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[Resolved]  Nokia — Service Centers wrong diagnosis

On 23rd May 2008, my Nokia handset N95 encountered a blank display problem. I immediately went to Nokia Care Center at Mumbai. As communicated by it, the cell was liquid damaged, hence it can’t be repaired under Warranty. It will cost Rs 3500 for the hardware replacement and will take 3 working days. I agreed upon the information given and they mentioned only Rs 350 in the jobsheet for the hardware replacement.

Inspite of repeatedly calling them asking about its status, I didn’t get any satisfactory answer from them. After 6 days, I visited the center on 28th May 2008 and found that the centre is getting renovated and will be closed till 30thMay 2008. Upon requesting the officials present there, I asked the status of my jobsheet and got the response, “since the renovation is going on, it will take 5-6 working days more for the job, we do not have any space available to do work, as you can see and the hardware is also not available with us”.

I took the Nokia mobile back from them after being unsatisfied with the service provided. They also denied giving back the Job Sheet or anything in written to support their provided reasons.

Details of the 1st Center are:

1) Location and complete address of the Nokia Service Centre: Telephone Electronics Corp, 391 JSS Road, Chira Bazar, Marine Lines, Mumbai Ph:[protected].

2) Job Sheet No:[protected]/080523/16

Then, I came to N. Delhi on 3rd June, 2008 and went to another Nokia Care Centre. There, I was told that cell was liquid damaged and they are unable to repair it. It will not come under Warranty also as it is liquid damaged. They charged Rs 112 to create Jobsheet for giving in writing about the status.

Details of the 2nd Center are:

1) Location and complete address of the Nokia Service Centre: N.R.I Communication, O-9, Lajpat Nagar-II, N. Delhi Ph:[protected], 46528790

2) Job Sheet No:[protected]/080603/83

3) Invoice no. for the receipt of Rs 112: 3976

Finally, with all the shattered hopes, the same day I visited 3rd Nokia Care Centre, just for the verification that is my Rs 31, 500 mobile phone is dead within an year of purchase.

Surprisingly, the Centre looked into my concern and took the cell under Warranty with the issue of blank display only. They were unaware of my previous visits to the 2 Nokia Care Centres. Moreover, they didn’t even utter a single word about the liquid damage to the cell.

Finally, on 10th June, 2008, I got my cell back repaired under Warranty, now working perfectly fine. Although, the Center took 7 days for its resolution but it has definitely given life to my dead Nokia N95 handset and to me a reason to smile.

Kudos to the Centre and the Engineers who worked for it. I am highly satisfied with the service carried out by this Centre.

Details of the 3rd Centre are:

1) Location and complete address of the Nokia Service Centre: Nokia-HCL Care Centre, S-10, Green Park Extn. (Near Uppahar Cinema) N. Delhi Ph: [protected], [protected]

2) Job Sheet No: [protected]
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Mobile Set GSM 2310 bought on 03/11/2006 from Punjab Time Centre at Amritsar and now started trouble to me for which set has been given to the R S Telecom on datd 15th Sep,2007 vide Job Sheet no.[protected]/070915/22 but till the date on hearing fro the service centre. myself loosing my Income due to myself not able to contact the clients.

Pl. do needful and pay compensation Rs. 10,000/- for loss of Income and hardship myself bear.

Ram Sarup


Sir i am purchse nokia 5200 set on 04/05/2007. ofter 1 month suddenly set start gives trouble i e reapir comes. i submit that set to repair. it comes ofter 1month. ofter that 1 week again same problem comes again i submit same nokia care. again they sent to Bangalore.This way same thing happen again and again i submit set to same nokia care. but that not repair now it self. i have job shet no that i last submit. no is[protected]/071011/18. submit on 11/oct/2007. but now it self i am not got the set. nearly 2 months are over. when i calto customer care they neglect. i cal to them more than 10 times. representative talkwith me are - Rahul, Sirdosh, Aparna, Umesh. from bangalore care centre. phone no[protected]. i sent same set 11 times. i am not able to use that set one month also. pls replace the set sir. i am face lot of trouble in that set. i humbled request you pls change my set & i am tensed... pls..
when i calto last time they unable togive ans. where is set now.. pls.

waiting for your reply

Shridhar RAo
PIN - 574224
PH - [protected].

Nokia — nokia shouldnt have existed in india

in US only, motorola n samsung is used. no1 uses nokia @ all.seems another case of dumping by nokia in india.

N95 & N73 — Hands Free Replacement

The Senior Manager (Customer Care)


Re:- Replacement of Nokia N73 & N95 Hands Free.

Hello I am from shimla
I have given my both mobile phones hands free for replacement but under warranty period but they are not giving me any replacement saying that they are under stock. Since we have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and ask you to provide me replacement as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Chandan Parihar

Nokia/Mobile E90 — Improper service and defective product

I had submitted my Nokia E90 handset to authorised service station M/s. Bright point on 12th february 2008 since it was not catching network on tis own if once it is out of coverage and we have to restart the phone. We were then informed that my handset is not repairable and will provide us swapped handset. We were then given swapped handset after a week but handset was in a worst condition and we refused to accept the same. Handset was taken back by them and they called us again after somedays to collect other swapped handset whose condition also was not satisfactory external defects like pannel not fitted properly having a gap between joints, scratches etc. We complained the same to their senior Ms. Namrata who as per them is incharge on theor intercom who has given us harsh reply that we should approach Nokia and not to inform them. We felt as if we were begging in front of Bright point for our handset for which we have spent our harden money of Rs. 35, 000/- and have put scratch guard to protect it from scratches. We felt they are giving us alms. We forcefully accepted the same and after using it we again faced network problem with the swapped handset also. We have informed Nokia Bangalore on phone but they are also not giving us satisfactory reply. We have recived a call from Mr. Das who also has not turned up and there is no one point cordination with any of the representatives of Nokia so we feel really disgusting to explain the entire matter to each and every executive coming on phone. Our handsets warranty also is getting reduced since my handset more then a month is lying with Nokias authorised service station. Till date i have not recived my handset and feel that we are cheated since by right we should get new handset or our money back along with expenditures incurred for getting justice. Since they are not in a position to repair my handset or have delivered us twice defective, worst condition handset. I feel that Nokia E90 is having manufacturing defect. Till date we have not received our handset. We have copies of all the documents of handset submitted ot Bright Point, Purchase bill of handset etc.

This is for your information so that we can take action against Nokia and Bright Point.

Amit P. Bhanushali

Nokia mobile set — being harassed by service centre

Problem with handset replacement!

Complaint Rating:
I had brought an handset 6233 in month of july2007. After using for 2-3 months I found that my handset was found battery low problem frequently i.e the battery backup was very poor.Then sometimes in
Dec’07 I visited their service center at Serampore . My Handset was taken for repairs and they told they will give it back in a week time. Next Week I received the same with a communication to me that battery was changed and now there is no problem. After using 2/3 day I found the same problem persists and again on my first available opportunity I handed over the same to them on 24.01.2008(jobsheet no[protected]/080124/29) . I was told that my handset was irreparable and we will swap your handset in 10 days time. Till Date I haven't received my handset .Every time I call the service center they tell it will take another one week for replacement. This type of services are never expected by me From a world widw reputed company like Nokia.Hope you will look into matter seriously so that I can regain my faith on you.
My e-MAIL Id is [protected]

Nokia — Nokia 3500C-Too Poor set just after 1 month started showing problems

I dont know what good will this mechanism of complainig a product would do to me. Because I have become totally disappointed by the set Nokia 3500C defectfully mfd by Nokia, Hotspot the retail Outlet from where I purchased the set, and the servuce provider Nokia Care.

Memory card detection problem
Switch on problem
BAttery problem
LCD blinking problem...

and it been just 2 months from purchse

Nokia — belated service to the phone

Dear sir/mamn
it is bring to ur attention that my nokia 5610 i has been with nokia hcl for replacement from past 15 days. I reported the problem just after a month of purchase although i sufferd them just after a week of purchase. The phone was built up of problems..then also nokiacare at green park deliverd me just doing a software update as it didnt workd so m just waiting from 15 daz 2 get my brand new mobile from another service center..this time nokia 2 showed that we r 2 worst at service like this wd spoil the brands as wel as phone's image i request u 2 contact me n look into d problem.

phone — Phone is dead since May 23,2008

Dear Sir/Madam,
My phone[protected] is dead since May 23, 2008. My mother is the only one in the house and she cannot go and put complaint. But she did request somebody to do for her and the complain was lodged. However the phone is still dead. Can someone please look urgently into this matter. I am her daugther currently residing out of India so cant come down to put complaint myself.
Please look into this matter.


Nokia — Number Checking


This complaint is about the software you are using for number checking. The software using for number checking checks last 7 digits only. This may cause wrong numbers.

E.g. Let you have saved a number [protected] in the name "rafeeque" and you tried to call [protected] then it will show Calling... rafeeque, but it is the number of somebody else. That is it checks only 6766916 for match.

Both the number i had specified here exists you can try it calling.

Asmi K P
M.Tech student
Computer Science Dept
Dear Sir/Madam,
My phone[protected] is dead since June15th 23, 2008. My mother is the only one in the house and then alse she went and put complaint. I am living outside India and phone is the only means of communication between me and mom.. Its very hard for both o[censored]s a Can someone please look urgently into this matter. I am her daugther currently residing out of India so cant come down to put complaint myself.
I will really appreciate if somebody can take care fo this.

Thanking you

Nokia 1200 — how can i prevent to take Rs.1 per day in my mobile?

i bought a new cell phone on 1.7.08. i put airtel lifetime card for one year. they take Rs.1 per day. i call the customer care gfor this complaint. thay told to me that sent an sms of STUD 365 to 404 and also thewy told that the plan will change in 48 hours. i do it. but not yet there is no response from them. so i request you please make plan change.


Nokia N73 — My mobile in not getting ok since March 2008

I purchased a Nokia Mobile N73-1 (Music Edition) Oct 2007.
But i am sorry to say that my mobile is not working since march 2008. I have sent my mobile to nokia care many times, in which a few jobsheet numbers are[protected]/080513/52 dated[protected], [protected]/080603/70 dt.[protected], [protected]/080707/97 dated[protected] etc.
In between once my set was swapped and changed new. but again the new set was not working properly and got hanged

Sir, kindly get the matter and please help me to get it ok as soon as possible.

Thanking you
I given my handset nokia model 6085 to below addressed NOKIA CARE for speaker problem. After late servicing they changed my set to other customer. They given to me a different IMEI No. set. I found many damages and different IMEI NO. and returned the set to NOKIA care. They told set is changed to other cusotmer and assured to get my set on[protected]Monday). But still I am not getting my set. Today is friday.
JOB SHEET NUMBER :2518 DATE 27/06/2008

Nokia Care
Simtech computronics (p) Ltd.
No.83A, Arcot Road
email id :[protected]

I visited many times to above nokia care centre. But they told many useless reasons. They told me they will make a call to me . But so far I am not getting a single call from them.

I seen many customers struggling with above NOKIA CARE

I made many call to above nokia care land line phone number[protected]/45550039 to many times. But nobody pick the phone. If doubt, please make a call to this number.

I also registered the complaint in nokia customer care. Complaint number is 2-371fu5.

This message also put in nokia care website.

MOBILE NUMBER:[protected]

nokia N-73 GSM mobile phone — fraud

nokia customercare centre 6274/12 nicholon road ambala cantt haryana INDIA are doing fraud wih my brother bhushan as he has prchased a nokia N73 mobile phone from GREWAL WATCH COMPANY vijay rattan chownk SB road a/cantt haryana INDIA an authorised dealer of nokia as his phone suddenly switched off then he went to the shop from where he had purchased the phone as his phone was in warranty then the shopkeeper showed him the cold shoulder &showed him the way of nokia care centre then he went thier then opretor given him some time at that time whenhe went to them then he told him that you had made it repair from some outsider so its warranty is void and refused him to replace the phone where as he had not yet repaired from any outsider
My only request to nokia is to replace my brothers phone otherwise the same will be published in meddia &to the consumer court as we are fully equipped with all bills &other documents
This complaint is completely true. The Nokia care at this address is complete irresponsible and worthless for the customers.

N 73 — poor services by nokia care center.






(M) [protected].

Nokia - N 95 — Butten not working- Even after 3 jobsheets

I believed in Nokia..but it is now shattered. I had brought a N-95 in the month of sept.07. In the month of April (21st)the battery started discharging and the option key(upper left) was not working. So I gave it to Nokia care (Essel Centre, M.G. Road, Kodialbail, Mangalore which they sent it to Bangalore.After a long wait of one month I recieve my handset on 21st May. It was ok. But next day the same problem happened again. So on 22nd May I took it to Nokia care. They then again sent it to Bangalore. I got my set back on 9th June. It was ok there. I took it home and within two calls the problem was there again. So same day I again took it to nokia care. Now the set is with them..Its been a great inconvinience and dissapoint form me. Kindly look into the matter and replace the entire set (as it looks the phone is having a badly defected) as soon as possible. Job sheet nos were[protected]/080421/22,[protected]/080522/36 and[protected]/080609/33
I went to Nokia Service station at Simar Solutions, B-386, Nehru round, N.I.T. Faridabad (Haryana) on 23-July-2008, and deposited my handset model Nokia 6275, to get my the display problem fixed and also to set new skin, which they fixed but when they returned the set to me and charged Rs3350 but they did not give me with the lock fixed at the left side of the handset where the earphone jack is inserted. I asked them they said they are not able to locate it right now but they will get this done in the day or two and I have to come there again to get this fixed. Now its been 10 times I have been there but nothing has been done and due to this water got in to my set from that side and the loudspeaker stopped working then I asked them to get this fixed ASAP, they said they have to check the set for which they would charge Rs 120 which is non-refundable and it is not sure that they will repair the set and after inspection they refused to fix it and said there is no gaurentee that the new loudspeaker would work, I said that just fix it, I will pay and I do not want any gaurantee as I am ready to bear the charges and responsibility is mine but they refused and said that it cannot be fixed and charged me Rs 120 for just checking and also did not give me the bill for Rs 120 and said there is no bill for inspection. I want my set to be repaired as it got damaged due to the non fixation of the jack at the very first place and i am ready to bear the charges and also the bill for Rs 120 which they charged me for inspection. And also you should take action as they don't know how to deal with customers and actualy making fool of customers.

I would be more than happy if you would get this sorted out as earliest as possible and get my set repaired. I want the jack to be fixed as well.

My Contact number is : [protected].

Contact Address : HCL Technologies ltd, B-34, Sector - 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
We had purchase On 11th May 2008 Nokia Mobil –N73 Music Edition & serial no: [protected].Last month my handset encountered not working camera & Discharge after some time I immediately went to Nokia Care Center preet vihar service center . I have received repaired after one month.I visited many times to above nokia care centre But they told many useless reasons like go to heade office for repairing . They told me they will make a call to me . But so far I am not getting a single call from them.
Last Three days same problems again repeat do again.

I would be more than happy if you would get this sorted out as earliest as possible and get my set repaired.

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