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[Resolved]  Reliance Digital, Hyderabad — Slow Procedures, Product Knowledgeless Sales Team, Stealing Vital Product Usage Limitations

This is report with very serious note against the way of handling a customer at Reliance Digital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. First knowledge level of Sales Teal is very poor and even after requesting for the person who give more information on technical & operational features of the product then either the customer would not get a response or she will diverted to senior rigid fellow who is sure senior in term of lack of knowledge and impatiently given at a glance casual comments on the queries. More pitiful is that once the product is being sold to the customer their attitude get change now they talk about minimum & maximum lead time to revert on the problem with the product and the customer will be oriented too rigid policy of the store rather than standby with the customer and solving the problem at product’s service centre. Once the customer handover the product to ResQ division at the store then only God can ResQ her because after expiry of stipulated and committed feedback time nobody will bother you to get back to you and customer has waste first her money on communication, she will put on hold and understand the issue for about 10 minutes because he/she will not bother to look at Job Sheet but ask for all the detailed explanation till the customer loose the control on her patience. Ultimately the customer pulled to the store where she has to give explanation to two more strange people individually, who are not involved in the issue previously. And at the end of the day the customer has given the rigid store policy and apology for technical incompetency of the stall and got advised for precautions before buying any product, not to rely on Sale Team, ask for the obvious things also specifically though their staff lacking knowledge for that.

Product : Kodak Digital Camera Z1275
Product Serial : KCXW75000446
Invoice : [protected] Date: 24 January 2009
Complaint : 1. Video Clip are not able to play by standard (Philips) DVD players even after,
I have burn the DVD with Kodak EasyShare (Company provided software)
2. Under High Image Stabilization mode picture is getting blurred when object is
In minor moving condition.
3. Battery consumption is very high. I have committed by Reliance Digital sales
staff 110 snaps per set of Alkaline battery. I have used Duracell Digital Camera Battery and 2700 MAH Rechargeable Battery which takes only on an average 45 snaps and about 5 minutes video recording.

Returned Back to ResQ Section : 27 January 2009
Revert Back Time conveyed to me by ResQ (Mr. Sai) : 48 hrs

Complaint Status :
After no response till the expiry of 48 hrs on 30 Jan 2009 morning I have to called up ResQ several time on 30th & 31st January, since the Mr. Sai was not available at any point of time, I have to briefed several other persons on my expense for about 5 to 10 minutes on average, you may check ResQ phone number[protected] incoming records from my Cell[protected]. During the discussion one person has admitted that they have send a person called Mr. Pavan to Kodak Service centre but due to lack of proper orientation about problem by ResQ section he has misrepresented the case and Kodak Service centre has returned back the camera without any action report or recommendations. They even have not bothered to refer my Job Sheet where everything is mentioned.

After making direct enquiry to the Kodak Service Centre, I have told that this is technically mistake in the camera so that recorded video clip will not play in DVD player and you may do it by purchasing relevant converter software in the market (which is cost me nearby to the cost of the same camera). I have specifically asked regarding this at the time of buying, I have told that you cannot play directly plug & Play but you have to transfer through company provided software. Usually if you by any product like I-pod you will get one installer CD which coverts other formats of Audio & Video compatible to I-pod. In this camera there is option of recording High Definition Television (HD) compatible video clip recording, very commonly across the globe Television attached to VCD/MP3/DVD player not with computer system. So either the company provided software should burn CD/DVD which should compatible to play in such players but Kodak EasyShare software can’t convert the same.

Supposing if this is the common problem then it should be communicated to me by your well dressed but knowledge-less sales team, even in product User Manual doesn’t provide detailed technical specifications nor anywhere mentioned regarding non compatibility of video clip in VCD/DVD player. If the highly educated customer could be got deceived by ambiguous set of information in User Manual and Reliance Digital Sales Team what will happen to normal customer.

On 1st Feb 2009 I have brought the problem in to the notice of Mr. Kalyan (Customer Relationship Manager) as advised by someone from the store on 31st Jan late evening. First 5 minutes he was not available on phone around 2:45 pm noon and told me Mr. Kalyan went out of store for lunch. I am sure that 2:45 noon is not a normal lunch time in the store and staff may not availe luxury to go out anytime for lunch. Whatever I am not concerned with your internal affairs but there should be anybody to take care of customer. When I have made the issue for lunch and request to report to Store manager, immediately I got connected to Mr. Kalyan. He has taken all details from me and have not get back till 04:30 by the time I have reached the Reliance Digital Store and spared two and half hour to give explanation to different representative including Mr. Kalyan (Customer Relationship Manager). I have even requested to exchange another product if the problems are not being sorted out.

But ultimately I have suggested by Mr. Kalyan to report Head Office even and regretted for not giving back my camera with no problem or recommendation remark on my job sheet. He has asked to wait for one day.
After taking all details from me till today as I have not got my camera back with actions taken report from company or from Reliance Digital stall in-spite several telephonic follow-up and my personal visit at the store on 1st Feb 2009. I cannot tolerate inefficiency of your stall which increases my expenses on telecommunication and frequent visits at the store. Please take immediate action in this regard.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I absolutely agree,
There service sucks.

Manager #
shanmugham - [protected] Not available.
I too had the same problem with their service. As you stated their customer service/ ResQ whatever they name it may be are really rubbish... of no use to customer. Its only to drag poor customers into a mire. Their attitude really changes towards customer after buying any product.

I bought an LCD TV and there was no VGA/Data cable to connect to a computer and reached them to get it or to buy at least but they did not have any knowledge about it. Its a pity thing.

Reliance Digital is Really Critical Hell to those who buy any product!!!
i dr aravind reddy 20 days back purchesed asus mobile phone . with in 4 days phone batery batery backup was worst stand by time 2 hours talk time is 30 mins . and automitically switch on and off . i gave this mobile to ecil reliance digital manager mrs jyothi .she is very very very worst response, after gave my mobile they didnt call me up to 10 days .one day i called mrs jyothi she gave one no that is not working.
i think reliance is selling 3rd class response .
this store is use only for second hand mobiles .

please attention doctors and all higher group please dont buy reliance digital

any body want 2nd hand mobile please go reliance digital
Very very Poor service ... guys belive me, the service department need to undergo some training how to handle the call, how to talk to customer, and more importantly how to attend the customer house on time.
I Tried to call service desk number, i dont know whether they are using it for call center also, after dailing for 20-30 times i get one person, and keep me on hold for 10 min after listening to my complaint, which was the due for my LG ref wich should happen a day before; and suddenly another person came into picture and ask "sir what is your problem?"...

They dont have any estimation times, they dont have the list of customers whome they are going to visit for today, , , ..3 days gone and they are telling the guy is on the way... :-)

guys never ever purchage product on reliance digital...; if you dare you should pay for it...
Yes :- There service sucks a great bit...

Service nos:[protected]always get engage sound... bet if you connect it in first 10 attempts)
[protected] " )

worst ... is smaller word for their service...
This is of a piece with what many so called reputed conusmer product companies indulge in. In their quest to grow too fast, quality of customercare takes a back seat, and selfish interests take over.

I bought a home theatre from Reliance Digital, Banjara Hills Hyderabad on 22nd Nov.'09 when the sales rep assured me of free installation. Next day, the service rep called me but conveyed that I would have to pay for the capping/channel required for installation @ Rs.85/ per metre. I objected but eventually offered to arrange the capping/channel & hardware at my cost, at which he said they would still charge Rs.35/ per metre for the work involved. Now that is funny. Where is the free installation in that case?

Umpteen attempts to call their Banjara Hills outlet[protected] were infructuous (all lines on the route found busy from morning till evening on 23/11) so I had no choice but to visit them. I demanded that they give free installation as promised or take back the product and refund my money. After dilly-dallying for half an hour, I was taken to a Stores Manager who not only dismissed my demand but also behaved rudely. When I asked him if I have to pay for materials and labour both, where is the free installation, is it only opening the box and connecting the wires, he said YES. He also told me he didn't care if I wrote to any forum or a newspaper highlighting their malpractices.

Be careful one and all while delaing with RELIANCE DIGITAL Hyderabad.
I have purchased a Bajaj mixer from Reliance digital, hyderabad.
Details: Product Fx-10 Food Factory Batch No V-09/08
GC SI. No./ Code No.: 0207263 Sr. No of the Product 99759. Its been 1.5 years maximum I purchased the mixer and I have hardly used the mixer and it start giving noise and not working, I approached customer care, but was of no use, I request you to plz look into the matter and solve it at the earliest.
I very much agree and am presently a victim of it.I purchased a TV from reliance banjara hill.They have been making me go round and round and havnt installed it yet with the airtel connection.They give me thousands of nos to call but none works atlast I am thinking of returning the TV itself and take money back...worst service ever...
I am very much agree and supporting the complaints booked so far by individuals.
I want to know, if there is any lay where we should book a criminal case against Reliance MD or any other Management staff. Since it is day to day conusmer's hedeache.

I have similar case where I have purchased my first product from this retailer @IN orbit mall, Hyderabad on 12-Nov-2010.
Product details: Bajaj FP FX 10. In their Bill, it is mentioned that demo require with a serial number [protected]. Till today, before writing this I have not heard any news from them for the demo.

I will request all the customer who are facing similar fate should write their voice.
We purchased a Panasonic LCD TV from Reliance Digital, Begunpet on 26th Jan 2012. But till now didn't get the delivery to the address given. Been following up everyday atleast five times a day, the reply is that it will get delivered in an hour, but till now nothing. Can anybody please let me know how to approach a consumer court and fight for it.

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