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[Resolved]  Rto — RTO Pune

Today (23 Mar 2009) Evening, I paid fine of RS 200 to RTO Pune for Signal Violation in Brayman Chowk in Pune.
The signal at this place in not clearly visible, when I asked the offices about it he says it is in the corner.
Most of the signal along this road are on the central Pole here It is Not.
Secondly the officer refused to accept the photocopy of the the Learning License. I had proper L-board in Place We have to keep the photocopy as the original paper gets spoiled.
He said you do not carry licence and finally the officers negotiated to Rs 200. for both the offenses.

The RTO has become a money generating business. The officers will be available at the place where signals are not in proper position. They should be available where there are more traffic problems.
Same thing happened today, the next signal just a few meters away was getting conjugated due to traffic and offices were not bothered about that. Mr. Tamboli was the officer present there.
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Aug 14, 2020
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WE paid every time more fine than actual one. Ask traffic cop to show fine details as print copy, traffic cope should keep this with them.

Traffic department must provide this details to their personnels instead imposing hefty fine to Citizens.
First of all let me tell you that carring original papers is compulsory as far as my knoledge is concern but i fully agree with your view that traffic police are exploiting people. They are a very currept body.
I agree, but one thing we need understand what we are doing to stop this
we Comman man .. need to come together via some formums like savetrafficpune and start sueing these corrupt people
Dear Sir,

Please give me the 3 nos. care detail's of pune
1. MH- 12/ EM- 1983
2. MH- 12/ EM- 1989
3. MH- 12/ EM- 1985 Please provide the honer contact number & add.


Yadav Kendre
+91 [protected]
Dear Sir,

Please give me this number MH- 12/ EM- 1983 car details like address & owner name.

Thanks & Regards,
Yadav Kendre
+91 [protected]
This is the problem of every day of the morning at University Road signal.
The signals are always off in morning as RTO said that this is due to electricity problem. The signals are off then RTO Police allows to go for traffic only for Aundh side for 10-12 minutes. Other side people have to wait around 10 to 15 minutes. It happens daily morning. If it is the problem of electricity then they need to set stop watch for 2min for each side.If this will get in picture then no one will face getting late problem and it will resolve the problem of traffic.
Please provide the honer contact number & add.MH- 12/ CG- 6439
RTO offices ACROSS INDIA are infested with TOUTS/AGENTS WHY
cant they become hitech as we see banks are since boyth belong to service sector
i am from kashmir india


There are lot o[censored]nauthorized auto rickshaw's Flying From bommasandra( Bangalore) to Jiagani(Bangalore). Thease people are moving without any hesitation irrespective of the lives who are there in the same vehicle. If any body objects it the driver will talk in rash manner in the 3rd class local languages. They feel that there no one to object them in the world. thier ego's reaching to the sky. Even though knowing all these things local Police are keeping quite not known what abt thier duties. Unfortunately thease are indirectly supported by BMTC by not provinding proper bus services!!!

So Readers please if your travelling in local unauthorized auto's think n number of times
Do you have to go in auto by betting your live?!!!

I Want to know what are the educational qualifications required for the post of IMV [inspector of motor vehicle] or AIMV [ assistant inspector of motor vehicle]
what is the age limit required for it .What are the competitive exams one needs to pass

lovejack bhanushali
e mail :- [protected]
I dont know how I can get some sense in the government for improving the working and enviroinmental condition of the RTO office in Pune near Sancheti.

It smells o[censored]rine as you pass through the toilets with dirt everywhere.The building is so old that it can fall down anytime and poorly maintained.There are trouts everywhere and even after having valid documents you might not get a signature on your form from the police officers.

Really the working conditions needs to be removed with more fans and sitting areas.

But still I got my learner license in quick time after hiring an agent the second time and paying him 550 rupees.

Can someone tell me about any official email id where i can get my voice through?
Same thing hapen with me on 3rd July'2010 Evening, I paid fine of RS 200 to RTO Pune for Signal Violation in front of Tata-Fiat Showroom in Swargate Pune.
The signal at this place in not clearly visible, when I asked the offices about it he says it is in the corner.
Most of the signal along this road are on the central Pole here It is Not.
Secondly the officer has taken my License & refused to return back me until i will not pay of penalty.

The RTO has become a money generating business. The officers will be available at the place where signals are not in proper position. They should be available where there are more traffic problems.

i just transfered my byke from bhopal to pune. i have all the original papers with me. is it possible to pay tax to RTO without agent or i have to pay huge amount to agent corrupt RTO department.
i was fined by a traffic cop named Mrs.Sable ph no-[protected] near shaniwar wada, pune for Rs.100/- for not carrying the driving license. when i asked for reciept i was told to pay 200/ bike keys were taken and i was told if i dont pay 100/- right now then i hav to collect the bike from RTo office by paying 200/-, she provided me with her phone no too if in case i can arrange 100/- then giv her a call on the cell. can u just check out hw these cops are making money.
Please give me details of Honda Activa MH 12 CE 1517...
Dt. 28-Oct-10. Place : Rakshak Chowk, Pune
Hi All,
These are really shameless Traffic cops. I don’t know why nobody is monitoring their activity and instead of monitoring they can put one camera over signal to monitoring their activities. At least they can be stopped to overcharging people who genuinely willing to pay actual fine.
Today I was crossing the signal from rakshak chowk and one traffic police suddenly came out from left-hand side to stop vehicles which are already in middle. He intentionally allow vehicle to cross the line to penalize them. He asked me to submit license until I pay fine. When I asked fine amount he told me to pay 300/- and I was shocked b’coz there should be 100/- as per my knowledge. I tracked him at sangavi phata as he already left place for his lunch. I did too much requests and finally he agree to pay 100/- without any receipt. I don’t know but while I was coming back through rakshak chowk I saw that signal were disable as their lunch time was started. If they had started for their lunch, then why should they apply traffic rules to the people and why ask for overcharges.
I have one little suggestion against it that there should be one big banner where all general fines should be written so no body should have to pay overcharges.
my LMV licnse is miss placed & and dont have licence no. i want new licence what is the proccesore my email anil.[protected]
i lost my LMV license now i want new one but i dont have old license no. what is the proccesor
Hi Frens,
Please refer below amounts..for any details regarding the fine which you gave to the police...its not more then 100 in any case..

Please call to human rites if somebody take your license or money (more then mention above) without giving receipt.

Here are many other charges as well / so enjoy be safe n conscious from Pune police..they are beggars..they can charge you if you do not speak Marathi n if they misbehave or talk rudely just call to below numbers from human rites and launch FIR in Human Rites then in Police station..
According to Human Rites you can see his ID, so Please check and Note down ID of every member who make you fine without any reason..
There are many case of fake ID of Police as well... be aware ...Pune is not so safe now..Police is on street only to make money...

Human Rites
F14, World of Mother Jai ganesh Vision,
Pune - 411035
# 91- [protected]

S. No. / Offenses / Motor Vehicle Act Sections / Charges Rs.
1 . Parking in 'No Parking' Zone. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
2. Parking at a corner/turning. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
3. Double Parking of Vehicle. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
4. Vehicle entering in a 'No Entry' Zone. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
5. No 'U' Turn. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
6. Obstruction to other vehicle or Pedestrians. / MVA- 122/177 / 100
7. Driving on the wrong side. / MVA- 119/177 / 100
8. Overtaking a vehicle from left side. / MVA-119/177 / 100
9. Disobeying traffic signs or signals. / MVA-119/177 / 100
10. Carrying passenger on footboard./ MVA-123/177 / 100
11. Licence not in possession. / MVA-130/177 / 100
12. Owner not giving information about his / her driving License. / MVA- 133/177 / 100
13. Using unsafe vehicle. / MVA- 190(1)/177 / 100
14. Driving under influence of Alcohol. / MVA- 185(1) / Non Compoundable
15. Driving two wheeler without a Helmet / MVA- 129/177 / 100
16. Carrying passengers on Bonnet/Cabin/running Board. / MVA- 123(2)/177 / 100
17. Driving without Licence. / MVA- 3(1)/181 / 300
18. Giving vehicle to a person who has no driving licence. / MVA- 5/180 / 300
19. Rash Driving./ MVA- 184 / 500
20. Underage person (below 18 Yrs of age) driving geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
21. Underage person (below 16 Yrs of age) driving non- geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
22. Speeding or Lane cutting. / MVA- 112/183 / 200
23. Driving or giving out for use uninsured vehicle. / MVA- 146/196 / 300
24. Triple seat driving. / MVA-128 / 100
25. Driving or giving out for use unregistered vehicle. / MVA- 39/192 / 1000
26. Unauthorised transport of passengers or goods without valid permit./ MVA- 66(1)/192 / Non Compoundable
27. Ignoring Traffic Officer's Signal. / MVA- 132(1)a/179 / 200
28. Parking Rickshaw/Taxi not in an Authorised Rickshaw Stand. / MVR-21(5)/177 / 50
29. Demanding excess Auto / Taxi meter charges. / MMVR- 21(12)/177 / 50
30. Auto or Taxi driver refusing to carry passenger(s) to nearby destination. / MMVR- 22(d)/177 / 50
31. Demanding Auto / Taxi fare beyond the Meter Charges applicable. / MMVR-21(d)/177 / 50
32. Dazzling/Glaring Light. / MMVR- 235/177 / 100
33. llegal/Fancy Number Plate./ MMVR- 235(2)/177 / 100
34. Parking On Footpath. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
35. Auto / Taxi driver deliberately not taking the shortest route to a passenger's destination. / MMVR- 21(8)/177 / 50
36. Auto / Taxi drivers soliciting passengers. / MMVR-21(13)/177 / 50
37. Auto / Taxi driver smoking while driving. / MMVR- 21(16)/177 / 50
37. Auto / Taxi driver not in uniform while driving. / MMVR- 31(1)/177 / 50
38. Carrying persons or articles causing obstruction to the driver's seat. / MMVR- 23(1)/177 / 50
39. Blowing horn in a Silence Zone. / MMVR- 231/177 / 100
40. Driving Auto/Taxi without valid badge. / MMVR- 24(2)/177 / 50
41. Carrying Goods of more than 12 feet in height. / MMVR- 229/177 / 100
42. Driving heavy vehicle with Back Door or Latch Open. / MMVR- 229(2)/177 / 100
43. Not having Light on Number Plate / MMVR- 236(1)/177 / 100
44. Negligence while reversing your vehicle. / MMVR- 233/177 / 100
45. Filling of less petrol by Taxi/Auto driver while carrying passenger(s). / MMVR- 21(14)/177 / 50
46. Not keeping Auto / Taxi Clean. / MMVR- 21(29)/177 / 50
47. Carrying excess passengers in Auto/Taxi... / MMVR- 21(20)/177 / 50
48. Not having side or rear view mirror. / MMVR- 161/177 / 100
49. Keeping TV set or Video on Dash Board. / MMVR- 162/177 / 100
50. Using mobile phone while driving. / MMVR- 250(a)/177 / 100
51. Stopping on Zebra crossing. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
52. Driving without Mud Guard. / MMVR- 165/177 / 100
53. Driving without wiper in rainy season (3/4 Wheelers). / CMVR-101/177 / 100
54. Driving with worn out or torn tyres. / CMVR-94(2)/177 / 100
55. Driving without reflector light. / CMVR-104(1)/177 / 100
56. No Head/Tail Lamps. / CMVR- 105/177 / 100
57. Vehicle stopping without flashing parking light at night. / CMVR- 109/177 / 100
58. Blowing or installing of Pressure/Multisound Horn. / CMVR -119(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
59. Dark tinted glasses (less than 75% Visibility from outside). / CMVR-100/177 / 100
60. Not displaying 'L' Board (Front & Rear) incase of learner's License. / CMVR- 3(c)/177 / 100
61. Offence under Emission Control Act. / CMVR-115(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
62. Parking on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
63.Parking or stopping within 10 mtrs of a Bus Stop. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
64. Stopping on a Bridge. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
65. Stopping within an Island. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
66. Driving on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
67. Lane Cutting while driving. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
68. Ignoring rules of Road Marking or Lane Marking. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
69. Parking in front of a Gate. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100


Sr. No. /Type Of Vehicle / Lifting Charges (Rs) / (Charges for 'No Parking' are not included)
1. Heavy Vehicle (Truck /Tanker/Trailers/Bus) / 1, 000
2. Medium Vehicle (Tempo) / 500
3. Light Vehicle (Car/Jeep) / 250
4. Three Wheeler Vehicles / 100
5. Two Wheeler Vehicles / 50

Gaurav Kumar
# [protected] (only Mess)

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