YOU WHAT IS THE LOGIC BEHIND THIS CRUEL METHOD BEING USED FOR TRAEATING KIDS AS SMALL AS THIS? All I know is the children of this age need love more than anything else.

therefore i can conclude that the mothers pride is all there is no humanitarian ground anywhere and the school is not bothered abt the children only this lalaji ki company is after money thats it these are the words of a principal of a reputed public school..
Actually my daughter is also a part of Mother's Pride & if i can compare her wth any other child who is not the part of mother's pride thn there is a big diffrence between them bcoz its not a question that she is my daughter but the confidence she has in this small age & few concepts like as i m 29 yr old & i have the stage & mike fobia as well but she has no fear to perform on stage ths was jst an example in any other aspects also i found her too good, i m happy wth this organisation, see its a costly aafair to get ur child admited in ths organisation but they are not calling us we the normal people wants the admission so if it is aafordable to us then its good otherwise we should not criticise them as some one said the "lalaji ki dukan"
Well i disaggree with u first of all this school has no affiliation with government and other senior secondary schools do not value the passing certificate of mothers pride

the ability of speaking on a mike is not all that i want

i have a 2 year old son but i will not at all send him to this school i think its always best to get the child admitted in a proper sr sec school right from nursery class
Again as i mentioned that its not at all a big deal to perform on stage it was just an example, which i liked here if ths school is not affilated wth govt. n u feel tht there is no point to send ur child to ths school i hev never forced u tht u should send thr. its entirely ur decision i m just saying tht i m very happy wth ths organisation.n for ur kind information they have there sr. school by the name of PRESIDIUM it is now these days one of the very reputed school in Delhi n Mother's Pride is just a play group so thr is no point to paasing frm thr for tht u have to point out PRESIDIUM i[censored] have any problem wth tht
well mr. amitabh

i rest my case think hai its best whatever u want to do however i had already worked with this company so i know the inside details of this organization as mentioned above this is nothing but a baniye ki dukaan aimed in just extracting money

let me tell u this i know the chairperson sudha gupta personally well she is my neighbour and lives just in my colony and the school that u are talking abt the Presedium in Ashok Vihar i know them all and the employees working there...

and ur punch line is the best its ultimately on the parents what they want to do

anyway i[censored] want to mail me u can mail me at daring_gold at
I was very thrilled when I got this invitation for a baby show in mothers pride.I paid Rs 200 to get my baby registered for the show.Mothers pride---sounded so comforting for a school to have a name like that.I thought we could count those words.When we entered the venue, more than a baby show it was a kitty party.The teachers were all dressed up in heavy sarres and make up and carried loads of attitude.I didnt find any of the teachers inclined towards the babies.They were all happy amongst themselves.They were dumb and had no cordination.They were not polite nor were they organised.They only could speak english.We returned so unhappy.Now when I know others also feel the same I feel relaxed.
To Mr Amitabh Patel,
Well, each baby is special for their parents.And when it comes to quality education I dont think any parent would care to spend bucks.Like your daughter my child is active too.She has just started walking .When I left her on the floor in mother pride, she was the only baby active all around.But why would I admit my baby in a school where people are only interested in collecting money and not my baby?They were all fair and beautiful.They could speak english.But the irony is I didnt find one lady who had a mother in them, in Mothers Pride.They were rude and unprofessional.
Yes ma'am pallavi i aggree with u i too had my child entered into the baby show and i was flabbergasted to see that this is just a money making stunt and they had appointed teachers to get the child admitted by giving as many discounts as it is in their hands.

just like itne ka lelo achha itne ka lelo achha last price itne ka le lo just like negotiating over the price of vegetables.

look my son is very social and likes to play with kids but it is then i decided that i can send my child to any other play school but not mothers pride and every parent that i meet they repent sending their child to MP.. and now i know how right they are.

the group of mothers pride and the presedium school are the most unprofessional schools explicit for extorting money thats all
my post on the baby show and my perception of mothers pride...
Mar 23, 2009
mother's pride does not have any pride!
We got our daughter to take part in her first baby show, the much marketed and "acclaimed' Mother's Pride baby show, held on 22nd March, 2009. We went to the Galleria branch (Gurgaon). What a load of crap! Mother's Pride has completely lost it. They don't even have any regrets of chasing money like crazy, at the cost of little are my 2 cents of how bad Mother's Pride Baby Show is, and how they are taking unaware parents for a ride..
- The contact numbers so wonderfully advertised in all leading publications were never reachable hence the only option was to visit the premises and register for the show
- Once at the venue, everyone was stuffed in a basement hall and kids made to dance with some prizes being given...imagine how comfortable kids will be with 50 kids and 30 mothers all present on a small stage trying to dance
- This was followed by an "evaluation" round which took place on the 2nd floor. A 10 question list was to decide the most aware parents. I still do not know if 20 parents got the same max marks, then how will they decide?
- There were enough hints being given throughout the ordeal that parents should meet their counselors of mother's pride to know about the registration formalities
- The "doctor" checkup followed, and the medico only asked 4 questions to the parents, without really bothering to look at the kid even once. weird.
- Now comes the killer. The evaluation, which was supposed to determine the following: most active baby, sunniest smile, sparkling eyes, friendliest baby, most attractive baby, healthiest baby was all over in 15 seconds. A 20 something teacher, wearing 1 kilo of makeup, getting my child to play with blocks for 10 seconds, decides all of these categories? Give me a break, Mother's Pride.
- When i called up the next day to know the results, i was not surprised that my kid had not won in any category. Had read earlier too that those who register on the day are the ones who win the prizes. MP is taking everyone else for a ride. And one more thing, when i asked for the evaluation criteria, i was told by the attendant that "councilor" was one of the criteria!!
- Of the total 1.5 hours i wasted at mothers pride, 45 minutes were spent in the councilor room. Being shown an album which is a collection of 50 photos accumulated throughout the 1 year stay of the child. And guess how much they charge the parents for that? 7500/- :)
- I would have heard the councilor say at least 5 times that they are giving me a discount of 7000 bucks valid only if i register today at the show. And many do get fooled by this. The marketing hype they have created has resulted in many many gullible parents being fooled into submission, thinking that they are getting the best for their babies. But i beg to differ, mother's pride. You are simply a money minting machine, and you do not care about babies at all. There's a nice post here if you want to read more about how they are taking everyone for a ride.

IIPM has been ruining enough careers, thriving on the basis of marketing and PR alone. And enough has been said about it, with the gaurav sabnis saga. Now its mother's pride who has taken the cue, and is out to bombard us with marketing and PR to drive home the point that they're the best. And btw, they also get all records from MCD for all new-born babies in delhi. Wonder how? You'll get the answer if you read the post above.

There are many many better options. Shikshantra is a good school in gurgaon. Anand by career launcher shows very good promise due to their philosophy and so on. As long as a play school realizes they HAVE to care for the babies, rather than have making money as the sole objective, we will not see a repeat of what mother's pride is up to. More than the brand name, for a baby who is so young and impressionable, its better that parents follow these simple steps when evaluating a play school:

1. Look at distance from home as the 1st criteria
2. Ensure the teachers are well-qualified and loving enough to handle crying babies. A 20 something 12th pass cannot handle babies. It needs more maturity and love.
3. The school should ensure not more than 10-15 babies are handled by a single teacher
4. The books and toys/games should be adequate and fun, and do not necessarily have to be branded...mother's pride charges 4000/- for books claimed to be written by the parenting expert sudha gupta... :)
5. Meals should be hygienic and the helpers should be capable to keep the baby clean and fresh while the baby is at school

Trust me, everything else is just gimmick, and more of a means to give parents one more reason to do their own ego massage by proclaiming in society that their baby goes to mother's pride. A 2 year child does not understand brands or money or ego. The babies just need Love, not Pride. As a responsible parent, please ensure they get that adequately.
Wow, you all people have written so much that I am scared to send my 21/2 year old son to MP. None of the write ups is comforting. Are these guys so bad in managing children. I was thinking to put my child in Presidium next year but now, for sure I am going to evaluate the school prior to deciding.

True, that MP charge huge amount of money for a child who need love and care and not strictness. Scary to hear that children clutch to doors crying for their parents and even scarier that parents are not informed once their child has suffered an injury.

Well, honestly I will take them to court if they ever do this to me. ( have already paid fees for this year)

I surely need luck!
Mr. Puneet,

Ur post is surely a storng one i can understand exactly what ur thoughts are in regards to MP. who would know it better than me.. i worked there for abt 4 months and it sure was hell for the employees and children.

i still remember many little children used to cling to me and would not agree to go to their respective teachers because of the treatement of the teachers

the child of 2 understands only love and effection thats it he or she does not understand the pride in mothers pride.

anyway i think enough has been said abt that dukaan (yes this is the right word for that school)

i would want my child to be brought up with love, care and effection rather than use the latest excel or powerpoint ... quiet weird teaching a 2 year kid latest techniques in computers

the kid does not know abt the difference between the mouse of a computer and a mouse running in a house ha ha
Harleen kaur is really bad as a person.she doesnt know how to talk and behave even on phone...she is most stupid person in academic section i have ever met.she is ridicolous..for her::: madam go nd learn some talking skills... u dont evn knw how to talk to anyone...
I do not know much about Mother's pride. But one thing is very sure the Mrs. Sudha Gupat is a good business woman. because right now Mother's pride have more than 33 branches.

I have few question/s:

How it all happened?
How they are growing?
Do all children those are studying in MP or Presidium have fool parents?
You few, out of many thousand are the only intelligent guys those can pass verdict?

Please do say some thing good about the school and than write about their bad working.

I have sent my somn to MP and was much more than satified. he was happy in that school. just wehen he turned 3 the criteria changed and at the age of 3 years 15 days e has to go to formal school. we zeroed on Presidium Ashk Vihar for simple reason that MP provides CARE for the children. i appreciatethe safety measures they undertake and care they provide. now my son is in class2 still at Presidium. i am happy with his progress. the only thing i want from presidium is to become academically more strong, they need to work on it. rest show sha is there which is reqd. like any other school they too extract money but it is necessary for the facilities they provide for kids. imagine having ur own anthem! wearing nothing less than Reebok shoes and dresses, sitting in A/C rooms. u need money for it. nobody is sitting there for charity. it has its weakness but there caring attitude over rides all. overall i am happy.
yes i agree with the facts given here.the interview was so casual that even a student of 1st class could clear that.they just want people who are really stupid, dont have their own minds and those who can just follow them blindly.sector 52 branch in gurgaon is just example of this stupidity.the branch co-ordinator of 52 sector is really unprofessional.she is unable to solve problems related to the employees.but she might be good in diplomacy and politics thats why she is still working there.she considers mp to be her own school, which is not.such type of people should be thrown out.i will not suggest anybody to work there as well as admit their chilren.
Amitabh is talking so much on the topic because he is already sold to harleen kaur...the partner of Amitabh Patel not even married. Obvious enough to speak for her.

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