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 duggalvipul on Aug 23, 2011
RMOS( resume making and opening service) Service provider is totally fraud company. They will call you through monster or naukri.com . They are making money by registration of student in hope of jobs. Firstly they ask for amount of Rs. 1000 and if you dont have this amount then they say please deposit the amount whatever you have and rest of them after next visit.They cheat the students.
Please do not visit there , this is my personal advice to all of the students.It is totally fake consultancy. Even beggars earn by much better way from them.

Please look at email below which they send :

After taking the amount they make their autogenerated email in which they mentioned like:

APPROVALTuesday, 9 August, 2011 2:55 PM
From: "Rmos Provider" <recruit.rmos.services@consultant.com>Add sender to Contacts
To: undisclosed-recipients
Dear Candidate this is to inform you that your profile has been matched on the mentioned criteria given below kindly go through the details and , provide your all the documents for the verification purpose , that we can provide you the openings of the companies for this Profile.


· Responsible for planning, processing and performing all jobs in an efficient manner with no assistance from the supervisor
· Working closely with upper management.
· Design and develop programming systems making specific determinations about system performance.
· Responding promptly and professionally to bug reports.
· Review and repair legacy code.
· Expected to conduct system analysis and development, with limited support from professional staff, to keep our systems current with changing technologies.
· Analyze, design, coordinate and supervise the development of software systems to form a basis for the solution of information processing problems.
· Analyze system specifications and translate system requirements to task specifications for junior programmers.
· Responsible for analysis of current programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designing solutions to problematic programming.
· Responsible for developing new programs and proofing the program to develop needed changes to assure production of a quality product.
· Responsible for development of new programs, analyzes current programs and processes, and making recommendations which yield a more cost effective product.
· Writes, edits, and debugs new computer programs for assigned projects, including necessary records and desired output.
· Tests new programs to ensure that logic and syntax are correct, and that program results are accurate; assists lower-level programmers with programming assignments.
· Document code consistently throughout the development process by listing a description of the program, special instructions, and any changes made in database tables on procedural, modular and database level.
· Responsible for reading, understanding, and utilizing all part and assembly prints, forms, spreadsheets, bills of material, specification sheets, and technical references.
· Responsible for utilizing tools and equipment involved in performance of essential functions of programming including measuring instruments.
· Search, summarize and keep the team abreast of strategic information from all sources
· Maintain client databases
· Capable of writing proposals or papers.
· Making presentations to customer or client audiences or professional peers.
· Maintain positive client interactions.
· Strong and effective inter-personal and communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and staff.
· Responsible for communicating with engineers and manufacturer's technical support staff regarding programming needs and performance.
· Provide general administrative support to the organization
· Provide feedback to analysis/training staff about performance considerations / usability issues concerning software specifications and implementation.
· Research and recommend software tools to management.
· Provide assistance to testers and support personnel as needed to determine system problems.
· Review, to the extent possible, changes in code and the environment that will affect system performance.
· Provide recommendations to management concerning issues of programmer productivity and software development management.

Additional skills and/or areas of expertise:

· Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
· Ability to identify tasks which require automation and automate them.
· A solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts.
· Solid understanding the principles of routing, client/server programming.
· Possess excellent communication skills, with an emphasis on verbal and written communication.
· Ability to multi-task and stay organized in a dynamic work environment.
· Possess a positive attitude.
· Ability to "think outside the box".
· Consult with the Lead Programmer and the Technical Manager regarding professional skill development.
· Prepare reports and analyses setting forth progress, adverse trends and appropriate recommendations or conclusions.
· Participate in development of long range planning for new projects and facilities.
· Providing advice, training and technical support for various projects.
· Working closely with management team in evaluating current systems and making decisions on future development.
· Possess extremely advanced technical skills.
· As new technologies emerge and impact our systems, expected to learn these technologies very quickly and resolve any problems involved in integrating new technologies with our systems.
· Expert knowledge of computer languages.
· Expert knowledge of data structures.
· Expert knowledge of computer logic and flow-charting.
· Expert knowledge of computer program design methods and techniques.
· Expert knowledge of all database vendor versions.
· Expert knowledge of all compiler versions.
· Ability to learn new programming languages quickly.
· Good knowledge of mathematical and statistical principles and formulas.
· Assists the Programmer Analysts in designing programs and databases.
· Ability to write, edit, and debug computer programs to achieve desired output.
· Ability to work productively in a team.
· Expert knowledge of maintaining and debugging live software systems.
· Expert knowledge of writing program documentation.
· In-depth technical knowledge of the current hardware.
· Expert knowledge of used operating systems.
· Expert knowledge of standard development tools.
· Expert knowledge of networking technologies from the programmers prospective.
· Ability to determine whether a particular problem is caused by hardware, operating systems software, application programs, or network failures.
· Good knowledge of security and encryption.
· Updates and modifies computer programs to improve efficiency.
· Performs work of high difficulty in designing, writing, editing, modifying, and debugging computer programs.
· Define functional specifications of the system for the appropriate hardware.
· Expert knowledge of component writing.
· Demonstrated ability to use standard computing tools: Word processor, spreadsheet, browser, email, and file compression software.
· Overall knowledge of the computing environment at large, e.g. typical uses and user populations of operating systems, communications protocols, hardware platforms, etc.

It's a direct WALK-IN. You can walk-in directly and meet the HR at the below address:


TIMINGS :- 10:00 A.M – 4 P.M




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Vodafone — requirment change billing address &tell me the location of gurgoan for bill payment

Dear sir
please tell me the method of change billing address in my proper address. and tell me the proper location of gurgoan or uttam nager for bill payment otherwise tell me how to pay bill via check or debit cared of hdfc
and give the no of custmor care. my mobile no [protected]

shivam computer center — bill details

sir acctully i am login in vodafone account but yet not in login. so please my number [protected]
you send my call detaills or bill detaills on my e-maill id :-kumawatin@yahoo.co.in


Architextures — non installlation of telephone

With reference to registration no 5684682 dated 30/8/08 / consumer no [protected] we are still awwiting the connection for telephone line . We are following with your Vasai office, the response level is absouletly zero. They are unable to give any information in this regard.I request you to look in this matter and have the telephone install immediately.

Please contact us on following no.[protected] / 28443146

ISIT — Location code reqd

My RR No is S6HT96. in subdivision S6 ie JP Nagar III Ph. I am unable to pay the bill at the bill payment counter as the location code is not mentioned in the bill. Since the last date of payment is 20th and it is preceded by no of holidays, I want location code urgently to avoid disconnection.

Website Services Provider — Cheating, Non - Performance and Non - Delivery by web service provider

Dear Sir,

I had placed a package order for two websites on Genx3d, a proprietory firm run by Mr Jetesh Prasher, located in Prashant Vihar, Rohini, New Delhi, for design, development, hosting, marketing and promotion, service and maintenance for one year. The total order value was Rs 14,100/-, which was exactly as per the prices quoted by them. An advance amount of Rs 4,000/- was paid by me.

The service provider proved incompetent and did not perform to service quality promised by them. As a result, I withdrew one of the website from the scope of supply. They took recourse to non - response, over email and mobile. I have since cancelled my order and am in the process of making alternate arrangement. The losses I have suffered are substantial.

The following is my last mail to them, which you may find self - explanatory.


" On 1/6/10, ashok tewari <ursabusinesssolutions@gmail.com> wrote to <genx3d.designer@gmail.com>:

Dear Sir,

You have not responded to any of our mails. I have checked and found that the consulting website is not available on http:/www.ursabusinesssolutions.in.

1) Your e - confirmation of having rectified the errors in the consulting website, as previously pointed out by us, has not come forth.

2) Your e - confirmation of interest in and capability of delivering on the promise made to us vide acceptance of our Purchase Order has not come forth.

3) Your e - acceptance of the revised purchase order has not come forth nor have you refunded to us the excess advance amount of Rs 2,580/-.

4) Neither have you come forth with any reason whatsoever for non - delivery of services promised to us nor have you proposed a fair dissolution of the purchase - supply contract between us.

5) You have yet not handed over to us our domain name properties given in your charge for the purpose of website hosting.

Please be informed that you are now liable to return the entire advance amount of Rs 4,000/- paid by us. You are also liable to bear all expenses we shall have to bear upon entering into alternate arrangements for meeting our website requirements, earlier ordered by us and accepted by you.

You shall also be liable for the losses we have suffered on account of 40 - days delay, during which you accepted our Purchase Order and the advance amount of Rs 4,000/-, and have not delivered anything of value to us in terms of supply specified in our order.

Your truly,


For URSA Business Solutions "


I would like to take punitive action against the named service provider, regain my money and properties given over to their charge, and be compensated for the losses I have suffered.

Kindly advise.

With best regards.



Language Translation company India — Test Mail

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(51) www.thebusinessindia.com
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(66) www.indialanguagetranslation.com

industrial technical consultant — internet connection regards

dear sir/medam.
i have paid for Rs.1000/- for a new connection at 19.04.2010 . but still now am not getting airtel connection ihave an receipt of airtel net connection. please find enclosed herewith my receipt. please do need ful for customer other wise dont do this type of cheating,froud what ever. the no is 2408015. please do needful for us.

website designing & development — they are not providing fake leads

just dial people are fake, they are not providing quality leads, my business is website designing & development,I have lead based contract with them, from last 3 months they providing me fake leads like, caller didn't pick up the phone,they are not interested, no. not reachable etc. I think theyare providing 10-12 vender a single call. Or may be they purchase sim cards & they give that no. to venders,
When we talk to there marketing people they are making new excuses all the time.& they didn't reply well.

this is my humble request to all justdial vendors plz check yur services before you pay
Dear Customer,

With reference to your above mentioned comment, we would like to contact with you to check & resolve your queries/issues.

Please feel free to contact us at[protected] or write us on delhi@justdial.com.

Thanks & Regards,
Just Dial Services
They even renew before expiry.

But they donot offer Privacy protection and no theft protected.
I also agree with aashishsharma20.

They called me on cell. About 15 minutes we have discussed. Finally they offer to pay Rs. 500/- in installments.

When I refused to pay, They even have not updated my profile on Just Dial.
30 days have already been over. No updations have been reflected.

Useless Service provided by Just Dial.
They have cheated me also friend...we should do something...
m vivek.tanwar78@gmail.com...cant we complaint against them in consumer court???
U have reciept of money which they give, after taking money??
Thanks a lot guys...u saved me...i also got the same email from RMOS as follows:

Re: Monster - WALK IN INTERVIEW FOR SOFTWARE TESTING contact[protected]​60 (Refcode: TESTING 433) - Delhi - 3.03 yrs - Akhil Aggarwal
RMOS SERVICE recruitment.rmos@gmail.com

10:32 PM (11 hours ago)

to me

Your profile has been short-listed, currently we have direct walk in interview in RMOS, and you can directly walkin to change your carrier profile.


Experience: 0 - 3 Years

Location: Delhi (NCR)

Education: UG/PG (B.tech/B.E./MCA)

Industry Type: RPO

Compensation: - 1.25 – 3.5 Lacs P.A

Role: Software Developer / Tester

Functional Area: Application Programming, Testing


Looking for a person who can joinimmediately

Roles andresponsibilities of a Tester Study and understand Requirements and DesignsPrepare Test Plans, Test Scenarios and Test Cases, Bug Reports Execute TestCases Prepare Test reports and maintain test records Automate Test casesCo-ordinate with development team for fixing bugs

BasicTypes of Testing: Basic Types of Testing Black Box Testing White BoxTesting

1) Analyzing the Requirements from the client

2) Participating in preparing Test Plans

3) Preparing Test Scenarios

4) Preparing Test Cases for module, integration andsystem testing

5) Preparing Test Data’s for the test cases

6) Preparing Test Environment to execute the test cases

7) Analyzing the Test Cases prepared by other teammembers

8) Executing the Test Cases


Executive Name Mrs Rajshree

Address: RMOS, Second floor, shivam complex, old Delhi road, sector-14 Gurgaon 122001, opp.to HUDA office, Near Aircel


Email -: rajshree.nayak@rmos.co.in

Web-: www.rmos.co.in

DATE: 8th and 9th November 2011

TimingsFor walk in: - 10: am – 4:00 pm (1:00- 2:00 pm lunch)

NOTE:-WALK-IN with updated resume .Only the mailrecipients are allowed to attend the walk in. Do not send your resume; we wouldlike to meet each one of candidate personally. If you have already attended forthe personal interview with us then please ignore this mail. Kindly carry allyour Xerox copy of Marks Cards. We outsource the opening services to candidatesas per their profile. Conditions apply as per performing in the interview andOpenings will be provided as available in NCR, with reg. and need to carry allyour documents for interview Candidates are advised to read the note completelyand walk in if they are fine. WALK-IN with updated resume .Only the mailrecipients are allowed to attend the walk in. Do not send your resume; we wouldlike to meet each one of candidat
well vipul i completely agree with u...the company has no basic moral principles..it conducts fake interviews... hurt the candidates emotions and get soooooooooooooo bloody rude at times that even a gud candidate looses confidence... have no list of clients..basically it being fake has no networks with any of the reputed firms known so far to me in Clinical research arena...it posts vacancies which u can easily surf by urself on internet... it doesn't deal with its customers properly... its so called customer care number "[protected]" is actually a harassing number... u'll get to know once u'll call n try to inquire about ur queries... once u have paid the registration fee, its actually all over from their side.. Would request the aspiring candidates to be cautious enough to gauge such consultancies n put them out of ur list...
Thankx fr d help ...!

marc - individual — fraud profile

this guy mr.abc is fraudulent person and trying to bribe everyone to get a job somewhere by anymeans... He wants to enter into some job by just paying money. so pls beware of this individual and don encourage him anywhere and believe his complaints. if he is genuine he can expose his identity, so it is evident that he is fradulent.
Hey thanks guys.I was thinking of going there ..what else can be bad than this they have no moral and business ethics, they take advantage of unemployed youth..they must get punished !!
Thanks frnds,
i also get mail to come for walk in.i am alert by your aknowledgment and i never go there.
RMOS Service Provider is a total fraud company. They are making fool to the students, They say to people that they have cmm level 5 companies, but believe me frnds they have not a single company.They ask 1000 or 1500 rupees to place the candidates in companies and as the candidate give this amount, they do not conduct any interview or conducts fake interviews.these people are racketeer.
yes its very true its just bluffing all students and making money .they only send information from internet and nothing else.they dont even respond properly after paying the money.playing games with the students life.taking advantage of their emotional stress for job.dont ever trust them or pay money.its absolute waste 2 go there.

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