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Disgusted with Reliance Data Card Connection
Sunday, 9 March, 2008 11:55 AMFrom: "aman sethi" <[protected]> To: [protected], [protected]

Dear Sir,
Please Help me / relieve me from Reliance.
1. I had committed a blunder by buying a reliance data card for wireless internet in Jun07 for Rs 4000/- with number [protected].

2. I am staying in a very posh area of Gurgaon (Suncity, Golf Course Rd), where there is NO SIGNAL of Reliance, due to which till date I have not been able to use even 1 MB of net on this card.

3. Had registered and sent NUMEROUS mails even to their so called "Service Assurance Cell" (copies of mail given below for your reference please), spoken to them number of times but except waiving of my rental due to NIL service have done NOTHING. Just 01 my my registered complaint No is enough as 60360247 for them to recollect whole episode.

4. From last 6 months I have been recieving false assurances from them as " Our new site is coming up shortly and your problem will be solved in a month". (suporting false assurances given below).

5. My Specific querries are:

a) Due to absolute absence of their service network, their brand new data card's COST (unused till date ) has fallen from Rs 4000 to about Rs 2500, who is responsible for this as I have not been able to use it at all.

b) How do they plan to compensate loss due to unable to use these services I applied by paying ? Mere rental waiver is worse than eye wash, as there is no service hence bill cannot be raised only.

C) Why are they lying from last about 8 months that their site is coming up in next 1 month or so , again false assurance.

d) Why don't I have the right to get back my Rs 4000 as being cheated by Reliance, NO SPECIFIC or PROFESSIONAL reply ever given by Reliance even after being repeatedly asked by the undersigned.


Copies of mails of false assurances since 07Jun07 from Reliance given below please for your reference:

Agrieved by Reliance,

Capt Aman Sethi,


RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference your mail
Thursday, 7 June, 2007 6:02 PMFrom: "[protected]" <[protected]> Add sender to ContactsTo: "aman sethi" <[protected]>

Dear Customer,
In response to your mail regarding issue related to in-building coverage issue, please note that we have noted your feedback and forwarded to our management team for assistance. Yours sincerely,

Sachin Potdar

Customer Care

Reliance Communications

RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference your mail
Thursday, 6 March, 2008 9:46 AMFrom: "[protected]" <[protected]> Add sender to ContactsTo: [protected]
Dear Customer,
With reference to your mail regarding Reliance Mobile number [protected], we would like to inform that waiver of Rs. 449/- (including service tax @12 % service tax + 2 % educational cess on service tax and SHE Cess 1% on service tax) are passed to your account which will be reflect in subsequent bill. Further please note that issue escalated to network team for expediting the site operation.
Yours sincerely,
Archana Dhawale
Service Assurance Cell
Reliance Communications From: aman sethi ([protected]
Date: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 11:21 AM
To: [protected] ([protected]
Subject: Re: Reference your mail Dear Ms Archana,

1. You are conspicously silent on the issue of Bill (rentals only as there is no service from your side), that for what are you asking bill for me , or why it has not been waived off till date ?

2. Shoud I wait indefinetely as from last 10 months, in your excuse of "our site being upgraded or coming up shortly" ?

3. Pl reply specifically and professionally not like a routine brushing off attitude.

4. Rather you are requested to call at [protected] on the matter.

Best Regards,

Capt Aman Sethi.

[protected] / [protected]

RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference your mail
Monday, 3 March, 2008 10:41 AMFrom: "[protected]" <[protected]> Add sender to ContactsTo: [protected]
Dear Customer,
With reference to your mail regarding Reliance Data Card number [protected], as informed earlier please note that as per confirmation received from relevant department a new site is under construction and it will take one months to be on air. Further please note that as per our company policy we give reminder calls / SMS to every customer, just to remind him to pay the bill for the convenience of the customer and these reminder calls are discontinued after the payment starts reflecting in our system.
Yours sincerely,
Archana Dhawale
Service Assurance Cell
Reliance Communications -----Original Message-----
From: aman sethi ([protected]
Date: Saturday, March 01, 2008 04:21 PM
To: [protected] ([protected]
Subject: RE:Reference to your Service Request ID 62285693

Dear So Called Reliance Assurance Cell,

Pl ref to the correspondence given below, clarifying my plight from about 9 months.

Have you been able to find solution to my problem in last 9 months of network in general area or not. Except sending me bills. Why are you giving advertisement in media as Hawa Nahin-Reliance Network hai, Pani Nahi- Reliance Network h ai, etc etc, whereas you are an utter failure in my case.

Above all I keep getting disturbed by your staff for non payment of Bills, pl advice and find a solution for this if you are capable.

Best Regards,

Capt Aman Sethi.


--- On Wed, 23/1/08, aman sethi <[protected]> wrote:

From: aman sethi <[protected]>
Subject: RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference to your Service Request ID 62285693
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>
Date: Wednesday, 23 January, 2008, 11:18 AM

Pl ref your mail below,

Kindly intimate then why are you silent on the compensation part for my sufferings, and also for the cost of Data card fallen ????

Pl be clear.

Best Regards,

Capt Aman Sethi.


--- On Mon, 21/1/08, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

From: [protected] <[protected]>
Subject: RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference to your Service Request ID 62285693
To: [protected]
Date: Monday, 21 January, 2008, 10:27 PM

Dear Customer, With reference to your mail regarding Reliance Data Card number [protected], please note that as per confirmation received from relevant department a new site is under construction and it will take two months to be on air. Yours sincerely, Archana Dhawale
Service Assurance Cell
Reliance Communications -----Original Message-----
From: aman sethi ([protected]
Date: Friday, January 18, 2008 10:29 AM
To: [protected] ([protected]
Subject: RE:Reference your mail Dear Sir,

Pl ref your mail below.

May I know any time frame that it is under your which 5 yr Plan or "Bees Sutriaya Karyakram" ? Or it will take some years , months or what, for that period and the period elapsed (10months) who and how will I be compensated regarding fall in price of data Card, Continuous Billing, Unable to use the services .

Please be specific in replying not just like typical tele executives " we have forwared your complaint will be sorted out shortly, shall revert etc etc".

Best Regards,

Capt Aman Sethi

[protected] / [protected]

--- On Thu, 17/1/08, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

From: [protected] <[protected]>
Subject: RE:'RIL=[protected]'Reference your mail
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>
Date: Thursday, 17 January, 2008, 7:32 PM
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Aug 13, 2020
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I totally agree with your experience. Even i had an Reliance datacard, which worked wonderfully for 7 months and then started the real problems. Pathetic speed and sudden disconnections added to the woes. I didn't call the customer care people who are basically ignorant of the issues, instead went to the web world to cancel the subscription straightaway. Thank god i am free from the clutches of Reliance data card, the worst ever product from ADAG. Meanwhile Mr. Anil Ambani is busy buying all sorts of telecom related companies worldwide and he does not have the time to look into the issues people are facing by going for his useless products.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am samir sharma, currently working in a software company in hyderabad, i required relince data card to use the net,

i was looking for a better data card, but on saturday(7 jun 2008), i meet to your (Relince) executive and he let me know about the Relince data card, so i agree with your company offer and i pay him 2820 for the data card, and he gave me the rct also, with promising that by the eveing he will give me the data card and install it to my laptop.

My rct no is :- [protected]

and scheme code is :- 2 month unlimited data card.

now today is Thursday ( 12 jun 2008), but nobody is coming to give me the data card nad no body giving me the services. when i called to the person who gave me this scheme, his phone is not working, means i am not able to connect him, one person came to my office to verification, when i called him for the status he is not picking my phone.

the person who meet me on sat to whome i gave the money was :


Mob No. [protected]

and the person who came for verification was


Mob No. [protected]

please look into the matter, and help me out to get the data card or try to back my money,

i am very upset now.I have already write a mail to customer care but didn't get any reply on this matter.

if any information you need then please let me know

thaks in advance

samir sharma


ofcourse, the day was worst when i bought reliance data card and made an advance payment for 1 year.
Guess what ...someone else is using my IDproof and reliance has put a case on me ...??? I am still going through it ...

I seriously want to slap F______ people in reliance who misused my ID proof ...
I have a data card against no-[protected]. I am facing the problem to use this data card in speed and opening in web page. I am sufferd from last month. I had called to customer care many time but they could not proerly solved my problem. Inspite of that today(24-9-08 at 11:00) one of the executive missbehaived with me. I feel that i earn a problem with this data card. I want that my broblem will be solved properly and immediately. Otherwise, i go to consumer court for mantly and financily harashmant and missbehaveed.
dear sir,
i have taken relinace data card prepaid before one month ago it is not still activation sir, when i call to customer they suggested me that submit ur documents but i have submited 2-3times but problem will not be sloved kindly i am requesting u slove my problem as soon as u can sir please

MY CONTACT NO:[protected]
DATA CARD NO:[protected]
dear sir,
i would like to inform you that i had taken an internet modem connection, my reliance no:[protected]
wherein i was told that 1st two months i would have 2 months free connection, and before 2 months getting over i have 2 shift to a new plan, as before my 2 months lapsing i had recieved many calls from Pune office .And they told and explained to me all the schemes as i had requested, and hence then told them 2 activate the plan of 450 the said ok, and asked again they told the plan would be 450 and not default plan, wherin i was getting 40hrs in the day and 40 hrs in night.when i recieved my 1st bill it was 220, that i paid, and they told me that plan was not changed and they changed it to 450 in Margao office In meantime i havent recived any phone call and my internet connection was disconnected.and when i went 2 pay and inquire about my 2 bill they said i have 2 pay a bill of 960

wat is all this happening without my knowledge, i am ready to pay my connection bill of 450, please rectify my bill payment and sent me correct bill copy and get my connection on.

name:Meural Cardozo
I have got this data card from one of my collegue, for the last 5 months (since Nov 08), i am not able to use this data card (number is [protected]).
There is no network, registered complaint with Relaince Sion office twice, visited Thane, Chembur & Ghatkopar branches, but all in vain. I have been told to check for some service center for which the list is not even available with them.

Can someone please help me with this issue, i have been paying al the bills as per normal cycle.

Regards, Abdul Gaffar
Alternate Number is [protected].
I have data card since last 5 month .
i can understand how they take a chatrges.
and i am totally disatisfied with the services.
in last two months they charge me more than 3000 rs, during this days I not use my data card.
and in the bill they charge some amount of the services tax an other charges and they setteled account with 1000 rs per month . if you use it or jnot you have to pay 1000 rs per month.
and i m requested you to go through my bill and check all charges which i have paid to the reliance web world

i hope i will get the reply from u ...

waiting for your quick responce ...

from :- Kapil Pandya
with reference to previous Email regarding problem in accesing data card.
Please read the following point.
1. I have contacted Reliance customer care for purchasing a dat card for internet connection.
2.they have sent a sales representative to my home whose address I have given to your customer care representative.
3. Your sales representative ( Mr. Raghavendra R.Potadar, Bussiness developement officer Employee code[protected], as he has shown his ID card) has explained us various plan and we have selected one in which as per him facilities are
(A) For first Nine month No Rental charges.
(B) Unlimited Net surfing (browsing) is available for 24 hr.
(C) 1GB downloading is free.
(D) After 1GB for Each 1MB downloadind Rs.2 will be charged.

Now I have been facing problem in accesing the net And Visited your Reliance webworld at HUBLI, He has told me that Rs.2700/- is unbilled amount and my credit limit is Rs.800/-
4. My dat card [protected]

It is really matter of fed up for me that your sales representative has miss guiden us and given us wrong information regarding plan.

Now I want to change my plan and give us the solution as your earliest.

Thanking and waiting for your kind response.

Omankuttan Pillai
please confirm my datacard billing date and amount for the month Sept-Oct2009.
i am customer of reliance and have taken Reliance Netconnect Data-card

it was working only for 3day then its not working ?

if i am calling reliance guy no ans form him

paying 3500rs if its not working its not good service

we are looking for good service form you?

i wil be looking for your good service
i got reliance+ data card connection few days before, speed is not good..., it take so much time to open web pages..It is really matter of fed up for me bcoz after trying so many time iam not gttng my ussage updates ... i call customer care also and told them about my problem but they are not taking any action... it is very necessary for every one to know how much mb they used in a particular time.
i call so many times for detailed bills of my data card net[[protected]] plz sent me my bill detailed in my above mention email id otherwise i disconnected my net

wireless net card — no service not installed data card over a month

this is to tell you that i was given data card in march. Till date twice your staff person mr vijay had come with a promise that he would start the net work. somehow my computer acer net book does not accept your data card. I am hanging in the middle of it and not even once your data card be used even when they changed the sim. now the person Vijay doesn't lift the phone and i am stranded with dead card after paying Rs 2000.
If you can't serve i have not used your product so could we settle for refunding myl money as you have given me the letter that i am supposed to pay the billing charges. How would it be justified?
my dolphin phone is [protected] and home no. is 28457308.

kindly expedite the matter or oblige. I am working with the press The times of India where your man had a demo for 2 days that I had purchased. and I am now really feeling sad for myself that i landed into trouble.

Reliance Data Card — Given all false offers

This is srinivas working as a software proffessional in chennai. I looked for 512kbps unlimited broadband service so i consulted As in my area there is no broad band service is available. They suggested me to go for Reliance Data card .
This data card people told me that upto 5GB there will be 3.1 mbps after that 512kbps unlimited plan for 750+tax per month. I already confirmed this for at least 20 times about the speed they are offering(512kbps) after the 5GB usage. After that I took the service. But after 5GB it is giving only 144kbps and even google is not loading at all. The dealer is not lifting the phone at all. please suggest me what to do.
This is my mail id cherry.[protected],phn no: [protected]

Thanking you.
Thanks for your reply.
On 6/5/2011 I received call from RCOMCare I didn't mentioned my Connection serial number here it is. ([protected] E.Srinivasulu). You told me that you will call on 7/5/2011. But still I didn't get any call from. Still I am not getting atleast 3kbps download speed. and even google page is not opening at all. And the dealer who cheated and given this card is not lifting phone at all. I don't know whom to contact.
Help me please on resolving this issue else just remove my connection. For address proof verification they didn't contact me. I don't know how they will submit my address proofs and all. I asked them to come and collect my proofs. I only gave my voter id and pan card. But those are not my residential addresses. The person who sold me the card and cheated me, details are ( Mr. Vinod [protected]).
Thanking you.

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